A gift from the divine

Istanbul Military Museum, Istanbul (Turkey)

1998-04-20 A gift from the divine, Istanbul, Turkey, 49' Chapters: Talk, Self-RealizationDownload subtitles: EN,TR (2)View subtitles:
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Harbiye Military Museum, Şişli-Istanbul (Turkey) 20.04.1998

I bow to all the seekers of truth. First of all we have to know what is the truth. Truth is that, you are not this body, this mind, these emotions, conditioning but you are the pure spirit. The spirit is the reflexion of God God Almighty in your heart. So you have to seek the spirit which resides in your heart. The spirit is the source of peace, of joy but when you achieve that you get rid of all your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual problems. 

Especially your country is very much blessed by so many Sufis you have. The word Sufi itself comes from saffa, cleanliness, cleansing.  How will this saffa will express. To begin with, Prophet Mohammed has said that you must pray and surrender yourself to the Divine. By praying you will keep your attention on the Divine seeking. But it doesn’t work out that way. It was human beings have so many weaknesses. They do not know the straight path but they go astrayed. That is why you have to have your ascent to reach the spirit state. 

To reach that spirit state, there is within us the power which can give you that great state of spirituality. Already it is existing in all of you. Whatever religion you may follow, it is there. It is a gift from the Divine that you can achieve your ascent which is call as miraj (ascension) in the Quran. 

This miraj, it is only possible, if you ask for it, if you want it. It cannot be forced. It cannot be pushed into it. It is a naturel sprouting of your being. Like a seed, you cannot break it. You have to put it in the Mother Earth. It is a naturel process of evolution. We have to know to become the spirit and that is the promise of modern times. As it is, modern times  is full of all kinds of negative forces, within and without. And the human being has become restless. So human being has to be transformed. With the kind of human being we have we cannot solve any problem, because human beings live in the future or in the past. They cannot live in the present. And in the present is the reality, not in the past, nor in the future, because they don’t exist. So all this turmoil, all these tensions are because we are not at peace with ourselves and with others. We have been already told about the inner being within us. You don’t have to believe because I am saying so.  You can experience. 

The second truth is that there is all pervading power that we called as ruh. This power is existing thoughout. You see the beautiful flowers and you take them for granted. It is a miracle. All naturel activity is a miracle. Now only a new miracle has to work it out. And this new miracle is actually, the ascent of human beings in a very large scale. 

These centres as you see here, are responsible for our physical, mental and emotional being. 

Now this miraj has to take place within yourselves. And Mohammed Sahab himself has said that when you will get your Brahma, you can call it the self-realization, then your hands will speak. One wonders how can hands speak or  what happens that when you get the ascent, you can feel this all-pervading power on your fingertips. And you can feel the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost as the Christians call it, the Ruh. And all these chakras, you can feel it on your fingertips, clearly. And you know what are you suffering from, what is wrong with you. This is how you get self-knowledge, knowledge about ourselves. Otherwise you don’t know. 

Say, if you are suffering from cancer. You will not know otherwise I mean unless and until go through the whole tests of the diagnoses by the doctors. But with this you will know immediately, what problems you have on your physical level or mental level and also your spiritual level in a way that is such as that certain centres are out of  [UNCLEAR].

Also you may know how to get yourself all right, how to cure your centres. Thus you will also know about others, what is wrong with them. Because you have a new dimension in your awareness, which we call as collective consciousness. And this happens to you automatically. You start feeling the vibrations of other person, again on your fingertips. And when that happens if you know how to cure them, you can cure others also.

As it is when the kundalini rises on your central nervous system, I should say on your through the different chakras then it nourishes those chakras. And if it is something is obstructing,  you will also know how to clear the way. Ultimately you will feel the cool breeze coming out of your fontanel bone area. You can feel it. It is not just a sermon or a lecture but you can actually experience it. And you are amazed that yourselves. That is how you are connected to this all-pervading power. 

This all-pervading power, which is doing all the living work. If you ask the doctor who runs your heart so he will say, it is autonomous nerves system but who is this auto. They will be very honest, they cannot tell you the answer.

The time has come, all of you to get your miraj, your ascent. It has nothing to do with outside. It is all happen inside. This kundalini is your own mother. Every one of you have your individual mother. And she knows everything about you. She knows what are your conditionings, what are your inspirations. And she is so careful that very gentle she rises, you don’t know feel her rises. 

And the result you get your ascent not only that but you get your power to bring others to  this ascent. It is something they call miraculous. It is a process of evolution that has to enter now. Of course, you cannot pay for it. God almighty doesn’t understand money or banking. You cannot do any rituals for it. Only thing you have to have the pure desire to have it. And it works out. Of course there is somebody who is suffering from some diseases or some patients,  then it may not work and passed. But this obstruction can be removed.

So as I told you, you develop collective consciousness. Like a drop a water falls in the ocean, it becomes the ocean. You are no more there, you are lost in the collective.

