Oh Mother! Take me out of this webs of words

Toronto, University of Toronto (Canada)

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Public Program, Canada, 1997-0622

Yogi: Can you turn the house lights off, please?

Good evening everybody and welcome to this [UNCLEAR] of program on sahaja yoga, in the presence of Her Holiness, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. We shall now going to have, now have a brief introduction on the different aspects regarding sahaja yoga and basically it is going to be an introduction to ourselves that after Shri Mataji comes and She begins Her discourse, we are going to try to have before that a background in our minds uh.. as to what exactly should we expect, what exactly we would have then and try to on the context the meaning the things that She’s going to tell you. Believe me, this evening is a [UNCLEAR] evening in the lives of all those of you who are going to see Her for the first time. To begin with, as we all know from different walks of life, through the ages the prophets and the seers, after whom the great religions have been established, have talked about an inner awakening, a search for the truth that exists within each one of us, the realization of the Divinity that exists within each one of us, the awakening of Divine potentials within each one of us and in doing so seek our integration, our union with the All-Pervading power of God. This has been called and termed through various terms, various modifications, various definitions and one of the commonest ones is yoga. Yoga actually means the union; The union of the Soul which is there within each one of us and that of the All-Pervading power of God and in the union between the Atma and the Parmatma or the individual Soul and the Supreme Soul. Shri Nanaka, who established or after whom came to be established the religion of Sikhism, said very clearly, ”Kaahe he mann khojat jaaye, sada niwasi, sada Alepa, tohe sung samaaye” – Why is it that you go on searching for that external, without, when that which is the highest, is the most sublime is in fact within you? Christ spoke of the Kingdom of God saying that the Kingdom of God is within each one of us and we have to reach that Kingdom of God, that we have to be born again and upon which they [UNCLEAR] asked, one of the disciples that, ”Being born again, does it mean we have to enter our mother’s womb?” He said, ”No, the Kingdom of God which is within you has to be reached to a process and thus you have to take to a second birth.” Lao tse spoke about the internal river that flows within each one of us; Confucius said about the same thing and thus you have all these people who have been through the centuries speaking about something within each one of us that has to be awakened.

So what exactly were they speaking about? Were they speaking about different things – in fact, no. Socrates said, ”Know thyself.” The essence of his philosophy was to know one’s own self – meaning to be realized within one’s own self. To have this union, to have this loss of attitude [UNCLEAR] between the self and the other person, to have, in other words, the complete union that was to have the yoga. Now, the instrument of this yoga resides within each one of us and it is possible for each one of us to achieve this state. At this point of time, permit me to emphasize, that what we are going to see just now, is nothing new, is not an invention, is not a new discovery. It has been something which has been spoken about again through the scriptures in the Bhagwad Gita, in the Bible, in the Granth Sahib. In the Koran it has been said time and again and many have tried to achieve this state and many did, however, their numbers have been far and [UNCLEAR] between because because on the Holy Spirit ladder, on the process of our evolutionary scale, the time had not come for everybody to achieve this state. As all of us know, human evolution has been progressing for millions of years from unicellular actually simple organisms to highly complex, highly evolved multi-cellular, multi-functional organism, which is the human-being who is at the apex, the epitome of evolution – we have evolved to this [UNCLEAR].

But the evolutionary process has now reached it’s penultimate stage and now we have to cross over into that area whereby for the human level, from the consciousness at the human level we have to achieve that which is beyond, which is beyond the limited human consciousness. and thus the time has come which Shri Mataji prefers to call as the Blossom time where the Universal Self has to be reached by the individual Self. The individual consciousness has to be integrated with the Universal Unconscious. and that is where sahaja yoga comes into the picture. Sahaja yoga makes this process extremely simple and the awakening of this power within us takes place without any effort – absolutely effortlessly. Sahaja yoga, by definition, is a synthesis of two words – ‘Saha’ means with and ‘Ja’ means that which is born with. So sahaja means that which is born with and that is how the yoga takes place. Now let us see as to what is this instrument of integration that is present within each one of us. As you can see in this chart, we have about three channels flowing within each one of us. On the right hand side we shall see a yellow channel which is called as the Rajogun or is called as the Pingala Nadi.

On the left hand side we have, what is called as the Ida Nadi or is the Moon channel and in between we have a channel which is called as the Sushumna Nadi or what is called as the Satwagun. Now these aspects have also been spoken about at length in different philosophies. The Chinese called it or have called it the ‘Yin’ and the ‘Yang’ or the power of the action or that was the passive power and that was the active power. In Ayurveda it has been called as the three different elements which govern the life of the individual. And here we see that this is precisely what they have been talking about that the right side, which corresponds to the Right Sympathetic system, is the channel whereby we are able to act – it gives us the power of action. On the left side which is, as you perhaps might be able to perceive, is the dark blue colored channel, which is the passive side, is the moon which we call it the channel of the moon and that is the side which gives us the power of desire. It is through this channel that we get the power of desiring things. So we can desire through our left side that is the left channel and we can act out those desires through the right side. The most important one, is the one in the center which is called as the Satwagun, which is the central path of evolution and within this central path are situated different centers, different energy centers, which in ancient Sanskrit text have been called as chakras meaning seats or seats of power. There are about seven main chakras in the body and we shall take up quick look and follow them and, of course, there is the Kundalini energy, a dormant energy lying within each one of us which is, in fact, the instrument of our union with the Divine, which actually brings about the union between the individual Self and the cosmic Self.

