Russia is a great country of Spirituality

Moscow (Russia)

1998-06-11 Russia Is A Great Country Of Spirituality, Moscow Russia DP-RAW, 103'
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Public Program. Moscow (Russia), 11 June 1998.

I bow to all the seekers of truth .I know that you are not only the seekers of truth but you have found the many of you.And your life is fill with the light of the divine .Of Course there are some people who have come for the first time . but they also can have the lights very soon .Russia is a great country of spirituality. I found it long long time before i started sahaja yoga here .People are very simple hearted and they understand the value of love .They did not know about god or different types of religions that existed.I think it was good .because they were not conditioned .they are like a clean slate .while in all other countries people are very conditioned .Also in india, they have fixed ideas in their heads they are not open minded . And the most surprising thing in this country is that the scientist have reached a very great height of. They instead of going through analysis in separate and separate areas they have entered into themselves to find out what is consciousness. While this is not done in any country [unclear] for eg America is so advance but outward you can’t talk to them of spirituality.To them spirituality is nothing but spirit ,means either it is the dead body spirit or drinking . so that is what is there spiritual life.but somehow i don’t know how in moscow there are people who introspect them perhaps that they know that there is something higher beyond the mind beyond this physical being.Even a great scientist like einstein has said that i was so tired finding out about relativity and i was absolutely [unclear text] out .he couldn’t discover anything about this theory and even he was so tired that sitting in the garden playing with the soap bubble like a little boy.and suddenly he said i don’t know from where i got the theory of relativity.
Everything drown upon him ,all the great scientist have said that they get it something from outside not there own .Now ,spirituality has reached that state in this country especially that we can prove it- its the science .Its a reality.
So far [unclear he has said ] those who are spiritual believes in something and those who were scientist who live in a science,but now after the realisation after the actualisation ,of the spiritual experience it becomes reality .
Once it becomes a reality it becomes a science ,that is what you are going to experience tonight.
You are going to experience the truth about yourself .You are going to know what are you ..that is your own truth ….your self knowledge .for eg -a person gets a disease he doesn’t know anything in the beginning.he becomes reunetic he doesn’t know how it start. Any complication that he get is when it’s over developed and beyond but he doesn’t know from where he gets because he has no self knowledge.Now this is here in our being already being explained to you
That you should not believe me .We don’t need blind have to experience it .you have to see with in your self if this enters into this or not. because these centres scatter for your physical ,mental ,emotional and spiritual being .now we say there is a bone, is a triangular bone which we call as sacrum that means that the greeks knew that there it is a sacred bone .sacred because it has a dormant energy in it,which has to rise ,and pierce through your fontanel bone area ,which is the actualisation of baptism which is not someone [unclear ]…but it actually happens .which power become the all pervading power of divine love . Again you should not believe it.You see these beautiful flowers here,the whole [] full of flower it is .Who created the flowers ?Who runs your heart ?The doctors will say its autonomous nervous system .but you ask who is this auto?They can’t ask .This auto is your self in the heart,is the spirit in your heart when this kundalini rises ,she connects you to the all pervading power ,which has created all living things .This energy becomes one and go round with the subtle energy which does all the subtle works .It all exists ,It all works ,it understands ,it knows ,it sees ,above all it loves you.Loves you fully .Cares for you.
And see remarkable things that in this country of shiva its working very fast .I don’t know what are the blessings for you .special blessings I should say in Moscow or in your country itself its working in such a big way …may be you people are very genuine ,You are not hypocritical,may be you are introspective ,really you want love ,you want protection ,especially when there is so much mafia everywhere This mafia will die out very soon .It can not fight with divine .Divine is very powerful If don’t listen to the divine it creates problems ;very interesting problems and that is how you all are protected .Now when this kundalini rises ,she passes through the various centers ,she enlightens them and integrates them .There is no more conflicts in the mind .Now you are in your being .Whatever way your mind ,your heart ,your liver [unclear ] the first thing that happen is that physically you are cleared .I must tell you ,first time when I came to Moscow,half of the people were sick ,children were sick ,now I don’t find it? Very few of them are sick, one or two here and there that too some sort of physical ,and not mental also. You will be amazed to know that in America 65% people ,Because they are so mad after nonsensical things.It’s impossible to talk to them of something higher something very subtle .so from India lots of false guru were exported nicely .they are even worse then [unclear ].and they looted that country completely .
Americans itself has created such horrible things.[unclear]
