Evening Program, Eve of Easter Puja

Istanbul (Turkey)

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Evening Program At Easter Puja, Istanbul, Turkey, 1998-04-18

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I never expected such a beautiful pandal you have raised and the way you have organized the stage as if you are all experts on stage arrangements. I can’t understand how beautiful it was all done. Now I don’t know what to say about all the programs that you have arranged.

One better than the other and it shows such a capacity you have or you have developed to organize such beautiful entertaining, continuous programs.

I used to do the same when I was young. I used to arrange many programs and I know the difficulties and hurdles we had. Because the people who did that were not Sahaja Yogis. You are all Sahaja Yogis so you are also combining and you are helping each other, so beautifully. There is so much of harmony, no problem of any kind.

This is something to be seen and to be felt the way it has been done. I was really surprised the way, they had the Turkish dance also. These people are beautiful dancers and they can be paid very heavily. If somehow I could introduce them to some Serena people from India.

They used this kind of dance very much and but it is very difficult.

I don’t know if you understand there is a myth patterns of those people who danced here and who are so fast.

My husband used to always tell me that Turkish people are the most capable people. If they take to anything they do it very well. And I can see that in three years’ time this whole of Istanbul has changed. So many new buildings have come up, is so different you can’t make out the same road the same place you are in.

So we have to learn from them is to be capable of is one and to have a speed, very important. Though I don’t like the speed that comes and goes like. If you have to go to the airport suddenly, you get speedy. But the speed in the sense that when you are doing something you must have that balance within yourselves and you must do with a kind of a divine spirit with that you will achieve so many things. As you have seen today how these people are singing the qawwali or a little girl sang so well, Ganesha Stuti and others also. So well done that is unbelievable. For Romanian girls to do this Nath Bharatanatyam is something that I can’t understand but Romania I think is a Gandharva. What you call the celestial musicians place.

You get all kind of musicians there and suddenly you find so many beautiful dancers there who are doing Katak and also this very difficult dance Bharatanatyam and also I have seen doing Kakhakhali. It is very surprising how they have picked up like a Kuchipudi dance which is a very fast number. And they are so good. I mean as if the rhythm is built in their body the way they do it. I am surprised. They are very beautiful also violin player, musicians there.

You see how they are picked this qawwali which is such a difficult thing to sing with all the alaps and things but they have managed it somehow very beautifully. If somebody listens to it from outside they will think that somebody like Nusrat Ali sing. It is very beautifully done and my all congratulations to them.

Apart from that, I must say that Indian music is very difficult and people learn for ages to master it. But how in Sahaja Yoga you have done so well, for example, Selim playing sarod like an instrument so well.

Well you know I asked Hamzad Ali. He said ten years he was just practising. So what is this happen to you all that, you are doing so well? Especially I find in Babamama School that he has started. He himself is amazed because in three days, three months they can sing a melody like malkauns  for which people have to work for years together and they just go on.

So from where this knowledge has come to them. Is it from the previous life or is it your spirit, God knows. Because he says even Sahaja Yogis who are Indians who are realized souls can’t do the way these westerners are doing. Means this something really the whole music thing flowing towards the west now I think the way people have taken.

It was very very beautifully done, extremely entertaining for me. I didn’t know how the time past. It was such an endeavour on your part to do this. Beautifully this all pandal is done so well. I mean I never expected in Turkey all this thing could happen. We have only one person Nese she is a young lady and how she has organized in this, very graditude.

Also very creditable to Greek people to come here, and take such part and help them. You see this is a very nice idea to have Greeks and Turkish to be together. Because they are having a fight otherwise you see for petrol. For petrol, I think. And this can finish with Sahaja Yoga. That this fight between Turkey and Greece will end very soon.

Another thing which is very remarkable is the way you pronounce also Indian words so well. l am surprised. Because not easy to pronounce them so easily and accent , the accent so clearly. It is very very remarkable I must say. Of course, I mean not that Indian music is the last word. It is not that always that is the only one that is the highest.

For example, I have also heard Austrians playing very beautiful orchestra from Vivaldi and Mozart and all that.

So it is something happens to you. I think within that, you start acquiring this talent of music and acquiring the talent of playing the music, understanding the music so well.

Is not possible. So this is,  if this is the blessing of Sahaja Yoga half of the work is done. Because through this musical notes only the vibrations flow. When the music is played I find so much vibration goes out automatically. Of course, it has to be in tune. It has to be in rhythm but otherwise, there is no other way out to spread the vibrations.

So music plays a very important role in Sahaja Yoga. And even if you don’t understand it doesn’t matter. Because vibrations flow and you get the blessings of the vibrations. Music is very important. But no one guaranty, no-nonsense must be.

If you do it in a proper dignified manner any dance or any even a drama is very very successful. Regarding our drama I was, it was an eyeopener and it is a very bold venture on your part to put Ayatollah there. I mean it was too much. I don’t know what to say because they are all ignorant. You have to forgive them. They are very ignorant and because Quran was written after forty years, after the death of Mohammed Sahab. You see there has to be some ambiguity, this means it is ambiguous.

