Mahashivaratri Puja

New Delhi (India)

1999-02-14 Mahashivaratri Puja Talk Hindi/English, New Delhi, India, DP, 70' Add subtitles:
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Shivaratri puja, Delhi, (India), 14 February 1999.

First, I ‘ll speak in Hindi language and then in English language.

[Translation from Hindi]

Today we have assembled here to do the puja of Shri Maha Deva – Shri Shiva Shankara. Because of Adi Shankaracharya’s emphasis people have taken up the Puja of Shiva in a big way. In Southern India two sects have come up: one is Shaivites and the other is Vaishnavites. Shaivites are the worshippers of Lord Shiva and the Vaishnavites are those who worship Lord Vishnu. In our country we are very expert in dividing ourselves. We divide Deities as well; and when we try to reunite them then things take a very bad (Vidrup) Shape. ‘Ayyappa’ cult in the Southern India is an example. According to them when Lord Vishnu assumed the form of `Mohini’ then from Lord Shiva she got a child. Is it possible? Such nonsensical beliefs are generally spread in our country? Then they form different groups and find out excuses to fight with each other? If Indians have nothing to fight over, then they create something from their own imaginations.

So these two things are connected with each other as Sun is with sun light, Moon with Moon light and word with its meaning. I mean to say that the `Sopan Marga’, which is Sushumna path – The central path is the path of Lord Vishnu. Through this path we attain the Shiva Tattva. So Shiva Tattva is the destination and the path is made by Lord Vishnu. This central path is the creation of Lord Vishnu and the Adi Shakti; Lord Shiva has no role in it: He sits comfortably in his Seat, without bothering for anybody; if someone wishes to come, may come. To attain Shiv Tattva we should go through this Vishnu Path (Sushumna Path) and correct all the centers that are created on it. When the centers are cleansed, the Vishnu path opens up and our ascent begins. Many a times I have told about all these centers. There is a center in Heart, which we call `Left Heart’. This is not the center of the heart. In a way it is the reflection of Shri Maha Deva in the heart. The abode of Shiva is above our Minds and Thoughts.

To attain Shiva Tattva we have to see how pure our heart is. We give place to many evil thoughts in our hearts. e.g. jealousy. There is no use of becoming jealous: we should not feel jealous of any one. They might have harassed us or done harm to us, jealousy does no good to you. If your heart is pure then the mirror in which the reflection of Lord Shiva has to come will remain pure. But if you are full of jealousy then the mirror will not remain clean and as such the reflection of Lord Shiva will also not be perfect. Enmity and ill feelings for others are not to be fostered in the heart. That is why Christ has sad to forgive everyone. Forgiving is very important. Many Saints, before and after Christ, have said the same thing, that `Forgive everyone’. The moment you forgive your enemy, immediately Lord Shiva takes over. The power of Shri Mahadeva is the Subtlest and it punishes the evil doer in a nice way. This is the work of Lord Shiva, its not your work. Therefore jealousy for any one is very bad.

But I find that there is lot of jealousy even in Sahaja Yoga. Sahaja Yogis are jealous of each other. If one person is made trustee, the other one will feel jealous. This trusteeship etc. have absolutely no meaning in Sahaja Yoga. It is all false; Drama of your Mother. Your mother has spread a web of Maya (Maya jalam). Even then it disturbs the people; one person gets disturbed and the others feel had about it! I do not understand what to do! Such a big work of Sahaja Yoga is going on in different countries all over the world. I need some one who could be a link between me and Sahaja Yogis. Of course things are getting sorted out now. But you will be surprised that even now there is lot of discussion about who is the leader and who is what?

The Second thing with Indians is that they feel jealous in money matters. Even in Sahaja Yoga people have jealously on account of money matters. Someone has got more money and some less. While doing Sahaja work people see how much money one earns and how much he gives for Sahaja Yoga. The person whose heart is obsessed with money is useless for Sahaja Yoga because materialism has caught his heart. If you are caught in the clutches of materialism then your ascent is very difficult. This is the speciality of our country only. I have not seen it in foreign countries. In Russia and Eastern Block countries there is very little of wealth but they are not much bothered about money. Their heart is so much pure-very pure. Bhakti (Devotion) is possible only with the pure heart. Before meditation, we wash our hands and take bath. It will be better if we purify our heart and pray to the Divine to remove all the negativities that are there within us.

