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New Delhi (India)

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                1998 -1217—Public Program DELHI  INDIA      


Sahaji brother: On behalf of all the Sahaja yogi brothers and sisters, who have come to Sahaja Yoga Kendra, Delhi, we welcome Her Honorable Shri Adi Shakti Mataji. For your information, Shri Mataji’s schedule is busy, 12 months and 24 hours. Not only India, but in over 75 countries Shri Mataji’s work keeps happening continuously. From this busy schedule, Shri Mataji has taken out time for us Delhi people. So, I request all of you to take advantage of the golden opportunity. I request Honorable Shri Mataji to give all of us who are present here the precious knowledge of Sahaja Yoga.

Shri Mataji:  My salutations to all the seekers of truth. We are searching the truth but we should understand first where this truth is hiding and where exactly we should search for it. You must have noticed that thousands of foreigners from all over the world come here, and when asked the reason for their visit, they say that they have come here in search of truth. “There is no truth in our country, but thinking that there is truth in India, we have come here.”

And in search of this truth thousands of people have been coming here for several thousand years. You must have heard in history that several people from China and many other countries came here. And somehow, they knew that the truth is hidden only in this country. And in search of this they used to wander in caves, in the Himalayas, and used to try every possible way to discover this truth, because whatever religion they followed, they knew that just by following the religion they could achieve the truth. This religion is just a guideline, like a sign post, written on the road, showing the way. This cannot lead them to truth. So, to get rid of this incompleteness, they used to come to India in search of truth, and this truth has been in our country and is still here. And it is most necessary to achieve this truth.

There is a lot of difference between our system and foreign systems. There, the system of knowledge is such that, if anything is said about knowledge, then immediately they start analysing it and researching it. How correct is it to do such a thing? If Jesus Christ said something, for that also the analysis will start. By this analysis the truth can never be found. Instead, this may lead to the finding of many distorted forms of the knowledge.

Now we should think about the system in our country. There is definitely some speciality and sacredness in this country, that so many great personalities, sages and seers have been born here over several thousand years. And this extended up to the 16 century, when great personalities like Guru Nanak were born, and they wrote volumes on truth. Many things were told and explained. But our system is such that we don’t negate or discuss the writings of the great personalities and don’t try to look at them from the classical point of view because these have been told by people who are at great heights, and if they have written something from that level, we respect and accept it, and follow their footsteps. This is the speciality of our system that with reverence and trust we accept that whatever is written by great spiritual masters is the absolute truth. There is no lie in it. We don’t have the right to analyse or crosscheck this, as we are not that wise. We are not that great. Neither do we have much understanding of scriptures, nor we know them in depth. Once we understand this fact, we easily accept the truth with reverence, which has been given to us by the great personalities.

In foreign countries also I found that there were great sufis who spoke about Sahaj, nothing but Sahaj. But no one accepts anything told by these sufis in those countries. Very few people respect them, but they also read their poems and entertain themselves; that is all. Like this many sufis were born in great countries. In a place like England also a great saint like William Blake was born. No one understands him. I had not heard his name even in my college days, but I knew he existed. When I went to London for the first time I bought his book. The reason for negating these people is, according to the foreigners, sufis are mad, William Blake is mad, and all the saints and sages also are mad. This kind of egoism which prevails in foreign countries is not seen in our country. Rather, we should say that it was not there before, because now we also are becoming foreigners. We do not know anything about our country. Children in our schools hardly know anything about our country. I asked one of the children, “Do you know anything about Ajanta?” He asked if Ajanta is in India or abroad. The resources of our country are so great, so strong and unshakable, but we do not consider it our prime duty to know about them. We can never discuss the culture of this place. Many people, particularly our foreign Sahaja yogis, requested me to write a book on the strong points of our country. I asked them, “Which strong points are you talking about?” They replied, “About Indian culture. Please write a book on Indian culture.” I said, “Our culture is like an ocean. What can I give you from this ocean? I will have to write volumes and volumes on this subject.”

