Public Program

Vancouver, St. Andrew's Wesley Church (Canada)

1997-06-20 Public Program, Vancouver, Canada, 60' Chapters: Preparations, Talk, Self-Realization, Bhajans after program, Departure
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1997-06-20 Public Program, Vancouver, Canada

I bow to all the seekers of Absolute truth. At the very outset, you have to know that truth is truth. You cannot change it. You cannot transfer it and you cannot describe it. Truth is to be experienced as told by all the saints, all the incarnations. You can not purchase it. You can not pay for it. It’s a funny psychology when people say that we can’t believe you because you don’t take money. Still, I have not been able to understand why such an absurd idea prevails.

Now whatever I am going to tell you today, please don’t believe me blindfolded. We have had enough of trouble from blind faith, and this blind faith has led to all kinds of problems, false, cruelties, there is no end to it. So what one has to know that unless until you experience it you are not going to believe it and I tell you because you are seekers. You are true seekers, an ardent seeker. Special people. You will go on seeking till you find the absolute. So it is important that we must now bring a full stop to our seeking and get what we have been seeking and enjoy it.

You have already been told about the subtle system that exists within us. Believe me, it is there and it works wonders. It is being kept there for your evolution. This is the last breakthrough of your evolution which you have to achieve that when this power rises she pierces through your Fontellene bone area and connects you to this all-pervading power of divine love. In different scriptures, it is discribed as with different words. For example, in the Bible, it is called as the ‘cool breeze of the Holy Ghost’, also ‘all-pervading power of divine love’.But in the Quran, it is called ‘Ruhu’. In other scriptures it is called as ‘Brahma Chaitanya’ and some have called it as  ‘Alakh Niranjan’.All this is the same name for one thing that is the, ‘subtle energy of divine love around us’. So far we have not felt it as human beings. But with the ascent, we are going to feel it. For the first time, you are going to feel this great energy that looks after us which gives us complete protection, complete guidance as if it takes over all our problems and responsibilities. This is not just to be believed, again and again, I  say, but to be experienced, how it protects, how it looks after you, how it nourishes you. Imagine in this one experience you get everything. And how much will you pay for it? It is so invaluable. How much did we pay to Shri Krishna or to Rama or to Jesus Christ? No saint has ever been sold like this. So this funny ideology that you must pay for everything doesn’t apply here. If you decide not to pay to any guru of India or England or America, all of them will drop out. Because this is a business. It is a business for them and there is no business in Sahaja yoga. It’s a natural phenomenon of your growth or your evolution as the last breakthrough. This has to be understood very clearly. If you understand that0, then I can explain to you what all things can happen to you once you get your Self Realisation’.

