Talk and Evening Program, Eve of Shri Ganesha Puja

Campus, Cabella Ligure (Italy)

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Evening before Ganesha Puja, Cabella (Italy), 6 September 1997

I must thank Australian collectivity and all the other countries which are here. How beautifully they have organized the whole thing. They didn’t waste any time with all these programs, you see. They…. You don’t know what I must be feeling when I see all these countries which I have visited before, and I know most of you very well. The way the whole joy and happiness that you have received through your spiritual awakening, in the light of your spirit, it’s very evident and very beautifully ringing like waves, and waves. It is Sahaja Yoga’s dreams which I had, it’s more than fulfilled, I can tell you. I couldn’t understand that how – right from Australia, then Japan, then Taiwan and Vietnam, all these countries plus the greatest of all is, I would say, people from Malaysia – that we have been able to organize this spontaneously so beautifully. Somehow or other it has worked out, that’s all I can say. China – I never expected Chinese to come and sing these songs; it’s very surprising. They sang so well. I have been to China, I have never heard such nice songs there; I mean, they were very rudimentary in the beginning I’ve felt, but this time you find them really understanding what is being sung.

So we have people from all over the Eastern side, and also others have joined you. Now this qawwali has completely, you see, made My body vibrate with the same speed they were singing, and I didn’t know what to do now. So this is what is love, and with this love we just get immersed. This ecstasy that you were getting into was just nothing but is the bubbling of love.

I’m still trying to see how this great assemblage of different culture, religion and nationalities which always bound us to limitations; and how suddenly you find so beautifully here, of all the places – I mean I’m surprised – Iranians, because Iran, you know, is in a great trouble. My attention is very much there and I can’t understand what’s gone wrong with them, I really can’t understand. I would have gone to Iran Myself, but now such a thing has happened that I can’t go. No use going like that. But things will work out, you will see. It will work out and the country will change. Its all nonsense will be over. As it is they are suffering too much. They are very poor and fundamentalism, it is eating them off. They are all fighting among themselves. This is no religion, this is no Islam, this is not what Mohammed Sahib wanted. It is very difficult to explain to them or to tell them about Islam, that this is Islam, and this is what is the truth.

There’s one boy, he’s an actor, he’s a Sahaja yogi. His name is Javed Khan. He’s a very well-studied, Koran he studied very well, and he has brought out all the points which are absolutely similar to Sahaja Yoga. He sent it to Me, he’s very brave.

I told him, “Should I write your name?”

He said, “Yes, what will happen?” He is a, he has a black belt, and there are twenty-five Muslim boys in India whom he has got it with black belts. So he said, “If anybody comes to meet me I can beat them.”

I said, “You are not to beat them.”

“No, no, Mother, just few hands here and there, and they’ll be on the…”

Such a nice boy and very brave, very brave. He’s not afraid, and he’s living among Muslims only. So I told him, “Be careful.”

He said, “What is there? They have to be careful about me, I am standing on the truth.” I was so happy to hear these words from this young man, who has read Koran very carefully.

So we can say now that it’s not in different nations we have to think, but we have to think that we are belonging to one world of divinity, and there you are absolutely protected. In Russia when I went there they had a coup. And in the coup everybody would be, I mean, upset. So I asked them, asked Russians, I said, “Aren’t you afraid of what is happening in your country?”

They said, “Why? We don’t belong to this country, we belong to God’s country. We don’t belong to this. We have nothing to do with this country.”

Just imagine. But the depth of Russians, I don’t know from where they have got it: very introspective and very deep people, I was amazed. And the good news is about, they had a medical conference in which one lady brought a note from the patriarch, means the head of their church, of the Orthodox church, saying that “Sahaja Yoga is not a cult, and it is part of us.” So no danger of now – we were thinking that one day Sahaja Yoga will be banned in Russia. It cannot, because we have thousands and thousands of people. But this is the revelation we had by that lady, and I was very happy about it.