Let me tell you something which could be a funny incident for us. Once, a foreign lady came to Me who was the wife of an Ambassador. She was wearing a garland around her neck. She told Me, “I don’t understand Indians.” I asked her, “Why? What happened?” She replied, “I went to a flower shop, and I found a beautiful garland in that shop. I bought it and wore it, and the girl who was selling the garland started laughing at me. And everyone I saw on the way also were laughing at me because I was wearing that garland.” I did not know how to explain it to her. I told her, “Look, here in India a garland is worn only when someone honours us. You cannot honour your own self. So, if you are honouring yourself and wearing a garland, then it is definitely something very funny for Indian culture, and would make us laugh.” She said, “Your Indian culture seems to be very deep.”

Any Indian will understand that giving importance to your own self, and roaming around with a garland around your neck, is considered a despicable act, because there is no humility in this. We should understand who we are and what we think of ourselves. But I would say, whatever agitation Mahatma Gandhi carried out, regarding this matter, had an adverse effect. When I was with Gandhiji, I found that whatever he did was only to promote the Indian culture, in spite of the fact that he was educated in a foreign country. Without this culture the world cannot exist. If the world has to be saved, then Indian culture should be an excellent example so that others will understand that this is the true life and there is true joy in living like this.

And in his ashram, there was a tradition of getting up at 4 in the morning. It was a rule that after getting up at 4 in the morning, you finish with your bath and other things and proceed to the prayer hall. And during the prayer sessions sometimes we could see snakes dancing in front of us. But there is no history of snakes or scorpions biting anyone in the ashram. The environment was so pure there. And people of all castes, creeds and religions used to worship there, with humility. And along with the prayer, music sessions also used to take place. And it is not surprising for Me since I know him so well, that whatever hymns [bhajanavali] he wrote were based completely on the Kundalini and chakras, in order, that is, it was written on one chakra after the other. His first hymnal was on Ganeshaji, the next on Saraswatiji, and this continued with other chakras in ascending order, describing the deities of each particular chakra. And we were supposed to sing in the same order. After that the Lord’s Prayer was recited from the Bible, and after that a few verses from the Koran also were included, and there used to be mention of Buddhism and Jainism as well. But the first part of the prayer always used to be about deities present in each and every chakra of ours.

He had such a spiritual outlook, and he knew everything about Kundalini and all the chakras. With the complete knowledge, he wrote these verses, in an organised form, and tried to bring this knowledge to the common man. And he used to ask me questions about spiritualism. I was a very young girl at that time but he used to say, “Tell me, which profoundness of Indian culture is special?” Now it is very important to talk about our culture, because people have forgotten Gandhiji. Gandhiji has become totally unimportant because his spiritual teachings are not seen anywhere in today’s politics. No one talks about spiritualism. If Indians cannot understand spiritual matters, then who else can?

Today you can see that people from 75 countries have come here to attend this meeting, and our spiritual matters have spread in these 75 countries. And these people have got Self-realization, and they are following our culture. They are not following American culture, or English culture or French culture. On the contrary, they say that the culture of their respective countries will take them towards their downfall. This culture kills our spirit, and diverts us from morality. These people have understood this. Now shouldn’t we understand?

We people give explanations and fight for things which completely lack even the thought of morality. And the greatest thing our culture teaches us is to be moral. There are certain rules in morality. In our country every person has full freedom to either be moral or immoral, because ultimately you have been given the complete freedom. Now you should understand “swa” [spirit] and “tantra” [mechanism]. To know the mechanism of your spirit is the actual freedom. “Swa” means your spirit. To know your own spirit is the freedom [swatantrata].

Shivaji said that in the future you will know your spirit. And that is what Sahaja Yoga is, where you will understand your spirit. And the easiest way to know your spirit is through our Indian culture. You can never get to the depth of this culture because you have been thrown out of it because we are being ruled by kinds of people who have no knowledge of Indian culture. These people have bundled up Gandhiji’s teachings and thrown them in a corner, and whatever they are teaching is contrary to Indian culture.

