Easter Puja, You Can Spread Sahaja Yoga Only Through Love and Compassion

Istanbul (Turkey)

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Easter Puja. Istanbul (Turkey), 19 april 1998.

Today, we are celebrating the Resurrection of Christ. That is the greatest message of Christ life, not the crucifixion. Anybody can be crucified and killed, but this dead body of Christ was resurrected from death. Death itself died and He overcome.
It’s a miracle for ordinary human beings, definitely but not for Christ because He was a divine person. He was Shri Ganesha, He was Omkara Itself. So, He could walk on the water, gravity would not affect Him and also He got resurrected because death could not affect Him. Such a great divine personality, specially created for human beings that people should recognise Him.
But they did not recognise Him, they killed Him in a very rude manner and even now, they think cross is a great thing because Christ died on a cross. It’s a very cruel idea of human beings to respect the cross. What does it show? It shows that people liked all the cruelties done to Him, symbolising cross as the one that represented His death and these atrocities, the way He was tortured.

So, it was a very sad time when He was crucified. But when He got resurrected it was the most joyous, most auspicious and most beautiful time. The resurrection of Christ is very symbolic for Sahaja Yoga. If Christ could be resurrected, then if human beings also can be resurrected, because He came as a human being with all powers and He created the path of resurrection for us. This path of resurrection is the one that we have followed in Sahaja Yoga, but the greatest thing is the piercing of the Agnya Chakra, which is described in all spiritual treaties or may be called as the scriptures that, that is the door which is golden, which is like a cover and no one can pass through that, so constricted is this door of Agnya chakra.
But Christ did cross that. His crossing has helped us today to open your Agnya. Without opening the Agnya you cannot go to the Sahastrara and this was done so easily in your case only because Christ could go through all that torture and all that brutality and crossed over. How much we should be indebted to Him, I don’t know a word that can express, because He is the One who took lead in telling people that: “You seek, you seek and you’ll find” and then He says that: “You have to come and bang at the door.” This is exactly what has happened in your case; that you have risen up to Agnya and then you have crossed beyond Agnya.

This crossing of Agnya was not at all difficult for you, though by your own ideas of thinking and of the conditioning of the futuristic planning and all that, it was a big, big crowd, I should say of very black clouds were hovering on the Agnya. Thoughts were overpowering you and you could not have penetrated through this Agnya which was all covered. But you did and you never even felt that you have crossed the Agnya Chakra so easily.

First of all, we all should be very thankful to Christ for opening the Agnya for you. For Him, all the tortures and all the brutality were nothing because His purpose of His life, the purpose of His advent, His incarnation was to break the Agnya chakra. Today, you will find that even though your Agnya is opened out and still you’ll be amazed that people get involved in the Agnya Chakra. In Sahaja Yoga, people do get involved in Agnya Chakra.
Now, how do we see through introspection what happens to us? For example, once people come to Sahaja Yoga they think they are in charge; in charge of this, in charge of that, in charge of all the Sahaja Yogis. And they start behaving in a manner which doesn’t behove a Sahaja Yogi. It doesn’t. I have seen them and I am amused the way they start trusting themselves and showing off that they are very much in charge. This is nothing modern. This used to be there with human beings, but if it was so, it was before Sahaja Yoga. Even now, people get into the mood of dominating others by saying that we are in charge.
Sahaja Yoga is not simple as you think because there is a lot of temptations. Supposing you make somebody a leader. Now, leader becomes some sort of in charge, you see and he gets the drunkenness of power. When he is like that, he starts dominating all the rest of the people and also starts showing off that he is something very great and he has to dominate all the rest of the people. Then he creates an atmosphere of fear. Firstly I have seen what happens with them is that they start saying falsely that: “Mother has told this, Mother has said so. This is Mother’s idea.” I have nothing to do with that gentleman but he goes on talking like that and people get very frightened. Then also he can also frighten you by saying: “I will tell Mother. Mother will listen to me and She’ll punish you.” I’m sometimes very surprised at such people because I have never said that I will punish somebody or I will take him out of Sahaja Yoga. Nothing of the kind. So, this man who thinks no end of himself, he may be a leader, may not be a leader, may be nothing in Sahaja Yoga and then he starts talking like this, in such a funny manner that it doesn’t look that the person is a Sahaja Yogi. Then he goes even further. He goes himself describing as something very great as if he is the one who is chosen specially for the rising higher and higher.

