Verify The Science Of Sahaja Yoga

Royal Albert Hall, London (England)

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Public Program Day 1 at Royal Albert Hall. London (UK), 7 July 1998.

I bow to all the seekers of Truth.

These days there are people who are going all over the places to find out the Truth, the enlightenment. And there are so many books available, so many people who talk about enlightenment. And this is only in this special age, which I call as ” the blossom time “, is happening. If they are not seeking the Truth, that means they are not yet evolved as this should have been. But this is a special time that we call as the “Last Judgement” and that time has come. In the Koran it’s called as Kiyama and described very clearly what will happen at this time. All these have been indicated in all the books which are, I would say, mystical or we can call as religious – whatever you may call it – the mystic part of it. They’ve all indicated this time, this time by the end of this century, this should happen. And this has bewildered many people, they are going hither and thither, getting into problems.

As it’s very embarrassing what Dr. Derek Lee has told Me. Is a fact that I went to Russia and a scientist came forward and he said that: ” Mother, I have seen your photographs and it says so much because I haven’t seen more than one line showing. ” It is very embarassing, the whole thing was very embarrassing for Me. And he said: ” I’ve proved it now, through all equations and everything. ” And he showed Me the book which is in Russian language and all mathematical calculations, that one has to go to a vacuum state, a physical vacuum state, for Reality to be understood. It was, I think, too much of science in it.

For whatever it is, all these ideas, say of Koran, of Bible, of other religious books, all the religious books from India could be called as a myth and they were treated as myths. Many people thought it was just a myth and they said there’s no use believing in all these things, there is nothing. And also through these books, people have been misled to do wrong things, so the whole thing got challenged also in a way: that it’s not practical, it’s not beneficial, is no good.

But when it becomes a real experience – you may call it subjective, may call it anything – but when it becomes a real experience, then you start believing in it as Reality. But if a scientist proves it with his scientific knowledge, then I don’t know what to say, then it really becomes the fact. And when it becomes the fact it becomes the science.

Science can be challenged. First of all, science is amoral. It is not bothered, as a science as it exists today, if they create atom-bombs, they create other things destructive and use it for wrong purposes, there is no binding force on the scientist. They can do whatever they like and people can use it the way they want to use it. But when it comes to Divine force, the science is perfect, I must tell you. You cannot challenge that science, you cannot – everything that you know through the science of Sahaja Yoga, you can easily verify it.

For example, firstly it is said that your physical elements disappear, it’s a fact. Without any money, without any fees or anything, just you get cured of your troubles. And when you get cured of your troubles, then you are amazed how through your own power you have been cured. But it happens, it has happened – you know, we have many doctors here – English doctors, not easy to convince – and they have seen with their own experience that many patients who were supposed to be incurable are cured. They have seen that many drug addicts got all right overnight. How? Without paying for it, without taking any medicine, just through their own power of Kundalini.

Now this power of Kundalini was known all over the world, I think, because I find in their museums Kundalini drawn in the triangular bone even in Sweden I saw. But I should say, it’s in Finland, I saw. Then also, I went to Ukraine in their museum, there are all pictures of these chakras and of the Kundalini. And in a farfetched place like Bolivia, where it could not reach there even by air about, I think, six years back, you find the pictures of Kundalini. And Colombia, the ancient Colombia had created statues in which Kundalini was the main thing. So somebody must have told them or they might have known about Her. But somebody went from Italy to Bolivia and the Bolivian people said ” We know all about it, yes, we know. But we don’t know how to raise the Kundalini. ” And now there are I think eight, nine thousand people in that farfetched place of Bolivia who have got their Realization. For which you don’t have to pay. Is the main thing one should understand. It’s like you don’t pay for your breathing, you don’t pay for your digestion – in the same way for your ascent to a new life, last, we can say, the breakthrough of your evolution, for which you don’t have to pay. As soon as you understand this point, you’ll be amazed that you’ll give up all nonsensical people who are marketing their things, selling their things. You see, it’s something absurd, the absurdity to such a limit that you become blind and you don’t know what they are doing, what they’re up to. And don’t want to listen to anybody who wants to tell you the truth.