For example, I belong to Chittorgarh. You must have heard about Rani Padmini, who jumped into the pyre. She jumped into it along with thousands of other women, to save their chastity, which is considered to be the greatest power of a woman, according to us. Wherever the chastity of a women is not respected, that place is dominated by demons, devils and ghosts of Brahmins [brahmarakshas]. And this truth can be witnessed in America. Many nasty incidents are happening in America, which I cannot describe. The mothers are killing their own children. There is so much of filth there, that people are not scared of doing anything wrong. Since you have not been there it may look like the grass is greener on the other side for you. They are not scared of God. We don’t even know if they believe in the power of God. For them everything is money, which has to be achieved in any possible way.

I know a person whom an American asked, “If I give you a lot of money, will you kill that particular lady?” This person replied, “No, no, I cannot kill anyone. Why should I kill her?” The American replied, “For the sake of money.” He said, “I can never kill anyone for money or any other reason.” The American said, “I can kill her, because I will get money. Money is everything.” Then, you wouldn’t hesitate to kill your mother also. The other day a person came here who said, “Mother, I killed my own mother.” I said, “OK, so tomorrow you will kill Me also.”  A person who can kill his own mother and show disrespect to her can never be an Indian.

There are plenty of descriptions of Indian mothers. We consider mothers as the form of Shakti, and we worship that Shakti. In all our scriptures there are descriptions of the mother. Everything starts with the mother, but in the foreign system a mother does not have a place at all.

Many of the foreign countries have been named after fathers. For example, we call our country Bharat Mata or motherland. But they claim that their country is masculine. Germany is one among them. You all know very well what Germany did, and now they are suffering for their deeds. Indians can never do such a thing.

But there is a lot of ignorance in India. Recently, I came across a book in Jaipur, which must have been written by a local person. In that book he has written that instead of going in the pyre, Rani Padmini could have surrendered herself to Alauddin Khilji and she could have become his slave. There would have been no war in that case. She burnt 32000 women along with her. Where is the wisdom in this? See where these people’s thoughts are going. Maybe we should compromise on everything. What was the necessity to fight with the British? We could have been their slaves as well. If we had compromised everywhere, many people would still have been alive. But what would they achieve by just being alive? Today so many Indians are living, but what good are they doing? What are they going to achieve? Money, money, money; this money has gotten into their brains also. And for the sake of money should we sell our values? Should we completely destroy them? These values are our support system, and you should know that the whole world is waiting to see which value of yours is going to lift you up, and which value of yours is going to awaken you.  And you are becoming fools in the hands of everyone. The British tried to fool you and you acted stupid.

Whoever is trying to spread immorality in the country can definitely not be an Indian, because without morality you can never rise high. Only with the help of this morality can you achieve the All-pervading Power. If there is no morality in you, you can never become emancipated. You will go to hell, and your country will also go to hell. Like, I have observed that in foreign countries people are given complete freedom. Somehow or other their only intention is to earn money. It doesn’t matter if women have to sell themselves or you have to open liquor stores. The only intention is to earn money. And after earning so much money, where does America stand today? Do you know that they are indebted to many countries? The country is sunken in debt.

Many of our educated Indians went to America. I asked them, “Why have you come here?” They replied, “There is a lot of money in this country. So we came to earn money.” All right, then what happened to all the money? Why is everyone in debt? Every youth is paying off a loan. I said, “You are all Indians. Why are you sinking in debt? You should remember that you people are highly educated engineers, doctors, and chartered accountants, and still you are so deep in debt that you cannot even go back to your country.” They said, “To have a lifestyle of this kind we have to borrow money.” Like fools, they use their credit cards and order this and that and unnecessary things just to match the American lifestyle, and thus they are in debt. You went all the way there, and now you are in debt. What is the use of going there? You could not earn anything properly but you are paying off loans. Yes, you have huge houses, expensive sofas, carpets, this and that, but everything is paid for by loan money. And in that country taking a loan is not considered bad at all. So you also keep borrowing money. We should not be in a place like this where the culture is so unprincipled. I call this as wrath of “aLakshmi”, where superficially everything looks beautiful but there is nothing inside except loan. What can we learn from these people? They come here to learn from us, and what can we learn from them? There is nothing to learn from them.

We should not be frightened to accept boldly that there is no greater country than ours, and in the whole world there is no better culture then ours. It is very difficult to get to the depth of this culture as we also have become very useless. In India people have become so worthless that they sell their vote just for some onions. Now, Sahaja yogis who came here from outside came with a bag full of onions. I should be ashamed of this. Many people know how to fool others but Indians are expert in being fooled by others.

All these foreigners brought along with them bags full of onions. I asked them, “Why have you brought onions with you?” They said, “Because we heard that there is such a shortage of onions in India, that the government is getting toppled because of that. So we brought onions with us.” I said, “That is true, but at least don’t embarrass us so much.”

Those days are gone when people used to fight for their country and sacrifice everything. We ourselves were among them. Today people who are claiming all the rights in free India, did they or their ancestors ever do anything good for this country? When there was combat in the country, when people were fighting for freedom, getting hurt, going to jail, sacrificing their homes, were any of these people present there at that time? Now they are claiming rights and passing orders that this should not happen in the country, and things like that.

I am very astonished to see that to bring unethical things in the country there is so much fighting going on. Today the principle is to spoil the justice lovers by giving them liquor, teaching them ugly things, wrenching money from them and swallowing it yourself.

You have to remember one thing, that if you are coming to Sahaja Yoga you have to accept the Indian culture, in spite of your caste, creed, race and religion. Without that, it is not possible to be in Sahaja. And you need to understand what Sahaj Marg is. Consider that we follow a certain thing religiously but we have not achieved it yet. So many fraudulent people have come, giving wrong advice, because of which there is plenty of chaos. So that is why it is mentioned that you get Self-realization. There is no meaning in your religion or your talks unless and until you have achieved Self-realization. This cannot be achieved by your intelligence.

Einstein himself has said that this Self-realization is beyond our minds. He also was a Self-realized soul, who mentioned about “torsion area” but people negated him by asking, “Where is this torsion area?” How can you find this torsion area? You cannot find it until you attain Self-realization. So first of all, achieve your Self-realization. For that also many false people mushroomed in our country. Many tantrics grew, who started cheating people by giving them things like diamonds, and people started getting caught in their web.

Getting Self-realization has become very easy through Sahaja Marg. Everyone can achieve this very easily. Through this method you don’t have to do anything like standing on your head, or leaving the society, your home, or your children. No need to do any such thing. This energy is present inside you. It is present in a triangular bone inside your body. I am not saying this but it has been told by several great personalities from the time of creation. I am very surprised that from India people like Machinder Nath, Gorakh Nath, who used to talk about Kundalini, travelled to places like Bolivia, several thousand years back, which is a very difficult place for us to reach. They went to Ukraine and also to some parts of Russia. And after going there they explained to people that this Kundalini Shakti is inside you and all the chakras are present inside your system. And we people who are their progeny do not know anything about Kundalini. The natives of Bolivia know everything about Kundalini but they say that they do not know how to awaken the Kundalini, though they are aware of the existence of Kundalini. I went to Bolivia only once, and many thousands of people got Self-realization instantly. But we people do not have any knowledge of this, and no one tells us about it, nor it is mentioned in any of our books. It is as if we have been completely severed from that great culture and the great knowledge, and we ourselves do not know what kind of peculiar human beings we have become. We are neither Indians nor English. We do not know to which country we belong to. People also do not know the meaning of Kundalini. Just imagine, people do not know what is this Kundalini which has an ocean like knowledge inside it.

Recently a person came here from Mexico, who is an Ambassador. I told him, “Your country is full of spirit science.” He said, “Is that so?” I replied, “Yes, I have been to your country and I have noticed this spirit science there.” To that he replied that it can be removed by psychology. I said, “Your psychology or psychiatry is like a child science. There is absolutely nothing in it. If you want to know about psychology I will tell you. The spirit science, psychology, psychiatry, everything, is mentioned in depth in our books. And I will explain that to you.” This Ambassador is a voracious learner. Whenever I have time I will explain everything to him.

