Types Of Powers through Kundalini Awakening

Ramlila Maidan, New Delhi (India)

1997-12-04 Types Of Powers Through Kundalini Awakening, Hindi New Delhi India DP-RAW, 93' Chapters: Preparations, Arrival, Talk in Hindi, Talk in English, Talk in Hindi, Self-Realization
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Public Program

[Translation from Hindi to English]

My salutations to all the seekers of truth!

Firstly, we should know that truth has many interpretations, and many books have been written on this. On religion (“Dharamapurasar”) how many books, how many preaching’s, how many bhajans, how much devotion are there in front of you? Today is the special day of Guru Tegh Bahadur (“one of the ten gurus in Sikh religion”). He also said that you should be devoted to God. By being devoted to God, you can attain your inner balance, inner peace, and all the negativities that are clinging onto us will all be destroyed. But now today’s world is not like that. Nowadays, people in the world are special. On one side there are people who are seekers. They are searching and want to find the truth. And on the other side, they are people who are not afraid of anything. They are not afraid of God Almighty. If you tell them, “If you do wrong things you will go to hell,” they do not believe in such things. It is said that for seven generations people take up this sin; we do not know how much. They go through all types of sorrow and pain. Whatever you tell them, you try to scare them, whatever you tell them, that fear won’t affect them. They have become stone-hearted people. 03.00

Now killing is a big sin. Killing people in this manner, killing small children, is a very big sin. But when the feeling of sin itself is completely finished and no one believes in sin or saintly virtues and has a feeling that, “I am everything and whatever I do is right, and for money I can kill whoever I want to kill”. This status of today’s Kali Yug was never like this before. I agree that not all people are like that. Many people are very religious, they are good, and they believe that they should not commit sin. Not only that, they do not even do sin. But people who are terrorist-like (“aatataayi”), who are extremist, because of their pain, because of their difficulties, people are suffering today. People ask, “Where is God? Where is the power of God?” In life, we always walked on the right path, but still, we have to face people like Dalit, I mean, who have fallen so low. Such people are troubling us. Nowadays, without any reason, people have started beating. Now in the name of religion, they think killing somebody is a good deed. I don’t understand. In the name of God, people do not even feel bad about destroying others. In the name of God, they collect money. In the name of God, they say all kinds of lies and spread hypocrisy. 05.08

Nowadays, the problem is too much, and nobody is able to realise or feel or even think how you can kill such small children, kill ladies. I have never seen so much cruelty. If there is any reason or any war, at least it can be understood. But it is nothing like that; only for money. Because somebody has given money, so you go and kill anyone. In today’s world, because of greediness for money, people don’t understand how they are falling into the pit of sin. 05.53

I agree that there is poverty in the world. In our country, there is a lot of poverty. We can do things to remove poverty; we can think about it, understand it. This has only one meaning, that people have become completely blind; they do not understand why they are doing this, and just like mad everywhere they are destroying themselves. The only treatment for this in this Kali Yuga is Sahaja Yoga. For this, first, you need to know yourself, what you are. Unless you identify yourself, you won’t understand dharma or God. Because in the name of religion (“dharma”) they are many sins happening in the world, and in the name of goodness they are looting many people. Some people do not understand what to do to improve the state of human beings. People are now afraid of each other; they are fearful and worried, and they are not afraid of God. By talking about all these things, only heat is increased and nothing else. But people don’t have the sensation (“samvedana”). They do not have the power inside them by which they can know what they are doing, into which pit they are falling, what they are doing, where they are getting misled. No matter how much you make them understand or teach them, they do not understand. It is only mental, which is called “mental” assessment, not beyond that. So if a person understands by his intelligence, they may go one way — go on the right path — or another side, he may go on the wrong path. Whatever is happening in the world, people are in doubt. They think there is nothing like God. There is no any power in his consciousness (“Chaitanya”). 08.15

Now we need to understand that unless there is a change in human beings unless people change unless they understand what is reality, and after understanding still he does not get the affinity (“aatmeeyata”), till that the time, they will be worse than animals. At least animals won’t kill their children. If you leave some animals together and if they belong to the same species, they won’t kill each other. And we are destroying our own species that is, the species of human beings, by taking big, big names, by talking about big, big goals (“dheya”). It cannot benefit anyone. It won’t help you at all. But by Me talking about it, nothing is going to change. For this, you have to change from within. You have to know this from inside that you have to understand what you are. For this, God has made all the arrangements within you. Inside you, there is a power of Kundalini, and you have been told everything about it, and all these chakras are there, through which it is necessary that the Kundalini energy passes. 09.47