Now if we have to see for our own ascent – as they say in Koran, Miraj – in India this thing is called as Self-realization, Atma Darshan, or you can call it, Atma Sakshatkar. If you really want it – it’s very easy and has to be easy, because it is so vital. And when that works out, you actually experience it and it can be tallied with the description of it. The trouble is we are so mental. We want to derive everything on a mental level. But thank God, this scientist has found out something for your mind to go round and round and round and reach the point. Because I think sometimes this mind, which is filled with all kinds of false ideas – sometimes slightly right ideas or sometimes real ideas – they go on bombarding in your head. And this scientist has said that you have to go to the vacuum, which Jung has described as thoughtless awareness, to become thoughtless. When you become thoughtless, then you can see, feel Reality.

So, what happens, how do we get thought? When we go to some place, we see something – immediately we react, that’s our habit. This can be also proved scientifically why we always react. Either we react towards it or we absorb it. So, all the time our mind is working – and it is a wobbly mind. You are all the time bothered with it and the modern times are the worst, though this is a special time, as I said, because this is the time when people think the most and this thinking goes on acting in such a way that they suffer from all kinds of diseases. Also sometimes this mind doesn’t tell you that this is wrong, that is wrong. You go on doing things you know, for example, Hitler, how he behaved, how he killed so many people, but he never realized he was doing something wrong, never. Ultimately, he killed himself because he was afraid that he’ll be caught, but not that he repented. So, they go on doing wrong things all the time without knowing that they are doing wrong things. Now, to say this is sin, that is sin only fills people with fear, that’s all and guilt. But actually when you become the Self, in the light of the Self, you know what is right and what is wrong, what should be avoided, what is not beneficial for you. You just know, because you know about your Self, you get the Self knowledge that is you can feel your centres – has been told to you – on your finger tips, this again is said in the Koran that ” at the time of Kiyama – the Last Judgement – your hands will speak “. But whole thing gets perverted sometimes by using it for a wrong purpose, that’s how we have destroyed sometimes the real knowledge, the subtle knowledge of our being. It’s nothing to stand for hours together on one leg in Himalayas torturing your body. You don’t have to torture your body at all. People think that if you have to perfect yourself, you must torture. This body is the temple. What is the use of building temples after temples when you cannot build your own temple? This body is the temple and why should you torture this body? You must look after this body, look after with love, with respect and then only you will realize how important is to have a body. All these funny ideas, you know, of renunciation and all false kind of approach is not going to help.

My daughter was coming from India. She said, there were some fair people travelling with us in first class. So, they wouldn’t allow the air hostess to come and serve them, because they cannot allow the air hostess to talk to them. So I said ” Did you talk to them? ” Said “How could I, I’m a woman, who would talk to me?” Because she’s a woman, nobody would talk. Then, sat on the ground. There’s no ground but they wouldn’t sit on the chair and eat the food. For what? Because they are renouncing everything, I think they have renounced their brains, that’s what it is.

All kinds of stupid things people do, for what? To achieve that state of tranquility, the state of Self realization, of Self knowledge. But just think of it, which is what has to happen inside. What’s the use of doing something outside unnecessarily making a mess of yourself and of others? It is absurd, the way people try to understand that by troubling your body, by making a mess of your body, making a mess of the whole society that you can achieve something which is so subtle and beautiful.

Now, the scientists call this All-pervading Power, or which I say, of Divine love, as cosmic energy, or they may call it by any name. But it’s nothing solid, it is Love, it is love of God. And this Divine love of God is an energy that runs the whole universe, universes of universes. Just see the miracle of life. All that is managed by this energy of Divine love! Well, we have never felt it before, so we don’t know what it is, but in every scripture it’s written there – that there is the power of Divine love. For example, in Sanskrit, this is called Parama Chaitanya or Brahma Chaitanya. In every scripture it is being described, but for people it’s some sort of a… unknown thing.

But now, with science, if it can be proved that the whole universe is managed by this energy which thinks, which understands, which loves. For example, the same scientist came to see Me, to have an interview with Me. He was smiling all the time and he asked Me very interesting questions. One of them he asked about the picture he had seen. Where? Here in this hall. They were singing the song ” Sitting in the heart of the Universe ” and all over Me came: heart, heart, heart, heart, just like a doctor would draw the line of the heart – so many hearts drawn with the rays of light. And he asked ” What is this, Mother? How do they know that they are singing this song? ” I said ” Because I know, so they also know. ” Precisely how do they do things? Because they know, they know more than anyone can know. Not only that but the way our genes and all those things are there is a very subtle thing, no doubt, but is all managed by this power of Divine love. Please understand: there is nothing to fear, nothing to get upset, nothing to starve, nothing to climb Himalayas, nothing needed. This power loves you and it is around you, here it is. It is everywhere and it pulsates, it vibrates, it creates everything.

