Birthday Felicitations: Put Attention To Your Spirit

New Delhi (India)

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75th Birthday Felicitation Program. Delhi (India), 20 March 1998.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.
So much has been said and really my heart is full of gratitude for all of you to come here, all the way, and the way people have described about Sahaja Yoga. To understand Sahaja Yoga, we should know where are we today in this Kali Yuga. What are we facing today? It should really make you feel quite disturbed to see the way things are going on in every country, everywhere. What’s the problem? What is the, such a need for people to become so restless, full of tensions. Collectively, country-wise, anywhere you go you find some sort of a confusion. Terrible. The whole society seems to be boiling with a kind of a fear of destruction. What is the reason?

There are so many religions, so many organized, disorganized, all kinds of things. There are so many sadhus and saints. There are so many books written about what you should have. But the only one who is a seeker of truth should see one point: Why, why there is so much problem in this world and how can you help them? Where is the problem? It is inside the human being. As described, you see, we have come out of a animal stage to a human stage. We have a human awareness, no doubt. In that awareness, we start seeing all kinds of things that are not good, which are destructive, which are disturbing. If it doesn’t disturb you, that means you are not at all a sensitive person. But you are sensitive as a human being.

So now what is the reason for this, is there. In every field of life, whether it is political, economic or any field of life in which human beings are living, there’s a very subtle problem which people don’t understand. Now if I say that, “There is spirit within us which shines in our heart,” you need not believe, need not believe. But our attention is not on the spirit. They call it “atma vimukh” – our attention is outside. At this stage at the human awareness, our attention is outside, outside in various things. Now where should our attention go? To evolve, for what? To achieve what? The firstly, our attention has now go towards our spirit, towards spiritual understanding. This is one thing has to happen to human beings to begin with. Otherwise our attention is outside. We are worried about money, worried about power, worried about this, worried about that, in competition and all kinds of things going on. But if your attention is turned somehow towards your spirit then what happens to you is that you become a power of the spirit. And the power of the spirit is the highest power that you could think of.

First of all, spirit is the one that loves. Loves without asking for anything, without expecting anything, just loves. It’s an unconditional type of a personality which just emits love. Anybody in trouble, anybody having a problem, just it flows. This capacity to flow in the heart exists but on top of that, is the closing point, is that our attention is not on our spirit. Even in political endeavors or your economic endeavors, any endeavor, what happens is that attention is outside. So you go into competition, you go into this thing, you go on becoming very competent and then suddenly you find another one coming up. There are so many struggles when your attention is outside. Because in attention outside, there is no purity. There is no purity. It’s just attention to yourself and that too is so limited. Very limited it is because if you pay attention to yourself, there’s no end to your troubles and woes. For a person, as they said, really is fact that: I don’t mind sleeping anywhere. I don’t mind eating anything. I am not bothered about all these things, is a fact. Because, you see, it’s not very important I think. But without thinking, I am made like that. I am like that, all right. But Sahaja yogis have become like this. This is the miracle that human beings have turned their attention to their spirit. Then you are amazed how things work out. Without any competition, without any fights, without any quarrels, how your attention becomes fixed on your spirit.

First, the first thing that happens to you is good health. Your health improves. Firstly, if your health is all right, I mean so many problems are solved. This world, I think at least 30% people are always sick. Because of the tensions, maybe because of bad food and this and that. This is first thing that happens to you is your health improves. Today now in Sahaja Yoga, we have people who have learned that by these modern ways of economics and all that, has not given any peace to anyone. We think of America; I mean I’ve been to America, I know Americans: How terribly disturbed they are. Their families are ruined. Their children are ruined. And all kinds of stupid things are happening. Our Indian gurus are going and making a big money there. And they just want peace. They just want peace of the heart. That’s only possible when your attention goes to your heart because in the heart resides the spirit and the spirit is the source of peace. First is the love and second as I told you just now is the peace.

You become extremely peaceful. You become like a witness and you see the whole drama like a joke. It’s nothing so serious to be worried about. It all works out. And this is what one has to become is to become the spirit which is your own, which is in your own heart and that is the source, as I told you, of love and again I say of peace. And the third thing that happens to you, that the source of spirit being joy, that joy bubbles in your life. It just bubbles in your life. You don’t know how to get out of that great ocean of joy. You start swimming in it, enjoying it, every bit of it. You touch all the shores, going round the whole world, their hearts and everything. It is in the heart that resides. Again I say, it is not in the brain. No mental activity can take you to spirit. Spirit is only possible if your attention could be somehow taken to the spirit. And that’s possible only through Kundalini awakening.

