Guru Puja: Humility & Complete Obedience

Campus, Cabella Ligure (Italy)


Guru puja, “You must learn obedience”, Cabella Ligure (Italy), 12 July 1998.

Today, we have assembled here to do the Guru Puja.

The word ‘guru’ comes from ‘the one which is magnetic’, ‘the person who is magnetic’. The one which attracts the attention of the seekers, is the guru. Also it means ‘the heaviness’ or, you can say: a person who is very steady, who is very deep, who has the knowledge and who can act like the Mother Earth; for the power of magnetism in the Mother Earth also is called as ‘magnetic’, but in Sanskrit is ‘gurutwa karshan’, means ‘the attraction of the heaviness of the Mother Earth’.

But actually it is a power of the Mother Earth that makes us stand properly on our legs when it is rotating with such a tremendous speed. Otherwise we would be all thrown away with that velocity that She is moving. [If] we are still attached or we are one in our balance, it’s only because She has gravity. This gravity has to be in a guru. Gravity means a kind of a serious understanding of oneself and one’s own responsibilities.

So, a guru has to be very steady. In these modern times people are very mobile, all the time agitated, all the time getting disturbed. With small things happening here and there, they get disturbed. They meet people who are not of any quality then they get disturbed. These disturbing qualities come from our deficiency in our gravity. A person who has gravity doesn’t get depressed, neither gets excited, nor gets overly enthusiastic, nor is he very sad or unhappy. So, he is in the centre. He is in the centre of his being.

But how do we become the guru? That is very important for Sahaja Yogis to understand. Many have felt that they are gurus, they have tried to behave in a funny manner and have lost their guru position. First and foremost thing, for Sahaja Yogis, it is important that they must have introspection. They must watch themselves.

If a person runs about, changing because a fashion has come, because people have suppressed them or have asked them; just to please people of cheap values, if a person changes, then he cannot be a guru. He has to station himself properly on the values of Sahaja Yoga.

Without introspection you will not know. You will never remember what you have done wrong, nor will you think of what you have to do right. But that is only possible if you go on improving yourself.

First and foremost thing is, all the great saints have praised their guru. For example, we have a very great saint, Gyaneshwara, in India. He has written a complete chapter about the guru. In English they have translated it as ‘preceptor’. Guru is the preceptor. And what he has done is a great thing. He says [that] you are not to challenge the guru, otherwise you can never become a guru. For name’s sake you might be, but you are not. Secondly, you can never misbehave, you can never be rude, arrogant and you cannot show your temper to a guru. If that is so, that means you are not a guru, you are still on a very low level personality. It is very clearly said that, if you try to say against other gurus who are real gurus, who are of very high calibre, that also, then you are not a guru.

But I would say that you all have got now vibrations. You all have got vibratory awareness. When you have vibratory awareness you are capable of finding out about everyone. Now, you need not talk about your own understanding of a person, but try to face that person directly and tell that person, “This is the problem” and ask him to change.

But in Sahaja Yoga, we have something more than other gurus had. Other gurus were very, very strict. They used to carry a stick in their hand, and a big stick, which they would use for walking or for hitting their disciples. They used to hit their disciples in such a bad manner that the disciple was literally frightened of the guru. I’ll give you an example of a guru I came across: One fellow was there, in India, who came to one of the ladies who was a Sahaja Yogini and he said that, “My guru has sent me word that Adi Shakti is going to come and stay with you. Is it true?” She said, “Yes, She is going to stay with me, so what?” He said, “My guru has told me that you go and request her and if she could come to our ashram.” She said, “I’ll ask Mataji, I don’t know.” This fellow came to a programme and he saw me, a housewife; he said, “This cannot be that guru!” But when I came in, he saw – and when I did Self-realisation – that everybody’s Kundalini was awakened, he was so surprised and he prostrated himself before me.

Now, his guru was living in Amarnath. It’s a very famous religious place in the Himalayas and this fellow lived in a place called Ambarnath (in Maharashtra). So, he asked me, “Mother, will you come to my ashram?” I said, “Why not?” Because these gurus in the ancient time never used to leave their seat, they call it ‘takiya’, means ‘the pillow’. They never left their takiya. I said, “Alright, I don’t mind. I’ll come to your ashram.” So, he was just keeping quiet all the while.