Also the scientist told Me about Einstein, who said that ” All these ideas come to me not from within but from without as if somebody is pouring these ideas into me. ” And he said ” I felt the same way and so many scientists feel that. ” Surprisingly, in Russia the scientists are very open hearted. And at the time of Stalin, they were all arrested and put in a place called Novosibirsk (?), where they were living, and there they developed, you see, this subtler side – because they were not allowed very much to do other things. So they developed the subtler side of human beings, and there they found out also about auras – he is one of them – auras: that human beings have auras and from the auras, you can diagnose their diseases. But now, after seeing My photographs and all that he has reached the proper conclusion surprisingly. And I think, I hope I’ll be saved from all kinds of people who criticize Sahaja Yoga as a cult or this and that. It is not. It’s a living process whether you are a hindu, muslim, christian, anything, is meant for you and it is your right, your birth right to have it. And then after that, once you get the sprouting of the seed, you must allow this tree to grow. Actually, those people who talk of social work, talk of helping others, doing this for them and doing that for them have to understand: first you should be empowered, you must have the power within yourself to help others.

But if you just come to my program, they always say, “Mother, for your program the whole hall is full”, and then they start disappearing – specially in England, very surprising. England is the heart of the universe, and how could they be so careless about their ascent and so careless about developing their own huge big tree of love. They are the best suited and they have to work it out. But they don’t, they don’t take it seriously. Why, I don’t understand. Maybe they don’t know what they are. They are very powerful people, they are, I should say, the instrument of the Divine. Only thing, they have to develop. But they stick on to this or stick on to that – then you can’t grow. This is a seed already placed within you – undisturbed, unspoiled. Only thing is a little water of love has to be poured on it, then the seed sprouts, and when the seed sprouts, it rises, the plumule sprouts out into and it rises, goes up and comes out of your fontanel bone area, which is called as Brahmarandra in Sanskrit language, meaning the hole to feel the Brahma, the All-pervading power.

I’ve seen people who know also Sanskrit very well. They are running here organizations, but they don’t know anything about Kundalini, it’s very surprising. What do they read, I don’t know. And if you go to them, they’ll argue so much with you that you feel like running away from them. Only they know how to argue. No argument needed actually, it is there, within you, this power is. Do you argue with your stomach how to digest the food? And even if you do, will the stomach understand? It’s as stupid as that, to argue about something which is so spontaneous, which is a living process – it’s a living process of your evolution. Now, by the way, how did we become human beings? Do we know? And how do we become a super human being? If there is a way, there’s a method, you don’t have to spend anything. But you have to grow. If you don’t grow, it’s useless, as Christ has described, just as some seeds fell onto the land which was not fertile. Is it so? Are we living in a land which is not fertile for spirituality or we are running after some things which are illusive? Why should we run after illusive things? Here, you get the experience, all right, after that you must grow. If you grow, you can change this world – it’s a global movement. Like in Russia, I would say, there are millions, millions in Russia. While in India, too, we have may be millions. And also Austria – so many countries have got it – Italy, imagine. Their people have awakened, so why not in England? And the leaders of England are rather upset with the English. They think this… ” It doesn’t work out, Mother. ” I can’t understand. Because this is the seventh time I’m here, and seventh heavens you have to know, that you can know without any difficulties, without paying anything, the whole knowledge is free! Is it because it is free you don’t care? They’ve asked Me to talk about it. Otherwise, it’s not worth talking about these things.

Your country as such is like really the heart and it circulates all over the world. All your newspapers – they may be useless – but they circulate. All your media – whatever they may publish – it circulates all over the world. You don’t know about Americans, though it’s supposed to be a very great country. We don’t know about any other country so much as we know about England. How? Why? Monarchy in so many places, but we know everything about monarchy from England. Why? How? How do we manage? Is worth asking this question: there’s something special about this country. I lived here for years, I’ve worked hard, I went from North to South, East to West. Perhaps, I left no city which I did not visit. But the situation is such that when they get Realization, they are very happy, they start jumping, and after that they forget about it. It’s a great responsibility on people of UK that they can do so much in spirituality. Not…it’s not something also so cheap that it can be sold, it’s invaluable. It’s invaluable. It’s your right to get it. And also it’s your sensibility that you should grow into it. For example, in England, when I first came, I had to deal with the drug addicts, they were the first who came. Perhaps, they were seeking in drugs the Truth. When they came, overnight they gave up their drugs – overnight – even alcohol – people gave up overnight, overnight. Believe Me, they are here now, I know they are sitting here.