Apart from describing about this all-pervading power, I would like to tell you, what happens to you once you become ‘one with this divine power’.Just like this instrument, if it is not connected to the mains then it has no identity, it has no meaning.In the same way unless and until we are connected with the main switch the power that has created us we have no meaning and we have no identity.We may think of many things that we are this we are that, all these things are temporary you know very well, and they will drop off any time, but something that is eternal, that is the ‘absolute truth’ which you know through your spirit.So what is the ‘absolute truth’ is that you are not this body, you are not this mind.You are not this aspirations, conditionings and this ego, but you are the ‘Pure Spirit’.You are the Pure Spirit which you have to become.Unless and until you become that you will be restless.You will be struggling.You will be seeking.You will not be satisfied with whatever you are doing.So to be the Spirit’ what have you do is the ascent.Accent how do you achieve is through this Kundalini awakening which is the subtle energy in the triangular bone.Can you imagine, Greeks called it as Sacrum? Sacrum means secret.So they knew that it is a sacred bone and this is to be worshipped.It Is remarkable how in many countries the knowledge of Kundalini was known and it was known in Ukraine, you will be amazed.In Russia, known in Columbia and Bolivia and also in Greece.I mean so many countries I have visited I feel it was known among the aboriginal also that there is some sort of a power within us which will connect us to the divine.But later on, I don’t know because of blind faith or maybe because of no subtle ideas people just forgot about it and that’s how so many problems were created.So, first of all, we have to understand that we exist in the future or in the past.We have nowadays the problem of stress.Very common because we live in the past and the future which does not exist.In our brain from both the sides, it is like a balloon is two institutions as you have seen, get filled up with our conditioning and with our ego.These two balloons when they are completely full we get the feeling of what you call stress because there is no outlet to it and that’s how you develop those problems which are very modern today.Now, this ego and conditionings make our mind.We have made this mind.We have conditioned it. Supposing  I am born in India then I am an Indian and then I am conditioned by all Indian things.Supposing I am born in Canada, then I am a Canadian, if I  born in a Christian family then I am a Christian, I am born in Hindu,  then I am a Hindu, or born in a Muslim then I am a Muslim.So this conditioning goes into us without even thinking about it, without even understanding it.  Even we get lost into the web of words which Sankhara Chariya has called as ‘Subd Jalam’ meaning the words.You go on reading, reading, reading, reaching nowhere.This web of words keeps us away from reality.This mind I always say is a myth because it is created by us.As we have created a computer we have created this mind.One day may come when we  will become  slaves of this computer.In the same way, we are the slave of this mind and just want to bother about this mind only, what it says what it guides.There is someone I was told in America who has come to say that I can tell you how to control the minds of others.And he says I can control the mind by showing a pendulum movement.Now just imagine people have sold their houses.They have taken out their children from the school with such a man who talks bombastically about these things,  that you can project your mind here, you can project your mind there.What has this mind created?If you see today’s films, today’s creations,   I can say, the modern culture, where the mind has gone?How far it has reached?What has it achieved?If you see the achievement of this human mind you might be quite amused.Except for very few things this mind has created more destruction, more destructive power and more hatred.If we have to listen to this mind, I don’t know how this world is going to exist, because all the time there is competition, all the times there are conferences about how to destroy each other.This mind of ours has to be transcended.You have to go beyond this mind so when the thoughts are there about the future and the past, we are jumping on the cusp of the thoughts, but we are not in the present.If I say you be in the present then you can not.The present is the reality., not in the past or  in the future but in the present and we can’t be in the present because we cannot transcend this mind of ours.For that, the Kundalini does the job.She pierces through this mind, through a very constricted Agnya Chakra and comes out of Fontellene bone area.As a result, you become ‘absolutely thoughtlessly aware’, about which thank God, Yung has talked.Yung has said that “you  have to first become thoughtlessly aware.”You are fully aware but you are ‘thoughtless.’

This is very well described in our Patanjali and all these Shastras that he has very clearly said that once you become thoughtlessly aware, you have crossed your mind. At that point what happens to our awareness. What happens to us that we become absolutely peaceful. The so-called stress and strain all disappear. We become absolutely peaceful. Very much satisfied and we become like a ‘witness’. We see the whole world, the working of the world as a witness. It is said in the Bible also that, ‘you have to be the witness’.Said also that, ‘you have to be born again’.That means people put a blackboard here saying I am born again. What does that mean? You just put some sort of a sign or signal here saying that I am born again. You are not born again. That is deceiving yourself. If you are born again then you have ‘powers’. Like a bird is called as Dwijaha, in Sanskrit language and also a realized Soul is also called Dwijaha, that means  ‘born twice’.Dwihija I think.