It is extremely difficult to cover everything in a brief introductory talk but we shall try to understand as much as we can so that we can have, as I said before, a brief background as to what we shall be privileged to hear once Shri Mataji takes the floor. At the bottom we have a red colored chakra, which is called as the Mooladhara chakra; Now these chakras are situated within the Central Nervous system – they are extremely subtle, not perceivable to the human eye very visually, however, they have anatomical correspondences. For example, though we may not be able to see the three channels they correspond on the right side to the right sympathetic chain, the left side, the left side sympathetic chain and the Satwaguna or the middle channel corresponds to the Parasympathetic chain. Similarly, the seven energy centers correspond to seven anatomical plexuses within the human body. A plexus is nothing but an aggregate of nerves. So we start at the bottom, which is a red colored chakra, is called as the Mooladhara chakra, it is the seat of our innocence, it is the seat of our purity, it is the seat of our chastity. On the awakening of this chakra, through Kundalini awakening, these are the qualities that manifest within each one of us. And thus as we progress through these channels, through these chakras which [UNCLEAR -I’LL ENUMERATE?] very briefly what are the qualities of each one of these chakras and what are the benefits that we are going to get out of it because the bottom line is, okay if we do sahaja yog, if we take our Self-realization, what’s in it for us? So as we shall advance, we shall realize that there is indeed a virtual storehouse of benefits for each one of us.

Above the red colored chakra we see a triangular bone which corresponds with the gross sacrum bone at the bottom of the vertebral column. Here resides the Kundalini shakti, what is called in Sanskrit as the Kundalini shakti. It is a dormant, residual energy within each one of us and it is to the ascent of this energy that as we have said before, ”We’ll seek our Self-realization.” Above that we have a yellow colored chakra which is called as the Swadishthan chakra, is the second center. It is the center of creativity, of activity, of intellectual functions and it is through the exercise of this center that we are able to plan, we are able to think we are able to [UNCLEAR – ACT UP? ], we are able to conceptualize and naturally an over-functioning of this chakra can result in imbalances. Above that we have a green colored chakra, which is called as the Manipura chakra, which corresponds to the Aortic plexus in the human body and this chakra has qualities which give us a sense of proportionality, a sense of balance, a sense of satisfaction, a sense of integration, a sense of dharma as is said in the ancient Sanskrit text, which means a sense of duty – a duty that is sacred, a sense of duty that is there within each one of us. Duty as a citizen of this country, duty as a citizen of this, as a member of this social [UNCLEAR], duty as a husband, as a father, as a son, as a daughter, as a friend Within each of our interaction, within the social [UNCLEAR] we have certain duties to perform in an ideal way, in a perfect way and it is to this said that we get an ideal as to how these duties are to be performed. Above that we have the fourth chakra which is also the heart chakra. It has got two components – on the left side one and on the right side one as well as one in the center.

Through this center we get the power of comfort, we get security and it is this center, which is in these modern times, completely in a state of imbalance because of a great amount of physical activity, emotional stress, insecurity through careers, through jobs, due to various other factors – economic, social, convenient just naming. So anything secretly results in an imbalance in this chakra and the raising of the Kundalini puts this chakra in a state of balance giving us the gift of security. Above this chakra we have the fifth chakra, which is called as the Vishudhhi chakra, which corresponds with the Cervical plexus within us. This is the center of communication, our inter-personal relationships – the way we relate to each other as family members, as friends, as individuals in a working environment, as, as individuals in this society, as citizens of the world. This is the center that brings about integration within human beings. Above this we have the sixth center, which is called as the Agnya chakra and it corresponds to the optic chiasma within the human physical body. As you know, within us in the brain there exists a place called as the optic chiasma where the optic nerves actually cross over each other and then go backwards. Now this was, somehow, known to the ancient sages, ancient prophets, who through their Divine realization, had realized and had actually seen this subtle system within each one of us and had already mentioned about it. So this is an extremely crucial center because through this center we get the power of thought, the power of thinking, the power of rationalization and the two channels of the left side and the right side, basically, cross over at this point and terminate into the two balloons of the ego, which is a yellow colored balloon on the left hand side of the head and into a blue colored balloon on the right hand side of the head which are the corresponding the balloons of the ego and the superego. Lastly, we come to the seventh center, which is the Sahasrara chakra, which is the seventh center which corresponds to the limbic system within the human brain.