Now, this is the minimum, and so many people got cured. I really wanted that something should be written about the miracles of Sahaja Yoga. So I told one gentleman, Englishman he is, he wrote to Me ” Mother, it’s not even one month, from both the sides, all the letters have gone up over my head. I don’t know how to select. So, can you give me some time? Myself, I have no time at all. You can select yourself. ” With all this, why don’t you experiment and why don’t you grow? You are very important, this is what you don’t understand: that you have been born in this country or you have come to this country – whatever it is – it is a very important, significant place and a life of yours. But you should understand that it’s very important and that you should grow. But it is beyond Me to understand that in a place like Austria, in a place like Italy, how is it, they have understood it and they’re automatically working it out? I, you know, I have crossed My 75 years of age and I don’t know how long I will have to live to face the English people and how will they understand! Sometimes, it’s beyond Me.

But now you will know that it is a science and the scientists have said that they have seen the cosmic energy emitted out of My head. That’s a fact that Sahaja Yogis know. Sahaja Yogis know, they have felt it, they have got this experience. For them, it’s nothing new – not through science – but they have known it as an experience.

Now for you… You are also very well-educated people, everywhere, you are respected very much, it is for you now to evaluate your own personality and understand: Why are you on this earth? What is the purpose? So many of you got Realization last time, but you are nowhere, you’ve done nothing… I mean, you’ve got your Realization, all right. Each person can give Realization to thousands of people if he gets out of his own, I should say, own ideas. And this can do such a lot of good to the whole world. Formerly, in America it was terrible, because all kinds of funny people went there, to make money. So, they told Me ” If you don’t ask for money, Mother, in America nobody will come. They have to pay for it, otherwise they don’t value it. ” I said ” But, sorry, you cannot, how much, you tell Me how much should I charge. How much do you charge for your mother’s love? Then you tell Me how much you charge and then we can work it out. ” And it was surprising that it hit their heads. Now it’s better. Same thing, I have to request that, please, find out, when you have this experience of Kundalini awakening that you are a chosen person for a special work.

For example now, this instrument, if it is not connected to the mains, what is the identification, what is the purpose? That’s why then people become hippies, they become this, then punks – because they have no identification. But the identification is only one: that you are the Spirit, that’s the Truth. And it has to happen to you, that you are the Spirit, you have the power of the Spirit. In the light of the Spirit you start seeing, start seeing and understanding so well about all the problems that are in the whole world and your own problems also. It’s not only Self knowledge but also global knowledge of a very subtle nature. And that is all is within you, all this horizon is there waiting for you to greet it. But I don’t know why people have no confidence or no understanding. Anything can be done, but first of all you must have the pure desire to become that. Forget about everything else.

For example, this power of, which resides in the triangular bone. This bone is called as Sacrum, means the Greeks also knew that this is a sacred bone. This power is of pure desire. And if you have the pure desire you can become so dynamically aware of yourself and aware of everything. I was surprised that in a far-fetched place like Russia we have to always take a stadium, you can’t do it in this hall, you cannot manage, I think. How is it, in that country it is working? Because of communism, perhaps. They were so oppressed, that all the search started going inside. But just in such a short time, I was surprised, these people, how did they get it and how did they develop and they are still developing, all of them are developing. And only I am the person allowed in Russia now to go and preach – this is also another thing. This ignorance that we have, the problems we have – physical problems, mental problems – it will all be controlled.

Now there’s a new disease, as you know, Alzheimer. How it comes? If a person is extremely aggressive and torturing people, doing this. When he gets old, his brain deviates and only that bad stuff start working and that person who is suffering is not aware of it. And you cannot cure it, also. But in the lifetime, if you get your Realization and you become absolutely peaceful within yourself, such diseases cannot touch you, they cannot disturb you and you become a loving beautiful person. You don’t bother about what he earns, what the other person has got a personality, this, that, nothing. It’s just a subtle love you feel for everyone. For everyone, whatever religion he may belong, whatever country he may belong, whatever problems he may have.