And American Congress of, you can say, the parliament of America has sent a very beautiful certificate for Me. So all these things are coming from all the sides. And I think even Ayatollah Rouhani, he has said very clearly that “In Islam there are only two ways of knowing the knowledge: one is by studying, and another by becoming the Self. Self-knowledge is the only way and this work is done by Mataji, She is doing the work of Islam.” Can you imagine? He’s supposed to be the head of the Shiite people.

So though Iran is full of Shiite, their government seems to be stupid still, and doesn’t want to see the point. What has happened in Kabula or anything, still they are crying about it – it’s over now. Now a new age has started and I hope the Muslims will understand. I heard also that in London Zafar has arranged some program with some Muslims, so I would like to see him tomorrow for how are they behaving. I mean, they can’t kill Me, they can’t have fatwa on Me, that’s what they said: only the Muslims get the fatwa. So I’m safe, doesn’t matter.

Now this is very important, because that is one area where so many are still very blind. And I’m only worried, all of them going to go to hell or what, in the nonsensical idea of jihad and this and that. Let us see, it’s a turning point – maybe they will learn it. See, in India most of the Muslims are not even educated. They are so poor, so uneducated; now how to talk to them I don’t understand. But this young generation like Javed who have come up now, they are understanding what Islam has done to them is not what Islam is. And they are now standing there nicely, built up with black belts, to fight all kinds of nonsensical ideas. That – I have got that letter, and I would like to take copy and give it to all the leaders to see what he has discussed about Islam, so clearly he has said it. It’s only three or four pages I think, four or five pages. But we’ll make copy of that and give it to you.

We have to worry about them. They are your own. They are created by the same God or is created by the same Adi Shakti, so they are your own; but they are getting destroyed. So we have to see that we really do something just to make them awakened, or tell them. I’ve been doing it, you see, on My own the way, but you all can talk to your friends who are Muslims and go round, and you can use this Javed’s knowledge very well for that.

Today’s program was mixed with so many things, you know, and the dances they had from these ladies from Bangkok, you know – I have never seen such nice dances, never, and I’ve enjoyed them very much. But the raga was Indian both times I saw, it was rag was Indian, and also the tala was Indian and they were dancing, I mean like we can say the angels coming on this earth to dance. Imagine, this place I’ve been there, and I never expected they’re so artistic, very artistic people. And art is something is the blessing of God that you all have got it, and I’m very happy about it. Try to develop your artistic talents also to balance, balance the right side. Right side is too much, that’s no good. So artistic talents will help you. Also the way you enjoyed music shows that you all are blessed with the appreciation of music.

I also feel that Sahaja yogis should have all kinds of talents which are artistic and they should get those talents, only not in music – art, dancing, in every way. All these, you see, things are so encouraging to others that they also want to do the same what you are doing, you see. But for qawwali I must say you are masters now, really. One qawwal has died already and now I see other qawwals coming up very well, and young ones – so, so much impressive, so much. And this mood should remain forever with us.

Have I missed any country? All right.

Now, another attention has to be paid to America. Americans are very childish people, I must say. They are not grown up. Very childish, and they also require attention from you. Because now you are becoming global. So you have to pay attention to them also, not Australia or say Taiwan, but to the people who are lacking in Sahaja Yoga, you have to attend to them. For Americans I think music is the way we can approach America very well, if we can sing well and dance well.

About dancing I must say you all are in ecstasy, so there’s no rhythm needed, nothing needed, you are in ecstasy. But still it’s better to learn steps. I must say Hamid is great for that. He’s so light-footed, I’m amazed at him; he’s very light-footed. So you have to learn from him how to dance, he’s very good, and I think we’ll have more people who will teach you how to dance. But ecstasy dance is different. But otherwise we can have classical dancing, and you must have seen in India they play legim with such a light foot, you see, and that’s the blessing, such a big blessing for people to express themselves.