Now this is the center which contains the seats of all the previous six centers and when the Kundalini ascends through all the six centers and gets go up to then once again the Swadishthan chakra, then the second center, the Nabhi chakra or Manipur chakra, then the third one, the Heart chakra, which is the fourth one, the fifth chakra, which is the Vishhudhi chakra, the sixth one and, finally, the seventh chakra which is the Sahasrara chakra. Once the Kundalini comes out of the seventh chakra, it establishes a contact with this All-Pervading power of God and that is the state which has been described in all the Scriptures as the state of Self- realization. This is the state wherein an individual becomes thoughtlessly aware – is not that is not aware of his surroundings but he is in a state of thoughtlessness and very difficult as it might perhaps be to believe this state is very easily achievable. because as most of us know that when a thought process starts, it starts very slowly, achieves a crest – achieves a peak level of activity – and then it gradually falls down and then the second level starts, the second thought starts and throughout our lifetimes we spend consciously jumping from one thought to the other, to the next and to the next. However, there is a time between two successive thoughts when there is an infinitesimally small space of time wherein you are actually thoughtless but we are not aware of it because it is going on at such a fantastic speed. Through the process of Kundalini awakening we can stay between that [UNCLEAR – IN THAT OR INACTIVE?] period, between two thoughts and be actually thoughtless. This is the state known as the Nirvicharita, which means the state of thoughtlessness which has been described again and again through the scriptures. My dear friends, what I would like to emphasize is, that sahaja yoga brings about this entire process very spontaneously, very effortlessly without involving number one any form of payment of any sort. You don’t have to pay a single penny to get your Self-realization because as Shri Mataji says, ”You cannot buy your Self-realization and God, most importantly doesn’t understand money.”

To achieve this state without any effort, without the chanting of any hymns, any mantras, going through any long procedures of fasting, physical exercise, any physical [UNCLEAR], any conditionings, you don’t have to give up any thing, you don’t have to take any preset conditions It is extremely simple, it is extremely spontaneous, it is extremely effortless, it is extremely effective – it works. Sahaja yoga is today being practiced in more than 65 countries of the world including the former Soviet Union and the Soviet Republics we have hundreds of thousands of yogis all over the world practicing sahaja yoga. Now, what are the benefits of sahaja yoga? Briefly as we have seen, each one of these chakras, have their special qualities and as the Kundalini energy, which is like a Mother, which is our spiritual Mother waiting to give us this great opportunity to be born again, She nourishes these chakras just like a mother nourishes her own offspring. And thus through the process of Kundalini awakening, the qualities of each one of these chakras starts manifesting through each one of us and thus we can become and we have such people all over the world today who are beautiful citizens beautiful individuals leading extremely moral, chaste, beautiful lives serving a great function not only to themselves but to the societies and to the nations of which they are the citizens. These are the benefits of sahaja yoga in a nutshell. Apart from this you also enjoy very good physical health, psychological health, emotional health and mental health because sahaja yoga helps you to achieve a state of an integrated personality where there is no conflict within yourself and thus you don’t have conflicts with others. You don’t enter into conflicts with others because you are established in a state of peace and when you are at peace with yourself, you don’t feel like getting into a state of disturbance, getting into a state of war even at a mental, at an intellectual level with others. Let us now try to understand as to who is the person behind this great Spiritual happening. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi was born in India in 1923 in a Christian family.

She took part to, She was the child of extremely patriotic parents, very learned, highly intelligent, very well educated – Her father could speak so many languages fluently, Her mother was a Masters [UNCLEAR – OLDER, VERY OLDER?] in Mathematics. Into such uh.., such a intellectual, highly gifted and patriotic family She was born in 1923. As most of Marathi might be knowing, those were the years when India was trying to get it’s independence. and Her parents were deeply involved with the [UNCLEAR]. So at the very young age She got Herself involved in the Indian freedom movement. She even stayed with Mahatma Gandhiji in his ashram at Wardha and at Sabarmati in India and after Indian independence during those years She was married to a gentleman who later served extremely important post within the Indian government and later on in the United Nations. She was married to Dr. C.P. Srivastava, who was the personal secretary to the late Prime Minister of India, Shri Lala Bahadur Shastri and thereafter Dr. Srivastava, Her husband, was for six consecutive terms the elected Secretary General of the International Maritime Organization which is a very important division of the United Nations. The point that one tries to make is, Shri Mataji has been a married person, She has two daughters, She has grandchildren and they’re married so She is an absolute householder, an absolutely seemingly, an absolutely apparently and absolutely on the base of it a very domestic person like you and me and each one of us in this auditorium and beyond.