But you people should understand that your country has a treasure of knowledge, and where are you running? What exactly are you doing? According to you, whichever country you think is very advanced and effluent, please go and have a look. I have seen those countries. Do you think they are all happy? If they were really happy why would they come here? Why would they come here in search of joy and happiness? This happiness is something like, you want a house today, then you want a car, then you want this and that. You are never satisfied with what you have. You want this after that, and a third thing next. What is the necessity to run after materialistic things?

There is no end to your needs. There is no contentment. But you get all these things in Sahaja Yoga. In Sahaja Yoga you will be completely content and satisfied. But Sahaja Yoga is based on Indian culture. Foreign culture will not work in Sahaja Yoga. Whoever wants to follow Sahaja Yoga should understand this. Now look at these foreign women who have draped themselves in saris. But that doesn’t mean that you should jump up and down like the members of Hare Rama Hare Krishna. If you want to get to the reality then you have to get deeper into it and fit into it, and understand it. There is nothing in this which you cannot do, because you are all born in this great country. It is mentioned in scriptures that to take birth in India, you should have done a thousand years of penance. After doing good deeds for thousands of years, this kind of people are there in front of Me. In our lifetime, we have come across people who have sacrificed their lives for the sake of the country. And now, you people are behaving this way, just for some onions? You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Padmini jumped into the pyre along with 32000 other women. What is the importance of our country? It is our values. And these values will be awakened in you by Sahaj Yoga, because I have noticed that Sahaj has awakened these values in foreigners also. These values are seated inside us, are shining inside us, glowing and beaming like sunshine. All these values inside us and the greatness of this mother element, along with the values. But if we cover these values like the cloud covering the moon, then how can we see these values? Or how will you understand them when they are covered with so many layers? Kabir Das ji has explained very beautifully about Sahaja Yoga, but people don’t understand it. For example, he wrote, “Ida, Pingala, Sukhamana Nadi re”. But people started asking, “What are Ida and Pingala?” They know about the nervous system, they know about the autonomous nervous system, but they don’t know that the autonomous nervous system is Ida, Pingala and Sushumna Nadis. They do not know anything about that. He [Kabir Das] wrote, “Saiyan nikas gaye, mai na ladi.” I call my Lucknow people philanderers because they think the meaning of “sainya” is “Here is some lover, who has left her beloved and she did not cry”. I said, “What has Kabir Das got to do with lover? Was he so romantic?” What he meant in that particular line is that “My whole life went by, I became almost dead but still I didn’t fight with death.” Just imagine how we have converted this into a perverted meaning. For example, “Surati chadhe kamaan”; according to Kabir Das ji, “surati” means “Kundalini”, but people in Bihar converted this to tobacco as surati means tobacco in Bihar. Now look at the condition of Bihar.

There were one after the other great people born in Bihar. One among them was Gautama Buddha; Mahavira in a way. I think Guru Nanak also had to do something with Bihar. Many of these kinds of seers were born there, like many lotuses are born in a pond. And people proudly announce that these lotuses were born in our country. But what right have you to say this, because you are still worms from the same place?

If you also want to become a lotus, then come to Sahaja Yoga. It is not difficult to come to Sahaja. It is very easy [sahaj], but it is difficult to establish in Sahaj. People who are used to eating their food the difficult way, cannot adopt any easy method to eat it. In Sahaj you will definitely get your Self-realization, without a doubt. Particularly if you are an Indian, you are sure to get it, irrespective of your being a Hindu or Muslim. But after you attain your spirit, you need to settle in Sahaj. Like, there is a seed, and even if it has germinated, it still has to grow into a tree. That is where we stumble, because the whole atmosphere around us is polluted. We think pollution means air pollution, but no, even impure thoughts can pollute the whole society. The process of this pollution is very bad. From all directions we get bombarded by innumerable thoughts and ideas. Newspaper people play an Important role in this. I don’t know to which country they belong. They do not look like Indians to me. None of them has any idea about Indian culture.

