Conference for Doctors

Versilia (Italy)

1998-10-02 Conference for Doctors, Versilia, Italy (italian translation), 61'
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Conference for Doctors, Marina di Pietrasanta, Italy, 2 October 1998.

These are the days of a great turmoil and all kinds of problems are cropping ¬up which never happened before: political problem, economic problem, personal problem, family problems. Now also the psychological complications are there and everybody is seeking if there is any solution to this. Physical problems also are there which doctors have to face a lot. And I have also studied medicine, so I know how difficult it is to get through all the exams. Despite that they have not reached to any solutions. But if you believe in God, who is a creator, we have to also believe that He must have given us something to solve these problems. So, I have to just tell you that the time for our transformation, the evolutionary breakthrough has come. As Christ has said, “You seek Me and you’ll find.” So, when all these problems are cropping up, you want to seek the guidance of the Divine.

So My simple message is that you have to seek your Self; you must know yourself. Christ has said, “Know thyself.” And for that there is an arrangement within us and if that works out, then you’ll be amazed if you become the Spirit, how the life changes, the whole thing changes for you. You see there are those so many lights here, but if they are not connected to the mains, they do not give light. But if you become the self, if you get connected with the Divine, then not only that you give joy to other, but you enjoy yourself. Later on I’ll tell them how it works out.

Yogi Translator: Wants to go back in the time when You were staying in Gandhi’s ashram and You were living with him and what is happening.

Shri Mataji: Gandhi was a spiritual personality, no doubt, and he understood Me very well, though I was a seven-years-old girl when we joined him. But he told Me that unless and until we become free we shouldn’t talk of spirituality. So, his main life force was spent only on getting India free and then he suddenly died. But he was a very disciplined person, overly disciplined. I mean, I used to always be with him and tell him that “Why are you so disciplined?” He used to make everyone get up at four o’clock in the morning and then go for the worship. And in that place there were lots of snakes also. They’ve never bitten anyone but there were snakes. So, he said for getting political freedom you have to be very disciplined. And that’s how, I mean, he used to make everyone absolutely into regimental force and his process has worked, we got our independence, all right.

Now you have to get your freedom, freedom from all the worries that bother you. And also other physical, mental, emotional problems that face you, which is very easy, which is extremely easy, and if you are keen on it, you just get it.
(Shri Mataji was addressing the Italian who asked the question about Gandhi)

Then I’ll tell them how you get it.

Yogi Translator: When did You realize that You have it, such tremendous spiritual powers?

Shri Mataji: Just from very childhood. As you realize you are a human being, I too realized from My birth only that I have these powers within Me

Yogi Translator: Did You start from childhood to cure people and treat them?

Shri Mataji: No, no I didn’t do that because My father said that “You better not talk about it now. Nobody will understand, you see? But You find out a way and method by which You can give realization en mass. Because, if You give it to one person, the situation will be the same as that of many saints. So, better to give it to thousands of people.” And that’s what I was studying human beings, what are their problems are. And I one day in 1970, the fifth of May, I opened the last centre. The first disciple I should say, was a lady, only one. But now, I don’t know how many – thousands.

Yogi Translator: When somebody is sitting in front of You, what do You understand about the person sitting in front of You?

Shri Mataji: You see a person who is a seeking person is sort of in tune and they just, it’s not difficult to give realization.

Yogi Translator: What is Sahaja Yoga?

Shri Mataji: All right, Sahaja, saha means with, ja is born. And it is within you is born the right, the birth right, to get your Self-realization. And yoga means the union with the divine power of love.
Let them also ask questions, will be good idea.

Yogi Translator: How to achieve the Self-realization?

Shri Mataji: All right, now what I am going to tell you is not written in the medical science. But it can be connected with the parasympathetic nervous activity. You shouldn’t believe Me because I am saying something. But if it is proved, then you should not doubt it, because it is for your benevolence, for the benevolence of your country and for the whole world, for the whole humanity.

All right, as you see here in this booklet, you can see clearly this triangular bone placed at the base of the spinal cord. This bone is called as sacrum bone and there is a power in this which is called as Kundalini. Kundal means coils. But the knowledge about this was known long time back. Maybe the Greeks also knew, so they call it a bone which is being of spiritual nature. Now this power lies dormantly in that sacrum bone. And then this bone, this has to, this energy, energy has to move six centres upward. Now these six centres are responsible for our physical, mental, emotional and also spiritual being.

Yogi Translator: How can a foreigner, a westerner, follow Your teachings and follow the system which need also some concentration and attention and culture?