She has completely played Her role as a daughter, as a citizen, as a wife, as a Mother, as a grandmother to each one with absolute perfection to such an extent that all of them even today are extremely devoted to Her. She enjoys a completely blissful married life with Her family but beyond this She is the spiritual guide to millions of Her devotees around the world and She has established this movement of sahaja yoga at the same time keeping Her connection, Her duties towards Her family which brings us to the most important point and the most wonderful point about sahaja yoga, which is that you can have a state of God realization, you can continue to have your state of Zen, your state of thoughtless awareness without having to divorce yourself from any or all of your duties as a normal citizen, as a normal individual. We can continue with our lives, with our careers, with our married life, with our social lives and yet enjoy the state of bliss and happiness. The reason why one tries to emphasize this point has been, is because till sahaja yoga was brought into effect people could achieve the state of Self- realization. However it took decades and decades of, sometimes fruitless perseverance, fruitless effort to achieve this state. People had to leave their jobs, they had to leave their families, go and stay and meditate for years together just to achieve that fraction of this wonderful state. But after 1970, after Shri Mataji established sahaja yoga, this is the blossom time when not one, not two but people in the thousands can achieve this state because human evolution has reached a point now where they can get this wonderful happening within each one of us. I shall now, [UNCLEAR] This is the song is in the Hindi language and the words [MUSIC] [SONG] – Awaaz uthayeinge, hum saaz bajayeinge, hai Mata mahaan apni, yeh geet sunayeinge Awaaz uthayeinge, hum saaz bajayeinge, hai Mata mahaan apni, yeh geet sunayeinge. La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, lala La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, lala Chaitanya bahe jahan tak Maa, Hai roop Tumhara hi Hai nirakaar phir bhi, hai swaroop Tumhara hi Chaitanya bahe jahan tak Maa, Hai roop Tumhara hi Hai nirakaar phir bhi, hai swaroop Tumhara hi Yeh shakti roop Tumhara, hum sab ko dikhayeinge hai Mata mahaan apni, yeh geet sunayeinge Awaaz uthayeinge, hum saaz bajayeinge, hai Mata mahaan apni, yeh geet sunayeinge La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, lala La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, lala Anmol khazana ban gaya, dil Teri mohabbat se Parivartit harshit ban gaya, yeh Teri ulfat se Anmol khazana ban gaya, dil Teri mohabbat se Parivartit harshit ban gaya, yeh Teri ulfat se Pratibha ki Teri baatein, hum sab ko sunayeinge hai Mata mahaan apni, yeh geet sunayeinge. Awaaz uthayeinge, hum saaz bajayeinge, hai Mata mahaan apni, yeh geet sunayeinge.

