Talk after Evening Program on Christmas eve

Ganapatipule (India)



Talk after Evening Program on Christmas eve

Ganapatipule (India), December 24th, 1997

(Music played on tape; then Shri Mataji says the following … )

I wish you all very Happy Christmas and very, very, very prosperous New Year.

I am Myself amazed at these people who have come to the Academy and have picked up this difficult Indian music so easily.

Some of them have been only for two months. Imagine, people spend all their lives learning classical music and how these people have picked it up so fast.

I mean, they say it is due to Sahaja Yoga but that is really a miracle, really a miracle.

Even the Indian music sung by Indian musician here today amazed Me the way they have been singing like great Ustads and I just don’t know how they have done this, and how they have achieved this, because I know in My family there was too much of music and those who were interested used to get up in the morning and practice every day for three hours in the morning, and three hours in the evening; while I find here the people coming from countries where they don’t know a word about Indian music, picking it up so fast. Maybe – I just can’t explain – maybe their previous lives they might have been in India or maybe…. that they are so talented.

I can’t explain, because this is really, if it is due to Sahaja Yoga, I must say, Sahaja Yoga is something that creates miracles within and without.

I have seen only the miracles without, but now this is the miracle within that people who have never sung Indian music, have never heard about Indian music, are picking it up in one or two months or three months.

Impossible! If you tell somebody, they won’t believe it!

Now, today’s program is over but tomorrow I will see you. At 12 o’clock we’ll have our Puja, and afterwards, in the night, you can have another program if you want.

But we’ll have our Puja in the daytime would be much better, though Christ was born 12 o’clock in the night, but I’m born 12 o’clock in the daytime.

So with this praying and worshipping, you really know that in Sahaja Yoga we respect all the incarnations, all the prophets, and all the religions in their essence.

This is something so great about Sahaja Yoga, and that you all have accepted it is even greater.

So may God bless you all. Hope to see you tomorrow for the Puja. May God bless you.

Tomorrow evening I would like, or maybe morning time, some of the leaders from the West to come down to decide about what Pujas they will have on behalf of their country.

So some of you if you could come, I’ll be thankful. Tomorrow, about say 9 o’clock? Or 10 o’clock. Thank you.