All the big gurus have explained about Kundalini. In all the religions, Kundalini has been explained. Even Mohammed Sahib has said when he got his realization, then he felt like he was sitting on a white horse and had passed the seven destinations (“manzile”) like we have the seven chakras. But nobody reads it in depth. They don’t understand it. Any guru, whoever was a real guru, if you listen to them, they have told about the same things. Other than changing within you, there is no other way. Because of the change inside you, you will get all the powers, you will become strong, you will understand your self-respect, and you will be dignified (“gauranveeth”) in your self-respect. You will understand that this dignity is an asset for you; a very big asset has come within us that we understand our spirit and we respect it. 11.03

Now, this cannot happen that I say that, “You are the spirit,” and then you will ask, “Where is it? How can you say this is a spirit?” You have to prove it. And this proof (“siddhatha”) you will achieve in Sahaja Yoga. Another thing you have to understand is that you have this power within you. Everyone has that power inside. All the people who are sitting here, according to Me, around ninety-nine per cent have felt it and have experienced it. This is a matter of pleasure for Me also. Here, in Uttar Pradesh and in Delhi, many people have accepted it and even adapted to it, and after adapting it, they have settled it within. 11.55

Now it is your responsibility that, whatever powers you have within you, you have to know them. What are all the powers you have? The first power you have is that you yourself can give Self-realisation to others. The second power which will come inside you is that all the worldly wishes, desires and greediness will disappear because the darkness within you is destroyed by the light. Then you will always follow the enlightened path. In that light only, we find all the solutions, happiness. We get a lot of peace, and we were waiting for this very experience. What we are experiencing today is not just for talking about, but for us to experience it, and when this happens, people will attain a special form; what I say is, they will be called great humans. The meaning of a great human is that person who can feel for everyone inside themselves. We call this collective consciousness. This will be awakened within us, and with this collective consciousness, why would we kill anyone? Who is the other person whom we are killing? We are killing our people. Whom do we have to cheat? We are cheating our own people. We have to understand that the whole world is inside us. It won’t happen by just understanding it. You have to feel it and experience it within yourself. When you experience this, you will be amazed to know that you are an Ocean of Peace. Peace is seated in a beautiful form within you, and you want to spread that peace far and wide. You will think, “Why should only I experience it? I want to give this experience to many people.” In this way, an internal collectiveness will be established within you. There is no need to talk about religion (“dharma”), no need to spread fear, no need to blackmail anyone. When you get your light within, then you will start honouring yourself, and in that honour, all these useless things that you are running behind in this world will be stopped. 14.34

Like when we were coming now, on the way there were many vehicles, so many vehicles and vehicles passing by, going this way and the other way. If for one moment you stop and look, then you will see how they are going like mad people in opposite directions. What are they doing? What do they get? This will be your condition. Then you will stand by yourself and stop them. “Dear brother, the way is this side, not the other side. The power which is within you, this awakening power is within you, the power to purify ourselves, is within you.” 

On the way when I was coming, I was reading “Clean Delhi” (“Swachha Delhi”). How can it be clean? “Swa” means your own spirit. With this only it can happen. What is the use of this outside cleanliness? When you are cleansed inside, then you will know what you are. Then you will know how many good qualities are there in you, how much love is flowing within you, how much joy can be created within you. And many of you have experienced it. I am not saying anything new, but now we have to increase this thing and give it to others. 15.54

I came to know that people have come here from many places, from outside India, from foreign countries and even from all the nearby places. People from Uttar Pradesh, people from Delhi have come here. Now you have to think you all are one family. This feeling of oneness should not be only a mental thing (“jama kharch”). It should be from within. You should feel it inside you in reality, that we all are really one. We are different waves of the same sea. We are stirred up as one (“aadolit”). The same movement is going on, and when you achieve this thing correctly when you get onto this properly, we don’t know how one person can change many people’s lives. In this way, only Sahaja Yoga can be spread. But in this process, we can’t get defensive (“pratarna”). We cannot cheat this. Many people cheat us. They take money from us. Let them go. People who are like that, who are doing wrong things, let them do it. Now you should know what you are, what your powers are and how you are using them. One guru has come, only one. He changed the world. He has done so much, he has written so much, he has spoken so much. And we are in thousands, thousands of thousands spread everywhere, and we all are one. At first, the ideology was one master, one saint, one Sufi, and everyone used to trouble them, trick them. Now it is not like that. We all are one. Whichever caste we are off, whether we were born as Hindu or born as Muslim or born as Christian, it does not matter. Whether you were born in this country or any other country, it does not matter. You will feel this oneness wherever you go. 18.01