The third thing is the six enemies (Shad Ripus). Out of these Shri Krishna has laid emphasis on Krodha -The Anger (krodha) is the worst of all the enemies; all other negativities emanate from Krodha. Anger brings to us attachment and then the person repents over what he has said: But in the fit of anger he goes out of self-control and blurts-out all the dirt that was hidden in his heart since long. That comes out of his mouth. We have to be beware of this krodha (Anger). Why do we get angry, we have to think over it.

There are people who are angry with a particular person. There are others who are angry with some society. So people get angry for different causes. But we should think as to why we get angry. Some people said to me that “Shri Mataji, it some one speaks against you, we feel very angry.” But if someone speaks against me then I really feel like laughing at him, because there is no meaning at all in speaking against me. I am going to love all, even then if they speak against me then what could I do! But some people are insensible enough. They are to be pitied upon. We have to think that such a person is a big fool and we should look very compassionately at him. This outlook will pacify his anger. In our country there are different kinds of people and organizations who get angry. They will be angry with someone, beat others and kill some others. This is becoming a social evil. This violence is very dangerous and for this they recruit army of their own. It is very dangerous. If some one does so for his own protection then it is justified to same extent, but if a person is a seeker (A Bhakta) then why does he need protection at all’? A seeker is always protected. Who could touch a person in whose hearts resides Shri Maha Deva? Who could destroy such a person? Whatever is done against them, no amount of troubles could destroy such seekers, but those who harass them will get destroyed themselves. You should have full faith in it. Keep your heart absolutely pure. Only in a pure heart it could work out because the reflection of Shiva falls in our heart and for that the heart should be pure.

It is said that Shiva gets angry only once. But I have seen him getting angry many a times. It is his right. If some one works against Adi Shakti, then he has the right and he has very long hands. He finishes up such people because he knows that Adi Shakti will not do anything herself. She will not punish anyone. She will forgive all those who commit sins against Her. The powers of Shiva are limitless. When He wants to punish then no one can stop Him. Who is there to check Him? He has got his own protocols, which could not be changed. So in their individual lives Sahaja Yogis have to follow Lord Shiva. If you do not follow Him then first thing will be that you will have heart problem. This is the first punishment. It works out in two ways. Firstly with excessive anger your heart catches and secondly as after effect of the anger when a person repents he gets the disease of `Angina’. Both, Anger and repentance are harmful. But one can not get rid of anger because like drinking anger also becomes a habit. Once one starts enjoying it the face of an angry person gets distorted and he goes in the state of delirium. No one can control such a person. So, as a solution, I thought that if you sit before the mirror and get angry on yourself, rebuke yourself and say, ‘I am the most stupid fellow’, then, maybe you get rid of your anger: I am saying that it is possible to get rid of anger.

But the problems are so complicated that it is difficult to find out solutions. Further it is seen that the more attention we pay to some thing, the more we react: There is reaction to everything and this reaction is much more in foreign countries. Here there is a carpet, immediately they will say, “I don’t like it, I like it.” Who are they to say all this? But it has become a fashion to say `I like it, I don’t like it’ , as if everyone were a renowned doctor who says `I like it’, `I don’t like it’. This should not be said. This is the indication of your bad Agnya. What do you think about yourself that you say; “I like it, I don’t like it” You have no right to do that. Someone offers you a beautiful flower and you immediately say, “I don’t like this flower.” You are unable to understand the feeling of love of that person because Shiva Tattva is absent in you. You are unable to understand the feelings of love with which the poor fellow had given you that present.