When I hear about these things, I’m really amazed how can people befool themselves all the time and behave in such a manner. First thing in Sahaja Yoga is humility. If you are not a humble person, you cannot be a Sahaja Yogi. The person who orders about, the person who talks in a manner as if he is Hitler, any person who tries to control and being in charge of the thing, all these capacities only show that that person has achieved nothing in Sahaja Yoga. First thing is to enjoy the humility. I have seen people like this. They’ll always sit in the first row. They will be always sitting in a place where they just see Me, all the time there and just smile. I know they are just show-offs. They think no end of themselves, and that’s why they are there, but they themselves are loosing, they themselves are not very happy. That’s why they try to do all these tricks and do all this kind of domination.

The other side of it is people who are humble, who are simple, who are honest and who are really seeking the Truth are being oppressed by this gentleman. He oppresses them, tries to show off, tries to make slaves out of others. I have seen people have gone so far, that there was a group of people who just would not move even an inch without the permission of their leader and they would go all out to be subservient to such an irrational personality.
First of all you know this is the love of Mother. Mother never dominates, She cannot dominate because She is nothing but love. As soon as She sees the problem, immediately She absorbs. She has to make deliberations, just a drama sometimes to show that She is angry. But She cannot basically be angry with anyone. It’s the love which all the time, all the time is flowing and that love envelops the Mother as well as you. That is how you people understand Sahaja Yoga. What does a human being need is nothing but love and compassion. Love and compassion of a very, very pure type. Look at Christ. He pitied the people who crucified Him. He told His father, God almighty, that: “Please forgive them, because they don’t know what they are doing.” He could see that the blindness of these people are doing wrong things and God the Father would be very annoyed who is wrathful and may destroy them.
So, this is what He has done with a very compassionate feeling without thinking about it, just automatically He felt that: “These people are doing all this to Me and I don’t know what will happen to them.” So, He prayed to God, to Father: “Please forgive, please forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing, they are blind, so please do not punish them.” What compassion, what love! I mean, think of it; do we do that in our life if somebody harms us, troubles us? Do we ask Father to forgive those who do not know what they are doing? That should be the level of Sahaja Yoga. And it will work out very well if you ask for forgiveness, God will look after them, He’ll transform them, He’ll bring them to their senses.

The messages of Christ are full of love, compassion, pure compassion. How He tried to protect Mary-Magdalena is an example of that who was leading a sinful life and for a saint He had nothing to do, He had nothing to do with her. But when He saw she being stoned by people, He stood against her, He took a stone in His own hand and He says: “Alright those who have not committed any wrong deed or have not committed any sin, can take this stone and hit Me”. And nobody came forward, because they had to face themselves.
When we are dominating others, then a kind of a cruel joy is there, some sort of a joy that I don’t understand Myself. But people have, they show off, that: “We have achieved this joy, we have achieved this great power.” It has happened for centuries with all the great emperors and also despotic rulers. But with Sahaja Yogis it should be the other way round. They have to rule the world with peace and love. They don’t have to show off by any chance. This is how Sahaja Yoga will spread much, much faster.
What does the world need? Just think of it. It needs only love and affection. Those people who are yet lost in the ignorance about life and are still busy troubling others, torturing others, going against the collectivity will have to return to normalcy. It’s very abnormal behaviour sometimes and you just don’t understand why they behave like mad people. It is very difficult also to tell such people that you are mad. And also it is difficult to be with such a person who is so mad with some sort of a power. It goes on like that with so many Sahaja Yogis, I have seen who start thinking they have lots of powers, they think they can do whatever they like, they can talk to anyone and they can confuse anyone. But in Sahaja Yoga, you don’t have to confuse. You have to clearly express your love. But that doesn’t mean any kind of particular gesture for a particular happening, but it is just an inner oneness with each other.