hai Mata mahaan apni, yeh geet sunayeinge. [CLAPPING] In this next song is about Kundalini; It’s called ‘Kundalini rise’ O, Nirmala Mata, Mata O, Nirmala Mata, Mata You are my life, You are my life, You are my heart You are my heart, You are my life, So please, Kundalini rise Kundalini rise, Shri Ganesha, Kundalini rise, Nirmala Mata, Kundalini rise, Saraswati, Kundalini rise, Adishakti, Kundalini rise, Mahalaxmi, Kundalini rise, [UNCLEAR] Mata, Kundalini rise, Adiguru, Kundalini rise, Kundalini rise Kundalini rise, O, Nirmala Mata, Mata O, Nirmala Mata, Mata You are my life, You are my life, You are my heart, You are my heart, You are my life, So please, Kundalini rise Kundalini rise, Durga Mata, Kundalini rise Nirmala Mata, Kundalini rise, Jagdamba, Kundalini rise Adishakti, Kundalini rise Vishnumaya, Kundalini rise Mahalaxmi, Kundalini rise, Nirmala Mata Kundalini rise, Kundalini rise, Kundalini rise O, Nirmala Mata, Mata O, Nirmala Mata, Mata You are my life, You are my life, You are my heart, You are my heart, You are my life, So please, Kundalini rise, Kundalini rise, Nirmala Mata, Kundalini rise, Bhagawati, Kundalini rise, Adishakti, Kundalini rise, Kundalini rise, Kundalini, Kundalini rise, Nirmala Mata, Kundalini rise, Bhagawati, Kundalini rise, Shri Mataji, Kundalini rise, Kundalini rise, Kundalini rise, [CLAPPING] Saat janam jo, punya kiye hain, safal hue saare Saat janam jo, punya kiye hain, safal hue saare Issiliye Mataji humko darshan hue Tumhare Issiliye Mataji humko darshan hue Tumhare La la la, la la la, la la la la lala la La la la, la la la, la la la la lala la La la la, la la la, la la la la lala la La la la, la la la, la la la la lala la Dukhiyon ka dukh door kare Tu, Ma Nirmala Devi Dukhiyon ka dukh door kare Tu, Ma Nirmala Devi Humsabka uddhaar kare Tu, shaanti sukh Devi Humsabka uddhaar kare Tu, shaanti sukh Devi Sab dharmon ko chod charan mein, Sab dharmon ko chod charan mein, aaye sharan Tihaare aaye sharan Tihaare Issiliye Mataji humko darshan hue Tumhare Issiliye Mataji humko darshan hue Tumhare La la la, la la la, la la la la lala la – Jai Mataji La la la, la la la, la la la la lala la La la la, la la la, la la la la lala la La la la, la la la, la la la la lala la Aham bhao ko chod Tumhare, sharan charan aata Aham bhao ko chod Tumhare, sharan charan aata Bhavasagar ke dukh sukh se Ma, poorna paar utaar Bhavasagar ke dukh sukh se Ma, poorna paar utaar Na aandhi ho na ho toofaan, Na aandhi ho na ho toofaan, sankat tal hi jaaye Issiliye Mataji humko darshan hue Tumhare Issiliye Mataji humko darshan hue Tumhare La la la, la la la, la la la la lala la, Jai Mataji La la la, la la la, la la la la lala la Dekar mangal aashirwad Tu, paavan mujhe banaa Dekar mangal aashirwad Tu, paavan mujhe banaa Janam maran ke phere mit gaye Janam maran ke phere mit gaye, khul gaye bhAgnya hamare khul gaye bhAgnya hamare Issiliye Mataji humko darshan hue Tumhare Issiliye Mataji humko darshan hue Tumhare La la la, la la la, la la la la lala la La la la, la la la, la la la la lala la La la la, la la la, la la la la lala la La la la, la la la, la la la la lala la Saat janam jo, punya kiye hain, safal hue saare Saat janam jo, punya kiye hain, safal hue saare Issiliye Mataji humko darshan hue Tumhare darshan hue Tumhare darshan hue Tumhare [CLAPPING] Shri Mataji has arrived [CLAPPING] [UNCLEAR] Shri Mataji. She has arrived [CLAPPING] [CLAPPING] Swagat aagat swagatam Swagat aagat swagatam, Hum sab karte swagatam Hum sab karte swagatam Aaj hamare beech padhaare Shri Mataji Aap hain taare Jhoom jhoom ke, jhoom jhoom ke karte hain gaan Jhoom jhoom ke, jhoom jhoom ke karte hain gaan Swagat aagat swagatam, Swagat aagat swagatam, Nirmal Mataji ke [UNCLEAR -SWAGATAM?] Nirmal Mataji ke darshan paakar Karte hain swagat dil se gaakar Karte hain swagat dil se gaakar Prem phoolon ki maala pehnate hain Prem phoolon ki maala pehnate hain Swagat aagat swagatam, Swagat aagat swagatam, Hum sab karte swagatam Hum sab karte swagatam Nirmal Maa se viniti hamaari Nirmal Maa se viniti hamaari Jeewan sukh se kar dein bhaari Jeewan sukh se kar dein bhaari Anand, prem, shaanti sada hi rahe Anand, prem, shaanti sada hi rahe Swagat aagat swagatam, Swagat aagat swagatam, Hum sab karte swagatam Hum sab karte swagatam Aaj hamare beech padhaare Shri Mataji Aap hain taare Jhoom jhoom ke, jhoom jhoom ke karte hain gaan Jhoom jhoom ke, jhoom jhoom ke karte hain gaan Swagat aagat swagatam, Swagat aagat swagatam, Swagat aagat swagatam, [MUSIC] [INAUDIBLE] Mike le aao. [INAUDIBLE] Mike nahin hai Hai? – Is it alright? – Haan – Can you all hear Me, please? – Yes, Mother. – Thank You.

Shri Mataji:

I bow to all the seekers of Absolute Truth.

At the very outset we have to know what is Absolute Truth is. Whatever I’m going to tell you today, please do not accept it. and do not take it for granted because this blind faith has created so many problems as you know. In every country we have people who have such tremendous blind faith that for ages together, for generations together they have been blinded where they are born, what is their community, what are their parents, what nationality they belong to, what race they belong to. All these have created tremendous conditioning in our mind. and we are bound – we are not free – we are bound, bound by all these ideologies and everything that we have been hearing, which we have been reading about, which we have been knowing. So, for people who are seekers of Absolute Truth must understand that so far have not found out Absolute Truth. Now, what is the Absolute Truth? Absolute Truth has been told by all the great Incarnations and all the saints of the world is that, ”That truth lies within you and that you are not this body, this mind, not this aspirations and ego and conditionings and also emotions but you are the pure Spirit.” This is the state you have to achieve Now these modern times, I call them as Blossom Times – they are special times all being already predicted in so many scriptures, especially, in a scripture called as Naadi Granth written by the pioneer of our astrology, Bhrigumuni.

He said, ”At these times people who are seeking reality or truth in the hills and dales and caves will find the truth.” Of course, as you know that many people are just get enamored by things which are hellish, which are nothing to do with truth. Where you must have heard of so many people committing suicide, going into big violence, killing others all sorts of things which are hellish and they [UNCLEAR] that they are seekers of truth – they cannot. Truth means tranquility, peace. It means also joy. Have you heard of every saint who started a tirade against killing others? Unless and until they were very much attacked, like at the time of Islam, they did not take to it because they do not feel safe and protected. But the problem with all of them was that, they were not connected to the Divine power of truth, to Divinity. In their thought they thought they belonged to some sort of a community, to some sort of a and that is the point why they lost and we are surprised why should they suffer. Now the time has come, special time as I told you, blossom time, where many flowers are born and they have to achieve their complete maturity – become fruits.