This change of attitude towards life, this change of complete peace and joy has come to you all because your attention is now on your spirit. Now you don’t think of money, money walks your way. You don’t think of power, power walks your way. And the power of the spirit is the highest, the most powerful and the most righteous thing. It is not necessary that you should become a sanyasi, sadhu baba, do all kinds of things. No necessity of these rituals. The spirit is residing within you. Already all you have done in last lives. Now this life only thing you have to do is to put attention to your spirit. And that’s only possible through the awakening of this Kundalini – the Primordial Mother. When She starts, I mean that’s also your own. When She starts rising, She passes through the centers and enriches them, integrates them, and pierces through the last fontanel bone area and makes you connected to this all pervading power of divine love. But this power of divine love is not only “the love,” if you want to say, it is also peace and joy and also it is the superior wisdom.

It is rather subtle for normal man to understand. I know that. I’ve gone through that. For persons to understand that one can become the spirit .. but this is in the evolutionary process. Today is the time for people to become the spirit. This is the blessing of this blossom time as I call it and people have to become the spirit. Otherwise what is left of them is like all other human beings who’ll, I don’t where they’ll end up. So this is an essential step today to become the spirit. All the saints, all the prophets, all the religions have talked about it. Not that they have not. Of course, we have twisted them. We have made separate, separate things. But it’s only one simple thing is that you are a spirit and that spirit, unless and until you become, you cannot achieve any peace, any joy and no love.

The Sahaja yogis here are sitting have achieved it. They don’t think they are from foreign countries or from this country or that country. They don’t want. Now here it is in this camp we don’t have very good arrangement for sleeping or eating or anything, no good bathrooms, nothing. They are just enjoying themselves. Nobody minds it. Of course certain things of particular country may linger on. But then it drops, it drops. Gradually it starts dropping out. Like a flower when it becomes the fruit. All its petals and everything drops out and then it becomes the fruit. So you have now become the fruit -fruit of knowledge, fruit of wisdom and of love. For knowledge, you don’t have to read books. There’s no need to. People who have read too many are difficult to get Sahaja Yoga. But what you have to see yourself: What is the reality? But that’s only possible if you are a realized soul. Otherwise you get lost in the illusions of the world. You live with the illusions all your life, struggling, fighting and I don’t want to say what’s the end is.

So a simple thing that has happened with Sahaja Yoga, in your evolutionary process your attention now has gone to spirit than to anything else. As soon as the power of the spirit comes, you find yourself successful in everything. You don’t want;. You don’t ask for it and if you are not, you don’t mind. You don’t mind because you think they don’t understand. It’s all right, forget it. So there’s no use fighting for it, asking for it. For this, one thing is important, first and foremost thing, you have to forgive everyone.

Human beings, I don’t know sometimes they’re illogical. Supposing somebody tries to harm you. All right, I forgive him. Forget it because I have no headache of that. What he is trying to do is to give me a headache which I will not take. I just forgive. So that is a very important point, that Christ has also said that, “You have to forgive.” Mohammad Sahib has said so many things but I don’t know how people have twisted. Christ has said so many things, how I don’t know how they are being twisted. Every one of them has said one thing: that you have to become the Spirit. And how people have twisted it and have formed so many religions and in that religion why should they quarrel? If there is one God there should be no quarrel.

Now in Sahaja yoga, you find people have come from different race, different countries, different ideologies, everything. One thing great about Sahaja yogis, they are very pure people. There’s so much of purity in them. There’s no problem. I do not have that problem of immorality in Sahaja Yoga. We don’t find anybody being immoral. If somebody has been immoral, he just gets corrected. If somebody has been cheating, he gets corrected. If somebody has been a corrupt person, he gets corrected. Because spirit gives the light for you to see for yourself what is good for you. Supposing you are going on a road and you are blind. You can walk into a ditch. But supposing you have the light and the eyes open. You know how to go. And that’s exactly what has happened in Sahaja Yoga, that people have realized how to move, how to go about, how to walk, and not to fall in the ditch. I have seen people who have fallen into ditch also. But I have nothing but love for them. Because they were blind, you see, for a blind person you can just have love, isn’t it? And I found that once I forgive them completely and I ask them, all right, even if they have abused Me, said things against Me, it’s all right. Because they don’t know what they are doing. They are blind people. So once you feel that way about others, that doesn’t matter. Whatever they have done, whatever they have so far, so called harmed you also, is no harm to you because you are standing on a pedestal of truth.

