Thinking takes you nowhere

Los Angeles (United States)

1997-06-16 Thinking takes you nowhere, Los Angeles, United States, 53' Chapters: Introduction by Yogi, Talk, Self-Realization
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Public Program. Los Angeles (USA), 16 June 1997.

I bow to all the seekers of truth. At the very outset, we have to know what truth is. Absolute truth cannot be changed, cannot be described, cannot be transferred. It is, it will be and it was. So whatever I am going to tell you today, you need not accept it with blind faith. This blind faith has done so much trouble in this world. People are fighting in the name of religion, in the name of God, as if all of them are blind and don’t know what to [do]. So the absolute truth, whatever I tell you, you are not to believe it, because I am telling you. But you have to experience it. If you experience and still you are not been able to settle yourself, with yourself, then no one can help you. But as you are the seekers of truth, you have every right to know it. And at the very outset, I have to tell you, you can’t pay for it. You just can’t pay for it.

Those people who are making big money here, in the name of God, in the name of truth, in the name of spirituality, don’t know that you cannot sale it. At least you must know that none of the Incarnations, who came on this Earth like Christ anyone they didn’t charge any money. This is a simple thing which you let you know that what is the truth is the truth and it is above you, your money, status, your personality. So the truth is that you are not this body, this mind, these emotions, these reactions, this ego, but you are pure Spirit.

And that is what you have to know. Spirit is the only way, which will enlighten your life, which will give you peace, which will give you wisdom, which will give you protection. Anything that is Divine is coming from the Spirit. So by standing on your head, by fasting yourself, also killing others, you cannot get it. It is something within you. And as you have been told about this power, it exists in all the human beings. Whatever may be the race, whatever may be the religion, whatever may be the nationality? This is based in the triangular bone of every person, only awakening of it is important.

Not this knowledge, was not known to Indians or to many other countries. I was surprised in Ukraine, they knew about it. And also in a place which is [      ] Bolivia, [              ] they knew about it.

Of course they don’t know how to awaken, but otherwise they knew there is a power within us, which has to arise. It is the way you get connected like this instrument here. If it is not connected to the mains, has no meaning, has no identity. In the same way, unless and until we are connected to the Divine, we have no identity. We may brand ourselves, these and that and that but that is no identity, is falsehood and can change every moment.

Now I don’t know how to bring Americans to this subtler understanding of this subject, because by nature, they are shifting. Today I am giving you a lecture is alright and, it is a guru shopping than go to another place or you do another guru shopping, I must tell you very frankly, because America is the only country where Sahaja Yoga has [       ] failed very badly. On the contrary, Russia, you will be amazed, Russia, of course I  am not the communist that way, but the operation of communism and not so much of money orientation, consumerism Russians are like clean slates. They don’t know anything about religion, God, nothing. But they have grown inside, and you will be amazed that in one village, called Togliatti, we have twenty one thousands practising Sahaja Yogies. They are just like our yogis, very high level people there. I was amazed how they got it so nicely. And they have no sense of possession at all. You will be amazed that their Government told them, you can have your flats, you can have your cars, they said, no, no, no. You better look after, we don’t want to have headache. They don’t believe in insurances, it’s nothing. Sense of possession is so little, that I think their energy is not wasted on that. And once they have come to Sahaja Yoga, they are very well settled down. So what, five six years back, I think, they said a joke that there was an American Sahaja yogi, who met Russia Sahaja Yogi and the Russian asked how many Sahaja Yogies you have? He said, we have fifty six, so Russian one says, “Oh my God, you have fifty six thousand, we have only twenty one thousand.” It is a very sad thing. I have been, the first country I visited was America. I came to Los Angeles, but somehow I don’t know if you are really seeking the absolute truth or not. And I again, they have called me, have come. These people have hopes. But such a, slow moving train, I tell you that you are amazed, of course India I can’t say about India, because we have traditionally understood, what is spirituality?