In India we have the example of Sudama. Sudama went to meet Shri Krishna and took along roasted rice to be presented to Shri Krishna. Shri Krishna ate those rice with great respect and love. Anything presented with the feelings of love is just like `paras’ chemical which when put behind the glass, makes it a mirror. Similarly, if you have feelings of love for someone, but for want of money you offer some small present then it should be received by him with the same love and respect. This feeling of love gives a subtle sight to the person. It is artistic, Art emanates from it. So how much artistic is this art of love! By this you could see, how much love is there in this person? How much loving is he! How gentle and nice is he? When you start seeing this quality in others then you will look within yourself also and think, “What am I?” “Do I have that much of love?” “Am I so gentle?” “Do I have all this goodness in me or am I rendering lip service only and thus confusing the people? Matter of fact by our misdeeds we confuse ourselves and none else. By our wrongful thoughts and styles of life we can give comforts to none and to ourselves, not at all. So from the point of view of “svartha” (स्वार्थ) [selfishness]. The word “svartha” is very beautiful. “Sva” means “self”. You must know the meaning of Self. For this purpose people do the puja of Lord Shiva. But I have seen that the worshipers of Shiva are hot tempered, miserly and what not! No deity is as generous and as loving as Lord Shiva. He is the source of love. The love that is flowing today is emanating from His Holy feet. It is because of Him that human beings are bathing in the ocean of love and all this work is getting done. After Self-realization, when you attain that state – the state of say Jiva Atma, then your attention gets established in the Holy feet of Lord Shiva and the qualities of five elements (Pancha Tattva) become very subtle and manifest.

Already I have told you about the four elements but the fifth one, ‘Ether’, I didn’t touch. In Hindi we call it ‘Akash Tattva’ (Sky Element). When a seeker ascends, he attains subtle Akasha, the Subtlety of Ether element. There is no need to activate this element. If a seeker has some problem, this element is omnipresent. It is present every where. Your attention immediately reaches where it is required. It is just wonderful? It is like that; people may call it miracle, but it is not. In Sahaja Yoga if your Shiva Tattva is awakened they all subtle the subtlest qualities and the subtlest state that is within you, gets awakened. Therefore first of all we should purify our heart.

So far I have talked to you, about three enemies. The fourth enemy present within us is ‘Ego’. Egocentric ladies behave like men. They start walking like men, like ladies they can not walk. Ego comes to them for many reasons – because of money, beauty, High Education etc. Whatever the cause, under the impact of ego, ladies start walking like men and ego-effected men start behaving like women. I mean such a man makes himself up, for hours sits before the mirror, combs his hair again and again and all sort of stupidity. Such a person behaves like women. Its for the women to do the make up. He cannot walk straight. From behind, if you see him walking you will feel that it were some lady in male dress, moving ahead with ego. They get intoxicated like elephants. In all their activities, ego is apparent. It is difficult to understand the cause of their ego. What for do they consider themselves something special? All these things are stupid and meaningless. In Sahaja they have no meaning at all. So if you consider yourself something special, you are finished, there is nothing left in you. So its not wise to imagine yourself to be a rich person (Raeeszada) or some thing great. Now even the poor people suffer from ego element; “Dalits” [scheduled cast] also suffer from it. Its beyond understanding: people talk in such a way and think themselves to be something very great. What are you as an individual? Thinking of oneself like that is going away from the state of joy (Ananda); because the power of Shiva takes the seeker to the state of joy. The seeker does the bhakti of Shiva, to have this bliss of joy. But I have seen that most of the Shiva bhaktas are short tempered type. No one could talk to them, what is the use? Natraj Sakshat, from whom emanates all art and joy, who is joy incarnate, how could these so called pseudo devotees be called His bhaktas? They hang such a big linga in their neck that it could give heart attack. What is the need of it? You are yourself the sakshat linga swarupa. Without becoming that they say that they are Shiva bhaktas! On one side they will do Shiva bhakti and on the other, fight with each other. They have different marks, Shiva bhaktas have different style to put Sandal out their foreheads and Vishnu bhaktas have different style. What is the meaning of it? Vertical application of Sandal on the forehead means that we are ascending. Alright, if you are ascending then you should be peaceful. It should be applied both ways – vertically and horizontally; otherwise do not apply it. It should have some meaning. It is the central path leading to the goal. By passing through it you leave behind all the negativities. Before criticizing others criticize yourself.

I am like this, I am like that, say it to yourself, and when you start doing that, then all the bhoots (evil spirits) will run away because by our continuous thought process, by our Agnya; we have gathered all these negativities. The excessive use of Agnya creates all the problems, every thing becomes mental projection and such a person becomes very troublesome.