Sometimes I find Sahaja Yogis so much understanding each other, so much loving each other, so beautifully enjoying the love of other people. When I see that, I feel very, very happy, absolutely overjoyed that what I wanted, these people should enjoy is that. And you’ll be amazed the most enjoyable thing is the love that you give to others. You may not receive, but when you give love to others, then it is the most enjoyable thing. But the way you express yourself is also an art I think, to understand how to please others, how to make them happy.

I told you also this story before, about a saint who lived in Gagangad, it’s a… what you can say… hill or a mountain. He used to live there and he couldn’t walk, you see, because of vibrations, he lost his legs or some… the power in and then he would go all over the place on a tiger because tiger loved him and he loved the tiger. So, this gentleman was all the time telling people from Bombay: “What are you doing here? Mother has come, go and touch Her feet.” I didn’t know why he was so much concerned. So, I told Sahaja Yogis: “I must go and meet him.” So, all these gurus, you see, they say that: “We don’t leave our pillows. We have to be in our own pillows.” Means wherever they live, exit, they won’t go out. I’m the other way round. I will never station in one place, you see. So, they asked if I could go, so I said: “Why not?” So, I went there and the Sahaja Yogi said: “Mother, You never go anywhere, so why do You want to go here?” I said: “Alright, see the vibration” And it’s tremendous vibration. So, when I went up, this fellow was very angry with the rain because he was supposed to control the rain. He was supposed to be controlling the rain. It’s very surprising that when I went up, he couldn’t not control and I got completely drenched.

So, he was very angry. He was sitting on a stone and doing like this with anger. I didn’t say anything to him. I went inside and sat in the cave where he had made some arrangement for Me to be sitting. Then he came and he touched My feet and he sat down. And I was amazed that he was still angry and he couldn’t understand why the rain could not stopped. So, he asked Me: “Why did You not allow me to stop the rain? Because, after all, You are coming to see me all the way and the rain should have behaved! And I also could not, some way or other, control the rain, so what was the thing, what was the lesson?” I just smiled. I said: “See, you are an ascetic, you are a sanyasi, and I am your Mother and I cannot take a sari from you, because, after all, you are a sanyasi and you are not supposed to take anything from a sanyasi.

Even the Mother cannot take anything from him. But you have bought a nice sari for Me and I had to get drenched so that I could take a sari from you.” You see the sweetness of Mine telling him just made him melt and he started crying.
He said: “We need a Mother for this world. There should be the Mother.” We cannot solve, because whatever it is, we get angry. Or we want to disappear. We don’t want to be with these horrible people who are so sinful to help them. This is the problem with the world today and that’s why you find very few spiritual people in the whole world. Because they are the ones who are very much tortured, troubled, insulted, all kinds of things happened. So they are struggling, struggling, so they want to die very fast.

Gyaneshwara such a great personality, such a great writer, poet. I mean, He was everything, so beautifully He has written. But at the age of 23, He took His Samadhi, means, He went into a cave and closed the cave and died. Must have been tired and fed up with the surroundings of ignorant people. And that’s why He died. You can imagine a person like Gyaneshwara who was the incarnation of Kartikeya, had to recede into the world of the dead, because He could not bear any more the way they were torturing Him. They tortured Him so much, saying that He is the son of a sanyasi, I mean it’s like this, son of a sanyasi means, He’s no good, He’s absolutely like an illegitimate child, and He’s ill treated to such an extent, He didn’t even have shoes to wear, in that heat of India, He used to walk barefoot. And His sister, brother who were great scholars, who were great saints, great incarnations, all of them. As a result, He wanted just to disappear, and He made a beautiful way of doing it, that He told them that: “I have to go.” And He took leave from them, and went inside His cave, and got His Samadhi.