Now, you need to experience it. This means something should happen to you. You have to become something. In Sahaja Yoga, it is not like that you pay 10 paise and you become a member. It does not happen like that. You have to become, and that depth is very easy for you to achieve. There is no question of money in this — God does not know what money is — but you will also understand that the becoming is (‘not'”?) difficult. It happens on its own, on its own everything. All the goodwill descend upon us by itself and will enlighten us. So what is this thing? How it is happening? Because when your Kundalini is awakened, you are connected to the power which is spread all over the world. You will achieve oneness with that power. From that oneness, you yourself, like this electricity – all around this electricity is there. It is connected to the mains from where the electricity is coming. In the same way, you are also always connected to power. After it is connected, you will see all your work will be sorted out. Everything will be corrected. If you make any mistake, that will also be corrected. 

Now what I am saying is not a lie. You can prove it (“pratyay”), you experience it, and after you have experienced it, you will feel, “Why am I worried? Everything is fine. Why am I worried? What am I worried about?” For all things, there is a limit, and when it crosses the limit, after seeing it you will be amazed that everything has become right. Everything is set right. This is your experience, and this experience you have spread all around the world because today our country is on such a brink (“kagaar”), you don’t know when it will fall apart. Hence you all are the axis (“dhuree samayee”). You have stopped it. You are only the element to support it. Not like, “Now I am a Sahaja Yogi” and then it is done. This country’s expectation (“pratya”) is spoilt. Its circumstances are spoilt. You all have to stand together to stop it. And you all have the blessing inside you by which you can achieve all types of powers within you. 20.43

Today here we have seen many big gurus. Many big incarnations have come, but all these incarnations now should be visible in you. People must be able to see, and they have to think something great has come, something special has come. They are not so-so (“aise waise”) people who are stupid. This is not just stupid talk. I don’t know from where we have got this cruelty inside, and how so many low type words have been established (“samanvay”) within us. If it is only for money, then also it can be understood. But other than that, somehow this is a kind of a demonic tendency (“pravritti”), and this demonic tendency has increased a lot in the present world. Earlier, there was only one Ravana, but now I can see out of every ten people, there is one Ravana that stands out. But if the remaining ten people are Sahaja Yogis, they can completely destroy this one Ravan. Destroying Ravana means by awakening them, not by removing his ten heads. You have to give them their Self-realisation, and after giving them their Self-realisation, you have to make them experience this happiness. 22.09

The path of Sahaja is of love, only love, and love is only the ultimate truth. There is no difference between truth and love, but if you love someone you will know everything about him. We have to use this power of love. People do not understand that this enlightenment (“chaitanya srishti”), all of this is raining love inside us. From this, the love flows, and this love will spread over the world, that you will be amazed at what this world was and what it was not. In your lifetime only, in your life only, it will happen, and seeing this you will be surprised that you have changed this world, and from where to where you have taken it. (Sahaja yogis are clapping in the background). 23.09

You need not work hard. It is all a pleasure for you all. When you have come from far-off places, you have seen that when you sat in the lorry coming here, you were enjoying it. When you had to stay in another place where there were no proper arrangements to stay, there also you were enjoying. When I came in the aeroplane I was worried. What if the aeroplane does not arrive on time? Then I didn’t know how many people, poor things, could have come. But when I reached here, I saw that everyone was safe, laughing. I asked them, “What were you all doing when the plane was four to five hours late?” They replied, “Oh Mother, we had so much fun. Like this we did not have anywhere else.” These things have to be understood, that normally people will be worried while waiting, but here while waiting people enjoyed and saw all these beautiful matchless things like this. All of this life is in front of you. Just you have to get into this. You have to make an effort to get into this. Carefully you have to get into this, and you have to achieve it. This work cannot be known by the brain, nor can these things be done by hard work that you stand upside down on your head. It is nothing like that; you just get mixed and get melted into this. The greatness of this love is that you won’t face any difficulties. All your difficulties will be destroyed, and a new awakening will happen within you. With that, you will feel the whole world is something amazing. 25.02