So, I went there, this guru fell at My feet and he was very, very respectful and then we came back home. So, this fellow started telling me, “If you don’t tell my guru, I would like to tell you that I have got a very bad Agnya. Can you cure, Mother?” I said, “Why not? I will.” So I went back to this guru again and I said, “Why didn’t you cure his Agnya?” He said, “Why? Why should I cure? Who cured my Agnya? I worked [it] out myself. I had to introspect, find out. And I cured my own Agnya. And why should I cure his Agnya? Let him plod, let him work, let him get to this, otherwise he will be a spoilt man.” I was quite surprised!

And he said, “You do it because you are a Mother. You are nothing but love, and that’s why you are doing it, all this, for others, but not me! No guru will open the Agnya of his disciples!” I said, “Then why are you a guru?” He said, “Because we have to guide them, and if they have their Agnya badly cut out, if their attention is not alright, I am not bothered about it. It is their duty to introspect and find and climb the ladder which I have put before them. So, I am the guru, I can only give them the ladder to climb up. It is they who should work very hard. It is they who should introspect. It is they who should correct themselves. Why should I help them to such an extent that you open their Agnya?” I said, “Alright, you allow me to open his Agnya, if you don’t mind.” He said, “You are a mother, do what you like, I have nothing to say. If you want to do that. You will spoil them. You will spoil him. Let him do it on his own, otherwise you will be spoiling him.” I said, “As you are also spoilt that you don’t open anybody’s Agnya!” “Yes! But whatever position I have achieved is a permanent one.”

So I opened his Agnya. Then, this fellow on his way, he told me that his guru came back and, “He put me hanging on a well and he used to every time lower the rope, so I would go into the water; ten times he did it.” But I said, “Why did he do such a cruel thing?” He said, “Because he found me smoking a cigarette.” “My Goodness!”

So, I asked this guru, I said, “Why are you doing such a horrible thing to your disciples?” He said, “Otherwise, if you don’t do like this, they will never rise, they will never come up. You go on forgiving them and the more you forgive, the worse they become. And they will show no ascent at all, so you have to be very strict with them. Please don’t spoil them all the time!” I was really surprised how he could say so. “You see,” he said, “Mother, if you give everything free, you give them everything so easily, they will never value their self-respect, they will never value their Self-realisation.” I said, “It’s not so. You have to give them a chance. You have to allow them to rise and to allow them to become something. Like Mother Earth, what She does, She sprouts the seeds, then the trees come up, then after that She gives them the fruits and She sees that the fruits are ripened. All that She does.” But he said, “But they are not trees, they are human beings and they have freedom to become devils also.” I said, “Alright, if they are devils, I can manage them. You just see how I can manage them. And if they are devils, they’ll remain devils, you cannot change them.”

So, he argued with me and when he met Sahaja Yogis, he asked them: “How many of you are willing to give [your] life for Shri Mataji? Do you know what She has given you?” They said, “Yes, we do.” So they came to me and told, “Mother, he wanted us to give life for you.” I said, “That’s not necessary. It’s not necessary.” Because he used to ask his disciples perhaps!

And then I met many like him who were very strict gurus. Complete obedience was needed, complete humility, complete surrender was needed. A word against the guru was not tolerated, but even you could not answer, you could not show any temper to a guru. Now I have met people who are like that sometimes, then I stop talking to them, that’s it! If they want to improve, they can improve. If they don’t want to improve, you cannot force them to improve. But, according to these gurus, there should be a great fear in their mind, that they should be so frightened, that they should behave themselves.

Now, we expect so much from the guru: that he is your father, mother, he is a friend, everything. He is a pure person, who just wants your ascent. He wants to look after you. He wants to guide you, wants to protect and takes you to the life of spirituality. And this is the way a guru has to work out. But what is expected of the disciple is even much worse. The disciple has to be absolutely a pure person. He should have a pure desire to become a spiritual person. If he doesn’t have this pure desire, if he has some other desires, then absolutely useless.

Like some people come to Sahaja Yoga, I have seen it: they want to make a name out of themselves, they become great masters of everything, they want to dominate everything. That is not important.

There are some people who try to make money in Sahaja Yoga, a way of making money. That also is absolutely wrong. And, not only that, but it’s [a] very low level that you want to make money out of Sahaja Yoga.

