ATV Interview


ATV Interview, Istanbul, Turkey, 01.04.1998

Interviewer: Sahaja Yoga, It’s founder is now in Turkey and speaking only with us. Who is she? Shri Mataji. Listen to what she is saying.

Shri Mataji: All those watching me, if they have a desire,  should open their hands like this. Put your right hand on your heart and say inside, “Mother, I am not this mind, this body, these feelings, these conditionings”. I am the pure spirit.  We are carrying a feeling  of guilt inside.  But it is harmful to this center here.  Now stretch your right hand towards Me like this.  and put your left hand above your  head.  And see carefully if you feel a cool or a hot breeze  You can close your eyes if you like.  Now stretch your left hand towards Me.  and check with your right hand above your head.  Do you feel a cool or a hot breeze?  You can move your hand slowly up or down.  Now raise your both hands.  And ask one of these questions from your heart.  

Mother, is what I have felt the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost?  Or Mother, is this the Spirit?  Or Mother, is this the all pervading power of Divine Love?  Now look at Me but don’t think.  And you will feel a cool or a hot breeze on your hands.  also  you can feel it above your fontanel bone area.  This is the moment when your spirit starts to grow.  

Interviewer: How Long you will stay  in Turkey  

Shri Mataji: I’m going on Monday  

Interviewer:Did you like Turkey.  

Shri Mataji: Of course, very much.  

Interviewer: In very short time we are waiting you again in Turkey  

Shri Mataji: Ohh, I think, next time I will came for a long time.  That those were felt the  cool breeze should write the letter  for should inform them it will be a good idea  But it is spring time now, there is no one  who does not fee a breeze above one’s head.  In generally, people in the world are not happy  with their life and with themselves.  Everything they want happens they earn money  but however still somehow people do not become happy  they do not fee happy inside.  As it was said in the Koran, Miraj has to take place.  The ascend has to be  and a transformation has  to give  Prophet Mohammed has said, you will feel your spirit on your fingertips.  and you will know yourself   you will face yourself.  This reality you should know.  Christ never went to any  university  Some people , for example Christ never went to any univertsity.  Mohammed did not to even know how to read and write.  When you are standing in the water  you may be afraid of the waves.  But you are standing in a boat  you will watch the waves and enjoy them.  But if you can swim, you are not afraid of the water.  you can jump into the water and save people there.  

Interviewer:As Shri Mataji loves people, she also likes flowers.  Is there any special flower She identifies Herself with?  

Shri Mataji: My name  is also daisy  margarita  thank you very much, thank you.  Beautiful.  

Interviewer: It is the eye of  Shri Fatima.

Shri Mataji: I know, I know.