Shri Mataji: Yes, you see because also in the Bible is written that “I’ll appear before you, like flames” and these centres look like that. And for the doctors, they should know that we have autonomous nervous system within us which runs our heart, which does all the living work, you see, within us. There are, see it is made of two sympathetic nervous systems and one parasympathetic. According to Sahaja Yoga these sympathetic nervous systems are acting complementarily but opposite direction. For example the left sympathetic acts for emotional actions and the right sympathetic for physical and mental activities. Now this all can be proved. But when we Increase our activity, sympathetics go into actions. Supposing we run very fast, our heart starts beating faster; but what brings it down to normal? Is the parasympathetic. Now, medical science has not reached the parasympathetic area. Through Sahaja Yoga you can reach parasympathetic. That’s why I studied medicine, because I knew I have to talk to doctors and we have had so many doctors all over the world, so many. And is accepted in many countries also. We have a very big hospital in Vashi, in New Bombay where lots of people are cured with Sahaja Yoga. For example I’ll tell you about one centre. The one centre which is called as Swadishthana is the second centre above this triangular bone. And the first centre is below the Kundalini.

Now this second centre we can call it in the medical term , they are called, but on the physical side, this centre is known as aortic plexus which I learned as aortic, I don’t know what the modern name is. This centre is connected to the third centre. Third centre which is the solar plexus and it moves round as it is shown as well as in one direction or in the other direction. Now when we are too much working, worrying, thinking, we are futuristic, then this centre has to go to the right side. But when it is moving to the right side his energy can be exhausted. It supplies energy to the liver, pancreas and also two kidneys and spleen and the lower parts of intestines. Now when a person is very futuristic, then he gets lots of problems. One thing that I state now is not written in medical science, that the brain which is exhausting it[s energy all the time, from where does it get the energy? The grey matter you see is exhausted all the time.

So from where does it get the energy? So this is the centre which gives energy to the brain. But when we are too futuristic, worrying type, we are very much, all the time working out then this energy of this centre only goes to the brain. And all other organs do not get the energy sufficient. Firstly the liver, liver has the function to take out the heat which is the poison in the body and to put it in the blood circulation. But it gets very, lots of [shunt] energy, so the heat is accumulated in the liver. Such person can be very hot tempered, irritable, very fast. So what happens that when this heat goes upward it first of all attacks also the heart. It also attacks the lungs and such a person can get asthma. In Sahaja Yoga asthma is absolutely curable. In young age if young people drink and play tennis and hard things like that, then what happens? they get a massive heart attack and fatal. And they die very young. But for other people it may stay on for a while, but it goes on acting on the heart. But, that can go to pancreas and one can get what you call a diabetes. Then this heat can pass to spleen and then you get a disease called blood cancer. Then it goes to the kidneys, the heat, heat goes to the kidneys and it coagulates the kidney and you can not pass urine. Then you go for dialysis and you become bankrupt and then die. Also it can give terrible constipation and also with that constipation you might get piles and things like that, complications like that. Now if it doesn’t work out that way, then this heat can pass also to brain and then one gets paralysis on the right side. So we have to have a balance. We should be in the centre. This is the only one centre I am telling you but, I’ll tell you about the cancer now.

Now cancer is caused I’ll say by putting, you can see like this [Shri Mataji joins Her Hands together and makes a circle with Her thumb and index fingers of both hands, also joined together to make one circle] the centre one, the centre one is the one through which the parasympathetic acts. Mostly on the left side these people are depressed and always crying, weeping, feeling guilty, all kinds of psychological complications, may act on the left. And once they got active too much, with any shock or with anything it might break this position [She separates Her Hands from the centre where she had made circle with thumb and index finger, keeping only the tips of her fingers still touching]. Now if that is broken then what happens that there is no connection with the mains. And there is a kind of virus that enters into that area and it goes into cells and starts making them malignant, means they are their own, not connected. So that you see a cell can go on growing, eating other cells like a egoistical man overpowering everything.

Now for example something develops here [Shri Mataji points to Her cheek], it can stop the nose, it can stop the eyes, everything can be stopped. Now when the Kundalini rises what she does, she passes through all these centres. Like this, she passes into these and sort of pierce through all of them. And it goes and pierce through this seventh centre, fontanel bone area. So that is the actualization, say, of baptism. You really get baptism. And then you get connected with this all-pervading subtle power, the all-pervading divine power of love.

[Some people talk in Italian]

Shri Mataji: Have they no questions?

Yogi Translator: Where are the different chakras on the hands?