All the thugs and all the thieves have come here, exported nicely and they are settled down here and they have so many disciples here. I am surprised of course they are sent away, they go into trouble. But what is the wisdom part of it is that we should see what do we get out of our seeking? What are we seeking? What do we want to be? And that one has to learn. [The last], I think twenty six years, twenty seven years, I have been doing Sahaja Yoga. The first country, I visited was America, and for nine years I did not touch it. The reason is, I feel that they are people everywhere. That is not only Americans, are the people [     ] but I feel there are seekers, Lots of seekers in this country. And they are in delusion that they can purchase their spirituality. If you can purchase your guru, he cannot be your guru; he must be your servant that you can pay for it. This is one fact I would all of you to remember, because what happens, I come, give lectures, do this, finished. You are seekers, all your life will be seekers unless until seek the absolute truth. Whether you go from one place to another, whether you go from one guru to another, makes what. You are moving about like this all the time. And the reason why they cannot mature your spirituality because they are so shifting. So one has to mature in a very subtler way and that is that you have to be first connected with this All Pervading Power of Divine Love. We have heard about it. In this Bible it is there. It is there in Koran. Of course in all the Sanskrit literature, by different names, they described, but there is an All Pervading Power of Divine Love. That’s what we have to get connected to. That is the Yoga. That is the unity and you all have right to get it. Not only because you are human beings, but because you are seekers, and seekers of truth. They all have a right to ask for it. And that is why; I come again and again to your country. To see those seekers, which are lost, so many are already lost. But those who are still there, let them have the beauty of their being, the glory of their being, and let them know what they are. For these you don’t have to exert. You can’t read it in the books. It is just happening that takes place this Kundalini rises, very, in a very strictly manner. In the short time, you can feel the Cool Breeze on top of your fontanel bone area and on your finger tips. That is my job. That’s why I am here. But your, is to understand what you are? Unless and until you become realised souls, means connected with this All Pervading Power, all these whatever, Mr. Yogi has told you, has no meaning. All these centres are within you. No doubt. And they look after your physical, mental, emotional being.

This happens automatically there, because you are desirous of your ascent. Whatever we do with our mind, we have to know this mind is a myth. Many people, I am told here in this country, are making big money in telling you how to use your mind and how to move pendulum, all sorts of non sense. Do you want to have the power to move the pendulum, so when this power rises, spontaneously within yourself, then these centres which have gone into jeopardy, have created all kinds of problem in you, just get corrected. I am not telling you lies, when I say, Sahaja Yoga has cured, Cancer, even AIDS. And you can get rid of all your allergies and this and that non sense, if you become the Spirit. Because Spirit cannot be attacked, is beyond the mind. But this mind of yours, which you are so proud of, is created by you only. Just like we have created computers, this Spirit is completely finished and you are just living with this mind which guides. One day this computer will become our master, in the same way, we are playing into the hands of this mind. It is created by us through our conditionings or may be by our ego. Now this mind makes you think, think, think, think like mad. And this thinking takes you nowhere. For example, if you start understanding your mind, you will know that it only thinks about the future and about the past, what is the present? Can it bring to the state of present? Past is finished and future doesn’t exist. Present is the reality. If you want to know the reality, you have to be in the present. Now how will you be in the present? As long as you are moving with your mind, you cannot. You have to go beyond the mind. So there is a state which we call as Thoughtless Awareness. [Yung] has described it as, surprisingly as Thoughtless Awareness.

That means you go beyond your mind. There is no thought and you are absolutely aware. And the whole personality, you see becomes a personality of emission of light, emission of joy, emission of wisdom because beyond that all these lies. You have not touched that point. That’s why you are worried; you are upset, you are sick. But once you cross over your mind than you are in connection with this all-pervading power.

People talk of peace and peace and award of peace and this and that. But I have met them many. They have no peace in their hearts. I don’t know how they got awards. They are very hot tempered people, you know shaky type, can’t think it. This peace award, peace is within and that is what we have to do. Instead talking about peace, create peace in human beings, by transforming them. If you are standing in the water, the waves of the water rise and fall, rise and fall, that is what happens to you, that thoughts jumping on your [              ] of your thoughts. You are and you are afraid of the waves. But supposing you get on to a boat than you can watch them. And you can enjoy them. But supposing you learn how to swim, than you can jump in and save many others who are still lost. This is exactly what happens in Sahaja Yoga. That you go beyond your mind. And you see your stupid mind and you laugh at it. You laugh at it. And you are at peace, because when the Kundalini rises these thoughts get elongated and there is a space in between. That is the space where there is peace. So your attention stops at that point, where there is peace. You become extremely peaceful. And you don’t have to worry about your own protection. People say Mother if you are peaceful and somebody attacks you, what will happen? All right if somebody attacks you there is this all pervading power that can protect. There are so many examples in Sahaja Yoga, where this power has saved so many people. Now we can trust any kind of nonsense but the truth is that this power protects, because it loves you, it cares for you.

