The Revival of Indian Spirituality

New Delhi (India)

1998-12-14 The Revival of Indian Spirituality, New Delhi, India, 55' Chapters: Talk, Self-Realization
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1998-12-14 The Revival Of Indian Spirituality Delhi NITL-RAW, 54'
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1998-1214 Public Program, The Revival of Indian Spirituality

Now you are coming from different countries.  I am very happy to see you all.  Here also we have sahaja yogis from different countries who have come.  Lucky that, that this time they are here and you are here.

Many people come to India, all the time, from all over the world.  And if you ask them they’d say we are seeking the truth.  So why are you coming to India of all the places?  They say that they have learned that the truth is in India, that we have to find out the truth.  I must say that in our country also we have lots of falsehood and lots of false gurus have come up just to make money, to befool people and to some [UNCLEAR another/or the other] to destroy our relationships.  But I must tell you that India is a very deep country and the knowledge of this country is not easy for a western mind to grab.  Really to begin with because the reason is, the style of seeking knowledge in India is different, absolutely opposite of what you have in the West.

First of all, in India, I mean those who are real seekers and those who want to know the reality they are the ones who see one point that this is [UNCLEAR relation] is written in our ancient books, described by great saints as you have also Sufis and all these people there and also prophets in the same way they believe that what they have written is the truth.  But [(talking away from mike) Come in.  Who are they?].. But they, Indians, don’t challenge it.  They don’t use rationality to find out as in the West that [UNCLEAR and] think everything they start rationalizing.  They don’t rationalize.  What they do, they believe because it is told by the saints who are, who are above us.  Who have reached a state which is much higher than (us).  So now how to tally it, is the problem?  So to tally it it is said that you have to get your self-realization or the second birth, as Mohammad sahib has talked about it that you have to have kiyama means you have to have your second birth.  If you don’t have your second birth you are not yet a complete person.  Once you have your second birth then you must become also a complete spiritual personality.  Unless and until you are a complete personality you cannot judge these people or have experiments within.  So when you reach that state of, I must say, the highest evolution within you then you can test it what they have said is the truth or not.  But not at this human level.  Because at this human level we are at the most what we are, mental.  We are physical, emotional or mental.  But we are not yet spiritual.  Unless and until you are spiritual you cannot judge whether something is spiritual or not.  All this kind of understanding, all this kind of basically built-with-in-us for thousands of years you see.  Indians are not the people who can be taken to rationality which they think is very low type of judgment.  They have to be in the spiritual realm, in the spiritual personality, to understand spirituality.  Now from all over the world the spirituality is coming as you see but reality you can only find in India, I must say very humbly.  The reason is, it has been a country for spirituality.  Not for materialism.  So the materialism has not grown so much.  All other things have grown in this country.  But for spirituality which it should have been.  So people start thinking they are very superficial.  They are. The modern generation is very superficial and they take to all western ideas, western things and western culture.  But our culture is very, very much in the foundation of human beings, foundation.  Like as you see now things are happening in the west.  We start wondering how these things have happened.  Is not allowed in any religion, is not allowed in any books or anything.  Why people are behaving like this?  The reason is they have no faith, actual faith.  What they do is to just show off or to make a group.  They make a what you can call, a group to say that we belong to this religion, that religion, that religion.  But if you see the Indian philosophy you will find all the religions are exalted.  All this, you can say, all the principles of this great religions are there.  You cannot challenge it because it is so basically true.  So basically true that when you see what is written say in Kuran we have a book here.  I don’t know if I gave you that one.  We have a very nice book Light of Kuran.  So when they read kuran also they do not read it.  When they read bible also they don’t read it.  Because they are lost in the words and same things happening to Indians.  Their, all their philosophies and all that they get lost into the words you see.  So in the web of words everything is lost.  As a result they do not reach to the principle that is described.  That’s why we have problems with every other religion but there should be no problem, no problem.  Because all religions are based on the same principle that we have to achieve our spiritual ascent.  There’s no other goal.  But according to time, you see, they had to put things this should not be done, that should not be done.  All this is due to the time factor which came in their time and they had to tell about it according to the society in which they lived, according to the behavior of the people of that time.  In India because it’s an ancient country, very ancient, somebody told me, Mother why don’t you write a book on Indian culture?  No, I said, it’s an ocean.  It’s not easy to describe and ocean.  It’s an ocean and is very deep.  But when imbibed and when understood and when you become spiritual within then it just sieves into you, just comes into you and it shows that every culture of every country is the same.  But in Indian culture it’s very very clearly described.  That’s the only thing [UNCLEAR there]. Same thing is described.  I mean now say there’s, ah, say Clinton is now in trouble.  In India he would have been thrown out long time back.  You see, because the value system of morality is very well described in Indian culture.  This is not moral and this is moral.  And the ruler has to be absolutely a moral person.  But in America, you see, is different.  There as I said is perversion has come into the brains of people.  And because they have money materialistic people try to follow American life, which is not congenial.  If you go to America you will find it’s not congenial to human beings.  It’s very destructive.  People are very destructive.  They have no love.  They try to dominate.  They have racialism.  I mean they have all kinds of things.  While we too have in our country lots of bad things have come because of the British rule which came here.  Most of our bureaucrats are nothing but British.  It’s surprising it is.  That there behavior is like British.  I don’t say something wrong with the British also.  But one thing is there, this country has evolved for so many years and they tried to dominate us so much that none of our, I should say, literature could come up.  So much has gone into darkness.