This maturity will be possible if you have a steady mind. They start doing guru shopping, going from one to another. If, say, a plant is removed all the time from one place to another, how will it improve? You don’t have to pay for it. Also this is another very great objection for Me that you don’t have to pay for sahaja yog. They think that if you have paid then you have to do less work – you have paid for it. Secondly, perhaps, maybe, they might think, ” Oh, what is the credibility?” Now, something that cannot be sold, which is invaluable, we have to think about Christ, how much did we pay? Think of anybody who was an Incarnation; How can you pay for your Self-realization? How much do we pay for this Mother Earth which produces beautiful flowers for us?

We don’t pay Her anything. In the same way you cannot pay for this living process of your evolution which is a last breakthrough, is the last breakthrough of your evolution. So firstly we must understand what this can [UNCLEAR] in our way, in our realization. If I say, this mind, this human mind is the most artificially created obstacle by us. Through our ego, through our conditionings we have created this mind which stops us from entering into that realm of peace, tranquility, of Divine love. How to cross this mind has been a problem for all the seekers because it bombards you with thoughts, all the time it’s bombarding your thoughts – thoughts are coming from the future or from the past and we are not in the present. Just now if I say, you be in the present, you cannot be. You’ll be immediately thrown to the future side or to the past. These two sides all the time keeps us tossing. The thought comes like this and falls down, another thought comes and falls down and we are dancing on the cusp of all these thoughts all the time and that’s why we are restless, that’s why we are upset, that’s why we have so many problems of our mind itself.

Apart from that we have so many other problems – many diseases are there which we do not know how to cure and if you try to cure one disease, you get another one. It’s a very funny thing that if you try to cure, say schizophrenia you get another disease which is because of Dopamine or what ever is, is called as – you get another disease which is more serious when your hands, your feet all start shaking. So now, between these two how are we in the center? For that, our Creator has created this beautiful subtle system within us – whether you believe it or not, it exists. When you are suffering from [UNCLEAR – BODY’S?] diseases and if your power, residual power, which we call as Kundalini, who is your mother, your individual mother – all of them have your individual mother. she knows everything for you, she knows what are your aspirations, she knows what mistakes you have committed, she knows where you have been – it’s all recorded but she’s extremely anxious to give you this second birth and for that spontaneously she rises, rises and pierces through this fontanel bone area and connects you with this All-Pervading power of Divine love. We have heard about it, we have studied about it, we call it by different names for disciple of Christ call it, ‘The two breeds of the Holy Ghost,’ very clearly. Then in the Sanskrit language it’s called as Paramchaitanya. Also in the Bible is described as the All-Pervading power of Divine love and also Guru Nanak and all these saints have described it as ‘Alakh Niranjan’ It’s a beautiful world ‘Alakh’ you can see that.

Niranjan means it is without any amusement That’s the one is the Spirit of the Holy Ghost, we can say, the power of the Holy Ghost which is around us and when the Spirit comes and it is enlightened, we can feel that power flowing through our Central Nervous system. So there’s a word called as ‘Budh’ from where ‘Buddha’ has come – meaning to know ‘Bodh’ means to know on your finger-tips, to know on your Central Nervous system. It is not just lecture, it’s not just creating a sign of a red, ‘O, I’m a Christian, I’m a Hindu or I’m a Muslim or I’m a twice born.’ A person who is a twice born, is a person who is a realized soul whose Spirit is emitting vibrations on the nerves through the Central Nervous system. It’s so close to Science, it’s so simple with the Science and when this starts happening then you get this [UNCLEAR], you can call this Self-knowledge. Also in Sanskrit there is one word called Veda from where the Vedas are written. Ved means Vid, Vid means to know on Central Nervous system First stanza of Vedas is that, ‘If reading all this, if you do not get it vid of it, means it’s known on the Central Nervous system, it’s all useless. Shankaracharya has said very clearly, ”Oh Mother! take me out of this webs of words.” He called it ‘Shabdjalam’ – out of this webs of words.

You go on reading, reading, reading and Kabira has said, ”Padhi, padhi pandit murakh bhaye.” – by reading too much even the learned becomes stupid. I used to think, ‘What is he talking about, what does that mean? If people read, then how can they become stupid?” Because others go into your head. It’s the knowledge of the other people in your head – their own brain is finished. Well, I’ve met many like that over read people. They just go on talking, talking, talking. God knows what they are talking – incoherently sometimes. So whatever these people have said, I have seen and I’ve seen in people happen but I’ve seen something more in these modern times that spontaneously thousands of people get realization It’s an enmasse happening – it’s not one person giving realization to one person.