The one who is born twice like a bird he is an egg then he becomes a bird.In the same way, a human being is a human being then he becomes a bird, complete free.Freedom.Complete freedom he has.Freedom from all kinds of bad habits.All kinds of bondages.All kinds of wrong thoughts.All kinds of hatred and all other enemies of human beings.He becomes completely free and then he spreads his wings in the same way as a bird does.So this is what has to happen.That is what one has to get to is to get rid of these shackles which have put down our personality.Have created all the problems for us and for others.Now as there are some Shiks I must say, something it is said in their own Via Guru Nanak himself has said that (in Hindi translated) Why do go to jungles to find Him, HE is within you, you know yourself,  and the self-knowledge is the only way you can realise.Every one of them have said so.Also, there is Kabira, he said, how am I to explain,(in Hindi) how can I make people understand because the whole world is blind.You see all the saints in India or all over have said, the same thing that you have to transcend.Transcend this mind and go beyond it into this new state of ‘thoughtless awareness’.Then you become absolutely a gentle, beautiful loving personality.Your temper falls down.Your all anger falls, all kinds of ideas that hover in your mind all the time, all types of ideas stop.If you want to think you can think but if you don’t want, you don’t have to think.Then the whole picture now I see this beautiful church, the way the beautiful glasswork and all that work is so very beautiful but when I see this in thoughtless awareness, what happens that I don’t think how much it must have cost, it might break or it should be insured, something, I don’t think like that.What I feel is the joy, the artist who has done it.The joy of the artist who has put inside this beautiful stain work of Jesus.I feel the joy of that artist flowing in me and just cooling me down.You do not get ideas about how much I should pay, whether it is a carpet, now there is a carpet, how to put it sort of for insurance,and all these problems that face us, all this disappears.All that you see is the joy and get all the joy pouring into you and making your life so  joyful and happy.This is the first state where you arrive which I call ‘thoughtless awareness’, which has all these qualities that manifest in your personality.But beyond that when you see that this Kundalini passes through your physical strata that is the part of the Chakras, you get better.Your health gets better.We have seen people cured of Cancer.Cured of all kinds of horrible diseases.Not only that.We have also seen people being mentally perfected, those who were mentally upset, depressed.Even lunatics have been cured with this happening.This is your  own power.Nobody is obliged to anything.It is your own power.Own power, this is your own Mother which gives you your second birth.She has been waiting for this day, for this time, because you are so much, so much worthy of it.Because you are seekers, this is your birthright to have this realization. To have this self-knowledge. Because on your fingertips you know about your own centres.This is your self-knowledge.You know where are you, what is wrong with you because these centres are for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being.You can detect where are you catching, on what finger you are catching and thus it is all decoded and you can find it out.It is  a very simple art which can work very well.Once you start understanding you are amazed at yourself how it is known to you at your fingertips.Everybody feels the same way because this is ‘Absolute knowledge’.So there is nothing other knowledge.If the child says this finger is catching then everybody will say this finger is catching.That means something is very very wrong with the throat or maybe you are having some sort of a cancer of the throat.Depends on the intensity of this catching sometimes, you feel like burning, sometimes you feel it’s very cool down, depending on what is the decoding of this.That is how you can cure yourself and also you can cure others.So this another awareness comes into you is of  ‘collective consciousness.’Collective Consciousness’, that is who is the other.You can feel everyone on your fingertips.You know about everyone on your fingertips, whether he is dead or alive, whether he is near you or away, you just have to take the name and you can feel it.Now there are many people from India also from I don’t know from everywhere,  they come in the name of God.I mean I don’t know how to describe, they are missing some people showing a hundred dollar note that if you send this to God, God will give you everything.Such a stupid thing also people, I don’t know how people listen to such stupid things.Now you can make it out on your fingertips if this man is a truthful fellow or he is not.If he is trying to cheat you if he is trying to make a fool out of you.Only on your fingertips, you will know everything.It is not difficult at all even for children.Even the children can say what is wrong with another person is as far as the centres are concerned.Then these centres are decoded so you know what is wrong with this centre, this centre, for example one fellow came and asked me why they were asking me about my father. Everybody came and asked me about my father.Why? I said maybe this finger was catching.Now when he got Realisation’ he felt the heat on this finger and it was verified.So all  that we are saying is that it can be verified, is to be little bit have a little bit to learn with little patience, how to verify, what is the decoding at the most one month.In one month you can be masters.You all can be masters, you can correct others, you can give them Realisation’.Now, this is the power you get when you are twice-born.I said you must have powers.So the power you get is that you can raise the Kundalini of others.You can give them Realisation’, and you can cure them. You can correct them, and also your whole being becomes nothing but a  peaceful being because you are beyond your mind.People talk of peace.They give awards of peace, I have seen and met many people who have got these awards.They are horribly hot-tempered, horribly right-sided, aggressive people.But they get peace award from I don’t know which angle they are given peace.Perhaps most of them have been instigating or have been starting some sort of trouble in any country and they have got the peace award.Peace has to be within us. Through only our transformation we can get peace.If we do not get our transformation, we cannot get peace within.We cannot.Our attention itself is so disturbed all the time, our attention itself has no peace but once you get this status of peace within you, you emit, your attention emits peace, it gives peace, because who is the other, whom are you going to