He himself is always in fixes. By troubling others one could not be happy. It will have its impact on you even if you are a stone. It will have its impact and the person becomes miserable. Mother thinks of your comforts. She desires you to be comfortable, contented and peaceful. She wishes you to be loved. So that you become gentle. This is the method of the Mother. But Lord Shiva’s method is quite different. He tolerates to a limit and then deals so severely that I get terrified about that person. What will happen to this man? Where shall he reach? What is He doing? But Lord Shiva doesn’t think all these things. He doesn’t forgive evil doers. He forgives only those who are worthy of His forgiveness. He blesses those who meditate upon Him continuously. But the person who does not basically want to get improved, Lord Shiva sets him right. Its true. That’s why we should be scared of Him: “Bhayankara” (fearful, terrifying) so one of His name. Because in anger he forgives none. But the worst of his anger (Kopa) is at the time of pralaya, in the night of doom. At that time He destroys everything with his anger. I told you that it is the last judgment: which path you take to, where you go, whatever you do, it is fully recorded in you. According to your deeds, you go to hell or to heaven. It is Lord Shiva who sends people to hell; I do not do that. I have nothing to do with (Narka) Hell. But Shiva will take the person from his legs and throw him in the hell. You may keep on saying that I am the worshipper of the Mother, I am her follower, Why am I being punished’? I am not instrumental in it. Once some one calls me Mother then I can not think ill of him. If I am the protocols (Maryadas) for Shiva then He is my protocols too. But we both have altogether different natures. So you have to be very careful.

Lord Shiva is the eleven Rudras of Jesus Christ. These Rudras are the form of Lord Shiva. So you have to be very careful. I have to warn you because even in Sahaja Yoga people come to earn money, to do ill of others and to be unjust. Such persons are sieved out. But as soon as they are out, they get in to the orbit of Lord Shiva. Then I am told that they have gone bankrupt, they have this problem and that problem. I said please don’t tell it to me now. He himself ran out of his protection, now who could save him? So you should try to seek your protection in Lord Shiva. Of course, you are protected by the Mother, yet you should seek protection in Lord Shiva, and for that I have told you about five elements. You have to attain the subtlety of these elements. To achieve that State its necessary to meditate regularly. Those who meditate could be distinguished from those who do not. There is no doubt about it. Now those who meditate but whose attention is not there in meditation, those who do not have understanding or expertise for meditation, who are lazy about meditation, their meditation also could not be successful. They can not get benefited by meditation. Meditation should be so deep that each of your cell gets filled with joy, and joy pours out of them.

The first and foremost blessing of Lord Shiva is that he gives you Joy, fills your being with joy. Only the chanting of his name makes one joyful, but people behave opposite to it. They do not behave in the expected manner. I am very surprised that the people whom we think to be Shiva bhaktas (devotees), how could they be so dry? They could not be. There could also be one more reason for it. Those who keep over busy all the time, they become right sided. Such people get disconnected from Lord Shiva and then He shows His powers. You know it already that goddess Saraswati is the sister of Lord Shiva. The worshippers of Saraswati, the people who are busy in acquiring knowledge, those who are keen seekers of art, should know that she is the sister of Lord Shiva, that Sister’s relationship is very important. If you try to go against her, create impure literature or bad books and thus misuse your knowledge, then Lord Shiva punishes you with heavy hand. His sister is very important to Him and going against her is a terrible sin. For Adishakti too, Lord Shiva has very rigid rules and protocols.

Now Sahaja Yogis have to pay attention towards themselves first of all. I do not mean to say that they should sit before the mirror for hours together. Not at all, sitting before the mirror is considered to be a disease. What I mean to say is that you should have attention towards your ‘self’ and see what is the problem in me? “What wrong things I do?” The straight path, that is told in Indian culture, should be taken, Nowadays people think it appropriate to live as you like, “Whats wrong?” But it is not proper. In India, one has to live according to Indian culture. Your life style should remain connected to lndian culture because in it great importance is given to Shiva Tattva. Shiva Tattva has created all our maryadas. The moment we stop following these maryadas, we are finished. All these rnaryadas are because of the grace of Lord Shiva. Whatever has been told to us so far, do not do this, do not do that, Shiva has created all these ‘Maryadas’. He is so much concerned about His maryadas. The moment you disobey them, you get affected.