It’s said in the twelfth century [ie 1200s] in India – there was one, we can call them as one type of seeking. Once somewhere seeking the right side someone left one particular center and they were called as ‘Avadhutas’ – Machindernath and Gorakhnath, two great people uh…, saints, you see. They went up to Burma, they went to even Russia, they went to uh.. Volimia and these people talked about kundalini. So they know about Kundalini but they don’t know how to awaken it and they have run away, these people have run away to Bolivia and all that so it’s [UNCLEAR] the knowledge is still [UNCLEAR] in Bolivia [UNCLEAR – SO HIGH UP?]. You can imagine, this knowledge has been there for thousands and thousands of years but has been finished by people who are supposed to be uh.. people in charge of religion; You call them ‘Dharma Martand.’ They would not accept, they said, ‘No, this all nonsense. Even in twelfth century [ie 1200s] when Gyanadeva, such a great poet, wrote about it in the sixth chapter of his book, they said, ”This is something is not to be seen ‘nishiddh’ – you’re not to read this,” because they didn’t want people to have this true knowledge because if they have true knowledge the existence of all these type of people will disappear and then how will they manage because they are money-making or power-oriented, so how will they gain? This was the purpose of deleting all this knowledge completely from human existence. Now, when I start talking about it, people say it’s a cult. I don’t know how it is a cult when it has been described [UNCLEAR] It has to be experienced, works no doubt.

So, the first of all, as I told you, that you get rid of your sicknesses, your illnesses, your physical illnesses. Doctors are easiest to come to sahaja yog because they see the difference between the treatment of sahaja yoga and treatment of anything. We have definitely cured cancer, definitely cured cancer, definitely cured also AIDS, no doubt but the problem with AIDS people are they’re thinking they are martyrs and they’re formed in groups of people that they are great martyrs, you know such a martyr – now how can you cure them? They are under a wrong impression that they are dying, like martyrs they’re dying; They have flags and they have big, big [UNCLEAR] everywhere – what can you do to such people? But it can cure most of your illnesses – most. I wouldn’t say guarantee because maybe, some may not receive it This is the first thing that happens that physically you get cured. Mentally – mentally also many diseases have been cured. We have more mental diseases than we have physical. They’re saying, in America very soon there will be 65% people suffering from Schizophrenia – can you imagine? What are we going to do in that country 65% people are suffering but when I tell them they don’t want to believe.

Why not? Because you don’t have to pay anything, you are not given any medicine – nothing. You are cured through sahaja yoga treatment. Why not go and see that, see for yourself. But the whole medical science depends on how much money you earn naturally; Because we don’t earn any money so people don’t like us. It’s very funny thing but it is happening. Then, all your emotional problems are solved. We have had marriages after marriages every year I don’t know how many are married and every year at least, hundred are married in India, also in Russia. About 1% people get divorced – that we don’t mind. Divorce is important if it is absolutely [UNCLEAR] If it’s troubles each other, it’s alright.

But only 1%, at the most, people take divorce and they have children who are extremely talented, beautiful, loving, respecting – they are out of the blue beautiful children and at a very young age they prosper so we started school in Dharamshala. There’s a place in India where it is nice and good and normally in India people have good schools away from the madding crowd of the cities and villages. You’ll be amazed to know, that in the Matriculation exam that we have, which is a very difficult exam, I think, compared to any other country, in India, the first person, first of first in the whole of India, was from our school and all the children who appeared for that exam, got first class. To get first class in that examination, is very difficult because it’s not an ordinary type of course and imagine, this girl got first class first in the whole of the country – how? And she is American, both parents are American. It’s very surprising how it has happened but because your creativity improves, your retention power improves, your memory improves and your attention itself becomes so pure that you don’t go on seeing things which are useless, you don’t waste your energy, you only see things which give you joy. Your attention is so, so sharp and so loving; It is attention that works everything. Imagine this attention which is hovering here and there and wasting it’s energy and all the energy of the body – this attention becomes so sharp and so loving that it goes to places wherever it is required. Because it’s Absolute knowledge, the attention itself becomes Absolute. Whatever your attention will tell, is the fact.

Now how do you get the attention on your finger-tips [UNCLEAR]? You can feel on your finger-tips which center is out of caring, which is in jeopardy. You immediately feel on your finger-tips, you yourself become the detector [PLEASE THERE – AFTER THE LECTURE, ALRIGHT?] So, you yourself automatically know what’s the matter with you, on your finger-tips – you have Self-knowledge. Now you don’t get worried and upset, you take sahaja yoga treatment, you’re alright, your chakras are alright, are cleaned out, centers are perfect. Then you can also feel others so you can know what’s wrong with the others. Now there are many I know here in this country also in America all over because you’re well off people in search of money come here as big gurus and I don’t know what they call themselves. Some of them just have changed and wearing saffron clothes they have no [UNCLEAR] about them and they say say we’re [UNCLEAR], we’re this, we’re that and people are so simple they believe them. And so many have minted money. There’s one in now in America And he gives some sort of a pendulum to move then you can move the pendulum [UNCLEAR] But what upset Me was that, so many people have sold their houses, taken out their children from school and are suffering so much, so much money [UNCLEAR] So, one has to understand that Absolute truth is to be felt on your Central Nervous system; It is an experience, it is a becoming, you become something.