By the way, if you see, God has made a beautiful world. Nothing is God’s fault, and He has also made Kundalini and placed it within you. He also wants you to achieve your awakening and get into this, but you people are involved in small-small things. It is all useless talk like someone says that “Sir, I am a Christian. I don’t agree to it. I am so and so. I don’t agree to it.” What is the benefit you will get by disagreeing? In all the religions it has been written that you have to get your Self-realization. Without Self-realization, you cannot know about God. This is the absolute truth, and until you achieve it you will be restless; you will be worried; you will have problems. But as soon as the Ocean of Love starts overflowing and pulls you within yourself, you will think you don’t know how this has happened. Many Sahaja yogis have asked Me whether our past life karma was so good that we could achieve this thing. I said, “Don’t talk about past lives. Talk about this life only. In this life, you have got your transformation, and accept this transformation with utmost humility (“sar ankhon pe”), and because of this, all the work that needs to be done, do it with love.” 26.25

Some people can be bad. They get into Sahaja Yoga, no problem. You don’t have anything to give and take with them. Your give and take should only be with God Almighty, the supreme consciousness. It has so much fragrance – there is no other path like this. Because helpless people who came before, incarnations, gurus, first were not able to give your awakening, and another thing is that you were not capable of understanding them. This is something that reaches to the wisdom of the general public. One simple work is to awaken the Kundalini. For this, there is no need to see any caste, creed or anything. All this is meaningless talk, is meaningless rebellion (“vidroha”). All the relationships amongst each other, the love, you must understand in different ways, in which there is no greed, no infatuation, no jealousy (“matsar”), only love, and love is there. Such is a relationship that gets developed with others in Sahaja Yoga, and if anything is lacking, then you can clear it by meditation. You have the right to lead a pretty (“sundartam”) great life like this, and you have to achieve it. 27.51

India is the land of yoga (“yogabhoomi”). Here, whatever happens, useless things are always happening, but still, this is the land of yoga, and it means that in this land of yoga, the glory of the consciousness (“Chaitanya ki mahima”) is the maximum. The consciousness is spread in all four directions. Now you talk about pollution, but I can see the consciousness (“chaitanya”) in all four directions. Where you all are sitting, there is a lot of consciousness around. As and when the Sahaja yogis increase, all these things, like pollution and other such things, will automatically be destroyed. These words I am saying, please keep in mind. Now give attention to your own life. What are we doing? How are we living our lives? Night and day we are worried about money, night and day we are worried about useless things, or are we sitting and putting our attention towards ourselves and seeing our own dignity, seeing our greatness, and along with that, we are seeing the flow of our love being spread all around the world. All these things are the ultimate duty of a Sahaja yogi. For this, you do not need to give any money. There is no need to do anything. All this work will be done in the right way, but one thing we have to do is to know about ourselves completely, how great we are, what specialities we have. 29.17

Today, you people have come here on this day. Many people have taken the trouble to come here. I heard that some have come from outside. There are no proper facilities here so that I can do some arrangements for My children. But I see that they are filled within themselves (“samaana”) and are doing well (“vyavasthith”). How everything is happening, we don’t know, because the oneness of the collectivity, its form, in this oneness you are enjoying yourself, whether you’re sitting under the pavilion (“mandap”), whether you are sitting near the river or you are sitting anywhere. When four Sahaja yogis meet, they start enjoying themselves. All this is the evolution of happiness (“anand ka pradurbhav”). The happiness spreads within. Its place is within our heart, and when we achieve this happiness within us like you have been told that in Sahasrara it becomes complete joy (“nirananda”). Nobody can say this is happiness. “Nirananda”, complete joy in everything, in small-small things, in big-big things, in everything you get happiness, and when your sight falls on things which are wrong, which are harmful to the society, due to which people are becoming sad, you will be amazed that your attention will be implemented (“karyanvith”) and your attention will remove all such negative things. Your attention should go there, but if your attention is on yourself, then it is useless because this attention is enlightened. Wherever you put this attention, on anything that you know, immediately that thing can get rectified, collectively. But we have to keep our attention clean. If our attention is entangled on nonsense things, then it cannot be implemented as much. But if our attention is filled (“plavith”) with the ultimate power and is blessed by it, then the attention can do so much work. Wherever you go, you will be amazed. Only yesterday we thought about it, and today the work is done. And on a large scale, in a large collective manner, the work will be done. To think that we are only two or four Sahaja yogis. So what about us? You are not only two or four Sahaja yogis. You are many in every country, and everywhere you people are settled. 31.51