So the second point is that the spirit is the source of truth, not of untruth. For example, there is some false guru. Immediately you will know who is false. How? On your vibrations, on your fingertips you know that this man is false. Is all said by Mohammad Sahib that, “Your hands will speak at the time of resurrection.” That exactly happens that you see: this is the trouble. Now if you want you can avoid that person or if you want you can bring him round and put him right. But we should not try on the complicated characters very much in the beginning, I said, because they will complicate you. Now those people who have matured in Sahaja Yoga can easily manage that also. And also we must know that all the elements are working for us. All the events of the world are just to show how wrong things are wrong and how right things should be done.

Say for example, when Hitler came. He started destroying people. And he took nine years to build himself up. And he did all kinds of things which cannot be forgiven by anyone. But he died and suddenly you find in Germany, people are so enlightened. Now you heard some people, I was amazed how they are so enlightened about love and about the divine. All these countries, I’ve seen are doing so well unexpectedly.

Imagine in England, who came to India and ruled us for three hundred years, there are so many Sahaja yogis. And also as you see today when I speak there, we have the whole hall filled up with people, in England. I’ve seen also in the countries like Russia, where these people were on the verge of collapsing after they started on democracy. Whether it is democracy or communism or anything, these are all isms. You have to come out of it and see for yourself that so called democracy has become demon-ocracy. So called communism has failed. Why? Basically what’s wrong with them? It was all based not on the spiritual level. There was no spirit involved in it. It was all based on, I should say, on the endeavors which are outside, which were very limited. And those limits, once they break, you see you have a problem.

Now economics, the world economics if you see is collapsing. Everywhere there is recession. If they are such experts then why there is recession? Why there are problems? Now the people say we must remove the poverty. I agree but not by giving some sort of a beggar’s gift but with self respect. You can do it. You can do it because if you can approach people who need with Sahaja Yoga and enrich them, you’ll be amazed, they themselves will do better and work it out. All kinds of things, you see, like in abroad people used to say, “Mother, You talk of spiritual life then why is it India is so poor?” I said, “They are not so poor in spirituality.” They may be poor in money. Those who have got lots of money, are they also very good people? Are they also doing something very good? In the same way, those who are poor are not doing something good that one should have compassion on them. Agreed. Now what to do? If both sides are so miserable, what should we do? Is to change them. Change the whole attitude towards life. Immediately I’ve seen people who are supposed to be rich start understanding poverty. They start sharing. They start working it out.

In Sahaja Yoga, you’ll be amazed how people help each other. How they work out everybody’s difficulties and problems into something very beautiful. You see, it’s the wisdom that you get from this all pervading divine power. This power has been described in every religion. You call it nirakar, you call it ruuh, you can call it paramchaitanya; you can call by any name. But name is not the point. Whatever it is, once you are connected with this power, you are blessed. Thousand times you are blessed than you are as a normal human being. As a normal being, no blessings it has. It has nothing but your own endeavors that the amount you push in, that’s what you get. Here nobody pushes oneself. Automatically you are pushed into that. This force, divine force brings you to that. And you have seen that in your own lives how you came to Me, how you came to Sahaja Yoga. It was some sort of a divine force which worked it out, which is Sahaja, which you may not realize but when you get your realization, you just think about your own life: “How I came to Sahaja Yoga? How I got this?” And then you see this peace, reigning over your hearts. The love, affection, everything. What is, as you said, I have many powers, maybe I don’t know, but one thing for definite, one thing that Sahaja yogis can get all My powers.

As a Mother, Mother wants to give everything to Sahaja yogis. This greatest joy for a Mother is to see Her son or daughter grow up like Her. I, I have a great vision of life. And I see the picture of that here today. I was a ordinary housewife without much money. You know My interest in money is zero. I don’t understand even the bank and the somebody has to sign a cheque for Me. My husband has to count My money, I am so bad. But still I’ve never had problem. Never had problem because it is the greed in man, terrible greed in man that creates problems. But if he learns how to be satisfied, automatically the greed drops out and you feel absolutely comfortable. But that doesn’t mean that you become a sadhu baba or you become a sanyasi or a something you give up. Those days are gone. Those ordeals you have passed through. You’ve been to the Himalayas. You’ve stood on your heads and did all kinds of things.

