Evening Program, Eve of Diwali Puja

Lisbon (Portugal)


Evening Program, Eve of Diwali Puja

To [UNCLEAR] the Spirit of the whole universe for you I have composed this dream of mine. After hearing this, I hope you feel satisfied. It’s more than satisfaction and then you give Me a blessing of vibrations. Pasayadaan is vibrations…… [INAUDIBLE]

Sahaja Yogi: ‘Je khalanchi venkati sando taya satkarmi rati vado bhoota paraspare pado maitra jeevanche’ [INAUDIBLE]

Shri Mataji: Now He describes that all the cruel people should give up their cruelty.

Sahaja Yogi: ritambaro spuri pado [INAUDIBLE]….

[Mother discussing with the Sahaja Yogi ?]

Shri Mataji: and there should be love between each other. See how He’s describing Sahaja Yog.

Sahaja Yogi: ‘duritanche timir zaavo vishwa swadharma surye paho…….prani jat’ [INAUDIBLE]

Shri Mataji: He says that those who are away from truth, removed from truth, their darkness should go, that’s what He’s demanding. Viswa sugandha sulepa [INAUDIBLE] And the whole world should see the Sun of Self realization. Can you imagine? ….. [INAUDIBLE] and whatever then one wants he’ll get it.

Sahaja Yogi: ‘Varshata sakala mangali Ishwar nishtaanchi mandiyali, anavarat bhumandali bhet tu bhoota’ [INAUDIBLE]

Shri Mataji: bhet tu,

Sahaja Yogi: bhoota li

Shri Mataji: bhoota hai, ‘bhet tu bhoota,’ varshata sakala mangali Ishwara?

Sahaja Yogi: ‘nishthanchi mandiyali’

Shri Mataji: He says everywhere is the flow of auspiciousness and great saints will be there. That is, you all you see; He is describing and…

Sahaja Yogi: ‘anuvart bhumandali, bhet tu bhootali’ [INAUDIBLE]
Shri Mataji: anavarat bhu mandali bhet tu bhoota, taboo…… [Mother discussing with the

Sahaja Yogi ?]

Sahaja Yogi: taboo, taboo… [INAUDIBLE]

Shri Mataji: Such people will be very much in number [Mother discussing with the Sahaja Yogi ?] and they will be respected and it will become impossible to control themselves when you meet all the people whom you have created, see all Sahaja Yogis, describing Sahaja Yoga. ‘Chhala Kalpataru,’ this is for Sahaja Yogis; ‘chala Kalpataroonche Arava, Chetana Chintamaniche gaav,’ [Mother discussing with the Sahaja Yogi ?] so He says now you who are the Sahaja Yogis, who are the forests of trees which give the boon of whatever people like. Kalpataru is a tree which gives you the boon for whatever you want. So He said “you are the ones, you are the ones” come along you are like the forest of those trees which give the boon. ‘Chetana Chintamani Che gaav,…’ [Wah! Wah! Mother expressing ?] You are the village or the we can say the community of having [UNAUDIBLE] awakened mind within you. ‘Bolate je aranava,’ you are the Oceans which speak, that’s what He has called you ‘Piyushanche,’ full of ambrosia, full of ambrosia you are the Oceans of ambrosia, who can speak, who speak. Now look at that what He is saying about you, that’s what you are ‘Chandrme je alanchhana, martand je taphina’ [UNCLEAR] you are like the moon which has no spot in it, spotlessly clean, you are the moon who are spotlessly clean and you are the Sun without any heat in it. ‘Te Sarvahi…INAUDIBLE]

Sahaja Yogi: ‘Te Sarvahi sada sajjana….’ [INAUDIBLE]

Shri Mataji: These people who are always very [“Sajjanala Kai mhanatat- Mother discussing with the Sahaja Yogi ?] very benevolent people, these are very benevolent people and they become relations of each other. Not your old relations, but you become relations of Sahaja Yogis with each other. It’s a fact, see that’s what He said. ‘Kimbahuna Sarva Sukhi, Poorna honi tinhi Loki.’ He says, otherwise all of you will be very happy, very happy from all sides and you will be complete people; perfect people in the three worlds. ‘Bhaji jo… [Mother discussing with the Sahaja Yogi ?]

Sahaja Yogi: ‘Bhajijo adipurushi, akhandit’ [INAUDIBLE]
Shri Mataji: akhandit… [INAUDIBLE] When you will worship the primordial. “Now, here

they’ve said the Father”, you will become eternal. Aani… [INAUDIBLE]

Sahaja Yogi: ‘Aani Granthopajeviye, visheshi, Loki yiye, drushtadrushta vijaye, howave ji’ [INAUDIBLE]

Shri Mataji: Granthopajeviye, vishweshi, Loki yiye drushtadrushta vijaye … [INAUDIBLE] ……… All right, “He says, you will be like books of eternal knowledge and in the whole world people will see, ‘your eyes will see the eyes as Her ‘drushtadrushta vijaye’ and you will win people with your eyes full of love’ and such people should be put Aarthi”. Ovalaychi, ‘tethe mhane Shri Vishweshwarao ha hoil dan pasao’ [INAUDIBLE]. “She will be called as Adishakti [– the Primordial Mother – ed]”and She will give you the Pasayadaan. Pasayadaan means “vibrations” and He is asking that “O God give us Pasayadaan” and this will happen. By that the whole world will became extremely happy [Aala ?]

You see I can’t read Roman language, I am very bad I can know one language and not translation of that, nor do I know this Roman language which people use English to write about; they have to say something Marathi but it’s not easy because it misses the points, I think and I can’t read, so you see that’s My incapability to read it. Specially in India, in the Church you see, they used to use this Roman thing and I could never sing. I could have understood what is this. But what He has said is that, “you are the ones who are this, who are that, I mean [UNCLEAR] He has called you as the, Kalpataru” means the ones who are the trees, who can give any boon you want and there are forest of it because you are so many of them. Understand? [UNCLEAR] and Chintamani che “you are the ones who are removal; you can remove all the worries of the people”. Imagine what a right description He has given; but I think, still Sahaja Yogis don’t believe in themselves that they have all these powers and what they can do. It was Gyaneshwara who described you; but I wonder if you can describe yourself like that, because I don’t know why it’s not? They are very humble. Sahaja Yogis are very humble and that’s why they don’t believe that they could be this.

But just think of all these false gurus, who have nothing; their Kundalini is absolutely dissolved inside. But, how much they talk? How much they tell? And their disciples also, same style you won’t believe. I met one lady, the disciple of one guru and she started telling Me about her guru such a lot that I got up and walked into the… [UNAUDIBLE] requested him to give Me another seat, so when you have everything, you don’t talk, you won’t even tell your mother, you won’t even tell your father, you won’t even tell your neighbours all round. I mean you are so many, there were only twelve Disciples of Christ; and they spread the message of Christ. Of course, whatever they did, didn’t turn out very well, but you can; because you have got Realization. You have got all the powers and you know you have the real knowledge. Not only real, but it is the knowledge of the Divine. A secret knowledge; everything you have but you don’t talk. I would request you all of you to “anybody who meets you, just start talking in the plane, anywhere,” best is to wear My badge. So they will ask you questions, who is this? And then you go on telling who am I. The best way to spread Sahaja Yoga that you all should talk about Sahaja Yoga to others, where ever you meet anyone. Can you promise that? All right … [Music begins]

What a recital it was and despite the horrible wind. You know, he just went on without looking at it but actually it was so rhythmic I felt. Even the wind was dancing. Now I cannot, I mean I don’t know what to say; but only thing is that I’ve never heard such a, such a malkans raga, never. In My life time, I’ve heard so many people but no one has played so well as this. These are the signs of a new era where such a talent will be shown; also everything was so wonderful and so good. I don’t know how to thank them for this beautiful recital and…

Also the French made it very wonderful evening for all of us and it was really a Diwali in a way but today this is the day the brothers and sisters and specially this day the brothers are worshipped by the sisters and are they’ve to be given something present you know. The boys have to give; so, that need not be now done this year. Let it be, doesn’t matter. But, I think this kind of a Diwali is so beautiful and so energizing because vibrations were flowing, so many vibrations and the way you are appreciating this music, which is very different from yours and you are all engrossed in it. I hope all the people also from Africa have appreciated this music and they would like to go also to Academy in the name of My father. I never knew Spanish are in this, included in this group? No. But I know about him he is a very great tabla player you know, very great Spanish. It’s very good and he was watching everything and only with watching, I am sure; he will pick up your tabla. Very dedicated, very good and happy to see people from all over the world here and tomorrow they want to do some Hawan. I don’t know what time you can do it and this Mr. Wind is still there. There was this kind of a wind, also in Italy and I don’t know, they said that it came from the South and froze the South Italy completely; which was never frozen before. Not the North, but the South that’s all. I don’t know what’s happening to Italy now and this wind didn’t disturb us much because it was dancing with your music.

So, thank you very much all of you for also enjoying because I may be crazy about Indian music but I don’t know how you people stand that. In any case, tomorrow is the program. I don’t know which they want to have a little Hawana, it is important to do the Hawan and then pooja will start about I told them 6 o’clock; if they are ready. But, they are never ready by that time; I think Na. …. so. And it’s a very small pooja; it’s not big pooja, it’s not a very big pooja but, latter on after pooja we spend more time. So as it is we have two programmes tomorrow. Those who want to join for Hawan can do it and I don’t know where you will do the Hawan here or there outside here? Outside? This wind should not there anymore. All right, let’s see, so I wish you all very very happy Diwali for next year and I think Portugal is the place for Diwali pooja no doubt. I.. I knew about the Portuguese that Vasco da Gama when he came to India was a very nice, simple man when he came back and he told the King that Indians are Christians.

So he said how do you say they are the Christians? Because they worship Mother they don’t worship Father as the Muslims do. So they are Christians or if they are Hindus; they are Hindu Christians. He was very simple man and a big research was done and what was the influence of the Portuguese on India but they lived there for quite some time and they never listened to our music that’s one thing; nor did they understand anything of it. As it is now in Portugal to have this music itself is a great, I should say it’s a very great adventure because to these people had never known. They used to think that we are noises that’s all. English also they never learnt any music or nothing. So whatever it is, now this music has come to you. Once you know classical Indian music, you can sing any type of music; may be Spanish, may be the modern; anything because the voice gets trained so well. So I would say those who can afford should go to Nagpur and those who cannot afford should write to Me. We’ll find something for them. So, Thank you very much all of you, enjoy your Diwali night.

May God bless you.