Birthday Felicitations

New Delhi (India)

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Evening Program, 75th Birthday Celebrations

Talk starts at: 2:43:56.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi: “It was a real feast, isn’t it? And also your guitar from the West has been so well managed for Indian music. In the guitars as you play you cannot create melody because it breaks all the time, but with this one, you see, how it was created, just like sarod, I would say. Now, Mister [SOUNDS LIKE Butt]’s Guru and his Guru’s Guru I have met [SOUNDS LIKE alone] in [SOUNDS LIKE Khazan]. Not only I’ve heard him – very good at [SOUNDS LIKE pakwadzji]. And also, what I see, the sarod, sarod also in him has come from the same. [SOUNDS LIKE Myer] style, you see. This is sarod style. The way he played was just like a sarod. To make this into a sarod is really creditable, I must say.

So you can see the depth and the greatness of Indian music. You see, how they must have worked hard, how many years they must have spent. And the young gentleman on the tabla wala, the tabla wala and his Guru [SOUNDS LIKE Kishan] Maharaj, I have heard him many a time. His style is just like [SOUNDS LIKE Kishan] Maharaj. He reminds me of [SOUNDS LIKE Kishan] Maharaj. Very nice person, [SOUNDS LIKE Kishan] Maharaj was and such a… such a master of talas, you see, you don’t know we had very-very great people in this country and I am very happy to know that they have donated their art to younger people. And they are developing it, because it’s a music which you cannot just learn like that, you have to go into a very rigorous training and a very devoted life. Otherwise you cannot master this, it’s a very, very deep and very, ah… I should say, divine. You can see in the Divinity how it is expressed through Indian music.


But for this music you have to have a proper, deep education. To work very hard and those who are listeners also must know it’s just a rapport of Divine feelings between the players and the listeners. I mean, I am so enthralled by all this. I am trying to do at this age whatever is possible to enshrine this great music because for divine life you need this kind of deep music. Just like yours, like Mozart and other people we have. But they are gone, finished. But still Indian music is continuing. I am very happy about it, I am thankful to these young artists that they have taken up this Indian music so seriously, have worked so hard and have brought that traditional thing back. Otherwise, I was thinking is going to die out or what’s the… Luckily, now we have an academy also and I am sure it will be revived and it will create more and more artists in India and also abroad. Alright? May God bless you.”


Talk continues at: 2:47:57.

Seventh Day


Sir Chandrika Prasad Srivastava: — “Dear Sahaja Yogis and Sahaja Yoginis, can you hear me? Yeah.

We have been celebrating an event of momentous importance for entire humanity, the birth of your Holy Mother, Shri Mataji, seventy-five years ago.

In effect, we are celebrating something which needs to be appreciated and understood. Before Her, there have been Incarnations, they have given to this Earth excellent religions and these religions aimed at bringing humanity to civilized existence, to existence according to ethical standards. So we have these different religions growing up in different places, getting different followers but, over a period of time, instead of uniting all of them, they began to separate them, as if there are compartments. And you had tensions in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. There was a great need for a new Incarnation to come and to lift the humanity to a higher level of spirituality and that is why Shri Mataji has come to this Earth and She has taken birth here.

Seemingly, it may appear to be an impossible task. How do you do that? And initially, that was what the blind did not see how would Shri Mataji succeed in Her mission? But if you see what you see here today and if you hear what you have heard today, is this not already a new world in existence? And it is Her world which has come into being.