Now no more is needed. What is needed is that: you have to put your attention to your spirit, the more you do it, the more you absorb all other attentions and put it to your spirit, which is there already existing. There is nothing to be brought from outside or nothing to be learnt. It is inside every one of you, is in the heart. Only thing you have to, you have to just feel it. Now that feeling can only come if you are awakened in the Kundalini. I know that no one like Mohammad Sahib or Christ or Abraham or Moses, who have created books or whatever history they have created, no where They would have ever thought that people will form an organized religion and start in a way as if they are against each other. But it has happened. It has happened. To remove that, you have to give them the knowledge, the pure knowledge. Not the knowledge of the book but the pure knowledge. And the knowledge that is pure is wisdom. Through this wisdom only I’ve worked. This wisdom I had from My childhood. Nobody has given Me. It’s there. But this wisdom has taught Me one thing: that whatsoever maybe the condition of a human being, whatsoever maybe his style, whatsoever may be his ego or his conditioning if he can feel the love then his spirit gets [transformed?].

This transformation has taken place. Here we have only one percent of the people who have got realization all over the world. But I know, I remember them all today who are not here, that they have been seekers, madly seeking, seeking the truth. They went through horrible time seeking. They had very bad gurus. They had all kinds of expenses, everything they did. But once they came to Sahaja Yoga, they have found what was the truth is. And the truth is very simple: that you are the spirit. You are not this body, this mind, but you are the spirit. This is the truth and they have found the spirit. That’s what is the truth that they have found. Once this truth is established within you, that you are the spirit, nothing can destroy you, nothing can harm you. It cannot have any wants. It doesn’t have. What wants can you have when you have the spirit because such a satisfying thing? It doesn’t condemn anyone. It doesn’t runs after anyone. Is satisfied with itself, absolutely satisfied.

You see, I was very anxious that I should lead a very normal life. I should not be like some Himalaya fellow or something like that. Because this is needed for a common people. Today it’s a aim en mass, en mass awakening. It is not for one person.

This was the thing because once any discovery is made, supposing, and that discovery only is for one individual, it has no meaning. It has to go to masses. And this is what I knew: I have to do it. And I had to work – they say so but I don’t think I ever worked. I was just witness to whole thing. I saw it just like a witness enjoying all kinds of things as you sit on the shore of a ocean. You see waves coming, going like that. But inside, inside that is a human being who wants to evolve, who wants to become the spirit. Then he starts thinking what good he can do to others. So far I’ve been very anxious that people should become Sahaja yogis. I didn’t take to any missionary work or any social work. I used to do when I was not in Sahaja Yoga, I should say, when I didn’t start the Sahaja Yoga. But later on, I discovered that unless and until you transform people, unless and until you become the spirit, you’ll become like any other social worker.

I was working in a, say, blind school. I was the chairman of the blind school, blind people. And I was surprised, the people who were with Me were very funny type you know? The governor was to come and they said, “Who will sit next to governor?” I said, “What is this?” So they said also, “I being the president, I have to sit.” I said, “Not necessary. I can sit anywhere.” But they all started quarreling on this point. So I said, “All right, we’ll take a plank and put it on head of the – of the governor and you all sit on that like sparrows.” That humor helped a lot and they settled down. So this is the stupid thing where you see it, what is your position, what do you get? I mean it’s so stupid that even the ant knows how to work out the collectivity. I don’t know how human beings are dying after useless nonsensical things. But the only thing is, he has not yet become the spirit. So he doesn’t respect himself, no respect. So he does all these things which are not very respectable I think. Then I thought that this kind of work people are doing, they think no end of themselves.

Once you start doing something good, why should you think you are very great? I, I can’t understand, you see, My brain is that way useless. Because what I found with these people who were working with Me, very anxious to take the credit for this. Somebody wanted to become the chairman, vice-chairman. I said, “You become everything.” So the attention being on your promotion, it’s not a real promotion, no promotion. Everybody used to laugh at them, it’s a degradation. Your promotion is not through your own being but through your own spirit. Being means a very big thing, I think, but spirit is very subtle, very beautiful which is residing in all of you like a light. It’s a light in you.