Then there are people who just come here for some politics. They go on saying things here and saying things there. All these things are not going to give you any ascent whatsoever. You have come here only to achieve a great life of spirituality of becoming a guru. Now, also this politics business is quite a lot. People try to enjoy the position of a leader. So, they try to keep that position in a very special way. There is no need in that. If you are a leader because you are a great master, you will remain [so]; nobody can challenge you; nobody can dethrone you. And one should not get disturbed with any such fear. Sahaja Yoga is a yoga in which fear doesn’t play any part. There’s no fear for you.

Only thing for your ascent, it is necessary that you introspect. Try to find out what have you been doing. Are you an absolutely humble person? Do you do whatever is told to you? Supposing I tell somebody, “Just go to some place.” He may not go. He will come and tell me, “You know, Mother, this happened, that happened…” some excuse. He may not go. But that’s not being good. If you have been told to go to that place, there must be some meaning and you have to go. You have to obey! If you are not obedient, then you cannot become a guru, because, if you cannot obey, how can others obey you?

This obedience is not for any personal gain of the guru, not at all, but for your gain only, for your education, for your ascent. So, if such a view is taken, then what happens [is] that you start getting all the qualities of a guru.

Firstly a guru cannot be fussy man, first and foremost thing: “I want this house, I want that thing, I can’t like this, I can’t like that.” If a person who does not know how to get detached from all these habits, he cannot be a guru. How can he ascend? Of course, I mean, you have to try that you get rid of all these habits. They are funny habits which make you miserable. It doesn’t make miserable others as it makes you miserable. No habit should cling to a guru.

First and foremost is that he has to be beyond time. He should not worry about time. Many a times I have seen people, if they have to go to the airport for example, something enters into their body! They become speedy, suddenly, everybody. Even if I have to go, I am going, all of them will become speedy, everybody starts running helter-skelter. Why? I am going, you are not going. But it happens. Like that, if you tell somebody you have to go to a function or for some felicitation, people start jumping about. And that’s a very modern disease, it was not before. So they start seeing that, “We are getting late,” getting upset. But if you go on worrying like that, you don’t go beyond time. And when you go beyond time, you control time, time is with you all the time. Whenever you go, it happens.

I’ll give an example of that: We had a little girl in Cabella who fell down and she broke her hand, very badly. I was about to leave for America. Actually, I had come out of my room when I saw the child. I said, “Alright, it doesn’t matter, I’ll cure this child, first.” They said, “No, Mother, but your plane!” I said, “It’s alright, forget it!” So, I got the child, treated the child and she was alright and after, I think, half an hour, I left, I left for the airport. And you will be amazed to hear that that aeroplane was out of order, which was going to New York. So this plane is out of order. Then they said, “Alright, you can go by another aeroplane which goes to Washington, with the same ticket.” I said, “Very good idea, give me that.” And I went by that, so that I reached Washington, which is a very, very nice airport to arrive because there is no problem of customs, there is no crowd, nothing. All people go to New York, I don’t know why. They should all go to Washington. It’s very surprising. I discovered for myself that I wish I had not gone by that horrible plane to go to New York. Like that, everything works out and the time comes what is good for you. It is such a lot of experience of mine, which I can tell you, that to worry about time itself is a headache. If you leave it to this Divine Power and believe in it, then everything works out for your good. And if it does not, you must know that it is your destiny. You must accept. You must learn to accept, because, whatever you have fixed up yourself as something very great, is not.

So, what is the greatest thing you have to achieve? Your detachment. Then you become gunateet, means, as you know, we have three gunas within us. One is called as Satvoguna, is the best, but there are two other gunas which are, as you know that, Left Side and Right Side. Either you are a right-sided person or a left-sided person. These two gunas within us are of no importance. Supposing you are a right-sided person, then what happens to you? You become overactive, overactivity gives you fatigue, gives you all kinds of diseases, which you have seen, and you have to cure Right Side. Such a person is extremely speedy. He cannot sit in one place for two minutes. He is all the time jumping and he creates problems for himself and his family.

Then the left-sided person, which we call as the tamoguna. The right-sided is the rajoguna and the left-sided is the one which is tamoguna. ‘Tamo’ means ‘darkness’. Such a man is afraid of darkness. Darkness, everything, he is afraid of. But he becomes a very intriguingly, very crooked person. He always tries to trouble people in a very crooked manner. Not openly. While the right-sided man is openly a Hitler. But this one, the second one, the one we call as tamoguni is the one who tries to trouble others very much.