Recently when I was coming at the airport, four Sahaja yogis and their little child came, they had tears in their eyes and I said what’s the matter. They said Mother, You know, we are protected. They had a very bad accident and this car was finished and everything was absolutely useless. Even to call it a car while all of them escaped, without a scratch. This is only one of the examples I am telling you. This I have to tell you because otherwise you won’t understand how important it is? This is nothing. This is nothing that you get. You get your own powers, because you become collectively conscious, collectively conscious. You can feel others on your finger tips their chakras and you can feel your own chakras also on your finger tips. If you know how to correct these centres, you can correct others also. You can cure others also. You can give realisation to others. That is how Sahaja Yoga spreads. And you will be amazed, how many other qualities you get. I don’t know how far Yogi has told about every chakra’s. But every chakras, the centre when enlighten gives you special, very special qualities. For example we have say somebody who could not even write an essay, he started writing books. Another one who was Chartered Accountant, who never knew what is, language is, is started writing poetry. All kinds of creativity, comes to you.

Secondly you become religious, you become, it is not question of just saying I am Christian, I am Hindu, I am Muslim, no you become. Means in you, religion innately acts. I never told anybody don’t murder, don’t kill, all these don’ts of the Ten Commandments that are given, but it automatically as happens. People just don’t like to do; they don’t want to do anything that is not religious. Religious doesn’t mean that you dress up well and go to Church, come back home and sing few [            ] but religion is within yourself and that religion of Divine Love, which is pure, which is absolutely pure. So this Kundalini purifies you completely. Her purification helps you to see the world in a different way. You become the witness. Witness of the whole drama, don’t get involved into but you see the drama and you know the solutions. Also there is this power all the time which is looking after you and help you.

Believe me there is this power, once you become one with that power than believe me you are all the time filled up with this power and this power looks after, gives you wisdom. Everything that you could think of, but you believe there is such a power itself, very difficult for human beings. This is the big problem. But supposing I say there is supposing, now you can verify, you can verify if such a power is there or not. And after verification, if you believe there is such a power of love, than all your problems will be solved. You go beyond all these concepts of stupidity, which is divisive. Anything, you know can divide us that’s typical of human beings. They want to find out ways, how we are different from others all the time. Because they are in circle by their conditioning, by their ego, I mean their mind. From the childhood, you know gets into their head; they can’t get out of it. I see the problems of this country are nothing but of their mind. All these problem cannot be solved by forming organisations, by strikes, by no no no a human being has to be transformed. Once human being is transformed, than he becomes a very very beautiful personality. You don’t have to fight; this power will fight for you. You don’t have to argue; don’t have to do anything that’s why calling it Sahaja. Saha means with and Ja is born. [Born] with you is this power, which you have to achieve.

Now this Kundalini is your mother. Also in many religions, they don’t even believe in mother as Goddess, but there is. This Kundalini is a mother. She is very careful; when she is giving you a second birth like your mother borrow all the problems in your childhood, in your child birth. In the same way she does everything very smoothly, very beautifully. And she gives you this connection with this Divine. So you develop a new awareness, a new dimension of your awareness call as collective consciousness. When there is nobody is the other just think of that. Just think that this finger is hurt, the whole body feel sorry for that. When you become part and parcel of the whole, when the macrocosm become microcosm become again I will use the word become, become, become. It’s not imaginary, it’s not only thing. Than who will fight, who will fight, who you are. The same as the other is. Just think how you people can solve the problem. Not much is needed; just you become connected with this Divine Power. And respect yourself; you have to respect yourself as Divine people. And you have to get out of all the conditionings you have added and you have to get out of all these non sensical ideas, which are separating you.

