Awakening Of Kundalini Is Not A Ritual

Shivaji Park, Mumbai (India)

1999-02-20 Awakening Of Kundalini Is Not A Ritual, Mumbai, India, 96'
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1999-02-20 Public Program in Shivaji Park, Mumbai [translation from Hindi, Marathi]

My Greetings to seekers of Truth. We don’t give any importance or attention to truth, what is the reason for that? Why we don’t like Truth and implement it. It’s not that only this, this World has become like that one eye is on wrong or false things. For that, I can say that this is the time of severe (grievous) Kaliyuga. Very bad Kaliyuga, I have seen unique people in my time, but today I see very Vikskipt (Assimilated) people, very spoiled people. Happily, they are spoiled one, no Body has forced them. Today the condition of the Country is because the human being is falling in their morality.

For that Sadhu and Saints have done so much hard work in our Country, said so much and explained.

Especially Indians are specialized in whatever Sadhu and Saints said they believe in it. They don’t ask any questions, in foreign it’s not like that, they start to use logic (Argument) and ask them.

Indians have the specialty that whatever Sadhu and saints have said they would accept it without any dispute and follow it from small talk to big talk they will listen and accept it Because of this specialty today we have walked on the right path. But now what happened in this Bad Kaliyuga that human thinks that there is nothing like the truth. False is only everything. A Peron who is following false only grows higher, he only gets all the help from everywhere. This kind of false belief we have because of Kali’s domination is very strong on us, in this way we don’t know that Kali’s Domination Is taking us towards the destruction. Not only in our country but other countries also has more influence (domination) of Kali, people behave like fools? Indians are simple and easy people, because of that, they can accept any foolishness. Now I have seen a small thing like Onions became very expensive, but why onions became expensive, for that change of Government onions will not become inexpensive. This thing we have to think that we have been so stupid, that anybody can fool us because This Kali’s influence is more on us and why it is on us because in our country Rule of Morality, Righteousness, and Spirituality is there,

I was surprised in China, they were telling me your country is very rich in Spirituality, but we did not see it, where it’s gone? in their country, no one goes, in another country why anyone will go? To search this wealth why they only come to your country. Where is this wealth, why this wealth of Spirituality is missing? It doesn’t have any relations with any religion. All religion has talked about Spirituality. After that scholars have come, Mullah has come, they have destroyed this that is a different thing, but Spirituality is the main message or root of all religions. It’s prestigious and this Spirituality was more in this country, very much more, but I don’t understand why people have not attracted (Come) towards it.

In name of Spirituality, people have gone to America to make money. So many people who can make others fool in the name of spirituality in India. But how many are truly looking to accept spirituality? Now we have to think about why we required spirituality. First, I want to tell you that it’s originated in this country, the roots are here. Spirituality has flourished here in a real way. Other countries also have this like Islam, and you can tell it’s in Christianity religion too. All religions have it, but originally in our country, people know about spirituality, it’s not anywhere else, and we are like unimpaired and beggars that we don’t know that we are so rich in spirituality. We can do a lot on that basis that we have to think about it.

First of all, understand that the ascent of this Country will happen only through Spirituality. After that, all countries will have a spirituality that is the prediction. When they follow spirituality how they will grow. Now so far whatever we have known that to fool people in spirituality that is the first act, because of that we became ritualists. That’s why we are doing something else. But in Spirituality we must know that this wealth (Mammon) of India, that’s why this wealth has come from a special culture (Civilization).and this Culture is established in us for thousand years. I have not seen this kind of culture in another country. Here people are very well cultured and in small things (matters) culture is shown. It’s easy to say in English I hate you, can we say this sentence in any other language, because it’s a big sin to hate someone, so we can’t say we are committing big sin. In this Country feeling of Sin and Saintly are very deep and it has been there. Now we have not completely wake up yet and Useless people are expanded (Spread) in this country. And Socialist, what condition of Socialist in Russia has happened, go and see that they are teaching you new things (talks), how they got into bad condition, do you want to have a bad condition here? Did these Socialists paid attention to Spirituality, and did they understand it.

Only socialist, by saying socialist, you can’t improve the Society. To Improve the Society there is only one way. To improve the condition of India there is only one way and that is to stand up in Spirituality.

In Maharashtra Spirituality’s importance is not less. Whatever I am going to reveal to you that is India’s Culture is Exclusive, that doesn’t mean that we are limited or small. This culture looks lie Big Ocean (Mahasagar). Somebody said Mother, you write a book about Indian Culture. Did I say Oh God, is this easy? It is a Huge Ocean (Very Big Ocean). Such as big Texts (Granth, Books) and so many things have been written, and nobody knows about it.