Many people requested me to conduct a seminar where many press people would be invited. I said, “No, no, no, no, no.” I will not talk to press people. It is beyond their capacity to handle this. The only thing which is within their capacity is to make one party fight with the other, day in and day out. They cannot do anything else. They cannot do anything else. People from 30 countries had come here. That is, journalists from 30 countries had visited India. And they wanted to have a meeting with Me. The most surprising thing is that all the people from 30 countries who had come here got their Self-realization. All of them felt the cool breeze from their palms. But people who have a cunning nature, who spread false gossip from one place to another, cannot benefit much from Sahaja Yoga. Sahaja Yoga is neither for cunning people, nor for stupid people. Any person can get Self-realization, provided he desires it from the bottom of his heart. After that his life is transformed. He starts enjoying life. After that many blessings are showered on you, and you realise that God is watching you, and managing each and every movement of yours. He is with you in every place.

Many people say, “We used to go to temple every day and worshipped Shivaji so much, but still Shivaji was not happy with us. We didn’t get this or that.” This is a common complaint. But Your connection was not established with Shivaji. People say, “We hurt our knees by kneeling before Shivaji daily and going to temple but still we did not attain God, we did not get any blessings, nor were we peaceful.” How will you get it? Because you have no connection with God there. I think people have not read the Koran properly. If they read it they would understand that the whole of Sahaja Yoga is described in it. Everything is described about Khiyama, how he came on a white horse and crossed the seven stages. This is nothing but Sahaja Yoga. People who are truthful will write true things only, instead of writing absurd things. But later, to save the people, certain rules were changed, because the natives of Arbasthan did not know much about the culture. Our Indian people know what is right and what is wrong. We know everything.

A boy who went to Cambridge for higher education tells me that these people [British] consider everything to be a challenge. I asked him, “How?” He replied, “People asked me why I am not taking drugs. I said I don’t take drugs because it is not in our culture. They said, ‘Which culture are you talking about? We all are taking drugs. So you also should take them. This is a challenge for your culture.’ I replied, ‘I don’t want to accept your stupid challenge’.” The boy said, “Mother, these people think that consuming liquor is a challenge. Taking drugs is a challenge. Getting AIDS is a challenge for them and maybe going to hell is also a challenge.” What else is there to say except that their minds are completely corrupt. If someone thinks all these things are good, then what can be said about them? I tried to talk some sense to the patients with AIDS, but they replied to Me by saying, “We have sacrificed so much”. I said, “What have you sacrificed?” They said, “We are great fighters,” and so on. I said, “My namaskar to you. You people keep fighting like this and spoiling your lives. What else can I say? You people are not going to move forward. I can see that very clearly.”

So, this is the kind of attitude people have there, that to do anything wrong is a challenge for them. And they think that Indians are useless and cowards. And after this incident of onions, I feel how these people have humiliated us so much. I feel as if we are very cheap and useless. And in Delhi there are several thousand Sahaja yogis, but still I don’t understand how such an incident can happen here, as if they have become brainless; like Punjabis say, they have lost their minds. But I did not expect that this would happen so soon. I thought I would do some work outside Delhi for some time. When I came back I find the whole situation so bad here. I don’t know what kind of people have mushroomed here. I should accept that this is the “prime era of downfall” [Ghor Kali Yuga]. Otherwise, it is not possible for human beings to change so fast. And In this Kali Yuga a kind of confusion plays tricks with the mind. When this confusion starts tricking the mind, then the discrimination between good and bad is lost. We don’t realise what is proper and what is improper. It has been mentioned that Sahaja Yoga has to come in this era of downfall.

In the “Nal Damyanti Vyakhyan”, once Nal caught hold of Kali and told her, “I am going to kill you, because you have troubled me a lot, and separated me from my wife. So I am going to kill you.” To that Kali replied, “All right. First, you listen to my importance and then you can kill me.” Nal said, “What can be your importance, as you are an evil person?” Kali said, “No, I have my own importance, that is, during Kali Yuga, people will become totally confused and exasperated, and at that time, thousands of people who are seeking God and the truth in mountains and caves will be blessed. They will experience their spirit. They will get their Self-realization. So Kali Yuga is very important, without which people cannot seek the truth, or they will not attain or search the truth.” When he heard this, Nal let go of Kali and said, “All right, let your Kali Yuga come.” Now this downfall [Ghor Kali Yuga] has come, and with that Sahaja Yoga also has come, attracting you and asking you to look towards it, without getting entangled in any other web.