People have created so many wrong ideas in the name of Shiva Tattva. Many of them think that by taking Bhang (An intoxicating Herb) Shiva Tattva is awakened. Some others are of the opinion that drinking of Alcohol submerges you in Shiva Tattva! We have created such wrong ideas. Lord Shiva drank poison, would you also drink it? He drank poison to make the world free of it: He ate the poisonous Dhatura. So that people don’t have to eat these poisons. Similarly you might have heard that Sai Nath smoked tobacco, because in Maharashtra most of the people are addicted to take tobacco, so Sai Nath thought that why not consume the whole tobacco of Maharashtra? But people have taken it the other way. They say Sai Nath used to smoke Chilam so why not we? Shri Sai Nath wanted them to get rid of this bad habit and that’s why he wanted to finish up the whole tobacco. Now the goddess eats up the Bhoots of the whole world, would you also eat Bhoot? Devi takes up all the diseases that are there in you. Would you also absorb the diseases of others? Its not your work. So, what all these sadhus are doing? You have neither the powers to do that nor is it your duty. Your duty is to cleanse yourself, correct yourself. First you attain that state then everything will be alright. Without achieving that state its useless.

There is absolutely no use of doing all these rituals. Many things could be justified in wrong manners, but if we go in the right direction, in right manner, then first of all we should cleanse and purify our hearts. All these habits, we are addicted to, affect our heart. In the olden times disciples were made to live in jungles, amidst snakes, scorpions, other animals and insects, so that they were not addicted to luxurious life. At the most they could live in huts done with cow dung. They were made to sleep there and lead a very simple life. Very few simple clothes were given to them so that they could not be crazy about clothes, shoes and special type of food. It is unnecessary to say all these things to Sahaja Yogis. You know that your Mother could live anywhere, could sleep anywhere; could eat any food. Indians are very fond of tasty food. Sahaja Yogis invite each other for dinner and lunch. Ladies, specially; ask me to come to their houses to eat. I say, its difficult for me to go and eat anywhere. Even in my own house I eat without salt and sugar. Right from my childhood I have made my self insensitive to the tastes of tongue. Whatever is available I enjoy myself of it. But our tongue is used to different tastes. All Indians – whether from U.P., Punjab or South – all are very expert in this regard. With tasty food they befool people. My husband likes this, my husband likes that. What to do? Women will be slaves to their husbands and day and night keep pleasing them. The one who talks about food all the times is not a Sahaja Yogi.

In Milan, at the time of Guru Puja, I myself had to cook. What to do? For four years I myself had been cooking because no one else could prepare tasty food. Sahaja Yogis (Indians Specially) would say Mother, it is just like plastic. Indians who come their for Puja would like to see me. They have a special right on me. Also they are very critical of the food offered to them. Now one more thing has begun. Indian Sahaja Yogis need attached bathrooms! How their parents used to live? Now they want British style attached bath rooms. I am mentioning because I am tired of it. In Ganapatipule I provided Western bathrooms for the foreigners and Indian for Indians. I thought Indian Sahaja Yogis would like the Indian style. But Indian Sahaja Yogis demanded western bathrooms. I said, take tumblers and go to jungle, that is how you will improve. They have been going for years like that. But now they have become big Sahibs! Then the poor foreigner Sahaja Yogis said, Shri Mataji we like Indian style bathrooms. There are very clean, please give these bathrooms to us. Then I changed the arrangement and Hindustanis were very happy that they have got attached bathrooms. You should be ashamed of it. Sahaja Yogis talking about such things should be ashamed. Your forefathers used to go to jungle with tumblers and now what are you demanding? Have you got some disease or any other problem? Unnecessarily they put me in trouble. But somehow it struck me and things were managed. You will be surprised, Indians who come to Cabella, do not like to live together. Western Sahaja Yogis are very rich, they have got cars and other facilities, but they sleep in Hangar. But Indians need a special place; they will stay in hotels. They cannot sacrifice their comforts. They have not learnt that this modernism is beyond me to understand. These foreigners have no servants. So they have only one bathroom in their houses because they themselves have to clean it. Since you can afford to have servants, you keep many bathrooms but all these habits will take you away from your power. Your attention will fritter away. Frittering away of the attention in absurdities will make you just an ordinary person.

