Mind cannot take you beyond the mind

Cathedral of Saint John the Divine, New York City (United States)

1997-06-10 Mind cannot take you beyond the mind, New York City, United States, 79' Chapters: Arrival, Introduction by Claes Nobel, Talk, Self-Realization, Departure
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Public Program, with Claes Nobel speech, New York

I bow to all the seekers of Truth.
First of all, I have to say that Truth is what is. You cannot change it, you cannot transform it, you cannot discuss it. It is what it is, it has been what it has been and it will be what it will be. If you accept this fact that we know truths, but we don’t know the absolute Truth. And we have to know that absolute Truth which is described in all the scriptures, because they were all talking about the Truth only.
So what is the Truth? The Truth is you are not this body, this mind, these emotions, but you are the pure Spirit. You have to achieve that state of Selfhood. Unless and until you become that, you see all kinds of differences among people, among religions, among nations.
So first of all, as you have been described about Kundalini, you need not have blind faith, because blind faith is more dangerous. We have had lots of problems with this blind faith. But you must keep your mind open, because you are seekers, special people, a special category of people, as described by William Blake*, who are seeking. And as seekers, you should experience whatever I am saying, and if it works, if you experience that, then as honest people you must believe it, because that’s what you are seeking and this has to spread all over the world.
They have already described to you what is the power residing in the triangular bone, which is awakened and you get connected with this all-pervading power of Divine Love. Love is greater than Truth, because Love is the giver of Truth. And this divine power of love is doing all the living work on this earth. For example, you see these beautiful flowers and we take them for granted, we don’t understand how these different flowers are created, with different fragrances, with different heights, with different bushes, so meticulously. Who does all this? If you ask a doctor who runs your heart, he’ll say it is an autonomous nervous system, but who is this “auto”? Who is this auto that runs your heart, which digests your food, works out everything within yourself?
So when we turn to religion also, people have not been able to explain it properly, because people to whom it was to be explained were not ready yet, I think. They couldn’t understand. In every word that is written in the scriptures, there is a very, very deep meaning behind it. But as it is, as you know what has happened to all the people who are supposed to be at the helm of affairs of religions.
Now the trouble is that whatever religion we take, wherever we are born, where we are is just a chance. You could have been born in any religion, in any city, any village. But you start identifying, it’s a human nature to identify with where you are being born, who were your parents, what society you lived in, everything. All these conditionings make you think that you are that. It all settles down in your mind.
If I say something, it should not shock you that mind is a myth, created by us. Through our reactions outside, we are conditioned in our mind, we have also got our ego to protect ourselves and to react. That’s how this mind has been created and this mind which we have created something like we have created a computer and we are now slaves of our mind, we cannot do without it. But to believe in your mind is not that you believe in the truth.
Mind can take you to any level of degradation or any level of ascent. But it cannot take you beyond the mind. I’m talking about the realm which exists beyond your mind which you have created. This realm of Divine Love is everywhere, it permeates into everything, it acts into everything. We believe that there is God, that also is like blind faith, we believe that His powers are there, but now the time has come for you to feel it, to know it on your central nervous system. In Sanskrit, there is a word called “Vida”, from which the word “Veda” has come. The first stanza of Vida says, reading all this, that: “If you cannot find out this all-pervading power, it is useless.” Another word that we use is “Buddha”, this comes from the word “bode”, bode means to feel it on your central nervous system. And then Christ also said that you are to be born again, He did not mean that you put a certificate on your head “I am born again”, no!
It’s a happening, where there is a breakthrough in your ascent in the evolutionary process. You have reached a human level of human awareness, but you have to go beyond it, and that is what is there within you, the great power of Kundalini.
Of course, this knowledge has been used for all kinds of nonsensical things. Today only somebody warned Me that Kundalini, they think, can be awakened through some sort of sex business. Actually Kundalini, if you see, is placed above, see here, above the last chakra of Mooladhara. That means, when Kundalini rises, this chakra just becomes silent. Christ has said: “You have to enter to enter into the kingdom of God, when you are like a child.” Means innocent, all these execution??? habits also drop out, they become absolutely silent when Kundalini rises. So this kind of a myth was started. I am ashamed to say that these Indians, they used it, because they thought that this kind of thing would be more appreciated in Freudian countries and they brought this kind of knowledge. It has nothing to do with these animal instincts. You are a human being and you have to rise above this animal status.