The other day I had an ambassador here from Mexico and he told me what is the problem of Mexico.  I said it’s the problem of psychiatry, psychology.  He said, ‘’What do you mean?’’  I said,“In Sanskrit language we call it bhoot bhadha.  Means, the obstruction from the past.” Now they don’t believe in a sort of a dead body or a dead person can invade human being.  They don’t believe.  Though Christ removed the, what you call, devils from the people like that.  But they don’t believe.  Even in Quran there is a mention like that.  But that is aright in Quran.  That is alright in bible.  But as far as the belief in the human being there is, they don’t believe.  Now if I tell them that the psychosomatic troubles comes from the left side attack, left side attack, that is from the past, from the things that have gone out of circulation from evolution or you can say dead bodies, the dead persons, the dead personalities they will just refuse it, to listen to it.  But if unless and until you believe in it and you experiment with it how will you be able to eradicate this bad thing.  So that is not only there.  Every country has this problem.  Every country even England is also full of it.  I mean of course advance countries like America is much worse.  To add up to that lots of false gurus went to America and have done this one.  So on this point also people don’t want to agree.  But whether you agree or not tomorrow you will have to come to it.  Because if you want to get cured of your psychosomatic troubles, even cancer, even AIDS, all these diseases come only by the attack of these small small particles of these viruses which were left out of our circulation through evolution.  That will be seen.  That is a knowledge to be seen very clearly.  Now in sahaja yoga many people have been cured of cancer, no doubt.  Also of AIDS they are cured.  So many people have been cured.  It’s not, I am not telling you something false.  But for that one has to understand that there is some power beyond us, something much beyond.  Like Einstein himself has said that there is a kind of an area which he calls as torsion area which you will see in one of these things, torsion area which is beyond our human personality.  He calls it, we have to be a vacuum ourselves.  We should not exist anymore as physical, mental or emotional being.  When you go beyond that if there is a vacuum then only you can feel the torsion area he’s clearly said it.  But he was a realized soul himself.  So whatever he says people want to doubt you see, whether it is this and that?.  So with rationality we start doubting.  But not to believe in Einstein shows how arrogant we are.  After all Einstein is saying there must be some in it.  Like that the whole world is going on and on a very superficial basis.  Now our sahaja yoga is a very different thing.  It is that we all human being have a special power, a residual power within us called kundalini which resides in the triangular bone which is called as sacrum.  Now the sacrum bone means it’s the sacred.  That means Greeks knew about it, that’s the sacred bone.  And this power when it rises from here goes through the, we call it a sushumna nadi, the central path of the thing and pierces through the fontanel bone area then you get the actualization of baptism.  Then you become a Muslim, then you become a Hindu otherwise you are not.  So it has to come out of your fontanel bone area and has to go to that torsion area.