Now there are Sahaja, so many Sahaja yogis who are giving enlightenment to others. There are people who are going all over the world. I was surprised that people from Germany and Austria came to help Me when I first went to Russia. I said, “What are you doing here?” Said, “Mother we have to do something because so many people were killed by our forefathers.” Then My heart started really thanking them. Look at this, what has come into them? Then they went, you’ll be amazed, to Israel and from Israel they brought lots of Sahaja yogis to Egypt. So I asked the Israelis, Sahaja yogis, “Why are you here?” They said, “Mother it’s our job now to make friends with these Sahaja yogis from Egypt.” Just see how love engulfs all these angularities, all these thorns of life and dissolves it completely. It’s so joy giving to see your love acting on others. Small, small things and very big things, all that works out with love.

For example, in an industry now people have problems of strikes. Very common struggle, haves and have not and this going on. But if you can raise the people to the spiritual height, to their spiritual need which is the most important need today, you’ll be amazed there will be no problem of any kind. You see, it is a kind of a communism. It’s a kind of a socialism. It’s a kind of a democracy. It’s all things put together which works.

Democracy means we have Sahaja yogis who wanted to organize this. They said, “Mother what should we do?” I said, “I am not going to say anything. You do what you like. You choose whatever you like, whatever you want to do.” And I was just busy arranging the flowers in the house because so many flowers came and I am worried about the flowers. I was just arranging the flowers in the house. And what I find, now see how they’ve done: no quarrel, no fight, no discussion, nothing. How have they done? Otherwise you cannot make ten people sit together and talk the same way. One will talk, another will talk, another will talk, will go on discussing, discussing this, reaching nowhere. Otherwise only one man has to work it out, otherwise nothing can work. So you see, it changes the whole atmosphere of every human being. Changes his attitude, changes his endeavors and everything becomes so beautiful and joy giving.

You are a socialist also because you start thinking about the people who are down trodden, people who have no money who are poor, and you try to work out something by which they get some money.

I used to go with My father for a case in a district called Chanda. And there I saw people just with one cloth around them. What was shocking to Me: just one cloth, whether it is winter or summer. I used to weep so My father would say, “Why to weep before them?” I said, “What can I do? I must try to do something for them.” Now when I got so many Sahaja yogis, I told them, “I want to help these people somehow. And what they make is pottery.” So they said, “Mother, all right. You can get the pottery. We’ll import here and we’ll sell them.” You’ll be amazed now, these people have got houses, they have got a good life to live and they are living very well. So in a way, it is a kind of a socialism. That you see problems and you know collectively to solve it, collectively, not singularly but collectively.

The all of the Sahaja yogis suggest, “Mother, this can be solved.” So far I have not done anything directly, I must say, like starting a organization of that kind. But now when there are so many Sahaja yogis with their attention on their heart, now My attention is going to the people who need our help. So first time, I have asked them to make an NGO for destitute women and for children who are being deserted by their parents. And immediately, you’ll be amazed, it all did. We got the land. We got the people. I mean, I’m not doing anything and it’s all done. Moreover, so many people have written, “Mother if You want land, we can give You. You come here, do this, do that.” Can you imagine? Once I just thought of it: that we have to do something for the poor people. Also other so many things can be done with your attention which is pure, full of love because the love, you see, is something that gives you the wisdom how to do it. If you have love, it gives you the complete insight into the problems and how it works.

See it’s surprising for Me, I mean, I used to do that always but even after Sahaja Yoga I found that is the love is the solution. Is this only way we can enter into the hearts of people. But for that love, we should not try to do it for some money or for some achievements or for some sort of a reward, but just the whim of the love and that is what is today paying all of you: The way you love all the people. The way you have done so much work. You don’t know what gratitude I have for you. Single-handed I could not have done it. I could not have gone to so many countries. It’s a like a place like Benin, where there are only Muslims are there, I would never – I could never have thought of going to that far fetched place where these people are there and imagine these people are Muslims and they have all taken to Sahaja Yoga. And in that they are understanding the beauty of love. You, this is done by French. Can you believe these French? Going down all the way to Benin and getting it done. Even English have gone all the way to different countries; even the Austrians and also Germans and Italians are another quality of people who have a very rich heart, I must say. They have a very rich heart and the way they are spreading Sahaja Yoga throughout Italy is really remarkable. I am amazed how these people are approaching all these people who have never known what is spirit is and how they are getting them to Mother.

Now with that, you see, we don’t have to say “prohibition.” We don’t have to say “don’t take drugs,” nothing. No don’ts in Sahaja Yoga. Automatically they drop. I don’t have to say, “Don’t do it.” Just automatically they drop.