Even Christ was very young when He was crucified. He was 33 years of age. It was all planned by the Divine that He was to be crucified to make way for our Sahaja Yoga, to open the Agnya, to sacrifice His life, and for Him to be hanged in such a horrendous cruel way, which normally you do not find people behaving in such a manner towards a person who is about to die.
So what happened? Those people who were in charge of His crucifixion must have been some devils, the way they behaved. It is not possible to forgive them, even if He, Christ, says. It’s difficult to forgive such people who were watching the crucifixion of Christ.

So, if that is the case that a person like Him thought that: “Let Me do My job: is to break Sahastrara.” And then He didn’t want to live, live with these stupid people to be tortured and He just disappeared into Kashmir, where He lived after His resurrection. Lots of stories are there about His ascent and His resurrection. And, you see, all those stories, if you read, you’ll be amazed how miraculous. He got His second birth, we can say, or second life in Kashmir. He lived in Kashmir happily for some time, with His mother, and there He died. They say there is a grave of our Lord Jesus Christ and also His Mother was there. But who has taken advantage of His life, from His life? Who are the people really who wanted Him to die? You know very well! You know very well how Christ died, and the people came up suddenly, like Paul and Peter, who tried to make a big business out of it. It is very sad to see that these two persons brought such a shame.

This Paul was nothing but an organiser, I think, a person who was bureaucratic, I should say. But he was not only bureaucratic, he was also a man who wanted to have a big position. So he told a lie, that he went down to Damascus, and on his way, on his way he saw a big cross. According to Sahaja Yoga, all such signs are the sign of supraconscious. It’s not of the Spirit. And then he came back and he started his own research and sort of things like that, and he’s written a lot of things, but throughout, if you read, you’ll find that he was not a Sahaja Yogi, he was just an organiser, he was a bureaucratic personality who was writing how we should administer, how we should have people who are different types of people, how should we manage them. So he is management department, he was the management department for the Christians.

So the Christians also became extremely very secretarial type like, you see, everything has a time, you must come like this, you must sit like this, just talk like this. And also the nations which are supposed to be Christians are observing all that in a very official manner. It is not understood why are they so much official. Just the opposite what Christ did, is to break the Agnya, they built up this. And the Christian nations became the most arrogant, most aggressive nations in the whole world. For them, it was their right to occupy any land they saw. It was in their right to establish their own laws, their own, I should say, assemblies. All this is done in India, I know, even today, if you go to places like Punjab. And all of them, you’ll find the people are just living like rustic people, working very hard, and they are all the time under attack, from people who are dominating, and those who wanted the full advantage to be taken out of these people. It was a ridiculous thing to behave like that as Christians.

Then, also they started converting them. It’s another nonsense, converting them. In the South, what they did, is to…: we, Indians, never make breads. They don’t know how to use your oven in the South. So they made huge big cake – you can call it a cake, or you can call it a bread – and put it in the water, or in a well, and they would say that: “We have put the part of the calf, of a buffalo, or could be a cow,” and they just believed them. And so, they said: “Now, you are finished, because you are no more belonging to Hindu religion or to any other religion. So, now, you have become Christians.” And that’s how they made thousands and thousands people of Christians who were actually downtrodden people, I should say. I still call them “downtrodden”.

Now, all these downtrodden people, they wanted to have converted to Christianity. Because, they thought they all wanted all such people who would just follow the missionaries, and who would not question. Because they were not educated people, they’re not people of any understanding or intelligence to understand what these people are. So, when they started this, directed against the downtrodden people, so many of them joined. Just they found their own race and they started their business.
This is a thing one should understand. How the dominating nature of people accepted a particular religion because that religion is nothing but humility. And how then these people, supposed to be in charge of Christianity converted people into something absurd. You see, it is a human nature, it can enjoy any nonsense, any kind of cruelty, any kind of oppression. It can never give up that realm, that area where they have been dominating.
Now as it is, the Christian nations have gone even beyond that, because among the Christians, it is all the freedom given to them, they are liberated: “Do whatever you may like, it will become better, you are all right.” Indeed they are the ones who have been dominating, and those who are dominated are there everywhere. They would go to ordinary people whom you can call as Aboriginals and convert them. Their main method was to convert. What was the need to convert so many people? Because in democracy, it is important that the number you have should be large. So to gain the number, they used to convert. And it has ruin so many things.