fight.One finger of my hand does not fight with another  finger.In the same way, we are part and parcel of the whole, like a microcosm becoming a macrocosm, we talk about it but you become.Again I say like in Sahajayogi  you become. It is not just talking.It is not just giving a sermon.It is not just telling a story, it is what happens to you, that your whole personality changes.It gets completely transformed tonight you will get it.In one evening you can get it.Now the question is how to grow.Then we have here some very, very, good Sahajayogies, they are very humble,  nice people.They will not touch your ego but might suck in your egos and you will find yourself extremely congenial, extremely beautiful and there is a big race of such people existing today.William Blake said there will be born people or the seekers he said, ‘people of God’, and they will know God, and they will become peaceful.He has said it very very clearly and that is what is happening today, and is going to work out. I call it the ‘blossom time’ and this blossom time is really, so many seekers are there and who are receiving their Realisation’.It is a fact.I am not telling you anything to gain anything.But this Canada I have visited many a  times and I was surprised.  In Canada, people are not that sensitive.Very surprising that people in Russia are extremely sensitive.Extremely sensitive.Once I went to the first time I went to Leningrad and there were hardly 2000 people inside the hall because the hall was for 2000 people but outside were 2000  sitting.They said Maa, what about us?I said alright let me finish with these people and then I will come out.When I came out they were still sitting there.My God, what to do?So I said “alright.”I said, “can you come tomorrow, we will sit outside here on the grounds and we will have it”.And so they came.But not only they.They came and those who inside came and  2000 more people came and since that day they are Sahajayogies.Since that day.I did not have to say now do this no, no, they just jumped into it.I must say this communism is not a very good thing, but the torture of the communism has made these people so deep, so sensitive, so introspective.They have been introspective that I know because I have been going to Russia before also with my husband.I always feel they are very introspective people but they were so deep I never knew.Now today there is a joke that one Sahajayogi from America went there and the Sahajayogi from one place Thalaiyatti  asked him, how many Sahajayogies are there, it is a long time back. He said, we are 56000. He said my God you are 56000 we are only 21000 in Thalaiyatti. So you can imagine it is like fire it has spread. Of course  in India I am not surprised, but for us the system traditionally we know what is our future. We know what we have to achieve. Traditionally we know, I mean, there are politicians and there are other things but the majority of the people in India know that we have to have our Self-realization, otherwise everything is useless. And so it is not so difficult. But in a place like Rumania, Russia, it has spread like fire. But not in the Western countries so much. Of course, it is, Italy is alright, I can say   also Austria, Germany, but the transformation that has taken place in people is remarkable. First time when I went to Russia to Moscow 25 German Sahajayogies came. I asked him,” how are you here?” “Mother is not our responsibility.? Our forefathers killed all these  Russians so we think it is our responsibility that we should come.” Now, this all I was so touched by the whole thing that look at these Germans, they are feeling so much for these Russians and then I was told that they have now gone to Israel.I  said, “why to Israel?” Mother, how many Jews the Germans have killed. Is consciousness.They went to Israel, they spend their own money, they stayed there, they got some Israeli as Sahaja yogi. But then I was amazed that in Egypt, these  Israeli came. I said, “how are you here?” They said, ‘Mother we must make friends with these Muslims. Isn’t it necessary that now we should be friends?”So they are all friends of pure relationship. There is nothing like somebody’s husband running away with somebody wife and all that nonsense. All other pornography and all nonsense that you have here.Nothing of the kind. They are completely transformed and changed.Absolutely changed people. But one thing about them is that they are not so money-oriented. This money-oriented is going to lead us to a very great disaster you will see, very soon. You will be breaking our families, breaking our children, I don’t know what is going to happen, because money can never give you pleasure. It can never give you joy. But  I don’t say that you don’t have to earn money but then you feel satisfied and you do not become a greedy person destroying yourself. All this is possible if you become ‘complete’.Unless and until you have the completeness, that fulfilment of your being is not there and then you start doing all kinds of things which has no meaning, which has no legal permission, neither it is good for you nor it is for your society and if you watch you will be amazed to see, how many are getting destroyed. In America they say that 65 per cent will become schizophrenic. It is beyond me to understand why should they? They have such nice medical science everything but schizophrenia is very common. Why? Because there is no balance. Only through this, the balance is established. You become one with yourself and you enjoy yourself in such a manner that you enjoy everyone. All these stupid ideas of enjoyment where you just waste your energy and create problems for each that doesn’t exist. You get into such a beautiful mood, you enjoy everything then all this race and creed and religion and all these divide things which have separated us from one another just disappear into thin air, and you will be amazed how you achieve a state which is so beautiful and so peaceful. There is so much to be talked about and to be told about this, but I would say that I hope you will attend our follow up meetings where you don’t have to pay any money again and if you are insisting on paying then you pay yourself but please attend this follow-ups. Before that, I have to give your Realisation’, for which I hope you are ready. Those who want to have their Realisation’ can only be in the hall. Those who do not want should go away because we cannot force it. I cannot force it. It can not be forced. It is so ‘spontaneous’. It is a  living process of your evolution which works ‘spontaneously’. If you want it will work out if you don’t want it it will not. So please I would request all of you to be here, if possible be humble, and not to be critical, don’t doubt yourself, and it will work out. I am sure it will work out. It won’t take much time it will just take short time for you. Hardly about 10 minutes.

