Scientific Conference

Moscow (Russia)

1998-06-09 Conference, Moscow, Russia, 51'
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H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi talks at a Scientific Conference in Moscow (Russia), 10 June 1998.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

These are special times, I call them blossom time. See all the flowers around now – in the same way human flowers have come in the seeking, seeking the truth. For ages they have been seeking the truth and now they are born at this special time to get their aim.
So many of them got lost because they did not know what to seek. Even the science is a seeking. And the seeking in the science is seeking in the limited area, because science is diversified. Somebody is a physicist, he will seek truth in the physics; some in the medical science, some in the chemistry, like that. And they go on diversified all the time into different lines of seeking.
But the truth is different. In the area of truth if you have to seek then first thing you have to have humility that so far you have not known the truth. If you think you have known the truth, then nobody can force you; but if you are humble about it that you do not know the truth and also that you should have the pure desire to know the truth. This are special times because so many seekers who are born and they have to get what really they are seeking.

So far there have been lots of theories about the truth ,but it never happened that they knew the truth as reality; so there have been diversifications even in all those theories. Some said this religion is good, some said that religion is good and all kinds of diversifications started.

And science being an immoral area, there was not connection estabilished betweeen science and absolute truth. Science is not absolute, it is always challenged. But truth is one, it is singular, and cannot be challenged. But the main thing is that truth, which is absolute truth, has to become the reality.
As in chemistry, you have periodic law as a reality, also in the physics same way it has to be a reality. So the seeking of truth, when it reaches a point where the truth becoms reality, it is the absolute truth.
So what is the absolute truth? I can give you as a theory and it has to be proved. In a way it goes beyond the [fills] of modern science, but it is a science, it is an absolute science, which cannot be challenged, which cannot be changed and which everyone knows as the truth.

If I say something it iss a theory to you, but it can be proved.
We do not know much about ourselves. We do not know why we get these diseases which are incurable. We do not know why people go mad or lunatic type, schizophrenic on the physical level. Also we do not know how these genes are within us and how can can we change our genes. I can go on and on and on on all these things, but the main thing is that I will tell you the theory of the absolute truth. For that you do not need any academic qualification, you do not need any elegance of any kind of ritualistic ideas. It is very very simple because it is vital. For example we know how to breath, nobody has told us how to breath. But we know. How? Because it is very vital, so this knowledge is within us.

Now the time has come that we should all know the absolute truth. The absolute truth is that you are not this body, this mind, not these emotions, not this ego, but you are the pure Spirit. The scientists can challenge and they should, because you cannot see Spirit under a microscope.
So what I am telling you is about that you are the pure Spirit is a fact, is a reality which has to work out in you. Then the scientists will have to accept that it is a science, the science of Spirit.
Now, if I say that we are human beings but we are not yet on the absolute level. If it is absolute absolute then everybody will know the same; but that is not the thing: everybody thinks differently and accept something as a dogma and there are fights over it (discussions, conferences).
But this is something that has to happen to you. You have to become something. For example you see so many lights. These lights are of no use if they are not connected to the mains. In the same, if I say that we have to get connected to the mains. Now that is the thing that I call as the all-pervading power of divine love. Now you see all these beautiful flowers different colours different fragrance, different forms.

If you ask a doctor who runs your heart, he will say it is an autonomous nervous system. But who is the auto, they cannot answer but they are honest, so they will say we do not know. So one has to go beyond this circonference of knowledge to know the pure knowledge. And that I calss as the modern, meta modern discovery.