I mean you’ll be amazed, once we had a program and there was a light to be put in a one of the deepas and nobody had a matchbox. Can you imagine? Nobody has a matchbox. Is such a problem with thousands of people there, nobody has matchbox. So we had to send somebody to get the matchbox. There’s no need. So I never say, “Don’t do this,” never. I’ve never said it but it has worked like that, it has worked. I don’t know how, how you have dropped it but it’s very simple when the light of the spirit is there. In that light, you just don’t.

Now all the people have said, “Don’t drink.” Say for example: Sikhs, Muslims but you see they all drink because they are not really Muslims, they are not really Sikhs. If they were really that, they would not have drunk. How is it possible then? They have to be the spirit. In the light of the spirit, we just don’t do anything that is destructive, just don’t do it. You don’t have to tell anybody. Now you are all sitting here, you know that I’ve never told you anyone, “Don’t do this.” But I was amazed in London that people overnight gave up drugs, overnight. People employ military, this, that drugs is [INAUDIBLE]. They gave up prostitution. They gave (up) drugs, all kinds of destructive things to which human being take sometimes out of frustration and sometimes because they feel very lonely.

But now in Sahaja Yoga, you can never be lonely. All over the world, you have brothers and sisters. If they come to know somebody is there somebody is coming, they’ll all go to the airport to receive. It’s not a brotherhood of a ordinary life. It’s a very deep type of a brotherhood. It’s a very deep understanding. But they are very deep people, I must say, because they have been seekers and in that seeking they have really got completely into a turmoil and that has made them very deep people.

This book is “Light of Quran” is written by a lady Gilmet. You read it. I would request you to read it because she is so deep. I knew she was very deep but the way she has expressed is so beautiful, so joy giving that she’s not a Muslim, she married a Muslim, so called, because they were all Sahaja yogis and the way she has narrated her seeking is so beautiful. We have so many big writers in Sahaja Yoga who have given very, very nice books and things. But this Gilmet is very shy. She doesn’t talk. She keeps quiet. But inside, she’s so deep because of her seeking.

So there are many people in this world who are seeking the truth because they cannot bear the nonsense of modern world and they are very sensitive. They are not insensitive, very sensitive people. That’s how you all got your realization. It’s nothing of Mine. To say that “I did it,” is not proper. If you were not like a candle, I could not have enlightened you. So I am very thankful to you. And I am so much enamored by the way you people are feeling about Sahaja Yoga: that collectively you have to work it out, globally you have to work it out.

You have to help each other and bring up the people. Most important thing is to create a mind universally which is towards the spirit. Then we’ll solve all the problems, no problem. Now if I say I am starting some sort of a project here for the poor. Immediately all of them will send Me money. Immediately they’ll all work. They’ll find out who can work it out, who can come and help Mother. What work can we give them? How to work it out, all over the world. I mean, it spreads so fast. I have to just say that. I never asked for money. I never said, “I need money,” but immediately they will plan out the whole thing, bring the whole thing here and work it out.

It can work in India, it can work anywhere. It’s not just they are interested in India. But globally they are interested in the problems. It is not for making some sort of a show or some sort of a, we can say, a cult. It is something which is very innate, which is very subtle and that works, that gives them joy. That gives them joy to do something for Sahaja Yoga. I am sometimes amazed how they feel for the whole world, how they care for the whole world, how they are willing to do for [?].

Of course as I said, every country has some problems. Like, we can say that north Indians are interested always in politics because Delhi is here. But is reduced now, very much reduced now. There’s not much going on. And they don’t like to hear anything against anyone. That’s a good thing. And in the south, we can say in the beyond Narmada river, whatever we have, Maharashtra and all that, they are very ritualistic, very ritualistic people. Even if they put the thali [thali MEANS PLATE FOR DINING], you must put salt here, you must put vegetable here, you .. so that a blind man can also eat food properly. You must use only one hand. You must keep another hand tied up. They’re very, very ritualistic because of these two things, you see, in Sahaja Yoga they do not grow.