Can you believe in a place, in a country like Turkey Sahaja Yoga sparked like this. There are two thousand Turkish people who are meditating and their Prime Minister’s wife came to see Me, just to get her Realisation. Now, what is so great about? They say Ataturk was their leader and it is the one who has led the path. Why? You had such great people: William Blake* and so many… Shakespeare, this, that – they were all Realized souls. Their poetry is not just to read, but to read between the lines what they are saying.

It is very important now, I request you, at the end of this century, that once you get your Realization here, please, grow, become more collective. Certain funny-funny ideas I heard and I was surprised – that the hall is not all right, and that… – there’s nothing to do. It’s something that happens inside you, something that works inside and gives you that beautiful feeling of being the Self. As a result, your health improves, you become mentally a very satisfied and a very balanced person, all your stress, this and that disappears.

Thirdly, you look much younger than what you are, because inside you are younger.

Fourthly, you understand others, you love others, love to do things for others and all these stupid problems of fighting with these, taking revenge on the person, killing somebody – this all disappears. That with the name of God all these stupid ideas, which has created the global problem, will disappear. The time has come and it is the Last Judgement. I think, the levels are changing: those who are chosen, I should say, this path of Divine love are going higher and others, who are negative, are going downward, they are getting exposed, everywhere, they are getting exposed. They’ll be exposed. That is for you to decide which way you want to move, what you want to have.

I think, this is the first time I am saying this to you, I’ve never said this way. I told you what you are – you are so great, this, that and this, that – but despite that, if you don’t realize your value is wasted. So when you become the Spirit, then everything changes for you. I am surprised how people start understanding the follies of their brothers and sisters, who are forming a big society, things like that.

For example, they give up drinking. When they give up drinking in France, Sahaja Yogis were thought to be mad – because how can you do without drinking? And now the French are taking to Sahaja Yoga very much. Imagine, French are much more than they are here. And they are saving money because they are not wasting on anything: no drugs, no smoking, no drinking. But we don’t say ” Don’t do it! “, because otherwise half of you will go away, but it just happens to you. For example, if there is light, you can see everything clearly: whatever is destructive, you just don’t do it. But whatever is constructive we accept and work it out. Such love and such affection. For example, these people who were singing, they’re from all over the world, they are not only British. Especially the British, very difficult to learn Indian language, it’s impossible. And look at them how they are singing. And not only that, but singing Indian classical music, which is a very difficult thing. I didn’t teach them. It’s very surprising, how things work out. So many artists I know, who have earned the world fame with Sahaja Yoga. But we have an Academy and so many foreign boys went there and studied Indian music. I was amazed: in three months they were singing Malkaus raga with all elaborations. Impossible! How can they do all that? Also there’s one boy I know – he was hardly fourteen years of age when he came to Me – and within one year’s time he is a great violonist, he plays Mozart without seeing any papers, anything. How can do it? He was not like that. And he writes such beautiful poetry. You can’t believe it! I asked him ” When did you start? ” – ” After seeing You, Mother, I don’t know why I’m writing. ” I have seen people, who are scientists have become poets. Can’t understand, how your sleeping – or I would say – dormant qualities just come out. You don’t run after success, you don’t run after competition, but automatically it happens. For that you don’t have to worry ” I am old, how can it happen? ” – nothing. At any age it can happen to you. At any time it can happen to you. So don’t doubt about yourself also. Then you become a very loving sweet person, very sensible and dignified. You don’t insult others, don’t trouble others, but you help, you share the difficulties of others. Suddenly you find, you’ve become a part and parcel of a great collective which is working in the whole world. It is very surprising, how you have brothers and sisters all over the world and wherever you go, they’ll give their life for you. Have you seen such a family anywhere? Beautiful people!

So, I have to make a request to you. Today, of course, I’ll try to give you Self-Realisation, if possible, it works out. But you must respect, you must respect and you must grow. All the saints have talked about it in India.