Something I have to suggest is that we have to take out our shoes. I hope you don’t mind.

(Some more people can come.No harm. If some people want to sit. Some more people can sit but doesn’t matter you are far or near. Makes no difference at all.)

Now there are two very very simple conditions, very simple. The first one is not to feel guilty about anything. Supposing you have done some mistakes. So you need not feel guilty about it. It is all done. Finished. IT is past. (Here sit here in the front. It is alright.) And no use carrying that all the time. I have done this. I have done that. Actually the modern norms are also so funny that even if somebody say takes the spoon in the left hand and takes the knife in the right, he will go on thinking about it. Oh my goodness what did I do? So you should know that if you were guilty you would be in jail and not here. So none of you are guilty. It is just a fashion to feel guilty for everything. But do you know,  feeling guilty what happens? This side of your centre, this centre is very important, gets caught up. And when this centre is caught up then you get first of all the disease called as angina which is a serious disease where the blood cannot reach the heart. Then after that, you get spondylitis, if not that then you get lethargic, very lethargic organs in your body. So why to carry any guilt, unnecessarily making yourself sick and torturing yourself. There is no need. You have to love yourself. You have to understand that you are human beings, and special people, very special people who are born to seek the truth. It is a very great achievement I think, that you are seeking. How many seekers were there at that time of Christ? Very few. At that time of Buddha very few, but today I find thousands and thousands. So you are something special, and that’s why to respect yourself. You have to respect and you have to love it. You have no business to condemn yourself saying that I have done this guilt and I have done that wrong, that wrong. Forget it. It is conditioning.

The second point, the condition I would, say is that you have to forgive everyone. Now many people told me that it is very difficult to forgive. But logically see whether you forgive or don’t forgive what do you do? You don’t do anything. You are just torturing yourself. Why do you want to torture yourself, while the people who have troubled you who you are not forgiving are enjoying life and you are torturing yourself? Now, logically you understand this. So just say in your heart, Mother, I forgive everyone. That’s all. You have to say that in your heart. In your heart, ‘I forgive everyone’. Don’t think about them. Because thinking about them is also a headache. Just in general if you say it will work out. Why? Because this centre is like this. Absolutely constricted and if you do not forgive it will never open and Kundalini will not pass. So you have to forgive everyone. You don’t do anything. Just you have to say,’ I forgive everyone’.That’s all. These are the two conditions. I think they are not very difficult. The third one, I have already requested that you have to take out your shoes, and nobody has minded it.I must tell you in England first time when I said that please take out your shoes, half of them walked out, so I was a little worried. I  hope in Canada you are not attached to your shoes to that extent. (laughing).

