Talk on NGO

New Delhi (India)

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Talk on NGO, Delhi (India), 13 February 1999.

We have started one NGO for destitute women and children; plus, we’ll be having a hospital here. As you know, we have one in… good hospital in Belapur, near Vashi in New Bombay. And this hospital will be in Noida. [Applause]

Today, you’ll be happy to know that we have now got the land in Noida and we are going to start our work there. You… whatever you want to contribute for NGO, you are allowed to contribute and we have a very good team of people who want to work it out. This is something… I thought that we must have, also, our attention for people who are in great trouble around us.

So, this NGO will work for women who are left by their husbands, by their family – who has nobody to look after – and also their children. Still I have not made the whole plans. But before starting Sahaja Yoga, I used to do lots of things like that. So I have quite a lot of experience. Our attention should be, really, towards people who are in trouble. Now – as we are now enriched with divine power – we should look after those who really deserve our attention. You’ll be very happy to know about women who are destitutes recommended by Sahaja Yogis, will be a better idea. And, it can be worked out very well. So far, we haven’t got any application of women who want to have protection. Also, we are going to teach them different arts and crafts and things so that, within two years they will be able to stand on their legs and they won’t be, anymore, beggars on the street. So it’s a…[Applause] Firstly, we’ll make them Sahaja Yogis. Then we’ll work it out. And I am sure you’ll like the idea of having one NGO here.

Then the second one will be starting in Bombay… near Bombay – Vaitarna. That I had planned before – about fifteen years back – but they wouldn’t give us permission. Now it has been finalized – we have got the permission. So I want to start an organization [Applause] there to educate boys and girls… but mostly first boys, we are trying. Those boys who have failed in the eighth class and ninth class to learn some vocational things like… small, small things… we don’t have good electricians, good plumbers… all kinds of things like that. So, they will also stand on their legs because after failing in the ninth class or eighth class, they have nothing to do – they are absolutely in trouble. This I started fifteen years back. Now Mr. Amartya Sen [a person of Indian origin who won the Nobel prize for economics] has written it now. His… this thing about how to make them… I mean not so… still not in such good details. But he has written and he’s got now a Nobel Prize – imagine – for that book. Which I did fifteen years back but the government was so bad, it wouldn’t give me permission. Luckily now, with this BJP government, I have been able to get the permission and we are going to do it in a very big way and there are many people who are coming forward to help Me in that venture.

So now Sahaja Yoga is spreading outward to give sustenance and help to people who require real help from people. This is a new movement of Sahaja Yoga and I hope it will be successful.

Thank you. [Applause]