[(question in hindi)UNCLEAR ] Uh? What is being brought? The chart, this is the chart.  Can you all see this one?  Or we should raise it a little more.  Now it is said in our books that such and such power exists and it has to rise.  It exists in every human being.  Whether he is Indian or Egyptian, Black or White anything.  If you are…as long as he is a human being he has this in the triangular bone down there.  So it rises through these six centers.  Your seventh centre is down below.  And when it rises through the six centers it pieces through the fontanel bone area which we call as thousand petal center.  That becomes one with the sutler energy which is surrounding us, which does all the living work.  Now you see the beauty of the flowers.  These flowers are made by whom? You’ll say the Mother Earth.  But how is it that the Mother Earth does that? From where does She get the power? How do you run your heart?  Ask a simple question.  It is you run your heart because of the same power that is all pervading divine power of love.  It’s a power of compassion and love.  One should understand the basic.  It’s not hatred, it’s not violence, it is love, it is compassion and this power works out on everything.  It works out in such a manner that ones you get that you can feel it on your fingers all these centers.  You can see clearly there are shown that on finger tips you can feel what is the centre that is catching.  You can feel your own.  Mohammad sahib has said very clearly, your hands will speak at the time of kiyama.  At the time of last judgement we can call it or the last resurrection.  Your, your hands will speak.  Your hands will speak.  That means they will show, your hands will show what centers you are catching.  Can you imagine when He said that nobody tries to analyze how can our hands speak.  But your hands will speak he has clearly said.  And that is what happens to you that you see your fingers showing you whether you are catching this centre or this center or this centre.  This is actualization.  This is not just talking. This is not only just describing something but it happens to everyone and should happen.  As a result what happens all these centers are responsible for our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being.  So they all get enlightened.  They get integrated.  Also they are nourished.  So all our physical, mental, emotional problems get solved and we become spiritual.  Now whatever country you may belong to whatever religion you may belong to you have every right to become spiritual.  And when you become that you will be amazed to see that so many qualities within us start showing.  The first and foremost quality that comes to you is you get a new dimension in your awareness.  And what is that is collective consciousness.  You become collectivity conscious.  Means you can feel another person.  You know what’s the problem with that. With love not with anger, with love, you feel one with another person.  Ones this happens all the quarrelsome things will disappear.  The whole world can be changed and transformed.  And you as people who are responsible for the media can do a lot.  But for the media people it’s very difficult because they have got on top of them other bosses sitting, this that.  And if they write anything like that may be that it may not be liked, it may not be appreciated.  But you have to have courage.  And you must write about the truth if you find it, if you get it you must write about it.  As a result what happens, actually what happens is that we are made of sutler energy.  When we talk that, this Mother Earth, there are five elements which we are made of.  But these elements are made of sutler energies.  Once you become that your sutler energy start manifesting.  And with that sutler energy you start getting different types of things.  For example, they say it is the word or we call it shabd and from there it is, the another thing that comes is the naad, is the sound.  This is the beginning I am talking of.  And with that sound ones you have the sound then from the sound all these five elements come one after another.  But the first one that comes out is light.  So such a person starts showing light.  You have seen there.  See the light is all over.  That is the first thing, Tejaswa (glow).

Shri Mataji talks to yogi: What is Tejasva called? Tejaswa is called? Take it out(in Hindi language)

Yogi: Radiance.

Shri Mataji: Huh?

Yogi: Radiance.

Shri  Mataji: Radiance of light.  Radiance of light.  Radiance of light.  So that you start… (Please remove this, it’s not useful) can starts showing radiance of light around a person as they have shown auras and all that you must have seen.  In so many people they show auras also.  The artists have seen auras around realized souls.  Then that from the same comes the second subtle thing is Vayu.  Vayu, air.

Yogi: Ether?

Shri Mataji: No no, Vayu is air.  That is cool breeze.  So you start feeling the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost as they say.  This is the second thing.  These are all subtler things.  Of the air. Subtler is vayu.  So it starts.  So all subtler energies start showing.

From the Jal (water)… Of the water also subtler…

Leave it. Doesn’t matter.  I will hold it.

So from water also you get a sutler thing of Jal.  Jal is, we can call it as moisture.  But moisture is not subtle.  But a moisturous person.  What happens with the moisture that your body becomes soft.  Your know you put moisturising thing you body will become, your face becomes subtler.  And dryness doesn’t come and your youth is preserved.  At Least you look young.  Your aging doesn’t come.  Like that everything starts showing.

Then Agni is for..huh?..

Yogi: Fire.

Shri Mataji: Yeah Fire.  Then the fire.  See such a person is fire.  But he doesn’t use because of love that’s very much…But fire can be used for two purposes.  One is for burning out something and one for cooking food and doing things.  So such person can create wonderful types of foods and interested in giving good food to people.  And that food has vibrations.  If the food of such a person has vibrations because it was cooked with that love, and passion, compassion.  So that you take that food and you become a it can call a very tranquil person.  Satisfied, you get with that very much satisfied.  Now ones you people become satisfied materialism will be finished.  Materialism will have no sense because what is it today you buy something then you go and buy another thing.  Isn’t it?  It is, all the time you are dissatisfied.  Today you want to have a table and tomorrow you want to have a sofa, then you want to have a car, you want to have a…endless…That finishes and you become very much satisfied.. If you buy a table you will enjoy it.  You buy a sofa you will enjoy it.  You meet somebody you will enjoy it.  So this particular nature that human being have is what you call a greed finishes.  And he is a satisfied soul.  He is a happy soul.  And he enjoys himself.  This is happening with the agni tattwa.  Because this fire becomes a very silent, beautiful satisfying fire.  In the subtle form when you get.

Then there is jal tattwa (water principle), is the water.  Water which is being vibrated, which has got vibrations can cure you.  But normally you take any water it’s not going to cure you.  But water which is vibrated by some saint or something can cure you.  And also you must have heard of many places where they have waterfalls which…waterfalls which what you can call are curative type.  All this is the sutler side of these five elements.  Then the Mother Earth, certain places are we call it as very sacred, for example Mecca.  Now what is so special about Mecca.  It’s a stone there, that’s all.  What is so special?  The special according to our puranas, our old literature, it’s Macceshwarshiv itself.  The God has come in the form of that stone according to Indian descriptions.  You can imagine we have many Shivas and out of them one is Mecca.  So but to prohibit Hindus to go there is wrong because they believe in Shiva and there is the Shiva there sitting down.  Like that we have all the, all the elements go into transformations and they become subtle.  And human beings also become subtle.  So they understand [that] there is no difference between a person living in this country or that country or that country.  So all your political problems can be solved.  Supposing you give realization to Arafat and to this new president of Israel.  No problem.  If Israelis and Palestinians are given realization, no problem.  They all can live very happily.  And there will be no problem because they will see the oneness the subtlety that comes is that you feel the collectiveness.  You feel one with everyone.  And this is the new, we should say, transformation we are waiting for.  That means sahaja yoga is working very fast all over but it’s not very advertising type I must admit, cause I don’t like too much of advertisement myself.  But it advertises by itself.  By itself.  And the truth about it is that people have experimented and experienced.

Now in a place, farfetched place like Leningrad in Russia, when I went there I was surprised that we had put one or two photographs here and there I think may not be even in the newspaper.  And they were two thousand people who filled the hall.  There they filled…they had limited capacity.  We have to pay for the hall …for the hall people.  So outside there were two thousand sitting I said how is it…How do you… you are all here? For what?  They said, ”Mother, to listen to you.”  Then I went inside and said alright let me finish these people and let me finish my lecture.  When I came out you will be amazed they were still sitting.  I said what is it? They said, ‘’Mother we are waiting for our self realization.  I said, “Alright you come tomorrow all of you and I will give you self-realization.”  You won’t believe all these two thousand inside two thousand outside. There’s a very big…This is one thing about Russia, they have huge big compounds so many came and also one thousand more perhaps.  They all came and we all sat down.  They sat on the grass and I sat on the steps and I talked to them and pin drop (silence).  And all of them are still sahaja yogis, growing very much.  I was amazed at how these people are attracted.  What has made them come?  So they said Mother so obvious, your face.  My face I did not think it was that much to [UNCLEAR work up]…..Yes, we just saw your photograph and finished.  We know.