Its a fashion, nowadays the ladies will go to beauty parlor, the face will remain the same but they will throw away their money. Brahmin ladies of Pune wear sleeveless, black goggles and drive mopeds. I could not understand! Pune is ‘punaya patnam’, but what is this punyai (good deeds)? Thus we have adopted western system without even thinking of Shiva Tattva. Look at Shiva. He is not bothered about clothes. Even in His marriage procession He sat upon Nandi, the ‘Ox’. Why Nandi? Because Nandi is His disciple. He obeys His commands, and that is the reason that Nandi is Lord Shiva’s most beloved disciple. Shiva sat upon Nandi and reached the place of Parvati. Of course Parvati had no objection but her brother, Lord Vishnu, was surprised to see this strange bridegroom. I do not mean to say that you should dress up shabbily at the time of marriage. To accept every thing, all sort of foods is nice. Wisdom is your ornament. But these people will keep on criticizing their hosts for the food that they offer. What food did they prepare? If the food was good then they will ask their wives to prepare like that. So this taste of the tongue is in abundance in India. It should be reduced. These foreigner Sahaja Yogis eat your Indian food, I have never heard any complaint. But none of you could take their Western food. Till you are caught in this temptation, you cannot have this deep joy. In olden days seekers were asked to renounce every thing to achieve the joy of Lord Shiva. First renounce, go to Himalyas, stand on one leg. You should not wear any clothes. Take a dip in the river and then meditate with wet clothes. They used to torture the body. Even these days Gurus beat their disciples. They do not give realization so easily. After lot of torture and hard work a few seekers get it but such seekers get established in it.

Sahaja Yogis are given realization without undergoing such penance. Their previous Sanskaras (habits) still linger on in then. What to do with that? These sanskaras are to be pushed away, to be finished. There is no need to get in to extremities. No need to renounce home and everything. There is no need to do. Dravidi Pranyamas (controlling the breath). But one thing is a must, you have to reduce this temptation of taste. Temptations for the taste are to be gotten rid off. It is very necessary. Freedom from taste is a big achievement. People get enraged if they do not get food of their own choice. They throw away their plates, beat their servants and so on. If you make yourself insensitive to taste, then I think, many sweet shops will close down. However, what I mean to say is that the body should not be given much importance. If you sleep on the bed, then for ten days you should sleep on the earth. Without enslaving your body, you cannot achieve your ascent. Many people can not walk at all because they have the habit to travel by car. They keep on borrowing the cars. None of them will think to go by bus. In olden times there used to be no bus at all. We used to walk five miles every day to reach the school though we had a car and every thing. But we were very fond of walking barefoot. Walking barefooted on the earth is good to receive vibrations. You should also make the habit of walking without shoes. Its very important. You will be benefited, Mother earth will have your vibration and you will feel nice.

We have become slaves to the comforts just like Nawabs. What did the Nawabs achieve? Similarly our lives will be wasted if we do not come out of the clutches of the slavery. First we have to reduce the slavery and establish Shiva Tattva in our hearts. Nothing else is much important – beautiful and fashionable dresses etc. Whatever is available, wear it. You will lose nothing. On the contrary you will be happy that you are a contented person. Now a days the price of gas cylinders in India has been increased by Rupees Sixteen. The ladies opposed the price rise and had a procession. I saw their photographs in the news paper. All were so well decorated that I said that each one of them might have applied powder worth Rupees fifteen. Why are they going on strike now? No one thinks of the increased salary. We used to pay Rupees Twenty-Twenty five to our servant. Today he gets two thousand five hundred, clothes and other facilities, yet he is complaining. When salaries are increased so much, would not the prices increase? Salaries and prices rise with the same speed. There is a story that in Sri Lanka labors were given one gold brick a day. One person received two bricks against one day’s work. He went to a barber shop for shave. He asked from the barber, “What are the charges?” “Two bricks”, came the answer. As the income, so the expenses. Its unwise to keep complaining about price rise. When your salaries are so much increased then why to keep crying about the price rise? Its a very simple thing. If we learn it then socially also we could achieve Shiv Tattva.