In short, you should be pleasantly placed towards your self. You should be Prasanna Chith. (Hindi) Become PrasannaChitha and sit. You should be pleasantly placed towards yourself and not to feel in any way guilty or in any way being tortured by someone, so you cannot forgive. You just forgive and see.

 Now please put your hands both of them like this towards me, just like this, simple. See because I told you these are the five centres sixth and seventh centre these are the endings of the Sympathetic Nervous system so the energy has to flow through this. You just put your hands towards me like this. Can you? Little higher, all of you, please a little higher. Now you have to close your eyes. You can take out your spectacles if you want. Please close your eyes. Now put left hand towards Me and right hand on top of the Fontellene bone area which was a soft bone in your childhood. Please put your right hand on top of your Fontellene bone area. Now bend your head as much as possible. Now please see if there is a cool or a hot breeze like vibrations coming out of the Fontellene bone area. So keep away from, not on top but away from the head. Move this hand up and down because some people see it very near the head and some people see a little far away. Just see if it is a cool or a hot breeze. If it is hot that means you have not yet forgiven. You have to forgive yourself and forgive others if it is hot, but doesn’t matter, as long as you get the breeze like vibrations. Now please put the right hand towards me, bend your head, close your eyes and see with the left hand if there is a cool or a hot breeze like vibrations coming out of your Fontellene bone area. Forgive yourself and others. Please forgive yourself and forgive others. Now once again put your left hand towards me and put your right hand on top of your Fontellene bone area. Now bend your head and now see for yourself by moving your hand if there is a cool or a hot breeze like vibrations are coming out.

Now slowly open your eyes and put both the hands towards me and watch me carefully. Don’t think. Don’t think, just don’t think. Your thoughts will stop because you are in that state where I told you in a ‘thoughtless awareness’.In Sanskrit, we call it Nirvichar Samadhi. Now if you are feeling something cool or hot coming below your hands you push them like that. Now raise both your hands towards the sky and here you have to ask one of these three questions, three times. One question three times. The first question is, you can call me Mother or Shri Mataji as you like.’Mother is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost?’Three times you have to ask. Or  ‘Mother, is this the All-Pervading Power of Divine love?’Three times you can ask this one Or ‘Mother is this the Roo?’Is this the ‘Alak Niranjan, Paramchaitanya?’Ask this three times again. Whichever one you want to ask. To verify. Now bring down your hands. Again please put them and watch me without thinking. All those who have felt cool or hot breeze on the palm or the fingertips or out of the Fontellene bone area, please raise both your hands. May God bless you. I have to forget Russia now. I can tell you. May God bless you. So blissful to see all of you getting ‘Self Realisation’, but now you should see that you grow in it. Like the seeds sprouts but it has to grow so you have to grow because the centres may be in jeopardy. Maybe there is some trouble there and it can be cured, it can be helped, it can be opened fully. The only thing you have to come to our follow up programs. It will be conducted, I don’t know, they will tell you just now where it will be conducted. I hope you all enjoyed it very much and you will become part and parcel of the whole.

May God bless you.

They will sing some song, one song and you have to clap. In the clapping, you will see the vibrations will increase and improve. So enjoy it now. Enjoy the message. Enjoy yourself. Enjoy everything.


This is the song they are singing, was written by a Saint, in the twelfth century and here he is saying that, ‘O Mother, give me the Yoga, jogua and then he says that I will do this and I will do that, but you please give me the yoga. Now this song is sung in all the villages of Maharashtra but they don’t know what they are asking for. Now, Of course, it’s much better but all of them have been singing this song in the villages as entertainment that, ‘O Mother give me the Realisation’, yoga, ‘union with the Divine’.You may not understand the language but the vibrations you can feel.

Song starts.

People clapping.

You see the Kundalini rising.’Ambe’ is the Kundalini rising. That is how with the hands they sing ,like this you rise. The kundalini, rise like this.

Thank you very much all of you.Thank you.