Now you are the Spirit is said by so many saints, by incarnations, everybody has said. This is not a new statement. But scientists have always thought that the area of saintliness, of spirituality is not connected with them. But whether you are a scientist, a doctor, a philosopher, a poet, politician all of you are nothing but the pure spirits. It does not matter what you think as truth. Only thing you must have pure desire to know the absolute truth.
For this our Creator has done a tremendous job. He has put a very wonderful energy within your sacrum bone, that mean even the Greeks knew it is a sacred bone, but they got lost.
Now this energy, in the sacrum bone, is a fact. But you have to first verify it. You should not just believe me because I am saying so, but you must verify it. And also verify if there is this all pervading power of divine love. For that this power which is coiled up in the triangular bone has to rise, it has to rise through 6 centres centres of energy and pierce through this fontanel bone area and become connected you with this all-pervading power. When it happens, then you get completely integrated because all these centres act in [..].
These inner centres a responsible for our physical, mental, emotional and also spiritual being. If it happens, a person becomes a spiritual person in the sense that the spirit shines in your attention and you know the absolute truth, you know it on your fingertips. It is said in Qu’ran, Mohammad said clearly that at the time of resurrection your hands will speak against you and your hands will tell what is wrong with you.
Again I would say you must verify. If it happens to you, if the kundalini is awakened and you become one with this all-pervading divine love, that you start feeling cool vibrations in your hands, very cooling vibrations and you feel thoughtlessly aware. Because we live in the future or in the past through our mind. When we live in the past – it does not exist its finished – and future does not exist at all. Present is the reality. So what happens that your thoughts do not disturb you and you become silent inside. So the first thing happens to a person he becomes extremely peaceful: no competitions, no fighting, no violence, he becomes extremely peaceful within. And this peace is emitted out to others also. Is a science of the inner being, that we all have but we are not yet aware. So when you become absolutely peaceful, you cannot have quarrelling, you cannot have wars any more.

If this happens in the mass state, then the whole humanity can be emancipated and they will understand the real value, absolute value as spiritual people. Now these centres get enlightened and with this enlightenment first thing that happens is that people get cured. I must tell you that Russians are really very special people. I knew this long time back. I do not know how they become so deep. May be through introspection that they get their realisation in no time.

I have known people who came to my program and got cured.
One lady who was epileptic or something I do not know what she had, she came, she was sitting on a chair, wheel chair and then suddenly she got up and started running. It happened to so many people that got cured. For which you do not have to pay anything, you do not have go for diagnosis, which can be very horrible [procedure].
You can feel it on your fingertips the diagnosis what is wrong with the other person. In the same way you can feel about yourself. All this look so mythical but it is actually the reality.
And the saints and the great incarnations tried their level best but they could not go into the heads of people.

Now, mentally, all the time we are thinking thinking, bombarded by all kinds of thoughts in our heads and we really get absolutely distressed by it and get into funny type of situations. Schizophrenia very common, mental distress and also lunacy.
Nowadays a new disease appeared is as Alzheimer. If you study the life of a person who suffers from Alzheimer, he must be a very aggressive person, all the time he must have really tortured people: demanding, fighting, quarrelling, possessive and thinking no end of himself or herself. Such a person can get Alzheimer after certain age, deviation in the brain takes place and a person, [as use] the lifestyle she followed before without being conscious.

Now there are so many things like that which can be explained once you are connected to this all-pervading power of divine love. So I said this divine love created these flowers, runs our heart does all the living work. For example, this body does not accept anything foreign. But when the foetus is formed it not only accepts, but looks after it and expels it at the right time, at the right moment. You cannot explain who guides this body to do all that. So the scientists also, many of them (who are truthful) that there are many things that they cannot explain.
This is because we have not yet found our destination. Once you find your destination, you will be amazed to see yourself being such a great thing created by the love of the divine, a special person who can cure others, who can give peace to others, who can give love to others.
So many things happen, like you become much younger than your age is; you become extremely creative – I have known people who were absolutely dry chartered accountants and became great poets. You become very creative.
Some musicians in India who have achieved a great name in music are mostly sahaja yogis.

Sahaja. Saha means with ja is born with you. What is born with you is the right to become an enlightened personality. Then you start understanding Sufi poetry and all such mystic poetry which you have never understood before. You become very powerful but this is the power of love, which does not oppress anyone, which cares and which loves.

Another power that you have because you become collectively conscious. Our learned professors just now told you that we are not different, we are one.
But it is a fact but have to become. Once you become, then you know we are all one.
In everybody’s heart this divinity shines. But it has to be brought the spark of the divine, has to be brought in your attention. And when it happens, your attention becomes enlightened. Paying attention to anyone you can help. Paying attention to any country you can help. Your attention is so powerful that you can cross thousands and thousands of miles. The attention controls the sun and the moon. You will be amazed how powerful you become.
Now if it is very very cool it will become hot, tollerably hot; and if it is intollerably hot with you presence it will become mild. In the presence of such a person, these flowers though are cut out they start [blowing]. The vitality which we call as the life vitality, you become the source of that.
But becoming is the point.
I must say Russia is a very special country. I know you have gone through lots of problems, but that has really made pure gold out of you. And the people here only the scientists of this country are so open headed. Nowhere in the world I ahve found so many scientists with such an open headed. Of course, we have some people in other countries, but so many we have here who are scientists, who are dealing with the material science, suddenly become spiritual scientists.