Now, we have here lots of people from, say, Punjab, the Sikhs are there. And all these books have been described for Sahaj. He himself, Guru Nanaka said ” Sahaja samadhi laago “. He has used this word, all of them have used this word. But Indians who are here, I don’t know, they are… they say ” We cannot digest Sahaja Yoga. ” They can only digest pounds, I think. Very surprising. It’s very surprising how this materialism has come over. But does it give happiness to anyone? Does it give joy, does it give friendship? Full of jealousy, competition – all nonsense is going on. You overcome all that just like this, you enjoy, everything. If somebody has a good furniture, all right, this is a very nice carpet, all right, so what you do, you look at it, you enjoy. You enjoy whatever is created beautiful. You don’t think about it, you don’t react. The reaction is that there’s joy. What a beauty it is! You don’t think who has made it, how much it will cost, nothing. You become thoughtless. And thoughtless awareness is nothing but such a pouring sense of joy. Joy which is neither happiness or unhappiness, but singular. You cannot describe it in words but you can really feel it inside yourself, that joy of being the Self. And that’s the time has come for you to get it. You are also here for that and this is the special time when it is going to work out. Now you feel also a collective consciousness, that you can feel on your fingertips the chakras, the centres of other people and who is the other? On your centres you can feel your problems, in the same way you can see the problems of others. If you can cure your own centres, you can easily cure the centres of others. Without any money, without any fuss, without anything. It’s very, very simple, it is all built-in within you. All this is built-in within you and this built-in power starts working. You don’t have to do anything. It’s all there, for example you see so many lights are here: you switch on and you get all the lights. But you know how to switch on: it’s all built-in. Again I say, you don’t have to stand on your heads, you don’t have to break your necks, nothing. As you are you are wonderful. And this is your own individual mother: She is your own, She has no other child, and She knows everything about you. As you have in the tape, you see: She knows your past, She knows your aspirations, She knows you very well and She is the one who is going to give your second birth. She is your mother. She loves you. Now there are books saying that if you have the Kundalini, She disturbs you, it is the modern ones. Well, they say that “burns you”. She is your mother. Have you heard, I mean maybe in these modern times everything is possible, but can a mother burn her own child? She has been waiting for ages to give you this Realization. For ages She is within you and now you don’t give Her a chance to give you a second birth? How can that be?

You will understand that all these great incarnations who came on this earth have helped to build up this. They are all there within you, on these centres, which you’ll find out. And all these fights going on stupidly in the name of God or anything is nonsense because they are all one. We are only fighting. So all your global problems, all your fighting problems, all your family problems and the word “problems” disappears. It happens. It must happen, because you are specially blessed, and you are the Spirit. This collectiveness gives you the feeling of oneness with others. Not out of jealousy, not out of greed, not out of any carnal love or anything, but it is just pure love, pure love which you have not experienced. All the perversions drop out… But you don’t become sort of an abnormal person on the street, you see, walking with your closed eyes, no. You become an enlightened person, absolutely normal. You dress up normally outside, you can live with your life. But then you understand what is your dignity, your decency and everything. There’s no show outside of your achievement but you know within yourself. You also know who is a Realised soul and then you meet. There’s such a connection. Has been always, but now it becomes obvious, evident and you can work it out. The most important thing is that your brain opens out like this, like a lotus. It opens out. All the problems of brain drop out. How many diseases there are of brain, I wanted to know, so there’s such a big book. I said, “My Goodness, more than the petals we have in the brain”. And it can happen to anybody in the modern times. It’s very common, it’s awaiting at your door, sort. All this can be solved, absolutely you can be saved, you can be protected. And every time you will be feeling this: you are protected, there is somebody to protect you, to encourage you, to look after. Who is that? That is this Param Chaitanya. That is this, they call it Ruh, they call it the All-pervading Power of Divine Love, they also call it the Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost, as you feel a cool breeze on your fingertips. It’s all written there in all the books, but symbolically, so people don’t understand.

Once it happens, then you are in another world. Such miracles, such help and such protection! It’s a thing where you feel, you can never be drowned in the ocean of this mad world, because now you are in the Ocean of joy. You are enjoying and this is what you have to have. But you must grow, all of you must grow. I am staying on for one day more just to come to follow-up meeting. Also if you have any complaints you better bring them. But there is nothing to complain actually, you should complain against yourself. Either you are lazy, or you are too enthusiastic or you are infatuated by some sort of a nonsensical guru or something is there. Just don’t try to criticize others but see for yourself, introspect: why is it, why can’t I do it? All this can work out, I assure you. I assure you very much that you should realize that My coming to England, living here for years together. I didn’t come for Sahaja Yoga. I came because My husband got a job here. And then, seeing people in England, I thought, they can really achieve a lot.