Now what has happened with them is that with communism they are very much suppressed.  They couldn’t express themselves too much.  They didn’t have that freedom.  So they sought their freedom inside.  They grew inside.  While when we have so called freedom you go, you see, into abandonment.  You do all kinds of things in the name of freedom.  Human beings have too much freedom when they are in the so called democracy.  So then they can, even, can become demons.  You see in democracy you can become a, you see, demonic.  So that can happen, but in Russia I was surprised and so many we have now sahaja yogis.  I mean I have, I don’t know countless.  Cannot count them as such.  Surprising that that country has got so many.  And they are very satisfied souls.  So whatever has happened I told them aren’t you worried about your political problems.  No Mother.  I said why.  We are in the kingdom of God.  Why should we worry?  See this satisfaction.  In the kingdom of God we are.  Why should we worry that what’s happening in Russia.  See this kind of a mind of thousands of people.  See it’s not just a false satisfaction.  But factual I think…They are having lots of other things with them.  For example, the vegetable growth has gone up.  They have everything in that country.  But the management is so bad that they are poor supposed to be.  But they are not.  Actually they have lots of things that many countries don’t have.  But inside I was surprised that people in Russia are the most sensitive.  May be they were so oppressed and so troubled.  So this oppression has gone in the proper way there that they developed this kind of a sensitivity to spirituality.

In our country also we were very much suppressed but instead of getting into the same mode as the Russians have we have tried to become Britishers you know.  We are very slavish.  Because one women comes from there who is very fair from Italy and we are all surrendered to her.  Such slavery of fair complexion I have never seen before.  But it shows our basic slavish mentality.  And that’s why we have closed all our old books our knowledge into seed.  We are not bothered to see that.  And we are incapable of going into it and finding out what is so great about our country.  It’s so much encompassing the whole universe.  And what we can give them the highest that is the spirituality which they don’t have.  Now because they have gone into materialism fully.  But all our books all our literature has gone into waste.  Nobody wants to read about it, nobody wants to know about it.  Now with sahaja yog there is a revival in a way because we have a hospital now, regular hospital, where people are treating all kinds of incurable diseases.  But is so simple no medicine nothing, raising your kundalini, finished.  You raise the kundalini and you get it.  You don’t have to waste money on medicines because what is medicine today.

When I was studying medicine, they had to learn each and every medicine and we had to write a proper what you call a complete serial number of all these and a compounder had to make it.  But now you see this, all these companies are making what you call antibiotics.  For everything happens to there’s an antibiotic.  They are not bothered as to how it affects you what if it bothers you.  And it has become like that now.  We have become so industrialized you see, doctors…that it is difficult for people to get out of it.  Sahaja yoga we don’t give any antibiotics.  We don’t give any antibiotics.  Not at all.  We don’t give any.  Only kundalini rising and vibrated water and all that.  Diagnosis also is such a big one overall.  I mean if you go for diagnosis you come out half dead out of that diagnosis.  Such a person… In sahaja yoga you can get it on the finger tips.  Even children can tell you what’s wrong with you, if you are a realized soul.  So such a great science is lost in this country because of a British rule we had.  They never bothered to find out what was deep down into this country, such a knowledge, such a treasure of knowledge.

So it happens also such that I met him in a very…. different circumstances and he was very helpful and he only told me. “How is he here?”, I said.  He said, “We are, so many of us are here.. and who are…who have come for this conference and..”  So I was very happy.  And he said, “They would like to meet you Mother.”  So I said,” Alright alright I would love to meet them and talk to them about it.”

Now as you are all, what you can call, journalists used to questions, I would like you to ask me questions.  Doesn’t matter.  I mean, sit here, Sit here.

Man: Hi, I have already seen Mataji at Kathmandu.  Because I am from Nepal.  And I would like to ask Matajii how do you find the..about they treat upon religion.  What’s your views?

Shri Mataji: How do you treat upon..?

Man: Yeah upon religion. Yeah

Shri Mataji: You see reasoning is done by your brain isn’t called.  But actually it’s not brain so much I should say but your conditioning and your ego.  They give you the reasoning.  This is the reason, this is the reason this is.. but you reach nowhere.  You reach nowhere.  You go on reasoning, reasoning, reasoning.  You will go mad but you cannot reach to the point.  But if you can stop reasoning and try to see if there’s another way out without reasoning, then this kundalini rises in an ancient way and can happen to all of you.  There’s no problem.  And ones you get it then you start understanding that there’s a..another system beyond us which guides us, which helps us.  So the reasoning takes you nowhere.  All the problem of today is because of reasoning.

Lady: You speak of a hospital where people are not given medication.  But they are healed.  Can you tell me more about that?

Shri Mataji: You are healed…Saying what?

Yogi: Asking how are people healed in hospital?