To come to the Sahaja Marg you don’t have to give anything, there is no need to sacrifice anything, and you don’t have to pay anything. You only have to awaken the Kundalini which is situated inside you. And when it awakens, it sustains itself in the Sahastrar, and pierces and comes out of the fontanelle bone and unites with the All-pervading Power, which is spread all around. It is a very simple thing. Till now you have never been associated with this subtle energy. You have not experienced this subtle energy until now. You have not known it at all. And without knowing this, you are chanting the name of God, going around to all the temples, and doing all kinds of circus. What happens if you go to mosque? No one is becoming wise. Instead, they are fighting among themselves. And what is the use of going to temple where there is nothing but corruption? Is it not very clear that this is wrong, and there is no use in doing this? Instead, something better has to be done. It is so clearly visible in front of your eyes. We should recognise it when it is so clear. This path is not the right one, there is no use in it, and it is useless to follow this path. Unless we achieve our inner self and get to our spirit, we may get lost in the darkness of this life. So it is very essential for you to enlighten your spirit and recognise in that light, what is good and what is bad for you.

When the spirit is enlightened, we develop the power to discriminate between right and the wrong [sat-asat-vivek buddhi], you will do only which is right for you, and you will never do anything which will lead you to self-destruction. Whatever you do will be done with plenty of love and affection. It is very difficult for Me also to speak harshly to you. Today, I had come prepared to tell you very strongly, “Stop being stupid. You have already done enough foolish things.”

Now, when you follow Sahaj Marg, you attain plenty of inner peace. Our country is a peace-loving country. This country has never created problems for any country, never looted any other country, nor tried to possess the land of any country. How did we achieve this peace?

We have struggled for thousands of years, but still how did we get this peace? This is because of the greatness of our land. The land on which you all are sitting is the cause for why we all are peace-loving people. If someone tries to attack us, we definitely respond to them, but we never try to be mischievous to anyone. This kind of system is not there in our country. It is there in other countries but not in ours. We don’t provoke any country to fight with others, and we don’t bomb any country. We don’t do such things. We are self-controlled in these matters.

Once the peace inside us is established, our families, which is our small world, also become peaceful, and our children become peaceful. Peace is very essential for our life. Even trees do not grow in places where there is no peace. That place can never advance, and in those places people will destroy themselves by fighting with one another.

The peace which you get from Sahaja Yoga makes you progress. There are many youth in Sahaja Yoga who have achieved great heights. They never even dreamt that they would get this kind of name and fame, prosperity and everything else. They are completely satisfied people. If I try to give them something they say, “Mother, You have already given us so much. Now what are You giving again?” This kind of mental satisfaction is established inside us. Contentment leads to mutual understanding, better relationships and love. Most importantly, Sahaja Yoga is a transaction of love. We get the love of the All-pervading Power around us, and there is nothing greater than love in this world. Everything is secondary to a person who understands the importance of love. He establishes all his values on the basis of love. Love is the kind of water because of which our country will grow like a lively and vivid tree.

If in the past we had the binding of togetherness and love among one another, then which country would have dared to rule over us? Through Sahaja Yoga we can achieve this togetherness, mutual love and affection, and collective consciousness will be established among us. We all will become one. Now, see that people have come here from different countries, who follow different religions, but the togetherness, unity and contentment which are among this people cannot be seen anywhere else. You will be surprised to see their oneness. If you go to some other guru, you will find that the disciples will always be fighting either among themselves or with the guru. But in Sahaja Yoga, when we become Self-realized, then we start understanding that we are drops in the same ocean in which all are united. We face the agitation of the sea, go up, and come down and again go up. This kind of beautiful society is being organised all by itself, and this will definitely happen in our country.

All the wrongdoers, who are claiming the authority of the country, have not done anything for the country, nor they have sacrificed anything. Just like that they are occupying the most responsible seats of the country. It is very essential to have genuine devotion towards our country. Not just because it is our  country and we are born here, but also because it is a great country. I cannot describe the greatness of this country, but at some point, if I get time I want to write something about the greatness of this country. To know about this country, you also should have a nature which is related to Sahaja. Only then you can understand how many things have happened in depth in this country, and all that has happened in our history.