Shri Mataji: The left side is emotional side, the right side is the physical and the mental side. So this is the Mooladhara. Then the Swadishthana is these two. [showing Her two thumbs], left and right. So the right Swadishthana is as I told you is for futuristic, fast life and the left is for people who are suffering emotionally. The third one is the Nabhi chakra. Then the higher to that is the Heart charka, Centre Heart actually. Then the third one is this Vishuddhi chakra. Now if you feel guilty this chakra catches [Shri Mataji shows her left index finger]. If you are aggressive in your talks and all that, then this chakra [showing Her right Index finger]. Then comes this Agnya chakra [showing Her Bindi], this one [showing Her left ring finger] is very important, if you do not forgive then it catches [indicating Her Bindi]. Then comes the last, is the Sahasrara, it’s in the limbic area. Limbic area is like this and it opens like a lotus that is called as Sahasrara, there are one thousand petals.

[Another question from the audience]

Desire, pure desire, let’s have a pure desire to get it.

Yogi Translator: She likes the to thank you because she saw on Your book that You say a very important thing: “forgive everybody and forgive yourself”

Shri Mataji: That’s the main thing, very important, you have to forgive yourself because if you don’t forgive, you develop this centre [showing the left Vishuddhi on Her left collar bone] and if you don’t forgive others then this centre goes into jeopardy. [She points to Her bindi]

Yogi Translator: We should forgive at any cost because by not forgiving is a self-destruction.

Shri Mataji]: You see whether you forgive or don’t forgive, actually you don’t do anything. But if you don’t forgive then you torture yourself at the hands of others and the one who has troubled you is enjoying nicely.

Yogi Translator: What’s the meaning of meditation and how we do meditation?

Shri Mataji: First you get your realization, that’s very important and then meditation is very simple. We have many people here in Tuscany who can tell you how to meditate.

Yogi Translator: Can we perform an experience?

Shri Mataji: Without experience you should not believe, as written in the bible is the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost. So what is that I have to tell you in short, I must tell you that there is a all-pervading power of divine love. We have never felt it before. Look at these flowers, who makes these beautiful flowers? Who runs your heart? If you ask a doctor, he again say the auto-nervous. But again I’ll say who is the auto? All this is done, all these living processes are done by this all power, the power of divine love. It is love, it is love, it is no other power. It is pure love. All right, so we have to just feel it.

Can I request you to take out your shoes because this one [?] for a while. This Mother Earth is very, very kind and she takes up all our problems. Now you have to just put your both the hands like this, a little higher, with the fingers opened, with the fingers opened, opened, not like this, opened, higher, higher, put up higher, not very high but still you may close your eyes.

Now please put your right hand towards Me and you have to just say: “Mother Give me my realization.”

Now also you have to say that “I forgive everyone” three times.

Now just put your left hand on the top of your head and right hand towards Me and see for yourself if you are feeling the cool breeze on top of your head, maybe hot, maybe hot, above. Now place the left hand towards Me and the right hand you feel if there is a cool breeze coming out of head or maybe the hot. Now again put the right hand towards Me and the left hand left hand above. Now open your eyes and please put both your hands towards Me. All those who have felt cool breeze on their palms or on their fingers or on top of their fontanel bone area, could be also hot.

[She said while working on a lady who couldn’t feel the cool breeze]: Just forgive, forgive everyone, just say, just say, now see, forgive, forgive, just forgive, otherwise you will be in trouble.

[While the English yogi was working on her from her back]: Strong.

[Shri Mataji working on a man]: You are a doctor?

Man: Economical science.

Shri Mataji: Ah! We are giving you a balance, forgive everyone, everyone, are you feeling? No? May be the Vishuddhi, problems of asthma?

[Shri Mataji talking to the conference organizers]: So many people there are, but we have some…they have to organize something as a centre, if they permit here.

Yogi: Tomorrow there will be cardiologist coming from all over Italy.

Shri Mataji: All right, ya, that’s great.

Lady Translator: He said On Sunday, twelve o’clock, he is organizing the meeting with the mayor and for some people who work with the mayor.

Shri Mataji: Very kind of you, but how was the lecture for the doctors specially?

Yogi Translator: Beautiful especially directed to doctors.

Lady Translator: He said he apologize but tomorrow he has to go for this television in Milan.

Shri Mataji: I know, best of luck.

Lady Translator: Tomorrow even if he will come late from Milan, he will come to say hello.

Shri Mataji: Oh, Thank you, Thank you.

Translator: And Sunday morning he will be here with you.

Shri Mataji: Because of you so many people have been helped, very creditable to you, thank you very much.

[Shri Mataji talking to a baby]: Hello, you are singing for Me? How they know Me!!