But if you really read through the words, through the lines than you will find. It is all Sahaja Yoga written. Absolutely Sahaja Yoga was written there. But that is what inside you should have if you go through the Quran with that inside. Because we are bringing no credit to Mohammed Sahib no credit to Quran, no credit to Islam. So this is what is happening and if we have to save the Muslims, we have to tell them, whatever is the truth. And in that truth, they can rise.

It is true about Christians also. It is true about all religions that whatever is written is ambiguous, perhaps for all of them. Because it is in poetry and so the people don’t understand what is written. They don’t understand the meaning of.

For example, we have a very great poet Kabir. You know him very well. Kabir sang a song saying, “sayyaan nikas gaye mai naa ladi thi”, so sayyaan means what,  sayya means according to our Luckhow people,  it means lover.

What has he got to do with the lover? See Kabir has nothing to do with the lover. But said that sayyaan nikas gaye. So they used to think this about the lover. But when I told them sanya means life. They were all shocked. I said it is. What has he got to do with the lover? It is life when it went away I didn’t fight it.

Is the whole symbolic expression of Kabir is never understood by people like he has, he has said to Kundalini called is surati. So what people understood that he is talking about tobacco. They made surati as tobacco. Tobacco’s name is surati in Bihar. So you can imagine what Kabir must be thinking in this, I don’t know God from where did I write for these stupid people. But it is ignorance. When the eyes are not open, you don’t understand, what is it.

You see a snake in a rope. The only thing I feel is that it was not written in absolute prose, dry prose. People have misunderstood. Same about Nanaksa He has written such a beautiful very beautiful thing and that whole Guru Granth Sahab (religious scripture of Sikhism) is nothing but the poems of all the realized souls. But in that he has written, again and again, don’t only read the words but read the meaning within the words. But they just go on reading one after another you know. One comes put the the finger there and another starts.

If that is the way you are going to read Quran or Bible or this Nanaksa… any one of these books you are going to land up in where oasis of stupidity is. That is what was happening to people that’s why they are misled, they are fighting. Why should people who believe in God, why should they fight? What is the purpose of that?

So, this is what has happened and now it is your duty as Sahaja Yogis. Because you have got the light is your duty to explain to them that this is what we have been doing wrong.

And we all miss out if we don’t take to Sahaja Yoga, we all miss out. So the best thing is to have patient, have love and compassion for people, for the blind. And then explain to them very sweetly what you have followed.

You are the people who have been called as imams. You are imams you are no less than imam. Imams also didn’t know so much about kundalini or about the ascent and all that. Except for Mohammad Sahib himself has described miraç (ascension). That too in a such a symbolic manner. That anybody who reads it will think that will sit on a white horse and go towards the sky. It is not like that.

You see they are symbolic people. That’s why I always avoid symbols. Because I know human beings will not understand symbols. This is the way they express to make it beautiful also people are so angry for listening to anything that is truthful. That they wanted to put it in a very sweet manner and this way. Everybody has done that.

Gyaneshwara such a powerful man. He took. They all use symbols. And because of the symbols, people are confused and some people have taken advantage of that.

So what we have to now tell them, that this is a symbol of what. Explain to them. This is symbolic meaning what and then I am sure, I am very sure, they will take to the right path and follow the right path.

All the Sufis also write poetry. This gentleman also writes poetry. All of them write poetry, you see. The poetry is very beautiful to enjoy like flowers. But if it goes into the head of the people then it is of use. It doesn’t, doesn’t. So you have to talk just like your mother, in a prosaik, straight forward way and explain to people. But among yourself, you can use music, poetry, everything.

I am very thankful to you for this beautiful program you have given now such a variety and of such an expression of art. I don’t know what to say. I never expected all this and in Turkey, I never expected at least. So much work has been done in Turkey I didn’t know. This is all thanks to Nese I think or to Selim and all these people, have done so much to create so many Sahaja Yogis here.

I am happy people have come all the way from Kiev and also from Romania and from all over to celebrate, this great occasion of ,I should say, they call the resurrection of Christ. Whatever it  shows that you respect all the religions equally and understand beauty. This is the biggest achievement I tell you today in the turmoil of people fighting each other.

So May God Bless You.

Thank you very much. Thank you ever so much.

I hope tomorrow they are going to have a havan. And after that in the,  “what time is the puja? One o’clock? we can have havan later…”

We can have puja at about 7 o’clock they said and havan in the morning whenever you decide.

“what time is havan”

10 o’clock you can do havan. And all the negative, negativities have to be burn. So think of them who are the negatives and who are troubling you. We have to burn them off. We will be alright.

May God Bless You.

I am especially thankful to our guest and his wife for being with us. So very kind of you. You know we Sahaja Yogis no sense of time. We are beyond time

We will be sitting until tomorrow morning if I don’t move.

So now this is special, 2:30 is too much I think.

Thank you very much.