It is very essential to have patriotism for our country. If you are not devoted to your country you cannot come into Sahaja Yoga. Towards this country, only you people do not have any devotion, but these people [foreigners] have love for your country, and they have accepted Sahaja Yoga in 75 countries. These people love your country so much that whenever they come here, they bend down and pay their homage to this land.

Now, only these people have to teach you to recognize your own mother and pay respect to her. I can keep talking on this subject, but it is an honour for Me that today you people have come from such far-off places in this cold weather. If all my children are in front of Me, what more do I need? I can only bless you that today, in this place, and at this moment, all of you get your Self-realization. And for that you don’t have to do anything. You will receive it wherever you are seated. And you yourself will feel the cool breeze coming out of your hands. This is a very subtle thing, and this is not the time to explain what this breeze is and how it comes, but definitely I will tell you about it some other time.

Because of the impact of the vibrations which are flowing from within us, you can not only correct your physical, mental, and material aspects, but correct others’ problems, too. You are so great, but if you want to get stuck in the mud, what can I do? I request you all to be patient for ten more minutes and get your Self-realization. Whatever I spoke to you till now was to make you ready for the Self-realization program. Without this preparation, you cannot get Self-realization, as this is not the work of a coward, or that of a stupid person. So, with proper understanding, accept the fact that you are a spirit, and the only aim of your life is to attain this spirit. You have no other aim.

Now, I just want to tell you that if you are wearing shoes or chappals, please remove them. Like I told you earlier, this land is a holy land where many sages and seers were born, and we have to see what you people can achieve out of this sacred land.

Now, please keep your both hands towards Me. Now, keep your left hand towards Me, and keep your right hand on your fontanelle bone, on top of your head, which was a soft bone in your infancy. And now, keep your right hand towards Me and with your left hand check on top of your head, above the fontanelle bone to see If you are feeling a cool breeze. Some people may get the cool breeze much above the head, while some may get it just above the head. So please move your hand a little up and down to feel the cool breeze. Now, keep the left hand towards Me. And again with your right hand check on top of your head whether you are getting a cool breeze. It is possible that you may be getting a warm breeze also, because you have to forgive everyone. Forgive everyone, because if you don’t forgive you will get a warm breeze from your head. And if you don’t forgive someone, what are you doing? You are doing nothing except troubling your own self. So, forgive everyone and you will get a cool breeze. Forgive your own self also. Don’t think, “I did this thing wrong or that thing wrong.” Forgive yourself completely.

Now keep both your hands towards Me. Please put both your hands towards Me. And now whoever felt a cool breeze or a warm breeze from both your hands, please raise both your hands. From this side to that side? May God bless you. My blessings to you all. You have all achieved Self-realization. The seeds are germinated inside you. Now, you have to grow this into a big tree. And if as many trees as you people grow here, then how long can Kali Yuga continue? Satya Yuga [age of wisdom and truth] is coming, but it still has to shine its light. You will be the people who will spread the light of Satya Yuga. I have full faith that you people will promote Sahaja Yoga. Each man can be responsible to give Self-realization to 1000 men, and each woman can give Self-realization to 1000 women. And everyone should try to give realization to every other person and see to it that they all achieve their spirit. My blessings to you all.

At the end of this program we all will sing “Vande Mataram”. For that you all need to stand up. Who are we to deny this song, which helped us to fight the war of freedom?

All of you stand up, and now these foreigners will sing this song, and you will be surprised to see how far the glory of our India has reached. Children should come here who will be singing this song.

Sahaji brother: Please pay attention here. Now the seed has germinated, and to improve it and establish your Self-realization and to give you more knowledge about it, we have arranged a follow-up program. So, tomorrow, that is, Saturday the 19th, all the centres in Delhi will have this follow-up program. The addresses of all the centres are on the back of the pamphlet given to you. So whichever centre is near to you, please attend the follow-up program there. All of you are invited. Thank you.