But I am sure after seeing you they will come up because they believe in competition .and once they compete with you I am sure they will come to a subtle understanding .Of Course now one must know that you can be connected to this all pervading power which is very powerful.It is not the power that dominates or wants to take the land of other countries or the money .Its not the power of greed and lust ,But it’s the pure power of divine love .So its called as Mothers power like a mother like a matrishta .so we have now here an opportunity to achieve that state .so first thing your health improves ,so many people have cured from all incurable diseases.without down payment .without any money.because when it happens in your hands you start feeling the cool breeze of holy ghost .That means your five fingers six and seven centers are there .Now your right hand is for your physical and mental being and your left hand for the emotional being.So you know what centers are catching .There could be little burning some sort of sweating ,could be hot breeze .You can make out about the person from these vibratory awareness.and you can judge it a person without telling him but once you know about that person you also know about your self.Also you know how to cure your centers and if you know how to cure your centers you can cure the centers of others also.Because you have developed a new dimension in yourself in your awareness which is called collective consciousness .This is what a great philosopher called [unclear Youg ]have tell that you develop a collective consciousness That’s not living but you go beyond your mind .The other day one journalist asked me ,that you do everything from your mind then how can you get rid of your mind .I told him that this mind is a myth because if the mind was alright then how could you have Hitler .This mind can tell you all kinds of things and you can do all kinds of things ,and what will you get out of it .so this mind is not dependable ,the rationality is not the vehicle to understand and discriminate .So you have to go beyond your mind into the realm of reality .Because with this mind we live in the past we doesn’t exist ,we finish,or we live in future we don’t exist anyway .
So what is the ultimate is the present .Present is the reality.But if I tell you to be in the present you can not be .you can not become the one with the blessed ,because the mind goes on left right left right .as a result you become extremely peaceful with in …with this enlightenment ,you attention becomes enlightened and it understand ,it can feel, the another person ,it can feel everything the whole nature ,becomes one with you .sun moon …it becomes your own .because you reached a higher state of enlightenment .The second thing that happens to you ,that you becomes extremely don’t react .you do not react at all . but you become like a witness.the whole thing looks like a drama .
And they told me that we start a program at seven I just smiled .I knew we can not Its very hard I said alright alright ,you can start at seven .now it has become so pleasant that we don’t have to worry as to the sun is in the shelter now .and so the moon will also come .Our situation is very good now that we have to achieve the blessings of the divine which gives you the light within .I mean so many sahaja yogis have told me that without sahaja yoga mother the life is so miserable
They are all enjoying each other .They are all helping each other .Nobody is jealous.No one criticizes .
Ofcourse we might have one or two here and there but they are very few . so this collectivity that we have is such a power behind us .everything happens for our – we didn’t get the hall .In my heart I was very happy I wanted an open space.Open space is so good because the all pervading power is here all over not so much inside the hall.
In india we have all programs openly and it works much faster because we are in contact .Sitting on the ground itself is very great because [unclear].she gives you energy when you are asking for your self realisation .But last not the least that you reach the state of joy. Joy cannot be described .it does not have happiness or unhappiness .There is a joy in everything .Everything that you see everything that you find ,They told me the story of the mafia and I just laughed .They are so stupid They can’t fight the divine .We have lots of mafia when I went to Italy ,and I got the house at the top of the mountain ,and they said that Mother there is such a lot of mafia they will loot you out and everything will be finished .
But I went there and all the mafia people ran away they came to Russia .
Now from Russia I think there is a transform ,for eg at [unclear]a head of mafia came to see me ,he wanted his realization .and he got it .so it will happen everywhere Because everybody wants peace and joy .whats the use of getting money gives you no peace it should give you no joy .But also you prosper ,and you don’t pay so much attention to money.
Money touches your feet .After All greatest thing is the joy .People believe that by getting money you will get the joy but you don’t .
Money is a headache .but if it is used for your spiritual satisfaction it’s a blessing .I am so happy to come in Russia now I am seventy five years of age and my doctor has prohibited me to travel ,but I said Russia I will go in any way .so he said why Russia ,I said I have my thousands of children there very beautiful childrens And when the Russians went to America they were amazed and said mother the American sahaja yogis are not sahaja yogis …they are not as pure as such of Russia .even Romania is good Bulgaria is good In no way you should think that you are under developed.All this developed nations are good for nothing people,compared to you .so respect yourself as Russians .and you can get your realisation at no time ,I know .so now, you will have a session of raising the kundalini and I know you people have questions . So please ask your mind to keep quiet for awhile . And then you after realization go home and write down your questions. Maybe you wouldn’t be left with any questions .
So just now you must have your pure desire ,pure desire to have your self realization that’s all.
Normally people are standing ,I can’t work out but I will try today.
All those who can sit down please get seated .
You need not see me .there is no…but mother earth helps .only thing if you wearing shoes ,please take out your shoes ,and put the both hands if you re sitting on the chairs,away.Now you have to sit comfortably and put both the hands before me .put your left hand on your top of the fontanel bone area .
Little above .dont touch your head put your left hand towards me and put your right hand at the top of the fontanel bone area .
And once more …right hand towards me and the left hand towards me is there cool breeze coming out of your own fontanel bone area .
Now please put your both hands before me and don’t think ,alright
Now you can raise both hand in the sky .;
Push back your head and ask the question 3 times :
Mother is it the cool breeze of holy ghost .
Or is this the cool breeze of the divine love .
Or in Sanskrit Is it the param Chaitanya
Now put down your hands .see how much breeze is doing between us .see the silence outside .and you are feeling the coolbreeze .all those who have felt the cool breeze on their finger on their palm or out f their fontanel bone area please rise both your hands ….that ‘s Russia
If you are not sure you ask your neighbor, to feel on your head so with this you will give up that is destructive .
You will give up smoking drinking and …I didn’t tell you anything …It will automatically happen because when u walk in the light of the spirit you can see what is darkness. Thank you very much.