Recently Ambassador of Mexico came to me, he was saying in Mexico Bhoot Badha (Black magic) is many are suffering, Mother please show me some solutions. I told him I have written a book on it. In our country very clearly written on all things, it’s written with so well and it’s been told, but nobody is going towards that. Today the English language is given by British people, told me to speak in English. Here at least don’t tell me to speak English. The English language is a language? In this language call it as Spirit. Now Spirit means Soul, Spirit means Ghost, Spirit means Wine, now tell in this language who can explain?

This Deep talk, for that, requires very Deep People. You Indians are deep people. Increase your depth then you will understand who you are. The time when you understand who you are, then you will now you are very great and your country is also very great, here so many (Thousands) saints were born.

Prophet Mohammad said that 1 Lac 24 thousand Nabi (Good People) was born. Where were they, were they born in Arbasthan? They have explained Spirituality in detail with great understanding. That is within us there is a Power called Kundalini. That must be awakened and with that awakening self-realization takes place. When Self Realization happens then the light of Spirit guides us every moment of our life. That means we understand that saying lie (wrong) is ok, No Objection. Rob someone, no objection, takes someone’s money, no objection. This is ok till you are not connected with the ultimate power of God’s Love. When you get connected with that power you don’t’ know where it will take you. So much will you will know, here most of the people who are sitting will give you the proof. Even after having all we have not viewed these. There we have not put our attention. With Great Karmas, you have born in India. Just like that, you don’t become Indian.

When I go to foreign, the first thing people will think that I am Indian. And from here Cheaters (False People) have gone there they are earning on this basis that we are Indian. We must awaken our culture with us and understand that in our Country a beautiful arrangement is there. We don’t talk about one religion, one Special group, It’s a collective thing. And that is within us residing the Kundalini, with her awakening you will get Self Realization. This Self Realization gives the light of Spirit and it’s taken care of you. You don’t have to think about others Good or Bad. If someone troubles you, then somebody is there to troubles him. You don’t have anything to do with them. They will be taken care of. Now if I tell that Shri Shiva will take care of them then Muslims will come to hit me with a stick, Christians will say how you can say that. If I tell that Macceshwarshiv is in Macca, then they will get upset on me. It’s a reality that Macceshwarshiv is in Mecca. Ask them why they are worshipping this stone, why they are moving around this stone then will not have an answer because it’s a place of Shri Shiva. And Shri Shiva and Prophet Mohammad are not different. Prophet Mohammad is also one incarnation of Primordial Guru. That I can say that he is an Incarnation whether you believe or not, if you want to know completely about it then when you get self-realization then through your fingers you will come to know what Chakras are catching. Fingers don’t require any machine, nothing. Prophet Mohammad has said when Resurrection Time (Quiamah) will come, that means you will get blessed and you will transform. When Resurrection time will come your hands will speak and give you the proof against your belief. But Muslims went in another direction and Hindu went in different directions, Christians went in other directions. For what these people can do, they only talked about Spirituality after this time of Resurrection and Transformation. And in the Hindu religion, everybody said that this time will come but I don’t know why we have forgotten this and going where. We don’t think about it and unnecessarily we are fighting. There is no need to fight, first to know what your religion is. King Shivaji has said that save self-religion (Swadharma). This Swadharma means the religion of Spirit. He said clearly If you want to know Swadharma because he was self-realized. You will be astonished if you see his every quality of life. How he was a great Human being. Same way Ramdas Swami was his Guru. Somebody told him in the Sixteenth Century there was more conversation about Kundalini. Brother, how long it will take for Kundalini Awakening. He said “Immediately”, But Person should be receiver and Giver too. Now, these people are moving with Khomache, and give them self-realization, so can I give them. For that, it has to be deep. Don’t know where that depth has gone (missed) in them. And when the depth is there then it’s not difficult to experience the Spirit. This is the great Importance of Kali Yuga.