For example, in Sanskrit a realized soul is called as ‘Dwijah’ – born again and a bird is also called a dwijah because bird is an egg and then it becomes a bird. In the same way we are in the web of our conditioning and ego but this egg opens up and we grow our wings and complete freedom, complete freedom because you’re by freedom you never do wrong things, you’ll not do anything that is destructive to yourself and to others. I mean, it’s something they talk of religion as if you have become religion or you are beyond religion, you don’t need religion – you are religion. That’s the state you get and is already described in so many books but we don’t understand because it’s said sometimes it is in poetry, sometimes in abstract way but you become religious. So first state comes to us when these thoughts are all hovering on our head, when the Kundalini rises She elongates this these thoughts and in between is the bliss of peace where you don’t think. In Sanskrit it is called ‘Nirvichara Samadhi’ We can call it thoughtless awareness – you’re completely aware but you are thoughtless, without any thoughts. If you want to think, you can think but if you don’t want to think, you need not think. It is fantastical – you become so peaceful that you do not react – reaction goes away That’s how family life, national life – everything can be improved. And when you see something, see I see this beautiful carpet here so I don’t think, I just watch because if I start thinking, I’ll think how much it is, who’s it is – if it is mine, I’ll be worried it – I should ensure it and all sorts of things. But if there is no thought, I just watch and the joy of the artist which is in this carpet starts in an abstract way starts flowing and starts [UNCLEAR] Me.

Really beautiful things when you see, don’t have to think and the whole thing becomes like a peace giving apparatus. Feel so tranquil and so peace and this modern disease that has come of stress and strain disappears. Absolutely disappears. There is no stress, there is no strain because this has opened now, everything passes out. But at the same time the problem gets solved – how? Supposing you are standing in the water, then you are afraid of the waves that are rising but supposing that you get into the boat, then you watch. You watch and enjoy also. Enjoying [UNCLEAR] waves don’t trouble. Then what do you do? Supposing you learn swimming.

Swim, go down and save many others who are getting completely lost. This happens to you as a matter of your powers – you become that, you become that powerful and the second great thing that happens is that you become collectively conscious – samoohik. Like on the fingers [UNCLEAR] you can feel others. Who is the other then? You become part and parcel of the whole; The microcosm becomes the macrocosm. It is said, said but now you become again part and parcel of the whole and the whole looks after you. It gives you such a protection that you are amazed. Recently there was an accident in Philadelphia – [UNCLEAR – FOUR?] sahaja yogis [UNCLEAR] were travelling and the car was crashed. They came back to New York with tears in their eyes, I said, ”What happened?”

”Mother, You have protected us.” ”Why?” Not a scratch on their body and many such things have happened. So many of miracles that now miracle has lost it’s meaning really. I told somebody that you better write down all these miracles because I don’t have time so within one month he had it up to his head, above his head both the sides papers. He said, ”Mother, I don’t know what to write what not to write so You better go through this.” I said, ”I have no time, I don’t have time so leave it, it’s alright., let them enjoy the miracles.” But there is this Divine power, Divine power of love. We need not believe. You’re going to feel it today – tonight you’re going to feel that power and once you feel it you have to just know how to use it.

So you become collectively conscious and when you become collectively conscious, no fight [UNCLEAR], no; You don’t fight, you don’t react. There is no need to preach about peace at all; Also giving peace uh.. awards. People get peace awards – I’ve seen them and met them then how their horribly hot-tempers have reached, I don’t know how they are saying that they have got peace – where? Peace should be within us and once this transformation takes place in human-beings, there will be no war, there will be no problem of any kind with another person, with another human-being. You enjoy each other. Now, as I told you we have 65 nations who are in sahaja yoga, who are working out sahaja yoga. Some nations are very powerful, say, Russia; It’s very powerful. Thousands and thousands Russians – maybe because of oppression of the Communism, maybe they didn’t know anything about religion and – I don’t know how to explain but I was amazed. I went to Leningrad first where two thousand people inside because for the hall they have to pay – not Me but hall and there were two thousand people sitting inside, two thousand outside. I said, there was not [UNCLEAR] just My photographs were here and there so, then they said – they learnt something in Hindi also, said, ”Ma, what about us?”

I said, ”Alright, I will, I’ll come back.” After the program when I came they were all there sitting down, so I said, ”Alright, you come along tomorrow. We’ll wait here, there’s lot of open space, you don’t have to book hall.” So they came. They came, two thousand from inside came, outside two thousand came and two thousand their friends also and six thousand of them, they got their realization and they just settled down in it; they’re not shifty. That’s what I find. I don’t know America even Canada. If your mind is shifty like that then you cannot grow, cannot mature. But they had this problem of oppression and no talk of religion, no talk about sex. They were so clean people and so deep I was surprised all of them settled down.

There’re thousands and thousands there now. There’s a joke about it