With this collective consciousness you can feel the centres of others as well. You can of course feel your own centres through your self-knowledge and if you, somehow, know how to cure youself, you can cure others.
Sitting down here you will know how to cure others. You will know about people who had a past, who are no more, also about them you will know on your fingertips. You will not bother as what dress they are making, how they look like, but what are their centres like.

Do not have to go into details about it, do not have to study as a science study.
I must say I also read science and medical science because I knew I will have to talk to scientists as well as to doctors. And it has worked here in this great country of yours. I really tell you how people who are so well educated, so highly placed in life are so humble to accept this knowledge.
For this you do not have to pay: it is the natural process of your evolution. You were an ordinary human being now you became a spiritual human being.
This will change your life [completely]. You will be peaceful and you will be witnessing the all thing like a drama. Also the greatest thing happens to you that you become joyous, you are full of joy. Joy is singular it is not happiness or unhappiness, is just joy.
You do not criticize, you do not find faults with others, but you enjoy everything, even you laugh at the absurdities and ridiculousness.

Now you see in these times, when you are born, people have become (sme of them) worse than animals, they do things that evens animals do not do.
Also there are other problems, drugs and this and that. But by telling them not to do, they will never accept on the mental level.
But after self-wood, you become so dignified and you know that this is all ridiculous.
In England overnight young people gave up drugs, overnight people changed.

So this is the time of this transition, of this resurrection, for which you do not have to do anything outside. It is only in your own body it will work. It is your right to have it. And as these flowers have the right to flower and give fragrance, in the same way you have right to be enlighten. No obligation of mine, I just love; specially Russia, I really love you very much, because they are so lovable people that you respect me also as Mother. I love you like my children. I do not know how to explain a mother having millions of children, but it is so. And it is so energy given to me. There is a report of love. I do not have to quarrel with you, argue with you, or to shout at you. It just works.
You do not know this divine power, is such a powerful things, how it manages things, how it manipulates everything for your good. Everything negative drops out, everything that is aggressive disappears and your life becomes very smooth and good. You become a satisfied soul. I think Russians are quite satisfied compared to other people. Such a beautiful human being you become, that you respect youself, and you respect others. And your civilization [is going to come out] and is working out more in your country.
Russians, people used to be frightened of them. Now, situation is very different. Russians are now loved by all, because there are so many sahaja yogis in Russia, who are very deep and mature. Not so many in other countries, they have so many [..].

I am very thankful to you and to all of you for inviting me for this conference, so that I could talk to you and to people who are of science. Like a blind man whose eyes open, he sees everything for reality. In the same way, you see everything, all kinds of miracles and reality. And this is going to happen to you all tonight and also [..].

Thank you very much.

Talking is talking only. You have to have the proof of ehat I am saying. But if you have come here to criticise and use your mind in [..] is very difficult.
So tell your mind to keep quiet.
All of them have got it already. [Shri Mataji talks aside]

Now, I have to make one humble request that please take out your shoes if possible, because this Mother Earth helps us a lot.

Please, put both your hands towards me like this and both the feet apart from each other.

Just now do not ask why, I will tell you later on. Only have the pure desire in your mind that you should get your enlightenment.

Little higher.

Now you can close your eyes and ask a question in your mind, no loudly. “Mother, am I the Spirit?” Three times.
Now see if you are feeling a cool or hot vibrations on your fingertips.
Now rise your left hand on top of your fontanel bone area, it was a soft bone in your childhood. And bend your head.
Do not touch with your hand, just see [..]. And move it up and down and see for yourself if there is cool breeze or a hot breeze as vibrations coming out of your fontanel bone area.
Now, please have the left hand towards me and bend your head again and see with the right hand if there is a cool or hot breeze link thing coming.
Please put both the hands towards me again and open your eyes. Put both your hands up and ask a question, anyone of these three questions, you ask three times, anyone.
“Mother, is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost?”
Second one, “Mother, is this the all-pervading power of divine love?”
Thired one is, “Mother, this is the Param Chaitanya?”
Ask one of them, three times, with your heart.
Now please take down your hands.
All thos who have felt cool or hot breeze on their fingertips, or on their palms, or out of the fontanel bone area, please raise both your hands. I say this it what it is, Russians.
I bow to you all, you are my own children.

May God bless you. Thank you. Spassiba.