At that time there was a story. Damyanti’s husband named Nal met Kali, He said I will destroy you because you have separated me from my wife, then Kali told him to see brother you can destroy me but first you understand my importance. He said let me know what importance it is? That time when you will rule people will be in Illusion, they will have a misunderstanding. What you can do about it. Then He said See I will have that kind of kingdom and illusion will be there. But in that time monks and saints who are roaming in Girikandaro (Mountains) and people who will be staying in the home, the majority of them who will be in search of God, the search of truth, they will obtain the truth and they will get Self Realization. And this will happen only in Kali Yuga because they will fear Illusion and for that, they will search for Truth. When He explained this to Nal, he became quite and said alright let Kali Yuga starts. Now the Kali Yuga started and now what should I say about Kali Yuga. I have not heard in my childhood. People started coming in this time and then you will know how far it’s very important to save our Country. To raise the greatness of this country is our Duty. No one from outside will come and do it. We have to do it and how we can do it. A very simple and easy method is to awaken the Kundalini of people.

In Maharashtra, in the 16th century, so many saints have talked about Kundalini awakening.

I want to tell that Saint Gyandeva told in the 12th Century. And Adi Shankaracharya has told in the 6th Century and 14 thousand years back Markandeya told about it. These People have said that, is it all gone waste.

Today our activities (Nature) are such, for that because of that nature, the human being must think in their brain that they have gone to some wrong path, Because of that wrong Path they are suffering.

Now the poor are there and poverty is also there, and they are crying, but why poverty is there. Because here people are Greedy. Greed, they are taking money where ever you go. I went to Pune, they told me, Mother, they are taking money, just tell and they are asking for money, I asked they are not eating food, they are taking only money. Whoever we see taking money. By taking money, in the end, they will go to Jail. Destroy others, Kills some one’s kid. They don’t care about it. Only Money, Money. But this is not a Laxmi Principle. Laxmi Principle is different, by this principle most people rise higher (Uddhar). To awaken that principle, it’s necessary to Awaken Kundalini. When Kundalini awakens automatically Laxmi Principle will be seen. For the most important thing is a person becomes satisfied in that with 2 things or 4 things what does it make a difference. The meaning of Satisfied is not that you become Hermit (Sanyasi) and go to the forest. You have to stay at home. In case if Hermit (Sanyasi) comes then people will tell him to go and change your clothes. They will say we have only these clothes given by our guru; we don’t have other clothes than how can we change. So there is no need to pretend that you are Sanyasi or monk (Sadhubaba).

There is no need to sing or play music in a Crazy way. As you know on road no need to play Music or Sing. You have to achieve it completely through your consciousness. When you are conscious completely, you can get it through your conscious mind, Through this experience you become more flourished. Through this experience, it proves that it’s like just a talk, it’s not like that, you have to achieve the experience and in that, you have to keep moving forward. Thousand people get experience but very few people get into it.

Surprisingly, Maharashtra is a Holy land, it has a temple of Goddess everywhere and worships them. There are so many places built of Muslim peer (Sufi or Spiritual guide), but people from here they don’t understand that why were they born in this Holy land. What is special about us, why did we come to this Holy land and what we have to do here, I really feel surprised that I have worked so hard in Maharashtra, I have moved round in Maharashtra, went here and there, for Years lived in forests and small villages, Done all kinds of work, but it’s very Sad that still, people follow Rituals (karmakand). In those rituals they will get up at 4 am, after the bath, they will chant (Shlokas) very loudly, they say something.

Keep on doing any Rituals. They don’t understand that the awakening of Kundalini is not any kind of Ritual.

People with Blind faith, they will say we will give you money, awaken our kundalini. I told them, Brother This Kundalini doesn’t understand money, if you insult her this way then she will not rise. They don’t have enough sense (understanding) there is no other thing. They don’t understand what is Kundalini? Kundalini’s meaning is that within your dormant energy and when she awakens, she passes through the six centers including Brahmarandhra and gets united with all-pervading power (Brahma Shakti) and you feel this Brahamashakti is moving within you. It’s the time of Quiamah (Resurrection). It’s a very Sahaj (Easy) thing, means it’s born with you and this is your birthright and you achieve that, but you are untouched, you don’t have time. You don’t have any reason, we are very happy people, when you get any sickness then you will run to come, when any problem comes then you will run to come but when you are healthy (Swastha), Swastha means steady in self. Swa means Spirit (Atma) and Steady in that. I have explained to you so many times that you have to get into Sahaja yoga. You must achieve it, it’s your specialty. And the specialty of Maharashtra, you are Maharashtra, how you are from Maharashtra, think why you are called Maharashtra.