I was with Gandhiji in his Ashram for some time. People staying in the Ashram used to run away because they were to clean the bathrooms of others. No sweeper was engaged in the Ashram. One had to wash ones own clothes, wash ones own plates. Every one had to take boiled food, at the most a little raw mustard oil put on it. How many Hindustanis eat such a food? Most of the people ran away from the Ashram in two-three days. You people should also learn to be above the tastes of the tongue. It will be better if you take boiled food for a few days. No mother would suggest such a thing to her children, what do I do? It is damaging the Shiva Tattva in you. If you are much absorbed in tasty food then Shiva Tattva will disappear and all the labor will be lost. It is not good to be absorbed in eating all the times. People in olden days used to observe fasts and sacrifice some thing. If you are contented then there is no need to think of food all the time nor to invite people at your place.

Cast system is another big problem in India. Kayasth is separate, Brahmin is separate. Even now it exists. Each one of them forms a separate group. Now you are all Sahaja Yogis, then why should you worry about these castes? If you were to do all these things even now then why did you come to Sahaja Yoga? There is no Caste and creed in Sahaja Yoga. What is the caste of Lord Shiva? People with one eye blind, bare footed and Limb broken were taken in the marriage procession by Lord Shiva. So it is against Shiva Tattva to be concerned about castes and to think that different food should be prepared for different castes. I could never understand as to how the people draw pleasure out of it! What’s the reason Bangalis want Bangali food, Madrasis want South Indian food? Once I asked why there is no standard food in Airlines?

They replied, “Shri Mataji, which is the standard food in our country?” That’s right. Everyone has liking for the food of his own state. One should have sweet tongue. One feels as if Ravana’s are coming out of the smiles of certain person’s and when ladies speak, it appears to be like ‘Chandika’. Both men and women are very strange. Where is Shiva Tattva in these strange habits? Lord Shiva is the ocean of love, He bestows boons even on Rakshasas. If we have to awaken Shiva Tattva with in us then how could we be caught in such stupidity? How could we do all that? Tell me. The way we criticize each other and call high and low, it is not like Lord Shiva.

The streams of love are flowing in Lord Shiva, While bathing in this ocean of love – you should not say such baseless things. There is no use of it. We should enjoy each others love and understanding. Of course, Sahaja Yogis do not fight with each other. With great love they meet each other. However, their small, small individual likings, eating and moving should be corrected a little hit. If we do that it will be wonderful. Your attention will go towards your heart. It will not remain entangled in these things. Fashion and designing is much more rampant in foreign countries. They create different fashionable dresses and the wearer thinks very great of himself or herself. Italian people are very much affected by these things. But you do not have to be caught in it. Lead simple life. In our country simple people have attained heights. During preindependence days Gandhiji asked every one to wear khaddar and thus he set the people right. Now you have to control yourself because you are enlightened beings.

You are in the Holy feet of Lord Shiva. Correct yourself, do not try to correct others, correct yourself and feel blessed that you are a self realized person. How many realized souls were there in the olden times? Today you are in thousands. So start talking to each other very sweetly, from the depth of the heart. From heart if you talk to people no one takes ill of it. Observe all the protocols (Maryadas) with your children and elders. This way you will make yourself and others happy. But without the blessings of Lord Shiva you cannot do that. So look within yourself and see that you are an enlightened person. Am I patient enough or not? Do I quarrel with others over small – small things and find faults with them? Then definitely there is something wrong with me. Put your attention on that, only then you could be cleansed. Until you know your shortcomings, how could you cleanse them? This cleansing is much needed. Only by this cleansing you could visualize the Divine Father. The God Almighty within you and other people could also have this bliss.

May God Bless You.

It is a very long lecture I have given in Hindi language; and because there are very few, also, Sahaja Yogis from abroad. What I was telling them was that about the Principle of Shiva is in your heart, and that reflection is not on a chakra, but on a… like a mirror. Now, whatever is visible of you is this mirror. In this mirror, what reflection you have? Do you have a reflection, which is clear, clean? Have you cleaned your heart, have you cleaned your mirror that is reflecting? That is what one has to see.