Rajoguni has an opinion of his own about everything. When he is so much having his own opinion, he goes on forcing it onto other persons. But, if you see his own life, he is in complete misery. He cannot carry on with people, he cannot talk to people and there is a very big gap between himself, his Spirit, and his being.

The second type, the tamogunis are the ones who end up with all kinds of diseases. Even the right-sided people get lots of diseases. But the left ones get it psychosomatic. Psychosomatic diseases are very dangerous and not curable by human doctors. So, you have to take to Sahaja Yoga. But again, you go to the right or to the left, again right to the left. This is not a very good attitude, I think, towards life, that you get bound by one of these gunas or you are all the time like a pendulum, moving from left to right, right to left.

So, you have to be a steady person. For that you all have to meditate. I know immediately a person who meditates and I know who does not meditate. You will yourself know a person who meditates. It’s a question of ten, fifteen minutes, but that you must do every night. And morning, about five minutes meditation. Then you develop your balance. You develop your tenacity. You develop your own body in such a manner that it can stand lots of nonsense, it can bear lots of things. You don’t have then desires left: what food you should eat, when you should eat, whom you should please, nothing of the kind! You yourself become such a sweet person, that everybody is pleased and understands that one has to be like you. The people see you and you become like a model, people start following you, that means you become a guru. In this way, you get rid of these two habits that you have of Left and Right side.

Now, satvogunis are the people who believe in the righteousness. But when they are righteous, they can have contempt for others who are not righteous. They go on saying things to such people. So, they can develop a kind of temperament. So they become aloof. They can go to Himalayas, sit there and not to meet anybody, get out of the society, get out of all your relations, everyone, and just establish yourself as a big guru somewhere. This kind also of, also, another generation is there which is of no use.

I met some of them when I was in Hardwar and I told them, “What are you doing in the Himalayas?” He said, “We don’t want to face human beings. They are useless people, they are good for nothing. You do anything for them, they go on troubling you. We don’t want to be there.” So, I said, “Why have you become a guru? If you cannot manage them, if you cannot get out of the troubles they are giving you and out of all those things and remain in your peace, then what’s the use of becoming this?” He said, “We have had enough of it.” Some of them were over 100 years of age and all that. But I said, “What is the use? Your life is of no use. You are staying here, alone somewhere in the jungles.” He said, “The tigers, the snakes, all of them know us, that we are great and they don’t trouble us, but these human beings are terrible. If we go down, they’ll trouble us and torture us, we don’t want to go there, because they are very ambitious or they are very negative. Something is wrong with the human beings. None of them have reached a perfect state.”

So that, all that, I was surprised how they are not at all willing to come down and be with us and be a part and parcel of us. They said, “Alright, Mother, you have come, you are a Mother, you can tolerate all this and you can work it out, but not we. We are out of it, we don’t want to go back.” They have lots of powers, they can control the nature, they can do so many things, but they said, “Easy to control even a snake than to control a human being. Today they might behave in a particular manner, suddenly they will become horrible. You don’t know these human beings how uncertain they are, what uncertain quantity they are.” I said, “There is a way of putting them right. You first give them Realisation.” In the light of their Spirit, they can see how they are doing wrong things. Ninety-nine percent [of] people will know what’s going wrong with them, where are they missing the point. They will start seeing themselves.

Spirit is like a mirror where you see yourself clearly, and you start changing yourself. There’s no introspection actually needed then, when you have your Spirit awakened. You can watch yourself, you can see for yourself clearly, as soon as you become a developed or evolved Sahaja Yogi. And that is one point one should see: if it has happened to you. If you can see something wrong with you, if you can find out what sort of defects you have, if you can detach yourself from those defects, and if you can understand that all these attachments and defects and habits are pulling you down, then only you can leave them. But that only happens, when you have this mirror of your Self shining through. When this light comes to you, you see for yourself what is wrong with you, what is the wrong path you are taking.

Overnight you have seen [that] people have given up so many things. Many gross things they give up, but still there are many subtle things which stick on to them.

First thing that happens to you is that you start finding what’s wrong with your own people, of your own nation. I am amazed, you see: When the English got Realisation, they started telling me about the English. When Italians got Realisation, they started telling me about the Italians. If you tell Italians that, “You see, this Italian fellow did this, like that”, he said, “Italians, after all, Mother! What will they do? They are just like this, you know!” He himself is an Italian, but immediately he’ll say. Same with the Russians, I have seen, it’s very surprising that they start telling you about what’s wrong with the Russians or with the Ukrainians. All of them are quite aware. Even Indians, they’ll say, “After all, this is Indian, you know, Indian people how they are, Mother, they are doing like this.” I was surprised that they themselves being Indians, how are they immediately telling me about the Indians! And many things I have come to know about these countries, actually through the Sahaja Yogis only. When the Sahaja Yogis tell me, I am amazed that they are not identified with their country, they are not identified with anyone, even [with] their own family they are not identified. If they find something wrong, they’ll tell me, “Mother, my father is like that, my mother is like that.” That is how you get detached, when you start seeing and are not identified.

If you are not identified with all these things, then you become a free person, you have the freedom. You become a person who is not attached to anyone because he is your father or she is your mother or a sister or anyone. This attachment is a very dangerous one also. With the family attachment we have lost many Sahaja Yogis. Because their family was funny, they got lost. They couldn’t get out of it.

We don’t say that you detach yourself from family or get out of it, but, in a subtle way, you should understand what are they up to and what they are doing.

All this subtle understanding about everyone doesn’t give you any right also to criticise them. You should see for yourself what’s wrong with you. You know, all these subtleties you criticise that, “Such a person is such, such a person is such,” but you also have the same problems with you. That’s why you get detachment only possible through this introspection, through the mirror of your Spirit.

So, the spiritual life is very important to a person than anything else on this Earth. Because such a person has been seeking, he has been seeking the Truth, he has been seeking the Reality. And once you know the Reality, you don’t want to cling onto something which is not Reality. You want to be a person who is above all these things, that you can see all these things. And that is how you can save others, who are getting drowned into the ocean of darkness, into the ocean of misidentification. Only when you are above this. But mostly what happens is this, that you are identified. You are identified, “How can I do it? How can I say?”

The countries where Sahaja Yoga has spread well, there have been people who are not identified with those countries and think that they have to help all these countrymen to come up, to join in. For that, tremendous patience and love is necessary.

As you know, this Cosmic Power, as they call it, which, they say, I am the source: actually, it is the power of Love, of Divine Love, of pure Love. And such a love doesn’t demand anything, doesn’t want anything, but it acts, it works. For example, if you love somebody, you would not like to do something to displease that person. Of course, there are some Sahaja Yogis who do things which I really don’t like, but I never show. I just keep quiet. But normally, if a person has love for someone, he wouldn’t do anything to displease or to trouble that person or in any way hurt. Without that development within you, you cannot become collective.

In collectivity, what happens [is] that you feel for others, you understand others. You may not show off, but inside yourself, you know. Supposing somebody has done lots of funny things with you – doesn’t matter. But gradually you will see, he will change. Gradually he will become better, because he will realise that whatever he has been doing has not been a correct thing to do. He will not only feel guilty, that’s not the way, but he will say, “I should correct. Why did I do like this? I should not have done it.” Gradually he will improve. But for that, you should have a great sense of forgiveness, great sense of understanding.

Under circumstances, people also misbehave, because they have had no training how to be alright, how to be humble, they misbehave. Because in their culture, perhaps, there is nothing but just anger, and arrogance is regarded as something great, also, they misbehave. Sometimes they come from such families where only arrogance is taught. So you can’t help it. Such people are to be forgiven again and again, and see that they change. Because I have a faith that all human beings can be made into beautiful flowers of fragrance, all the human beings.

But I know there are some difficult ones. Why? Because they don’t want. If they don’t want, if they don’t have the pure desire, you cannot force it on them, so forget it! They are difficult people, forget about them. But those who want, those who have a great desire, which is absolutely pure desire – not for money, not for position, not for anything else, but for achieving a great state of spirituality – such people are to be helped at any cost.

I know some of them have gone to very wrong gurus and they have suffered – they have a bad Agnya, they have all kinds of things – doesn’t matter, you should try to help them. If they can listen to you, if they can understand what you are telling them, I am sure it would work out. It has worked out so much, as you can see now, that, in the foreign countries where I was just an Indian, how people have taken to it! How they have understood me and how they have become Sahaja Yogis of such a great value and level.

We never had so many saints in the olden days, never! Only one saint would be born, and he would be tortured. There were not so many to help each other and to protect each other.

So, collectivity is to be learned very well, how to be collective, how to be nice to each other. Because, later on, when you become the guru, when you have to guide the people, you will know what are the problems of the collectivity. Also you will know how to overcome that, how to make collectivity perfect. And once you learn that thing, you will be amazed that you have mastered the art of being a guru.

I would like to see so many of you becoming a real guru, real masters. Not only in your jobs, in your talents, but in your own life. People should say that, “Such and such person is a real guru.” For that, as I said, you must learn obedience, complete obedience. You should not question the guru. Whatever is told to you, you must do. Though in Sahaja Yoga I do not say that. Today is the first time I am saying it, because I find so many of you fall a little short of becoming perfect.

You don’t have to sacrifice anything. I have told you. You don’t have to give up anything. You don’t have to give up your families or anything and do odd things just to show that you are perfect. But it’s something, a state, within yourself which you have to establish, where you become extremely humble, obedient. And you will be growing with this light, I am sure.

Once you understand the importance, then you will dedicate yourself to become a personality of a rare quality. It’s very difficult, as people sometimes say, but I think it’s the easiest thing to be, because that’s the most comfortable way of living in life.

No use fighting, no use quarrelling, nobody trying to show off and all that. The care of everyone, the suggestion of care is very much satisfying for others. A little care here and there, people like it. And that only comes from a very noble soul who bothers about small, small things, about whatever others need.

It’s not for your own advancement. It’s not for your own leadership, whatever you may call, or for your own positions. Then you are falling short. But it’s for your own ascent, for your higher life that you give up all these ideas of leadership and this and that. It’s absurd the way sometimes I find some Sahaja Yogis are so anxious to assert themselves as leaders. It’s not correct.

So many times I have explained to you that your own development, your own correction, your own position in Sahaja Yoga will say what you are. Whatever others may say doesn’t matter. What you say about yourself, truly, truthfully, is the reality. And you must face yourself all the time.

I would say specially for the ladies, because I am a woman and I have worked very hard all these years, and, as a woman, I must tell that all the ladies should try. Because they always say, “We are shaktis”, but in their life, I don’t see there is any work done as shaktis. Only they are sort of dependents all the time on Sahaja Yoga. They have to stand up in their own freedom. They have to be independent and they should have right ideas about everything. I am sure if the ladies come up that way, Sahaja Yoga will spread very much.

Men are working much more for Sahaja Yoga than women are. I can understand, because they have families, they have children, these things. But the most important thing is that, once you take to active Sahaja Yoga, then your children also come up well, the family is also looked after. After all, there is this Divine Power which looks after all of you.

You must believe that this Divine Power thinks, understands, It organises, above all It loves you. This Divine Power has to be understood, that It is now your own and that you are in the Realm of this Divine Power where you won’t have any problems whatsoever. If you leave things to the Divine Power it will all work out.

As you know, about this scientist who found out about me. I have to just say that he asked me that, “How is it that so many hearts are made here?” I said, “People were singing the song ‘Sitting in the heart of the universe’, so this many hearts have come up.” But he said still, “Does this power hear?” I said, “No, it’s me only! I can hear. I was hearing the song and then the Power organises everything.” It’s something to be understood very well, that the power within you, what you have, understands and understands you also. It is a way of power which is your own power, but you cannot control it. It knows about you, whenever you are falling, when you are doing wrong, the same power which protects you and loves you like a mother will correct you and bring you to the right path.

I think, now, a new century is starting and so many things have to happen. And all of you must decide that you will do this or that. Whatever is your understanding about spreading Sahaja Yoga, you should try do it. All of you should put your mind to it. If women can’t go out, they can write down something, they can write about their spiritual ascent or about whatever their experiences are.

So in any case, all those who have got also very miraculous photographs, they should send it over here; very important is, because this gentleman is coming here in September and he is going to analyse all of them. So it will be very nice of you if you can send it. Also you write down about your different experiences you have had in Sahaj Yog. That will be also a good idea, he told me, that he would like to publish a book like that.

And now the time has come for us to publish our miracles that have taken place. All of you have had some experience of miracles, so I have to request you to send, as soon as possible, written well, in English language or in Hindi language or Marathi, because I don’t understand other languages. And please don’t send me in other languages, we will have to appoint somebody to translate them in fourteen languages, it’s a difficult thing. So, I would request you to send that.

I am sure today’s lecture, you will again go through it and understand it and work it out.

May God bless you.