May God bless you all!

Derek is asking Me, “Better give them Realization.” I know, they are ready to get it, but they have to grow, that’s the point, I’m telling you. He feels quite helpless and he doesn’t know what is the matter with them. I told him ” You grow some beard, moustaches. ” Maybe a better idea. Might be they’re used to things like that. It’s nothing external. It is the internal beauty that we have to know.

Now, it’s very simple. If it doesn’t shock you, I’ll tell you there are two, three conditions.
The first one is you have to take out your shoes, if it doesn’t shock. Because this Mother Earth helps us a lot – She absorbs all our problems.

All right. Now, the second condition is – which is also not very absurd – that please don’t feel guilty about anything. It’s a fashion: “I’m very guilty.” – “Why are you guilty?” – “No, I’ve to confess – I am very guilty.” – “About what?” – “You know, the other day I was eating the food and I was holding knife on the right hand.” – finished. These norms are human beings have created this kind of stupid things for which you should feel guilty. And that this center here, on the left hand side, you get spondylitis, also angina, it’s a fact – so, not to feel guilty! What are you guilty about? If you were guilty, you would have been in jail, not here. So, please, first of all, forgive yourself completely. You are not guilty, I assure you. There’s a new evolution with people’s mind that they should feel guilty – finished. If you are guilty, when it happens, you should have done something about it, forget it. Why are you carrying that load on your left Vishuddhi, here? This is the second one.

And the third one is – I think, is also very simple – is to forgive yourself, as I said, and forgive others. Now, you say ” Mother, we can’t, just we can’t, it’s very difficult. ” But try to understand the logic: whether you forgive or don’t forgive, what do you do? Nothing, just the same. But say, if you don’t forgive, then what happens: you play into wrong hands, you torture yourself. So, just say in your heart ” Mother, I forgive myself fully, I forgive others fully ” – whether they are in your mind or not, just say that and your this center will open now in no time.

This will all help Me a lot. These tree things are very important and I know you can get your Realization in no time.

So to put your hands like this towards Me, like this, just simple, as if you are asking for your Self realization, like this. Need not be higher, just whatever is comfortable. People can’t believe that sitting in the hall, how can we get Realization? But you deserve it. You get it because that’s the time, and because you are seekers.

Don’t doubt yourself, please. Have your hands like that. Now, you can close your eyes, if you want to. If you don’t want to close, don’t close your eyes. Because there is no mesmerism going on: at least, I close My eyes.

Now, put the right hand towards Me, and put the left hand on top of your fontanel bone area.
Now, you’ll feel some cool or hot breeze, coming out of your fontanel bone area, which was a soft bone in your childhood. Don’t put your hand on top of it, you have to put it away from you, and you can move the hand to see yourself. Don’t say that you’ve got it unless and until you’ve got it. You are not to cheat ourselves, all right. Now, please, put your left hand towards Me and put the right hand on top of your head. You can bend your head, that’s better if you bend your head, and with the right hand you see.

Once more, please, put your right hand towards Me, and again with the left hand you see for yourself, if there’s a cool or a hot breeze is coming. Now, don’t doubt it: if it is coming, it is there. Could be hot, it will cool down. Can move up on the sides and see for yourself. Now, open your eyes and put your both the hands towards Me like this. Now, watch Me without thinking, without thinking, just try, you can do it.


Now, raise your both the hands towards the sky like this, push back your head. And ask anyone of these three questions three times, anyone of them:

First one ” Mother, is this the Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost? ” – first question is ” Is this the Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost? ” Second question is ” Mother, is this the All-pervading Power of Divine love? ” Third question is ” Mother, is this the Ruh, or the Param Chaitanya? ” Ask anyone of these questions three times in your heart.

Now, again put down your hands, that’s all. Now, put your hands like this towards Me, just like this.

All those who have felt cool or hot breeze on their palms or on their fingertips or out of their fontanel bone area, please raise your both the hands.

Just look at that! You’re proving what I’ve said. Just look at that! Now, you’ve got it, now this is a responsibility to grow.

May God bless you! May God bless you!

Such a joy, such a happiness! I wish you best of luck and also wish you a very, very deep understanding of your being.

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