Shri Mataji: I told you just now.  You see, these are the centers which look after our material side and also our physical welfare.  So once it rises, this kundalini She nourishes those centers. Now I’ll tell you example you say of cancer.

Yogi: Hello, Hello, Hello

Shri Mataji: Now..say, these centers are formed, as you know, within us we have autonomous nervous system.  And autonomous nervous system has got three channels, the center one and the two others.  So very little is known about this parasympathetic nervous system.  About the medical science they know very little.  From the left and the right, say for example, these two forces coming and form the central path.  In this resides the, we should say, the energy for the particular area, alright?  Now what happens we start using this either on the right or the left, say for the journalist it’s more the right side they use.  Because they have to think, futuristic you see all that.  Now you start using them too much on this side.  So you start moving like this.  And there is exhaustion of the energy also.  So what happens suddenly, something happens in life, some accident, something, some emotional problem so the left side which is the emotional side just gets out.  So as a result you lose your connection with the whole.  With the whole you lose.  So you become working on your own.  So you become malignant.  This malignancy is the thing that works as cancer.  With kundalini what She does, She goes here just like a tread and then She goes here, She brings them together.  And then she nourishes them.  So you get cured.

Lady: So how do you personally reach that stage.  You talked about the spirituality.

Shri Mataji: Yeah

Lady: How do you?

Shri Mataji:  That’s why I am saying that your kundalini has to be awakened.  First that has to happen.  Then you must have faith in yourself that you can work it out.  If you are diffident or oh I am …See all there are all kinds of people there.  They are people who are very guilty.  Like, how can I get it?  I have done this thing, I have done that thing.  That’s one type which catches this centre.  Another kind are very arrogant.  They catch on this side you see.  So this has to be corrected.

Man: The vibrated water.

Shri Mataji: Huh?

Man: The vibrated water.  You spoke about vibrated water.  Where does it come from?

Shri Mataji:  It comes from people who have vibrations.  Those who are realized their souls have vibrations.  They can feel the cool breeze in their hands.  Even if they put hand in the water it is vibrated.  All such people, saints and all that, whatever water comes from them is vibrated.  For example the river, Ganga here, Ganges is, has got vibrations.  I mean, you have to become that then you can feel it, right?  Unless and until you have that, subtle within you, you cannot feel it.  To you everybody is just the same.  Every bottle is just the same.

I’ll give you an example.  I went to Kashmir and suddenly I felt.  We were going out somewhere actually [UNCLEAR Nibwel].  Lots of vibration.  So I asked the driver, What do you have a temple here, something? How do I feel the vibrations?  He said we don’t have any temple here.  I said, “Alright, I will tell you, go this way.”  That’s the (side) vibrations were coming.  We went that way.  There were some Muslim houses some very poor people.  So I asked them, “What do you have here?”  So he said, “It’s the Hazrat Bal.”  One hair of Mohammad Sahab was kept.  [UNCLEAR]…I get vibration.  But these stupid people, they did not know anything, what it was.  They are fighting for it and they..also the driver didn’t know what it was.  And for five miles, before five miles I felt the vibrations.  So whatever I say has to be tested on vibration which is your own, which is your own testing capacity.  The capacity otherwise is blunt, it doesn’t give you the real picture.  But supposing have vibrations you can feel it.  Who has got it?  Where you have it?  It’s a very subtle thing but once it is there it works.

Man: How does one attain such a state where you can?

Yogi: How can one attain this state.

Shri Mataji: It’s very simple.  You can all attain it here only.  Very simple.  Now what has happened is that, I would say, that in the 12th century [1200s] in this country, up to that time we had a group of people called as Nathpanthis.  I mean we had all this all over the world.  There have been so many Nabis.  But in this country we had.  And there it was a law I would say, traditional, that one person could give realization to another person, only one, one to one.  Then, you see, there was a great poet called Gyanadeva, Gyaneshwara.  He wrote all this at the age of 23 you can imagine, what he must be.  And he asked his guru that he should permit him to at least write about it.  So in his book Gyaneshwari he wrote.  On the sixth chapter he wrote about it, that such and such energy he sees and all that.  But nobody used to give realization.  Then in the sixteenth century there were many poets who wrote about it.  I mean Guru Nanaka wrote about it, Kabira wrote about it, everybody.  But nobody understood what they wrote because see normally people didn’t know what they were talking about.  And after that sixteenth century it became yet still the same problem that one guru would give it to another.  So when I was born…I was born I was myself a realized soul and my father himself was a saint.  He told me as you know that is your mission is, to find out a way to give self realization am masse.  So I worked it out myself.  I by chance or I should…by luck my father was a very social person and I met many of his people.  My husband too very social and I used to study human beings what’s the matter.  Why can’t they get realization?  So if I’ve done anything it is this that I’ve discovered a method by which am mass realization can be (done).  And that’s how thousands can get realization at a time.