I mean, Sahaja Yoga has spread in every sphere and there are many people who have come. I would say that we got a very famous man called as Klaus Nobel. But his son is another remarkable one. I was amazed the way he took to Me, took to Sahaja Yoga. When I came to Berkeley he was standing at the airport near the gate, and with a flower. As soon as he saw Me he was just stunned. He didn’t give Me flowers, nothing, just stunned. For two minutes he didn’t know what he was doing – so deep he is. Spoke very well, and he is organizing many things. He’s a very nice young person we have got now with us.

Now I think America’s stupidity is going to finish and they are going to take to Sahaja Yoga, because all these stupid and what you can call those false gurus are no more. There’s one or two left but they’ll also disappear very soon. They are using My lectures, they are using My book to impress people. But to give realization they are not there.

This is how this life is changing very slowly, beautifully and it will come to its maturity very soon I am sure, that people will accept officially Sahaja Yoga. It’s difficult; very difficult it was when I started it, but now I think they have to.

I was surprised the way they praised Diana for this – her death, you know. Of course I felt bad also that she should have death; but she had no maryadas. She was a born-realized. I told people she is a born-realized, and that’s why the compassion, you know, she couldn’t help it – used to meet people, talk to them, do them. But it is England; because England is the heart and anything happens in England – it’s such a little place like that – will spread all over. Let many queens die, let many kings die, this won’t happen. This is because of England, from the heart, and this lady was so compassionate. Only thing she used to just go and meet people, touch them, and funds she was raising. But despite that I must say, it is England; and also the media which gave her such a highlights before, so now the media is into trouble because of her. But this is what, how Sahaj works. It turns things easily, and her death was also very remarkable. So from Sahaj point of view the whole thing was a big drama: necessary, very necessary to show that any woman who is compassionate, who is kind, is respected so much. I hope now English women will change their attitude towards others; because this should be a big lesson that this lady, because she was so compassionate and good, that she was so much respected.

Then, tomorrow I can’t say these things in the puja, but today I have to say that I’m thankful to you that we have fifty years of independence in our country. This is – and this fifty years of independence has been so much wasted, because in the beginning it was constitution, beautiful constitution, beautiful people, very good people. I have seen extremely good people in India, full of idealism, full of principles, giving everything for the country. When I wrote this song that time we were all arrested and tortured, and this and that; that time I wrote this song for the glory of the Mother. And that has happened today, because everywhere it was celebrated, and…. But I must say that our country needs, requires very much spirituality, very much. It’s the source of spirituality, and it requires spirituality. But when they see you people singing the song of Adi Shakti, they’re amazed. They can’t understand how can you sing all these things about our country, how do you know?

Now one great musician was there in our program, she’s very well known, she and her mother. And they said, “We put our head down.”

I said, “Why?”

“Because in such a short time how can they sing so well, with such beautiful rhythm and such beautiful swaras? They cannot.” I mean, they used to think these people, they can never sing Indian songs, and they were so surprised at this.

And this music has to go on. Babamama has already started the academy; he has already made five huts, he says. And his idea is to get people there to learn. But he says, “In three months they become experts. Something great about these people. Even Indian Sahaja yogis can’t do that.” What you people can do, Indian Sahaja yogis cannot do. That means there’s something very special. In three months one fellow sang Rag Malkauns with Alap, … everything. I was wondering what has happened, how can this Englishman do all that – Englishman of all the things? My father used to tell Me that “If you want to teach Hindi to an Englishman, better jump in the sea!” That’s it, he had, I mean, if it was for Englishman – what about others, I don’t know.

Now with all this, you see, see your talent is showing your spiritual advancement very much, and that’s how you must see. John I know is really great, also Andrew, I heard you today only; and you are all really very great musicians here sitting before Me. And I respect you very much and I hope you also respect this art, and develop it better for the entertainment of others who are not yet such musicians. But they will be one day. You know, I may have to extend the stage here!

So that’s all right for today; tomorrow we’ll have puja at five o’clock. It’s very cold now. It used to be quite hot so we thought, better have it at nine o’clock, but I think we’ll have the puja at five. And tomorrow I’m going to tell you really something very deep, so come prepared for that. Thank you very much, thank you.

May God bless you.