Today I have visited so many cities and so many countries, people composed so many poetries for you (Maharashtra). After coming here they dropped in their ascent. Did Mother was telling this, are they Maharashtrians? Means after having a great wealth of spirituality, like in small pond so many lotuses bloomed like those high-quality people (realized souls) have taken birth here, but people from here are still like ants and small bugs. I am mother, I must tell you this that behind Great work of ours, you will be surprised to know that People from Russia, Austria, different countries, from America they are very active in Sahaj Work (working Hard). They are not Indians. All are foreigners. But now we become foreigners.

In Mumbai city, People from different places in the world have come and settled down here. Instead, to spread the wealth of Spirituality from here to the whole world, don’t know what they are doing? Making money, (Mother is repeating this for 3 times). What would you do with this money? Today who is asking those big people who have lots of money (Rich People) who know about them? But if one Sahajayogi is there then the whole world will run behind him because he is a knowledgeable person. He knows the art of Kundalini Awakening, he might be Hindu or Muslim, or Christian or Sikh. Whoever he is but he knows how to awaken the Kundalini. I am surprised that foreigners have come, one boy was there and I have arranged his marriage with one girl, I have not seen this girl, He came to me and told Mother, This girl doesn’t have good vibrations, you meet this girl one time. I told ok, One British person is telling me this thing and no one has paid attention to this. When I saw that girl, I told her truth, her Vibrations are not good, then came to know what her problem was?

I have seen everything, but if one English person (Britisher) teach you Spirituality that we don’t want that situation. They have taught us Politics, have given us a hard time, but now if they come to teach us Spirituality? That’s why I am telling you that you keep your vision (attention) towards you and look at yourself.

They asked me to talk in Marathi because Marathi People are very conscious. And asked me to speak in Marathi.

In Maharashtra, saints have worked so hard for what the outcome from you is just seen.

Gyandeva (saint from Maharashtra) did not have slippers on his feet, His feet burnt. Now, why are you taking out his procession and moving around? With his procession, 15, 20 Beggars will also go, whatever village they go they will eat there on his name. In Hindi it’s called Lanat (very Bad) He died (Gyandeva) till the age of 23 years behaved very bad with him (Tortured him). At the age of 23, he has taken Sanyasa (Renunciation of life) means he has taken Samadhi (the highest state of Meditation means United with Divine) this is our problem. Most of the saints have been tortured, Tukaram, Namdev they suffered. It did not come in our brain that they were all saints, and now we are learning their Poems in school. Today’s poems are not good at all, doesn’t have any meaning, I think it’s stolen from someone.

These saints took birth here, just keep this in mind, and move towards Spirituality.

In the morning what will happen of just hitting the bell (Ghanta in Marathi). Getting up at 4 am, take bath in Hot water, then go for God Puja. Why you are doing puja of God. First, you do Puja of yours. Why you are facing a bad time, where this mad behavior comes from, think about it. I am telling this is Serious Kaliyuga. But after Kaliyuga, Satyayuga is coming. Why not receive benefits of Satyayuga, why don’t you get into Satyayuga?

The Marathi language is very fantastic, no other language is like Marathi, there are so many different and great words are there and it’s difficult to translate. I am so proud of this language, so many poets were there of this language. Instead of reading Kadam Bari Kal (Book), reading dirty books.

Everyone’s mind is in dirty things. In ancient times we used to call Foreigners, Malecha (means those who have a desire for dirty things). Now that word Malecha has to use here since everyone is having a desire for dirty things. What happened to all of you, don’t understand anything? You are Born in Maharashtra. Marathi Language, and brought a bad name to that language. What a Language (In a good way). How to describe that, it’s a very proudly language. Read Poem of Keshav Suta, I don’t think anybody reads it when we were in school, we were reading Keshav suta. And reading Thobada Poem. Now that all is gone. Dirty Poems are good (In a bad way), Need romantic poem, what kind of foolishness? Maharashtrian’s should not encourage this kind of foolishness.

You have sat on Holy land of spirituality which is the land of Maharashtra. Kundalini of the whole universe is in Maharashtra. You will not believe that what I am saying is not wrong. What are you doing after sitting here? You have taken birth in this Special Country to guide the whole world, now other people are better than you. Nobody has time in Maharashtra, they come to meet me. They don’t do the voting, what kind of Patriotism? At least you do vote, No Mother I have not given a vote, we are Neutral. Why Neutral?

You have taken birth in this country; we have seen good days of this Country. Thousands of people have given their lives, suffered a lot, they have sacrificed everything. My Father, I know he has given everything, My Mother, she has given all her Jewelry.