End of talk in Hindi

Transcript of Talk in English

31:52 to 35:24 [Mother talks in English]

I am sorry I have to speak in the Hindi language because there are so many people who know only Hindi. But I am sorry for you because I won’t be able to meet you again as you are going away on the tour. What I was telling them is that whatever you may be taught through religion and whatever they might frighten you that you will go to hell and this will happen, that will happen, whatever it is, people are not afraid of it. And what do they want? They want that whatever they have to do, they’ll do it. They are not afraid. The fear has gone. The fear of God has gone; the fear of sin has gone. All this is finished. And that’s why it is important to understand that we have to become transformed into a new personality. This personality becomes the Ocean of Peace, the Ocean of Peace, and with this peace, you can spread peace. And when you are peaceful, you see the reality of your life, the beauty of your life. Then you understand that others are also as beautiful as you are. 

Now all this destruction, the wars, all kinds of thing that are going on, because we think the others are there and we are different. We are all one, tied together in one thread. Even the Mother Earth is a part and parcel of that. All the stars and all these heavenly bodies are part and parcel of that, and we are one of that. 33.39

So this has to change. The world has to change through you. You are the catalyst. Through you, it will change. Not by talking about it or by threatening people or telling them stories. All kinds of things are going on in this world. It is the transformation which is very important, and that is so easy to get because you are seekers. You are seekers of truth. You know it’s very easy to get and to be experienced. In that, when you experience that peace within yourself, people see, they are impressed, and you can spread peace. Peace is only possible if there is genuine divine love flowing within you. Otherwise, talk of peace is all useless. I’ve known people who have got Peace awards; I don’t know why they got it. They have no peace within. You must have the peace within, and that peace is only possible when you are transformed into a new being, a new personality. All the prophecies are there. All the scriptures have talked about it. All the incarnations and all the saints have talked about it. That transformation is at hand. If you want to have that transformation, it’s not at all difficult, but you must know you are capable of getting that transformation very easily and retaining it. 35.09

I am sorry now you will be all going on the tour and I won’t be travelling with you this time, but I hope you all enjoy your travel and enjoy the art and beauty. May God bless you all! 35.24

End of talk in English

Transcript of Talk in Hindi

35:55 to 35:30 [Mother talks in Hindi]

May God bless you all! 35.30

End of talk in Hindi

Transcript of Talk in English

35:31 to 35:33 [Mother talks in English]

I am so very happy to see you all here. 35:33

End of talk in English

Transcript of Talk in Hindi

35:34 to 38:53 [Mother talks in Hindi]

I am so very happy to see you all here. I could not even think that Sahaja Yoga will spread so far. Today I can see it. And now I have got high hopes that the world will now change. Undoubtedly it will change now (Sahaja yogis are clapping in the background). Today’s program is very small, to give you your Self-realization. So many realized people are sitting here, that there is not quite a necessity, but if you want then it can be done easily. In India, it is very easy to give realization. But outside, My hands and legs used to hurt. It is very easy here because you don’t know on which land you all are sitting. This land is very great, and the person is sitting on this land which is an extremely holy thing. Our country is very pure, and this country has many holy and religious powers which are helping you. You don’t know that people of India, whatever you say, some are very spoiled, they have become rotten, but in a particular way, they are more religious. Because of that, I have seen that thousands of people can get their realization instantly, but the capacity to go into depth is very low. Like these foreign people will take much time. They had not heard that something like this can happen. They take much time to get their realization, but when they settle, they go deep. They settle like each one will become one diamond. All these things should be there in you. Half unfinished work is not good. So I request you all again you get your realization, but after that, you have to mediate in this and get into the depth and progress in that, and when you give realization to others, you will experience happiness in that. There is nothing better than this, there is nothing more pleasing than this, and you must have seen that many people have given realization to others. They have awakened their Kundalini and they have transformed them. Like these things are there. 38:18

In Italy, one mafia leader came to meet me and started saying to Me, “Mother, please give me my awakening.” Then I asked him, “What will happen to your mafia?”. Then he said, “What is the use of this mafia? There is nothing in it, and I don’t want it. I want to go into God’s mafia.” Then I replied, “God does not have any mafia. In the court of God there is only love. There is nothing else.” And that person got his realization, and he has closed all his mafia in that place. Like this, slowly, slowly, many things will get right. (Mother clears her throat). 38:53

End of talk in Hindi

Shri Mataji is now beginning the program of Self-realisation 38:54 to 46:39 

[Mother talks in Hindi]: Now all of you keep the hands like this towards Me.