See, the whole situation of Christ really makes Me feel very nervous. Today, you all are Sahaja Yogis, you are all so much higher than others, you have all the powers, and then supposing you want to behave like the Christians, I don’t know what you will do. So now you are on the verge where Sahaja Yoga is accepted in different countries. And there people respect people who are Sahaja Yogis, they have even positions. Then suddenly you might get this power business into your head, and you may try, you may try to become like a despot, because that is human nature. That’s not divine. But that’s a human nature. For example, when in the kingdom of, you can say, of the animals, they are aggressive on each other. It’s all right, it’s permitted, is that, but there is a system, there’s a way, there’s a method how they dominate. It’s not like they jump on everyone.
But I have seen in Sahaja Yoga, many people, you make them a leader, finished! Then, he sits on everybody’s head. If you don’t make them a leader, then they go on writing letters to Me, one after another, that: “Mother, we want to be leader, I want to be a leader.” Like this they go on insisting. For what do you want to be a leader? Just to dominate others. And this domination business is not meant for Sahaja Yogis.
I’m here today to tell you about a beautiful image of Christ who rose above that. In the same way let the death of all nonsensical ideas, all negative thoughts, everything has to be overcome. You have to be the Lord of yourself, and in that you should feel so comforted, so happy. In giving others, you’ll find it very much easier than taking something from others. It’s very, very surprising how Sahaja Yoga has taught you all these things. In Sahaja Yoga people have to say that they are very wonderful, they are very beautiful people, they are very loving, they are very kind. I want to hear that all the time about them about you all, that you all are individually or collectively, you are something outstandingly great. But this greatness is not by domination or by showing off, but it’s coming from within. People see you and know it is something, and that is how Sahaja Yoga is going to spread.

It’s the Christ within you who has to arise, Christ within you who has to guide. It is Christ within you who will teach how to behave towards others and how to gain their confidence, and give them the love and peace that you have now flowing within you, to make them very very happy and joyous people. This is the message of resurrection, this is the message of breaking the Sahastrara.
So this egg which was described in a very surprising way, very clearly described in Devi Mahatmyam; how this egg was formed and was broken into two, and from one part of the egg came out Christ. Another part was Shri Ganesha. It’s all written down. But this Christ is described as Mahavishnu, not as Christ. So this Mahavishnu then grows, and He does all these, all wonderful things. It’s a real message, beautifully written by the life of Christ, that now, as we are thoughtlessly aware, now we have to express that light through our lives. And we have to show to the world that we are quite capable, and that only we are within ourselves absolutely complete. We don’t want anything from others. What we want now to give whatever we have achieved to others. This is what people are looking at you and at all the Sahaja Yogis.
May God bless you all!

Thinking of Christ, I find it impossible to keep awaken, because to keep in these modern times is very difficult when you are thinking of Christ and talking about Him. It’s just something, shows that how people never understood such a great man, such a great personality. And He was divine! Absolutely divine. Despite that, He made a drama, we should say, to go through all the suffering. It’s very painful, even to remember all that, how He crucified Himself, and He how He died.
But the main point is this, He’s done for you, for all of you. And you are so indebted to Him. It is His work which has helped the Kundalini to be awakened and could pass through this fontanel bone area. All this would have been impossible without the sacrifice of Christ. You all should thus deserve to have some sacrifices.
See, this is a very symbolic thing that has happened. And you all should be all the time prepared to sacrifice whatever is possible for the emancipation of humanity. It’s very, very subtle at this moment now. Forget about seeking, forget about everything, what is needed is that you have to remember all the time that you are saints, you are being blessed by the sacrifices of Christ. It’s very important.

May God bless you!

H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi