7th Day of Navaratri, You all should depend on Paramchaitanya

Campus, Cabella Ligure (Italy)

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Navaratri puja, “The  Pure Knowledge”, Cabella (Italy), 27 September 1998.

You can’t imagine how a Mother who has so many beautiful children, sees them in such a joyous mood with their families, their children nicely settled down. It is very satisfying to see you all so much in joy and complete oneness with the Divine.

One has to realise only one thing, that, though you are many, still, compared to the population of this world, we are very few who really know the True Knowledge, the Real Knowledge.

You are the people who are knowledgeable, no doubt. But also knowledge which is not being adorned with Truth, or which is not the True Knowledge, has no meaning. All that vanishes into thin air because it is artificial.

By your Kundalini awakening, you all have achieved that state where, we can say, you know. You know what is the Real Knowledge. But think of the people who do not know what knowledge is. We, take for example, we say that our knowledge is nothing but love. But one should understand the discrimination. The knowledge that is love, within you, is just emitting out from your being. You don’t have to assert. You don’t have to think. You don’t have to read some sort of poetry or go into some sort of a romantic mood. It is just Pure Love which emits and this is the Knowledge also.

How you have to relate it is this way. The knowledge that you have about yourself is evident, is absolutely expressed, on your fingertips; and about others also. You know about others and about yourself. This is the greatest, subtle knowledge you have. No one knows like that. Apart from you people, no one knows about themselves or about others.

So this knowledge has come to you, which is extremely subtle, extremely secretive, absolutely secretive. If you know about somebody, you know. Others do not know that you know about them. And so this knowledge that you have got is nothing but love. It is very difficult to make knowledge and love put together, because our idea of knowledge is very different. What we read from the books. How can you love from the books?

What love means [to humans is] – our attachment. To us, in ignorance, you get attached to people, to children, to family, to things. By getting attached meant it is proved that we do not have the knowledge. If you have the knowledge then all attachments should just drop out and you should become a global personality, a drop in the ocean. For example, we are attached to many things, like, we are attached to our family. [If] something happens in the family we get very disturbed, we can’t bear it. If anything happens to our children, we feel horrible, it’s just the whole world falling on you. Then from family, you move on, you are attached to your friends, to your neighbours, you are also attached to your country. Attachment to your country is also not knowledge.

Once you are a realised soul you just start seeing your country clearly: what wrong it has got, what ignorance it has got, in what darkness it exists and in what way it is quarrelling, fighting for rights and things. But with the knowledge you have within yourself, you see it so clearly, what is the problem with your country. Then you try to improve that, through your love: means the power of your knowledge is your love.

If you have all the knowledge within you and if you are just sitting at home and meditating it has no meaning. What you have to do is to go about: tell people, you have to meet other people, your friends, your family and other relations, about your knowledge. If you cannot do that then your knowledge is not with love. It is such a connection between the two. You feel like telling everybody that you’ve got your realisation. You feel like telling everyone that you are a realised soul. But in that you feel like you are expressing your ego. Alright, by some other ways, by some other methods you can express to them that you have the True Knowledge. When you have the false knowledge, you can get ego. You can think that, “I know so much, I know about this, I know the colour of the carpets, all the shades – everything”. Any stupid thing, if you know, you think you are very great. That’s the sign of stupidity, in your head also, if you think that this is very great to know.

Now we have discovered that, through all kinds of acquiring knowledge in the whole world – what we have achieved? Nothing. There are wars going on. There’s all kinds of destructions coming in. I saw on the television this [hurricane] George. It’s a whirlwind which is going around and is killing so many people. It’s destroying so many people without understanding what he’s doing. But he’s there and he’s acting very well. So, is it that he doesn’t understand? Or is it that he understands and that he is doing something just to correct people? This also, we should, have to, have full idea.

Like yesterday, when I came here it was raining heavily and then I sat down and suddenly it stopped. Stopped till the whole programme was over. Till I spoke, it was not working. But suddenly, when you started clapping, also it started clapping (The hard rain falling on hangar at Cabella really sounded like clapping!!) That’s what it was. So even the nature knows who you are. But you must know the nature, this is the point, nature will act according to what your level, your spirituality is. Surprisingly, I always felt, that there cannot be levels of spirituality. I felt that once you get realisation, you are there. But later on I discovered that I was wrong – it is not so.

Even after getting realisation, I found people had so many obstructions in rising. There were so many temptations which were keeping them down. So one had to work out on different chakras, different nadis, somehow or another, to make you perfect. Because the perfection within only will give you the authority to use this Knowledge. There are, as I told you, two ways of doing it.

The other day I told you that you should not react. It is human nature to react, it is absolutely human. But if you are to become superhuman, you should not react. By not reacting, you will grow, definitely you will grow. But if you react, then you cannot grow. Because you are working under the pressure of other things that is not yourself. Now supposing, as I said, I see these carpets, I know the colour and this and that, and I react to it: finished! I will not have any sense of judgement if I react to it. But if I don’t react, then I´ll know whether these carpets have got vibrations or not: are they emitting vibrations or not?

Now what are these vibrations? That is the love.

So the communication is like this. If you have the light you can see things. So when you see things, the light is there and light gives you the perception, gives you the vision to see things. In the same way, when you are enlightened, what happens is that these vibrations start flowing – just like the light, and in that light you can see things which are good and which are bad. But sometimes you put the same parameters as human beings do. Like you go to some house, a very nice house, a very good house – all these things make you very happy. But actually what about that house? Is it having good vibrations or is it having bad vibrations, is it worth living there or not?

Like the other day they told me that they can get a very nice place in Milano, a little beyond Milano, for rent, very cheap. I said “Why is it so cheap?“ Immediately I felt the vibrations of the place. I said “Did you go and see the vibrations of that place?“ They went and saw – it was all burning (on vibrations). They found out that there was Scientology there for years together. I said “That’s not the place where you can live“. You have to have a very pure place. Even the hut of a poor man would be better than this comfortable, so-called, place.

So one has to use the vibrations all the time to understand everything that you are doing. In that also it can be misleading. Some people feel the vibrations and they tell me “Mother, I’ve felt the vibrations and I’ve felt that I should marry this man”. I said  “Did you feel the vibrations – yes?”. “Yes I did, very much, and I must marry this man“. When I see the man, I see the bhoots in him – I said “My God! What sort of vibrations has this lady felt about him?”

So in your judgement, what is there? There is no Pure Knowledge. So see how connected they are: vibrations which is love and also the other thing which you have to have is the knowledge, the Pure Knowledge, the True Knowledge. We can say that Pure Knowledge and the True Knowledge is like the energy, like electricity. And the way you feel it, the way you understand it, it exists, that is love.

People don’t understand also, what the love is. They get mad after someone and say that “Mother, I think that I am in-love with that person” and after 5 days they’ll come and say – “Mother no, I won’t have anything to do with that person“. Why? Because you have not got the Pure Knowledge. You did not feel the Pure Knowledge in that person through your vibrations. Now see how connected it is.

Like we can say the sun and the sunlight, what is the difference between the two? The sun is there, when the sun comes, there is sunlight. So what is the difference? Or we can say the moon and the moonlight: what is the difference? There is no difference in these two things. One is the moon and the other is the light.

So all these things are very very confusing. But we don’t understand how confused we are about it. We don’t understand how our vibrations can mislead us. Because vibrations are there, alright. But sometimes, even if they are missing, just to justify yourself, you will say, “We have vibrations and we feel that it is very good, excellent!” And later on you will discover that it is not so.

So even now, when we are realised souls, you should know what is encompassing us, which is around us, what is that which makes us feel that, “It’s alright, it’s good we should have it”. Once we start understanding that: vibrations of  Pure Knowledge are of a very different nature, then you are not attached to that person, you are not attached to that family, you are not attached to that country – nothing. But what you feel is the pure vibrations coming to you. This is the point which is very confusing – when you say “My vibrations are good, I like those vibrations,” while you jump into the ocean of filth! Many people have asked Me “Mother, why is it sometimes we make mistakes?” You do not make mistakes, it’s your ignorance, which is darkness. And that’s why whenever you plunge into it you fall into trouble. So to understand that, our knowledge has to become completely clear.

Like in our house, supposing we have a lamp that’s dirty, you cannot get the light. In the same way if our heart is not clean, especially our heart, if it is not clean, then we start doing things which, by believing that it’s right, but [by] which we hurt ourselves or others. It is a very, very common error in human nature to identify wrong things as right just to make themselves look such a great, such a divine thing.

As I told you now, there are people who want to say, divide the country. Simple reason, they want to divide. Now they want to divide because they want to have importance. The few people who want their importance will instigate others, tell them “Alright, we must have freedom. If we have freedom we will have this country for ourselves, then we can develop ourselves”. Or a part of the country which is richer, which is better off, they will think that “It is alright, we will have all the money to ourselves, we will have everything to ourselves.” So they divide.

They can divide in the name of religion, in the name of prosperity, whatever it is. But if you divide the country, actually you are facing a big problem because you have seen that, wherever people divide, they fall into a kind of a dark, dark, dungeon from where they cannot come out. It’s just a few people whose ego is that, they want to have some land as their own. But they die, not only die, some of them are murdered. And like that, all that idea, that “we’ll have the possession of the land” goes away.

So in the same way we can see on smaller things also. In smaller things also we are very much identified that “If I have this thing, then everything will be fine.” You cannot understand how people just jump at things and say “O Mother this is ours, this is ours, we must do this for ourselves!” Openly! They don’t think it’s wrong to say that, “This is my country, I must do for my country,“ and another says “This is my country and I must do for my country.“ As long as there is this ‘my’ and ‘I’, that means there is no knowledge.

The knowledge, as I told you, Pure Knowledge, is that which gives you a pure light. A pure light means pure vibrations. Now vibrations can be misleading, as I told you, or could be the quantity of vibrations can be less or more. There’s another way to see it, is to see for yourself, “Why do you want to do a particular thing?” Mental also – you can also use parameter of mental understanding. “Why do I want to do it?” “What is the gain for all the people?” If you start thinking from that angle, that: “What is the gain for others? What will they gain by this? Why should I do it?” You’ll be amazed, you will get the real picture of what you are doing.

So you must keep yourself all the time in a state where you witness yourself. You see yourself, that, “Why am I doing this? What is the purpose?” Sometimes this could be some conditioning, could be some sort of a psychological thing, could be anything. But if you start watching carefully, “Why I am doing it?” You’ll be amazed that your vibrations itself will start telling you on your fingertips.

But sometimes the vibrations are so superficially coming,  “Ah, I got vibrations!“, and this and that. For this reason I am saying again and again [that], though you are such a nice family of mine and we are all so much blessed and we have so much of knowledge with us, we should be very wise. There is no wisdom. If there is no wisdom, we can never understand what we are doing.

Now to develop this wisdom? What have we to do? You see, every time, if I say anything they’ll come and say “Mother, how do we get wisdom? What is the way to get wisdom?” Wisdom you have already within you, Shri Ganesha is already there, who gives you the wisdom. But you must take to Shri Ganesh.

There I find, people become so much addicted to Shri Ganesh that they lose his identity. Completely. They become very slavish about the whole thing and they just believe that they are very spiritual, they are very great. All these false ideas are no good. Does your Ganesha give you wisdom? Now you must count: how many wise things you have done so far? Where did you take a very wise decision? Have you been wise to do something or have you been just doing it because you are identified with a particular type of life or particular type of answer?

So wisdom is a thing that gives you, first of all, complete peace. If your wisdom is developed then you become very peaceful. Because whatever people may say, whatever they may do, whatever aggression they may do, whatever it is – you are peaceful. And you see the stupidity of the other people of the other nations and you understand why they are doing it.

This wisdom is such an important thing in human beings because animals don’t have so much wisdom as we have. Sometimes, of course, sometimes, we have even less than animals! But still, by experience you see, we have to learn that we have been making mistakes. So many mistakes we have committed so far. Now, are we going to commit more mistakes? Or are we going to be wise?

Wisdom is not apparent outside. You can’t say [if] somebody is wise by looking at that person. But in vibrations you will know that, that person is extremely wise. He may speak. He may not speak. If he speaks he’ll speak about something so deep, so wise, and so nice without hurting you. This kind of a temperament, if you develop, is to become wise, for every question.

For example, some are very attached to their children. So much attached that they forget that they are part and parcel of this Divine Force and they just start doing all kinds of things. The other day I met one lady whose son was very sick and she took him to the hospital and doctors gave him all kinds of medicines and he became even worse. Then she telephones to me, “Mother I don’t know what happened, I went to the doctor and the doctor gave him this and that treatment, and the child has become worse”. “Then why didn’t you ask me before, why did you go to the hospital first?” Lack of wisdom. And there, why don’t you ask?

We had one case here in Cabella. There was one child who fell down and broke her arm. Now the mother didn’t show any wisdom and she took the child to the hospital and the doctor said “Tomorrow we are going to operate [on] her and put some artificial arm inside”. But the father was sensible, he said “Alright, tomorrow? Not today? I´ll take the child at home.” He brought the child to me in the night about 3 o’clock and I said, “Alright.” I put it right. Next day when he took her to the hospital, the doctor said “But now there is no need to operate because her arm’s alright!” You see the difference. One is worried, immediately they’ll go to the doctor, instead of consulting Me, asking Me. They are sahaja yogis,  but they will go and ask the doctor to do something. Alright. Once the doctor starts doing something then they’ll come to Me.

There’s lots of miracles which have taken place about Sahaja Yoga, I must say, and in that, you see, the wisdom helps you. Of course my attention is there always, no doubt, but still you should not take it for granted. You have to ask.

One day, you see, I was just sitting and I just thought that I should telephone somebody in the ashram of New York. I never telephoned there [before]. So I found out the phone number and we telephoned and I said “Is the child alright?”. So the leader there was surprised, because that boy had fallen in the water and was in the water for quite some time and he was all filled with water, even his brain was filled with water. As usual, there were some doctors who said that he cannot survive and even if he survives his brain has so much water that he cannot be normal. So I just said that “Don’t worry!” I didn’t know, nobody told me. “Don’t worry! The boy will be alright, completely”. So they were surprised how I said so! Firstly, how I knew that the boy had fallen, there was some boy like that. And then they did not know how I said he’ll be alright. And he was alright, he’s perfectly alright. So they were surprised at my knowing about it, how is it that Mother knows that there’s a boy who is so sick? Here I will say that it is pure knowledge.

You see my attention is always around you people. Always dealing with you. And how I know is this, that this attention of mine is global. So anything happens to you, any upsetting thing takes place, any, I should say a deviation takes place – my attention is there. Immediately I know there is something wrong somewhere and I don’t know how my attention goes to particular places which makes life better – it helps people in need. I don’t do anything about this attention but this attention is the wisdom. The wisdom that spreads all over. With that wisdom you know what’s wrong with another person or any other organisation that is in Sahaja Yoga. Everything you come to know. If you want to know, it’s different, it’s just you know. Like you spread out everywhere. For example, if you have to telephone then you have to use the telephone – but for me I don’t have to use the telephone, I just know.

So this has come from a pure innocent wisdom. The innocent wisdom is just like a child, it is everywhere, and it communicates and it tells what’s the matter, what the problem is. Many people have been cured with Sahaja Yoga, many have been cured. Now if they can say, that “Mother how did we get cured? What have we done? Did you see our chakras, did you find out what was wrong with us?” No, I haven’t, I haven’t, but I leave it, in my wisdom, I leave it to Paramchaitanya to do the job.

This is the main point is: that, can you leave everything to Paramchaitanya in your wisdom? If you cannot then yet you have not felt the Real Knowledge within you. That is the level that some people are. I am not now so sure about those who get realisation are all so much filled with Pure Knowledge. Some of them are, but not all of them. With experience they learn. With meeting people they learn. But as the wisdom, pure wisdom…is difficult for them because they do not rely entirely on the Paramchaitanya. Everything happens, just the Paramchaitanya knows, It understands, It organises, It loves, It does everything. That’s the energy It is. It does everything. And how It manages! How [things that] we call coincidences, are really organised by Paramchaitanya.

As I told you yesterday the way the rain was, the rain came and went away. It has wisdom. Innately it knows I am sitting here. [When] the programme is going to start it stops. The flowers know Me. You don’t know, when we have flowers, they are of this size, I don’t do anything to them, they start growing and growing and blast like that. Now, one would say, now “Mother how do they know?” Because they are natural. We are unnatural. We have taken so many artificialities as part and parcel of life. You see all kinds of courtesies, this, that. All that’s not necessary. All these stupid practices that we have adopted sometimes keeps us away from Pure Knowledge. And when there’s no Pure Knowledge, we don’t know anything what’s happening, we just get frightened for small things, upset for something. I mean it’s something very surprising to see sahaja yogis getting upset.

Among a hundred people, if supposing there’s a problem, so, if you are a sahaja yogi, you have to just witness and see. If you cannot do that then you are not a sahaja yogi. But it’s not like practicing, you know. Like they say, if you have to have the blessings of Shiva, you must say 108 times His name. That’s not the way! He doesn’t like it. You see, nobody likes that kind of a murmuring. You see [if] somebody comes and takes your name all the time near your door you will throw him out! So that’s not the way, that’s a wrong idea that you go on taking the name of somebody and that Deity will help you.

First of all you have to become wise enough to understand that you are a part and parcel of Paramchaitanya. Everything will work out by that, and it works out so beautifully. Of course, some people have a hard time, I don’t say they don’t have. But it is not hard, because if you are one with Paramchaitanya, and you know that It is doing the job, you are not feeling that hardness, or sickness or anything.

All the people who write to Me about their problems, I don’t know what to say. All I can say is “Do you believe in Paramchaitanya?” Alright, It knows. It knows what is to be done. It knows what is to be corrected, It knows what is to be said. You see It can create poetry, It can create music, It can create everything. But do you leave everything to the Paramchaitanya? This is the second point in wisdom. Do you have wisdom to leave everything to Paramchaitanya, after experiencing also?

Like there was one lady who was going in a car and she found, on her car, that her brakes weren’t braking and she didn’t know what to do now. If the brakes were not working more how will she manage? It was in Germany, all the cars were moving very fast and she did not know what to do. So she put her head on the steering wheel and she said “I leave it to Paramchaitanya”. She said she leaves it to Me. Alright, it’s the same. So by saying that, what happened, she said, “Mother, I don’t know, when I raised my head I found my car was taken on one side of the road and nobody was there.” All the cars were passing by but somehow or another this car was taken there very nicely by some force.

So the wisdom lies in understanding the working of Paramchaitanya. How it guides you, how it helps you, how it preserves you, how, [by] depending on Paramchaitanya, you can continue to be living very happily.

I think in Sahaja Yoga we have lost very few sahaja yogis. They live for long, they don’t die, and if you ask their experiences, it’s very amazing, how it works out. If they don’t want to live, also, they can pass. But if they want to live, Paramchaitanya takes over and you can live long. But living long doesn’t mean that you go on bothering yourself, as to what you will do with your money, how will you live, what will be the source.  [When] all these nonsensical things, worries come to you, alright, then the Paramchaitanya says “Alright, go on worrying!” If you go on worrying, “Alright go on worrying!” It doesn’t matter, what will happen? Whatever has to happen, will happen. But Paramchaitanya can interfere in case you leave it to Paramchaitanya.

They said many a times, leave it to God, leave it to God. What God means, I don’t know what they mean by God. God means Paramchaitanya, God means giving divine force, that is working everything.

So another way of looking at it is, the wisdom that we should understand, that each and every particle of this world is created by Divine – by the Divine force. And these particles and everything are completely under the guidance and supervision of Paramchaitanya. Nothing can move under something Paramchaitanya works on. It is something so connected, globally it’s so much there that people don’t realise what they are doing, what they should have done. I mean on many scales you find something happening. Like, supposing something is happening now in America. Just try to find out what America has done to other countries – immediately you will get the answer. So also it takes full care of the persons who believe in Paramchaitanya, who give everything in the hands of Paramchaitanya. We give things to the police, we’ll give to the doctors, we’ll give it to some civil people, engineers to do some things. But they can make mistakes, they can create problems – but you leave it to Paramchaitanya. It is something so remarkable that in my own life I have seen that all the time it works for me.

I was building a house in Pune and we had to put a slab, a very, very big slab. We needed about 300 bags of cement for that. So I got the cement and I got the people but they said to start early in the morning and you can finish next morning – 24 hours. I said alright. So, at about 5 o’clock, I told “Let’s go, the work is over”. They said, “How do you know?“ I said, “I know, let’s go and see“. Imagine, it was going to finish after 12 hours. It was already finished and all the workers were walking about. Everybody said “Mother, it is a miracle, how can such a big slab be laid in such a short time?“ I said, you see, to make them understand, I said, “Hanumana must have done the job“. But all these people, all these Deities, are part and parcel of that Paramchaitanya.

Now you are worshipping the Mother. To worship the Mother it is the biggest thing because all these deities and everybody are under [Her]. Her children under Her command, under her desire.

So, to worship the Mother the story of, as you know about, Ganesha – that the Mother said that the one who goes round the mother earth 3 times I will give him a present. So Shri Ganesha thought, in his wisdom, “Who is greater than my mother? No one else.” Because he knew he cannot compete with his brother who has got a peacock for a conveyance. So he said “How can I go round and win over this person?” So best is to take to wisdom. “My Mother is greater than everything else!” So he went round his mother 3times and he got the prize and the other brother was just still moving on. When he came back he found that the present is already lost.

So, again and again I will say – it is the wisdom that helps. The wisdom to leave everything to Paramchaitanya and this is something for a modern person, very difficult to understand. He can’t calculate 2 + 2. It is so bad! Because of these computers and things like that. It is absolutely hopeless as far as any mathematical calculations are needed. Now I must say I don’t know how to handle any computer or calculator, but if you ask Me just like that, “Mother how much will it be?” I´ll say “So much,” and it will be that. It will be that. But I am so sure about it: it cannot be anything else but that and it works that way. Sometimes of course, if I want to tell some wrong thing just to mislead the person then I may say something, but normally I know it is that. But I know not like the way we know, I just know it! That’s what it is: just know it. So I am not saying that you develop your knowledge to that extent that you can do it. But your wisdom. If you start using your wisdom it will always come in handy. In anything that you do, think of the wisdom.

My advice to you is that, as your Mother, who loves the whole world, who loves all of you and cares for those who haven’t even got realisation – you should also try to create more people for Sahaja Yoga.

But in that, if you start behaving in a manner all the time, saying, “You are catching this, you are a bhoot, you are this, you are that.” I have never said that to anyone, so you shouldn’t say like that. There is no love, there is no understanding. The understanding is that: you were just the same as the person was and now you are knowledgeable and so you must use your knowledge to correct that person, not to put him down. And that correction is also not verbal. It is just through your vibrations you can correct the other person.

Most of the Sahaja work sometimes, I’ve seen that it stops, because we are very methodical, we become like great teachers, we start telling them stories and then they get fed up with you.

So when you are handling other people, as I said, we have to spread the knowledge. It is very important. We cannot keep it to ourselves. But it is not for any ambition for any leadership, for any kind of recognition but just the use of our wisdom, the use of our knowledge, that we want to help others out of love. Not for any recognition, not for any position, nothing. Just we want to do it because we love them.

And I am sure this will work out very effectively and the person who will be helped or the persons will be helped will be just bound to you because they find the true knowledge. But supposing somebody comes to you and says “I know the true knowledge“ . You should say “You might be knowing, but I have to know what you know“. Then you ask that person and he will give you a big lecture. You say, “No, that’s not the thing”, just smile and say, “That’s not the thing.” The thing is, true knowledge is a part and parcel of your being. It’s just within you. It is not some sort of a concrete stuff that you have read or you have understood but it just has become a light within you, and that light is there.

There’s no necessity for you to be very well-educated or to be very intelligent or to be very highly placed – it is not necessary. It is how your heart is clean. In the heart it resides. Imagine all other knowledge resides in the brain, while the Pure Knowledge resides in the heart. It is very surprising. But we do not know also that actually our heart rules the head. There are seven auras around the heart which control the brain in such a manner that we act in the hands of the Paramchaitanya.

Unless and until your heart is clean, unless and until, in your heart, you have a beautiful image of a person who is very, very pure – you cannot, you cannot do anything mentally.

From your heart, if you have to do, your heart has to be very clean and extremely wise. This is the point one has to jump into that your heart, is it wise? For example, to get attached to someone too much, identified with someone too much. [This] shows that your heart is not clean, it has so many bondages. Open your heart, fully. And that’s why they say that the Goddess resides in the heart, in the centre heart. She resides in the centre heart because she is so balanced. She resides in the centre heart as Shakti. And She gives you all that you want. Within you She’s settled down, as many things. You know the slokas which says, that “She’s settled within us like knowledge, she is settled within us as memory, she’s settled within us as sleep also she’s settled within us as illusion, bhranti.” She’s the one who puts us into illusions because we are not yet fully perfected. We have to become paripakva – means absolutely matured. Till we are matured, this Mother, Herself, puts you into illusions and plays around so that you learn how to be wise.

So one should understand that She’s playing around with you and you should try to be very careful and not to be falling into Her Maya, because if She puts you in the Maya, you’ll go round and round and you will reach nowhere.

So this power of bhranti is also very important. This delusion, you can call it, or you can call it a thing by which she creates a drama in which you become like a stupid man being found out. So this stupidity and all that can be removed by this bhranti that She creates. This power of bhranti, is because of human beings, as they are, because they will not understand something straight forward. So it has to go round and round until they reach a point to understand that it was the play of the Mother that brought them to the shore of wisdom.

So for us it is important to see that so much has been done by Paramchaitanya for us. The Mother has done so much for us. Now what are we going to do ourselves to get all these powers that She has given us, to be completely enlightened and developed? What have we done so far? Nothing to be done as such, but to develop a kind of a deep devotion, deep understanding. And that depth is possible, absolutely possible, because now you are on your way to that perfection.

So today, in Cabella, is the last puja and I want to tell you, as a Mother, that you all should depend on Paramchaitanya. That’s very important to depend on Paramchaitanya. Also there is a habit of many people to put the blame on others. Like “I got caught up from this person, and got caught up from that person.” You are caught up by yourself only! All such ideas are of no use. Face yourself, find out about yourself and you have to perfect yourself, that is so important, because, at this juncture of time, people think that something great is going to happen. I don’t know, 2000 years, according to them, will be something great. But I don’t know, because it is all man-made, all this 2000 year and 3000 year is man-made. But I myself, as predicted by many, that possibly because of your understanding and your wisdom, I’m sure something great may happen in this world and things may be brought to a proper level of understanding, of spirituality, because this is the Last Judgement, and in this Last Judgement, you have to play a very vital role, which I am sure you can do it, if you decide to achieve something for the future.

May Good Bless You