Now, what I told them at length was this, that how there are six enemies we have got. And all these six enemies, one after another, try to corrupt us. Out of that, I have told them about five. The sixth one doesn’t exist much in India, which we call as lust, is much less. But, for foreign countries one has to know that it is one of the major things that they have in the West, because they think lustful life is the only life worth living. Beyond that, is Shiva. And that’s why we have to we have to understand that in our heart, the reflection of Shiva is only possible in complete form when we have cleaned our heart. To have malice for others, to have lust for others, to have anger for others, to have envy for others, all these reactions within us act and our heart becomes like a stone, it cannot reflect. So, if you have to reflect the quality of Shiva, which is very important today, in this Kali Yuga; very… there are very few people who are really reflecting the image of Shiva in their own character. So, it is important to watch yourself and see for yourself – what’s wrong with you? Where am I… where is my attention going? Where am I going? What am I doing? – If you go on judging yourself and not others.

Also, in… one of the western things is that they think they have a right to criticize others, everybody. ” I like it, I don’t like it”. Who are you? Why do you say such a thing? Somebody had made a beautiful, say, arrangement for you; you sit in his house and nicely say, “I don’t like it,” to hurt that person. After all, who are you? What do you think of yourself? Who are you to judge? For Sahaja Yoga… Yogis, is prohibited to say, “I like” and “I don’t like.” Is prohibited. Look at Shiva. He likes everything. What He wears? Also snakes. He likes all kinds of animals. Every type of thing that we think is not good, ugly, for Him they are not. For example, in His wedding He took with Him, in His “Barat”, people who were all infirm. Some people had one leg; some people had limbs broken down. Some had only one eye. All such people He carried with them. To Him, these people were very dear and He looked after them, because He is the source of joy. He is the One who gives us joy. And the One that makes us joyous. The real joy is only possible if, in your heart, His reflection is there. But if your heart is full of all things, that once I have described, it becomes a dirty, very, very dirty mirror.

Very surprising, I told them also, that compared to Indians, Westerners are not so particular… Western Sahaja Yogis are not so particular about their comfort. Though they come from a very materialistic surrounding, they are not so much bothered. They can live anywhere, they can be happy anywhere. That’s a very good stage they have reached and that’s what’s… the Indians must try to follow and don’t pay attention to nonsensical things. It is not necessary to waste your energy on nonsensical thing. Then only you can have a real Bhakti for your Self, for your Atma and that is what needed today, that your Spirit should shine in your character, in your behavior and in your personality. If that happens, then you have achieved what Sahaja Yoga wanted to do for you. Is important today, very important. If you read the newspapers, you can’t read it. And what you need is to change; the transformation; as we in Hindi call it ‘pariwartan’, of human beings into Selfhood, into Self-awareness, into the Spirit. This has to be done. And the time has come; this evolutionary process has started. There are so many of them who have got it.

Now the old saints and people who were gurus, real gurus, they used to really test the disciples by making them stand on their heads for years together, sometimes put them in the water, do all kinds of things. They used to beat them and they were very harsh – testing all of them. And then only, one of them used to get realization. Now, what I thought of – its takes too much time to cleanse them, to put them into all kinds of dresses, this, that, send them to Himalayas or to Gobi Desert. I thought it will take too much time. I said why not first enlighten them? Give them the light. In that light they can see their problems and they will themselves correct themself. They will be their own guru. And it was successful. It was good.

Now you can see for yourself what you are doing, what is your problem, what makes you so much different from others and what will elevate you. Because Sadashiva’s place is above the head, above your thoughts, above your mind, above your emotions. It’s here, and you have to cross this limit. Only when you do not react to things, and also to you nothing is important than Shiva, then only it will work out.

So, in some things Indians have to learn, and in some things you foreigners have to learn. So many things you have done, I must thank you very much. People used to think that I cannot do anything. I mean, you have given up drinking, you have given up all kinds of bad habits, you are no more womanizers, your attention is so clean, so many things you have done, which is really praise-worthy. But still, you must learn that still there are certain things lingering, which must be cleared out and must be absolutely finished. You don’t have very much politics, but sometimes there is also politics… group forming is there. All this has to go away, because for Shiva, what is this? The whole universe is at His feet. To Him to have a one group here and a one group there, all that doesn’t matter. To Him, it doesn’t come into His head, you see. For a person like a very big ocean, it touches many shores. But in itself it is a big ocean. In the same way is Shiva principle, and you all should develop that principle of Shiva. And then see the joy, the joy of this great ocean of love.

May God bless you.