Whatever it is, we have to understand that these are [lingering PROBABLY ?] still are behind us. For example in north India, I would say if anybody speaks anything ill about anybody, just put your. This principle of Gandhiji was correct. Never listen to any nonsensical gossip. Gossip is going on. People like to listen to gossip because of this media also. They were showing nothing but gossip before election. And the whole gossip goes into our mind and that’s how we work out. So for this part, I would request all the people from the north India to never to listen any criticism, never to criticize anyone. What is the use? Just see logically: if you listen to somebody’s criticism, what is the use? What do you gain out of it? Now by repeating it to somebody else, what do you gain? What is the gain? Simple thing, always ask the question: What is the gain? And why to see something wrong with others?

I know by that you can be cheated. Somebody can deceive you, is true. But doesn’t matter. You don’t get anything into your head. You don’t get any filth and any poison in your head. I know there are people who create problem, talk from one to another, do this, do that. But that should not harm you in anyway because you have the spirit and the spirit cannot be harmed. It cannot be destroyed. It is said that, “It cannot be destroyed by any weapon. It lives and lives forever.” So the attention towards the atma is lacking, atma vimukta.

We, our eyes have gone, our attention is gone to something away from the spirit and that’s why all the problems are there. Once you are one with your spirit, it works. It works for you because it is in connection with the God almighty. It is in connection with the all pervading power, which works out everything. I know this all pervading power. It has showing so many miraculous photographs about Me. And actually I, I didn’t ask It but It is doing. Because very active, It is very active. And if It sees anybody who is subtle and who is deep, It acts.

In your business, in your politics, in your family in everywhere you’ll find this light will shine and you’ll respect, respect the hearts of a person. You’ll respect the love of others. You will respect the spirit that is shining in others. This is the reason why you have learned to respect each other, because your spirit is enlightened. I can see it so clearly.

I am so very happy to see so many of you here for My birthday. I don’t know what is the significance of a birthday is but whatever it is, it is one of the things that I can meet you, all of you here, so very happy. I am thankful to these people who are elites of our society. They are very great people elected and sometimes given very high positions and also there are some very well known industrialists. All of them have to understand the value of sprititual life. It’s very important for them. Not to avoid this point but to be one with your spirit is your own property, is in your own, I should say, the complete glory that you have is to be the spirit. With all this, I don’t know how to thank you all and how to thank all these people who spoke so nicely. Only thing, I wish you all a great growth in your spiritual life atmonnati, into your spirituality so that it covers all the corners of the world and create a beautiful world of tomorrow.

May God bless you!

H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi


Sir C. P. Srivastava speaks:

Shri Nirmala Mataji, this is the first time I have addressed Her as Mataji. I think on Her 75th Birthday celebration, time has come for me to surrender myself fully to Her. Shri Patwaji, Shri Rizviji, Shri Janaji, Shri Rahul Bajajji, dear Sahaja yogis, Sahaj yoginis, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen.

I regard myself as singularly fortunate to be standing here before you today to participate in this momentous celebration. Mr. Chidambaram asked one question. He said, “How is it that so many people are here today from all parts of the world? What is it that brings them here?” Now I want to narrate one incident to you which will probably illustrate how this Divine Lady has built up Sahaja Yoga, step by step on the basis of very devoted and very persistent hard work.

I recall a day in 1974. I had taken up a job in London. We were living in a place called Oxterd-on-Surrey away from London. I used to commute. And you know I am talking of twenty-four years ago. And one evening when I returned home, I found in my house, I expected see my wife and some domestic help. But instead, I saw sitting in the drawing room on a sofa a young man, a young boy, white skinned and I didn’t expect to see him there. So I looked at him and he looked at me and we wondered who we were. And what was even more intriguing was the fact that he was wearing my cloths, my kurta and pajama. So I began to wonder whether I was seeing some apparition, whether I’m in my senses, or something wrong with me? So I retraced my steps, went back to my Wife, and said, “Now who is he?”

And She explained to me, She said that day She had gone to Piccadilly Circus and there She saw a young man, lying uncared for, unattended. Obviously, he was sick. So She went up to him and asked what the matter was. And the boy said he was very ill. He had nobody to look after him. And he was almost dying. Now She said, “Come along. Come with Me.” And She brought him home and arranged for him to be given a bath. And since he didn’t have any cloths, he had to wear my cloths. And I was greatly relieved. And I was very proud. She had brought home that young man out of tremendous love and compassion. And, you know, that young man stayed in our house for about 2-3 months. He was given Sahaja Yoga treatment. And within a matter of days he began to improve. His jaundice was gone. His drugs had gone. His alcoholism had gone. He became, within about 8 weeks, ..