[Mother talks in English]: Please put your both the hands towards Me, please.

[Mother talks in Hindi]: Both the hands towards Me like this, straight, and now on the fontanelle bone area. Keep your eyes open. No need to close your eyes. Keep your right hand on the fontanelle bone area. Keep it like this, above your head, on top of your head. On the top of your head. 

[Mother talks in English]: Please put your right hand on the top of your fontanelle bone area, a little away from the head, not on the top, I mean touching the head. Please hold it, and put the left hand towards Me like this. You can feel a cool or a hot breeze coming out of your fontanelle bone area. It may be cool or hot. If you are overactive, if you think too much, you will be hot. Just see there will a cool breeze coming out of your fontanelle bone area. Now please put your right hand towards Me, bend your head and see for yourself, if there is a cool or a hot breeze coming out of your fontanelle bone area.

[Mother talks in Hindi]: Now, put your left hand on top of your head, comfortably keep it, and bend your head and see from within you. From inside, because of your Kundalini awakening, a cool or hot breeze is coming from your head. Collectively, it will work faster. Now move your hand. Sometimes you have to move it above your head, and some may get it at some height, some may get at a lower level. Move your hand around and see. Now, left hand towards Me and right hand on your head, above the fontanelle bone area, which was the tender part when you were a baby, on the top. Put your right hand above.

[Mother talks in English]: Now please put your left hand towards Me and put the right hand on top of your fontanelle bone area, which was a soft bone in your childhood. Try to see if there is cool or a hot breeze coming out. Now lift both your hands high like this, please.

[Mother talks in Hindi]: Everyone lift your hand up like this, and bend your head backwards and ask Me one question, any one of the three questions, three times.

[Mother talks in English]: Please raise your hands, towards the sky and you have to ask one question out of the three questions, whichever you feel proper. Now the first question is:

[Mother talks in Hindi]: Is this the power of Adi Shakti?

[Mother talks in English]: Is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost? Ask this question.

[Mother talks in Hindi]: Mother, is this the All-pervading Power of God (“Paramchaitanya”)?

[Mother talks in English]: Please ask the question, is this Paramchaitanya, the All-pervading Power of Divine Love? You can ask the question, “Is it Ruah (“Spirit”)? Mother, is it Ruah, as described in the Quran?” 

Ask any one of these questions, three times.

[Mother talks in Hindi]: Out of this ask anyone question three times. Lift your hands up and bend your head back. Now put your hands down. Again, put your hands towards Me.

[Mother talks in English]: Please put your hands again towards Me, and don’t think because the first thing that happens is that you become thoughtlessly aware.

[Mother talks in Hindi]: After this, when the Kundalini crosses the Agnya chakra, then you will enter into the thoughtless awareness state. You will be fully conscious, but you will be thoughtless. Thoughtlessness is very important. Please put both your hands towards Me and try to become thoughtless. 

[Mother talks in English]: Please put both your hands towards Me and try to become thoughtlessly aware. Now see if there is a cool or hot breeze coming on your hands or your fingertips or out of your fontanelle bone area.

[Mother talks in Hindi]: Now look at your hands, whether you get a cold or hot breeze coming out, which are called as vibrations (“chaitanya lahiri”), or vibrations are coming in your fingertips, or in your palm, or from your head, which is called as the “Brahmarandra” (fontanelle bone), coming from it. Now some of you have experienced it.

[Mother talks in English]: Those who have experienced it.

[Mother talks in Hindi]: Please put your both hands up. 

[Mother talks in English]: Please raise both your hands.

[Mother talks in Hindi]: Countless (“Ananta”) blessings to everyone, every, every person who is sitting here, each and every person.

[Mother talks in English]: May God bless you all. May God bless you. Everyone who is sitting here has got it. May God bless you. May God bless you.

[Mother talks in Hindi]: Countless blessings, and more blessings for children. Put your hands down. All of you are realised now. But now going forward by making a little effort, you can clear your chakras as well. Your problems should be solved. Now when we will meet again, I hope that twice the number of people will come here. I hope you all are always happy in this Ocean of Joy. Countless blessings. [Mother talks in English]: May God bless you all. 46:39