Evening Program and Weddings Announcements, Eve of Shri Krishna Puja

Campus, Cabella Ligure (Italy)

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Evening Program Talk

1997-08-22 Evening Program At Krishna Puja, Cabella, Italy,

You can see, I have become black today because of Shri Krishna.

It’s very interesting how everything in this world moves according to the desire of the param Chaitanya …It’s very surprising. I wanted them to make a film about fundamentalism. It’s done very well ..We might be able to show it in India, maybe because they have already asked me to make some episodes of my life…It’s they would like to show one after the another …Somehow in India in the Television, We have many Sahaja yogis I didn’t know Even the Director, Deputy Director…They were all Sahaja Yogis,& once they came to see me in Delhi in our Ashram & said to me -(Somebody said ) Mother, You don’t like media but what about Television? I said don’t talk to me about Television, they are horrible people(Mother laughs ) ruining our lives and I gave a very big lecture you know for about  5 minutes So 2 persons came towards me holding their ears. They said Mother, we are sorry but we belong to the Television …oh  I see I am sorry if I said something …They said I am the Director & he is the Deputy Director ..of all India Institute of Television…Can you imagine…Oh my God, I said I never knew that you are here & I am sorry for what I said …So they wanted to have my…I think I had 3 interviews with them. They said Mother We will not ask you a question alright… then…You come and sit wherever You want to sit and we will organise everything and we want to show to the people what is reality. I was so surprised & they did it no doubt but last time when they wanted to do it I was not in Delhi  and I couldn’t do it…So I said next time I will try to do something. They said why didn’t you give us some episodes?

I think the films I have seen what these Americans the great,  have made.All of them I would like to give them. But the second part of Christians also must be shown to give a balance.And also of the stupid Hindu, you call them False Gurus So like that we can have the combination of 3 films In that you can show about “Harey Ramas” how they are begging and how other people are beggers like”jeohas” witness.But apart from that Christianity works out everything secretly ..you see …So you have to expose some things also there because it is on top very nice very good to talk to and all that but inside they are doing all kinds of things and making people take to What you can say something very sinister…Something very wrong..Unless and Unitil you expose all these 3.It won’t have a balance I think and then we can talk about Sahaja yoga as well…I am very happy with the way the film was made …I am very very happy that the Muslims are a poor thing from childhood are taught to hate everyone.At least in Christianity, they talk of love …Talk (mother laughs )because they have so many wars and so many nonsensical things. Now we can put forward in these films say for Christians We can put forward nos-tics, We can put forward in the Muslim thing how the real person was Ali …How he was murdered, his wife was ….his children were murdered.And whats going on now…Its quite a bold thing which you have to put in ..And by doing all these things nobody gets anything  -the Peace, the Joy which is promised by religion.So these religions have no meaning The religion within is very different which is to be awakened and once it is awakened we all become one ..We have to come to that point…So I think this film as it is alright It could be little bit shorten here and there.Plus you must have another film and another film.Then these 3 films, if they are ready I am sure we will be able to show the nonsense that is going on. Muslims are against the Christians more, also against Jews but Christian – they are against because they have seen this Christian religion gives complete freedom to What you like, There women were nude ..they wear very scanty dresses…And the woman is like prostitutes and the men are like -I don’t know what, they run after the women and men run after ……So that’s the only job they have got…They haven’t got anything higher anything great so they are against They think that they must put some taboos …but I like the way you showed about these people from Colombia, Original! .I am going to talk about them in Ganesh Puja …There are worth lots of things than you know…So we have to see to this ..that what is wrong in all these things…In Sahaja yoga we attend to our primordial taboos they are primordial These taboos are primordial and if you cross them, and if you leave your “Maryada’ then whether you are a Muslim or a Hindu you can not be saved ..You can not get your realisation…So in Sahaja yoga, the built-in dharma within us is awakened and we take to primordial taboos which are meant for a human being.If the human being does not observe these taboos then What happens …Whatever is happened in America, or Iran or any other country …So what are the primordial taboos I am going to discuss in Ganesha Puja …And once that is awakened within us I don’t tell you ..that Don’t do this and don’t do that.There is no need because they are all awakened within you and you just don’t do it …So that is, has to be brought in this way…But the filming was very good … the acting was excellent I must say…But we can write another story without me if it is possible …Because this will be all right say -for Indians …They will understand …but if you show this say to any [unclear] country will be shocked.For that I would say that -this gentleman who was [unclear ] he sent a  very nice letter say that -In the  Koran, it is written that to follow a religion you will rad about but the main thing is you have to know yourself If you do not know yourself you can never know God Is written clearly.So he says this great work is done by Shri Mataji ..is the work of Islam that she is doing…It’s a big sort of a …what you call …….a big certificate…Because he is the head of all of the “Shias of Europe” …so that is how if he want to make the people happy …We cannot discipline them …We can’t tell them that don’t do this don’t do that Only thing you better awaken them …As soon as there is light within you, you see for yourself…What’s wrong … of course some people do get it much faster, much deeper but some have ego some have conditionings…So still they go back to it again they come back It is like that. But mostly, Sahaja yogis, once they get to Sahaj yoga they go deep into it…….. mostly…And I must say that now we are sending most of the Russians to America …They will solve the problem ..May God Bless you