We are now talking of Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs all being brothers and sisters. The possibility of me, a born Hindu, worshipping in a Mosque, why not? Or in a Church, why not? Or in a [SOUNDS LIKE Gurdwara], why not? Every place of worship is for everybody. And that is what Sahaja Yoga is. Sahaja Yoga lifts humanity to a very much higher level of spiritual existence. Now, this is Her mission and She began that mission twenty-eight years ago with great difficulty. I think we must all recognize and recall She has single-handedly brought about a tremendous revolution in humanity. I narrated you the other day of one, one event, twenty-five years ago, where She got hold of a young man who was almost dying and brought her home. Did She ask him ‘What is your religion?’ No. Did She ask him ‘What is your language?’ No. Did She ask him ‘What is your race?’ No. He was a human being and She brought that human being home, treated her with Sahaja Yoga and treated her with that powerful emotion: love. Selfless love, love of a mother. And very soon, this boy, who was a drunkard, who was given to drugs and all that goes with it, he got transformed. So that is how She begun, Herself, individually looking after one person or a group of persons. You saw Mister Grégoire, he came here as a U.N. diplomat. He also had come to our [SOUNDS LIKE Exeter] house. He was a young man, brilliant young man, but in search of truth. He stayed with us for two days and went back a realized soul. And now he has been one of the pillars of the Sahaja Yoga movement. So that is why, how She, your Holy Mother, has step by step, human being by human being, built up Sahaja Yoga and now we see thousands sitting here and a million or more around the world. That is Her achievement.

Now, what is the message that you have to carry from here? We have been celebrating, I think this has been a most memorable event, it has been an elevating event, but what message will you carry from here? That’s very important. And the message that you carry from here to the wider world is Sahaja Yoga, now, has to engulf the whole world. It has to spread everywhere, it has to come to every human being, every human being has to be uplifted and if you carry that message, then I have no doubt that, with the blessing of Shri Mataji, that will succeed. When we meet again, to celebrate Her eightieth birthday, probably it will be not a million strong, will be two hundred millions strong and why not?

And while we celebrate a hundred years of our existence, there will be five billions Sahaja Yogis in this world.

I owe a tremendous gratitude to Her, She has been my wife for fifty-one years, She has looked after me with tremendous love and care and affection. Once She was in Australia. From there She rang up my cook in London giving instructions as to which vegetables he should prepare for me and how. That is a wife. She is a mother of my daughters and your Mother. She has looked after not only us, but all of you with the same love. She has never distinguished between Her children and any other children. Every child to Her is Her own child.

How can I express adequately my personal gratitude to Her? Except just say ‘I love you’.

Well, we wish Her eternal life, She has an eternal responsibility and I know that that is your prayer and when I go back from here I will convey to Her what you want me to convey, your love, your prayers for Her good health, for Her long life, for Her happiness.

Now, coming down from the Divine to mundane life, this function has been organized exceedingly well and we began with a function where a number of important people came and addressed the gathering and they expressed their bewilderment, that was the word used by Mister [UNCLEAR], the [UNCLEAR] of Finance minister.

Yes, people are bewildered, they just cannot believe their eyes, they cannot understand how human beings who quarrel outside this world are just in love with each other. When they go back, they go back amazed, stunned and they do not know how it has happened. Gradually, it will [UNCLEAR]. Now, all these persons spoke so well, so highly and we must be very, very grateful to them. I think that day Shri Yogi Mahajan who is not here has played a very big role, he was the master of ceremonies. Rajesh Shah is not here, he was responsible for bringing you a number of them. But that was a moment when this political leaders begun to see where they were deficient and where your Mother was creating a new model for them to follow, to uphold and follow.

Then, we have had marvellous music program. Music is spiritual. It lifts you up. And music has been a very important integral part of Sahaja Yoga movement. And here I would like to thank and to congratulate Baba, I call him Baba because he is my [UNCLEAR], but he has played a wonderful role in getting music together, in organizing this and let’s give him a big hand.

Apart from music, a function of this kind, a celebration of this magnitude – please do sit down -, of this magnitude requires a tremendous amount of organization. I know some international conferences have been organized for two thousands persons, three thousands persons and I assure you they were not even half as well-done as this has been organized here.

And there are many, many who have joined hands, many Sahaja Yogis from Delhi and outside and to all of them I would like to express my gratitude. The Yuva Shakti, they have been exceedingly, excessively busy and very, very helpful, played a great role. The caterer, he has produced excellent food. Everyone must combine. But there’s always a master mind behind all this. Please don’t believe that these things happen so automatically. There’s someone behind this and that someone is Mister [SOUNDS LIKE Nargilkar]. I’ll request him to come along.”


So, once again, Shri Nirmala Mataji Ki? Jay! Ki? Jay! Ki? Jay! Thank you. God bless you. Thank you.