Absolute Truth is to be felt on your central nervous system

Berkeley (United States)

1997-06-18 Absolute Truth is to be felt on your central nervous system, Berkeley, United States, 91' Chapters: Introduction with music, Arrival, Introduction, Talk, Self-Realization
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Public Program, Berkeley (United States), June 18th, 1997

[The talk starts at 35:05]
I bow to all the seekers of absolute truth. At the very outset, I have to say that truth is truth. This absolute truth cannot be changed because it is absolute. It cannot be transformed. It cannot be explained because it cannot be described: truth has to be experienced. It’s an experience. In Sanskrit language, we have a word called Veda It comes from the word ‘vida’. ‘Vida’ means to know on your central nervous system. Like, I can feel this [armchair], In the same way, you must know the truth on your fingertips. ‘Bodh” also, from where the word Buddha has come, is that enlightenment; you have to feel it on your central nervous system.

So, this absolute truth is what it was and is and will be. But I would request you not to believe me because this blind faith has caused so much trouble to us. All the people are fighting all over the world with this blind faith. They believe in this and they believe in that, believe in that. This kind of faith is not going to help us. We have to feel it ourselves and experience it. Unless and until you experience, please don’t have faith in me or in Sahaja Yoga. Very important it is to understand that this absolute truth is beyond your mind.

We think no end of our mind. And all those who came from my country as well as from your own country, to deceive you and make money out of you, have used their mind very well. And your mind could not detect it. Even today, they are there. So, for you to see what is the truth, you must know that you cannot purchase it with money. This is very difficult to digest it. Many people told me in America, “Mother you can never be successful you cannot get people because they just believe that the person who doesn’t take money has no validity.”
My experience was so horrible! In Boston, they asked me, in the television, “How many Roll Royces you have?” [Laughter] “I have none”. I said, “My husband has only one car”. “So, you are not in the business?” “No”. Then they said, “We cannot, we are sorry, you have to be in the business”.
So, all these mental acrobats that have been going on in this country … I’ve been hoping to come to Berkeley that everybody told me that Berkeley is a place where there are people who are truly seeking the truth and they are revolutionary. They do not accept anything that is just established. Imagine after so many years, 27 years, I am coming to Berkeley, where I was really very anxious to come.

So, now the time has come that we have to know the truth. We have to know the absolute truth. I call it as a blossom time, because I find there are so many seekers of truth all over the world. And this time has come for these flowers to become the fruit. Very simple thing to understand that this is done by a Power within you as explained to you. Whether you believe it or not, it is there. This power has to be awakened, that’s all. A very simple thing, a journey of three to four feet that’s all. But such a simple thing, people don’t want to accept. If you say, “Eat this way”, they’ll say, “No, why not this and this way?” Because of this mind! This mind is the one which has created real problems for us.

I am told some gentleman is making big money by telling that how to project this mind here, and project mind there. It’s like a cocoon. In a cocoon, you dash here and dash there.
When they said, “You are to be born again”. Clearly, that doesn’t mean that you put a sign board here: ‘born again’. No. Born again means something has to happen to your consciousness, to your awareness. You have to be truthful about it. How can you be satisfied with something which is not the truth?
So, what is the truth? Truth, if you understand, is not this body, this mind, these emotions, these thoughts, and this ego. But it is that you are the pure Spirit. You are the pure Spirit. You have to become the pure Spirit, that’s all. This is what is the second birth. In the Bible, Christ has said, “You have to be born again”. In every religion, it is said that you are to be born again.

In Sanskrit language, they call it a ‘dvijaha’. […]