Now, as it is, you know that people talk of great Jihads and things like that. They think that by putting people into a kind of a discipline with force, with swords in their hands. That’s not the way you can achieve it. In all your freedom, you have to achieve in your own freedom. You cannot force it. Until you become absolutely free, you will not understand what is your value, you will not understand what you can achieve, what state you can achieve.
So when this Kundalini rises, She gives lots of blessings to you. First of all, She is your Mother, She is the one who knows everything about you. Everything is recorded in Her, about your past, about your aspirations, everything. And She knows how to rise. As when you were born, your mother took all the trouble of your birth, in the same way it’s a very beautiful awakening that takes place.
Now some people have written that when Kundalini rises, there people become mad and this and that, nonsense! I have never seen, I have been working for at least twenty-seven years, I have never seen even one person suffering like that. How can it be? She is your Mother. And She gives you this second birth, She is very anxious to give you this second birth, specially nowadays in these modern times, it was to be, it is already predicted, that this is the time when many people, who would be seeking Truth in the Himalayas and all kinds of difficult places, will become householders and they will achieve this union with the Divine. This union with the Divine is called Yoga, and it’s called Sahaja, meaning spontaneous, born with you. This happens to you because it’s a matter of your right. As a human being, you have a right to become a higher personality. And you are suffering, you are seeking because you feel inside that there is something higher you have to achieve and you have not yet achieved that.
So the one thing that happens first of all when you rise, through the first chakra the Kundalini rises and what She does, She gives a blessing, a special blessing of Mooladhara chakra, by which you become a very moral person, moral in the sense that the way, you see these days, our eyes are moving here and there, the way people are taking, I mean, to the extreme, if you go, I don’t know what to say, because, really, I don’t know from what minds these things come out, but all sorts of nonsense people do in the name of enjoyment.
You become a very sober and a dignified person. Because you know yourself, you develop that dignity within you yourself and a calibre of a very high, moral personality comes in. Then the relationships with your sister, with your mother, with your brother, with all other human beings in the society become extremely pure, it’s the pure love that you enjoy. And these stupid ideas which have corrupted our society, they just drop out, it is your role, you can get it in no time. Now whatever you have done or what feelings you have been indulging into, you just forget, the Kundalini will take care of that.
The second blessing that you get is that you become extremely creative, extremely creative. The creativity has been shown among Sahaja Yogis all over the world, I need not describe all that. But you become creative and in a very pure personality. It’s like, these days, you see, all kinds of things are created to sort of befool you. They create all kinds of nonsensical things, dirty things, filthy things, which are not digestible by any saintly person. You really become a saint in a way that your creativity becomes so better. See this beautiful cathedral was created by faithfuls who believed that in America one day, this place, there will be so many seekers of Truth and they’ll get the blessings. They did not create it to have some sort of a filthy, dirty, we should say, entertainment. Then you are entertained by something very pure, something very, very beautiful, in the real sense of the word.
But the highest thing that happens to you that you develop a new dimension in your awareness which we call as collective consciousness. You become collectively conscious, Jung has talked about it, you become collective, conscious, means you start feeling others on your finger tips. On your finger tips you can feel yourself. Now these chakras, as you have been told, are denoted on your palms and you can feel on your finger tips your own chakras and the chakras of others, the centres of others and your own.
So who is the other? You become collectively conscious. I am saying again, you become! It’s not lecturing, it’s not saying. Then see how many problems get solved, you know. For example, we indulge, as he said that we are really creating problems for our Mother Earth, but actually because we are not collectively conscious. Once you are collectively conscious, you are in your awareness, then all the time you think that: “What will harm others? Should I smoke or not? Why should I smoke? It will harm others. Should I start a pub or not? No, because it will harm others.” All these wrong things that we are doing for money or for anything whatsoever, drop. We just don’t do wrong things, just don’t do. Why? Because we are collectively conscious.

*(about William Blake)