When we say Allahu- Akbar,  we mean that ocean where we are part and parcel of the ocean.  

Quran is not only for the Muslims, nor Gita is only for Hindus. They say the same thing; they say the same thing that you have to be one with the Divine. Only problem is that, it all written in poetic language. And people can change, can make them little intrigate and ambiguous. But once you have your miraj and once you become the spirit, you see the oneness in between the lines.

All our false ideas drop and we understand that, we have been fighting for nothing at all. 

Not only this, but look at your peace within yourselves. We live as I said in the past, in the future and the thoughts come up like a wave, like that and again disappear. In the centre there is a little gap, that is the present.

We are all the time bombarding by thoughts, either from the future or from the past. But this happening, the kundalini separates and makes the thoughts belong it. And you become again I’m saying,  again I’m saying,  you become thoughtlessly aware.

That’s how we achieve our peace within. And then whatever you think is coming from the Divine source. With this Divine source, you see the truth. And the truth you see, that this all-pervading power is the power of Divine love. As we say it is rahmet (God’s mercy), rahmet. All right, this rahmet is coming from the Divine and makes us full of love and joy and affection.

We feel the whole world is full of happiness and of this love. All these enemies of hatred, of jealousies and all these our enemies just drop out because the spirit is pure and it has no such manifestations.  And in the light of the spirit, we see clearly, what is right and what is wrong. 

Supposing now before you, there is a man standing who is a cheat, immediately you can feel it on your fingertips, what sort of man he is. And if a saint is before you, you can feel tremendous vibrations.

For example, to know about Mohammed Sahab thoroughly,  you have to see his vibration, about Christ also. You can find out about all of them, very clearly. The life becomes very peaceful, joy giving. And the countries will change when this transformation take place.

I will request you to read a book which a French lady has written about Sahaja Yoga and Quran. I read Quran with my father, He translate it into Hindu. It is amazing how it talks of reality. Then came Guru Nanaka, he talks the same. But they just read the book, night after night.  They are so blind, they cannot see the truth. 

I think people in Turkey are maybe wise and get the truth. I am sure they can pave the way for all the Islamic countries who are suffering for nothing.

Say, tomorrow rest of life, it is all dark, then what will happen, so many people will be killed.

Only in the light of spirit, you can see what is reality. All this great people came on this earth, to tell us this. When it happens you form a beautiful group, collective being,  we can call it collectively of people of all the nation.

Already, Sahaja Yoga is working in 70 countries. Most surprising was Russia. I never expected that Sahaja Yoga will be taken and go so deeply in Russia. But because, maybe of the suppression with the communism, communist or maybe that they were told not to read any books or anything about the God. They are so clean, such a clean state. There was no conditioning and they were absolutely sensitive about it. In that country, they have not excepted anyone but for Islam and Orthodox Christianity and Sahaja Yoga. It is very surprising, how they see truth, the reality, the honesty of Sahaja Yoga. 

As I said, I have very great hopes for Turkish people. That they can come to Sahaja Yoga and see for themselves, what is the reality and get all Muslim worlds into it. That you don’t have to tell them, don’t do that, don’t do this, they don’t just do it. They become so powerful within. And so many miracles take place in their lives. That is what is going to happen to you all. Only thing you have to have pure desire. It will hardly take about 10 minutes to have it. But just you have to sit quietly and allow to have this. 

Of course it is entirely depend on you, whether you want to have your miraj or not. As it is I have told,  you can’t pay for it. You can’t demand it. It works with people who want it from their heart.

So, those who do not want, I cannot force as I said, you have to leave the hall. It will be very kind of you.

All right, one thing I have to request, I hope you don’t mind, you have to take out your shoes. Because mother earth  helps us a lot.

All right, please open your hands like this as you do for Namaz (muslim pray). One thing, you have to do is to forgive everyone. Many say, it is difficult to do it. But actually, logically if you see whether you forgive or don’t forgive you don’t do anything. But if you don’t forgive then you play in the wrong hands and torture yourselves for nothing. So please just say in your heart that I forgive everyone. 

You may call me Mother or Shri Mataji, you can say, Mother I forgive everyone. 

Now you see, just keep your hands in a very  relax manner. 

You can close your eyes. 

Now, raise your left hand, on top of your fontanel bone area which was a soft bone in your childhood. 

Now, see for yourselves,  is it a cool or hot breeze like vibrations coming out of your fontanel bone area. 

You can move the hand little bit and bend your head.

Now put your left hand towards me and right hand on top of your head again. When we bend head on the fontanel bone area.

You can move your hand up and down, also sideways.

Now put both your hands towards me again and you can open your eyes.

Now see for yourselves if you are feeling any cool breeze like on your fingertips or maybe hot. 

Now watch me without thinking. You can do it. 

All those who have felt cool or hot breeze on their fingertips or on their palm or out of their fontanel bone area, please raise both your hands, both your hands.

All of you.