Man: [UNCLEAR So]….can we experience that?

Shri Mataji:  Alright, they can all have it.  You see so many sahaja yogis sitting here, no problem.

Alright.  Only thing you have to do is take out the shoes.  Not the socks but the shoes.  Will be better that way. Alright put both the feet apart from each other.  Now just put your both the hands towards me like that.

It is not mesmerism because I close my eyes you see.  They mesmerize with the eyes.  And don’t doubt.  Just now don’t doubt yourself.  It’s the main thing.  How can I get it?  I have done this wrong.  I have done that wrong.  So as first of all you should not have any guilt.  You must forgive yourself.  At the same time you should also forgive others.  Is very important.  Because if you don’t forgive others you play into their hands and bother yourself for their sake.  So best thing is to forgive.  Forgive them all, one and all.  Now many say we can’t forgive.  Actually you don’t do anything.  What do you do if you don’t forgive?  You are just torturing yourself.  So best thing is you just feel within yourself, just say that I forgive every one of them, which will open out your throat chakra which is very important.  That will open out completely your, also your Agnya chakra which is very important is the…within the optic chiasma you have this so this chakras are to be opened out by your saying only.  It’s like a we can call it a mantra.  Just by saying that I am forgiving everyone I want to forgive everyone.  And I’ve forgiven everyone.    Now you have to ask for it in your heart, ”Mother please give me my self-realization.” That’s all. You have to ask three times that’s all.  Now keep your right hand towards me and left hand on top of your head.  Now close your eyes.  Top of your head over the fontanel bone area and don’t touch your head on top.  Bend your head.  Bend your head.  Please bend your head.  And see if there’s a cool or a hot breeze coming out of your fontanel bone area which was a soft bone in your childhood.  Close your eyes and bend your head.  See for yourself.  You can move your hand and see.  If it’s hot then means you have not yet forgiven.  That’s important.  But doesn’t matter.  Even if it is hot it is alright.  It’s throwing away all that ill feelings within you.  So it’s hot.  Now put the left hand towards…  Now with the right hand…please bend your head.  With the right hand you bend your head and see for yourself.  You can move your hand up on the sides and see for yourself that there’s a cool or a hot breeze coming on you, in you, through you.  But don’t doubt yourself.  You all can get it.  You all are quite capable of getting it.  So don’t doubt yourself.

Now raise your hands little higher.  Open your eyes.  Some of you are getting here and here.  So you have to turn it upwards like this.  If you are getting that way.  From here to here.  Doesn’t matter.  Now see for yourself.  Hands up..

Now all those who are getting cool or hot breeze on their fingers or on their palms or out of their heads anywhere, please raise your hands.

All the journalists have got.  Oh God.  [UNCLEAR They should not/Thank you God…..] No they will work it out.


Shri Mataji:  That’s it.  That’s it you have to admit.

He has got.  You haven’t got?  No see.  Just put on your hand.  Journalism!..(laughter by audience)  You are not getting.  Keep your feet on the ground.  Your feet should be on the ground.  Yes, now? It’s done, you have got it.  No?  Yes, just find out.  Ok, they will help you, doesn’t matter.  You know getting but you are doubting.


Shri Mataji:  Come along.  Just see this.  You are getting it?  He’s got it.  He’s got it.  What about you?  No?  Now don’t doubt.  Don’t doubt yourself is the main point.

He is already realized.  He is the…he’s brought all of them.

He’s got it.  Got it.  Now believe in it.  Believe in it.  It is there.  Why he is not getting himself?

Indians get it very fast.  But they don’t get established.  Others get established.  The reason is that they have great importance for it.

It will happen son, will happen.  He too has got it.  What about you? You got it.  What about you?  Not yet?  You think …do his right and left.  Do his right to the left.  How are you?