You are the leaders who will take this country away from all kinds of madness that is going on. Every country has some madness, it is not yours, they are different types that is all. But what I find, once they get their realisation, we have now Sahaja Yoga working in sixty five countries, in some countries very very strong. But when they meet each other, I mean you cannot make out, way they are friendly, the way they are joyous and such pure love. There is no incident of some body’s husband running with somebody’s wife like that. I have not known such an incident non sensical one. We have marriages every year about at least hundred marriages. One in a million, I should say one in a thousand might not work out. International marriages and the children that are born are really the Saints, who are trying to take birth with people who are realised souls. Very different type of society it is. They look all normal people except that they have glint in their eyes, which shines, that they have vibrations in their hands. That their attitude is very different. Such a nice race is going to come that is what is blessed. This is the Age of Aquarius. And Kundalini has got the Aquarius as its sign. This is the specially I called the Blossom Time. Because so many seeker are borned in this time, special time, when this Kalyug, this modern times has come. Nobody seems to be happy. Only at this time these flowers are going to become the fruits. That is what you are. You don’t know what you are. Don’t judge yourself by your own ego or by other’s judgements and criticism. But you are all beautiful seekers. William Black has said that there will be a special category of people who will be borned. They will be man of God and they will know the Divine. This is the time that has come.

For all of you, every one of you in America, specially, specially Los Angeles, is the word used for Angeles.  So there must be Angeles around. I am sure. I am looking around for them so above all everything is this pure love. Even beyond truth it is. So please know that this Creator, God almighty, who has created you, is not going to destroy this World. There are many like this organisation, who talk, now we are all going to be destroyed you see, frightening everyone. As [ if  ] those who say so are going to save it. Don’t believe all these stupid talks and bombastic advertisements. Try to understand how who has brought u have become you to this level of human awareness is going to destroy. He is so great. He has made everything is going to destroy. He is so great. He has made everything so beautifully within us. Only we have diverted our attention to things, which are but not so important that doesn’t mean that you have to give up your family, give up your house. You stand on your heads and go to Himalaya. Nothing of the kind. I have known some people who are, have sold their houses, takes out their children out of the school to give money to the gurus. I mean use your brains. How could you that. As a Mother I feel very sad that why should you suffer so. Such ignorance about truth.Such ignorance about understanding about yourself, you must understand that this is absolutely very easy as you have become human beings without doing any things Sahaja. In the same way you are going to be the higher being without doing anything, without paying for anything. Is something that has to happen within? And you have to become something. So lastly I would say because, Yogi, I don’t know what he has told you, when you become one with this Divine Power. You get filled with joy. And joy is singular and not like happiness or unhappiness. It is joy, a singular. It is to be experienced. You enjoy every small small things. It is a feeling, which is to be enjoyed.

And has to be experienced, will be amazed that when this happened, you don’t run after non sensical things and worries and I should say destructive ideas.  Enjoy yourself; you enjoy everyone you enjoy every moment of your life. Even the absurdities, stupidities, you enjoy and cruelty when you see you can destroy. Not you but through you this Divine Power. I don’t know if you are aware world is changing very fast.

All kinds of people are getting exposed. So many things are happening. By the Year 2000, I don’t know how many people will be in [Jailed].  I don’t know, if you have sufficient jails are not? How many people will be exposed and punished? And how many will be swimming in the ocean of joy. This is not a false promise. You will get your realisation, just now. But as I said, you have to little bid humble down. If you have come here to criticise than Kundalini won’t rise. She is very clever. We have to humble down little bid. The thinking that I have to be that beyond the mind, have to be one with this All Pervading Divine Power. And what you feel is the Cool Breeze. Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost, as described in the Bible. Cool Breeze coming on your finger tips. Cool Breeze coming out of your fontanel bone area. And you become thoughtless. It is something you have not known so far. Nobody might have told this thing. There are not many books, so you have to first of all verifying by experiencing. Do not deny it. Because you have thought that something is different as funny. It will take hardly ten minutes. I will request you those who do not want to have it, can leave the hall. Because it cannot be forced, it cannot be forced. You have to accept that you want to become one with the Divine. This is what you have to accept. It cannot be forced. It cannot push you there. So those who do not want to have their self realisation, can leave the hall, will be very kind of them. It will take hardly ten minutes as I told you. Thank you very much.