They have sacrificed everything for the country, and today see what it is? Nowadays people are saying don’t sing Vande Mataram (National song of India). Wanted to tell them that after singing Vande Mataram made British people go away, that much respect we must give for our country, now you are saying don’t say Vande Mataram, whoever is saying that, have they gone to jail? Just think what they have done for this country, what sacrifices they have done, did they sacrifice intelligence, sacrifice morality? Did they sacrifice anything? Who are they to tell not to sing Vande Mataram? Whatever you say I will tell them to say Vande Mataram at this place. We have only ruined the prestige of our country. We have not kept our self-respect, keep this in mind, so these things happened because of our foolishness.

What you have sacrificed? Did you fight any war? When Britisher was here, you were only listening to them (never stood against them) and now you are talking nonsense that’s what I can say. If you are intelligent on these things, then you should be respected. If someone will tell British person that you don’t sing your patriotic song, then he will slap you. Are there different laws? Every country has one law. If you are Hindu, Christian, Muslim, or whoever everyone got different laws that are because of Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru. He supported the British; I don’t see him as an Indian. He has put all these in our brain, why are you accepting all that. Your country has great value, accept that. English people did not have any idea about our country and culture of our country. Because of Gandhi, we understood that. Now you become aware that means you become fundamentalist it’s not like that but whatever is there we must implement it or not? This is your light that you have to follow it or hold it. Hold your status or prestige.

Instead of respecting your status, if you give importance to other’s status then how it will be. We must understand that who we are, and what is our true form, we are not any ordinary people that we bow down to anyone. It’s a specialty of Maharashtrian, that they will listen to anyone they are famous for that.

People like Tilak, Savarkar, and Ranade were there, now we don’t find people like them. Anyone you ask, they will say they take a bribe, what is that? Is this Maharashtrian’s behavior, that’s why I request you that first become Indian, at least do that?

When foreigners Sahaja yogi come to India they wear Indian clothes, they get married here, girls they put a bindi on their forehead, wear Mangalsutra (Necklace for married women) they become completely Maharashtrian. It’s very surprising in Pune that ladies, cut their hair very short, wear black sunglasses, wear sleeveless clothes, sit on moppet and go, on top of it wears skirts, are these ladies of Pune? I have gone to Pune, people say its land of Good deeds, that’s why I went to Pune. There was one demon was behind me, even Rajneesh (False Guru) is there and so many are his disciples, which means they (Rajneesh’s disciples) need the dirty things then what I can do?

Other countries will do well, but I don’t know when good things will happen in Maharashtra, that I don’t understand. Now Mr. Yogi told me that so many Maharashtrians are coming to Sahaja yoga and working hard, more than 10 percent of people came compare to Delhi, this is the condition of Mumbai (Bombay).

Previously I used to refer Delhi as a Cat (Phrase Delhi and Billi) but now see how Delhi is so much forward (got awareness). Where Maharashtrians are? You are Maharashtrians, you live in Maharashtra, the culture of Maharashtra is in your body just awaken that, leave all mundane things, first take your Self Realization. You will easily get your self-Realization, but you have to grow into it. If se­ed of Self-Realization sprouted, then you must grow into it. You don’t have to show your ego, means how would we go to Sahaj Center, there are only ordinary people come, that means what, we are big (rich) people, is it like that, that’s why you can’t go to the center.

Do you all going to the temple or not? Then why you can’t go to the center. They think that they are big people, we go by car, they will come by bus, where all these things came from that I don’t understand. In the previous time it was not like this that’s what I am telling. I am older than everyone, I have not seen this kind of thing.

First, leave the ego, be humble and wherever centers are there, go to the center. Since we are not taking money how would we have palaces? Whatever place it’s going there and meditate, and progress through meditation. You are big people but by going there you will not lose anything. The greatest richness is of Spirit, to know the Spirit and feel it that is the greatest wealth. That you have to achieve that wealth. If you have not achieved that wealth, then what is the use of taking birth in Maharashtra? Why did I live in Mumbai that I am not understanding? Telling you, again and again, leave all ego. Shri Mataji is saying some phrase in Marathi which means “O God let me be simple(small) to live like ant-eating tiny pieces to live, Oh God, make me as humble as possible that is take my ego away.

No doubt Airaawaat (Heavenly elephant of Lord Indra) is great and gracious but still, he gets beaten up by the mahout (person who rides and controls elephant). Just Like, Airaawaat who is called a gem (being one of the 14 gems churned from ocean) gets beaten by Ankusha (a sharp tool used to control elephant)

What is Control? Control means you feel proud. Sahaja yoga is very amazing, you will be surprised, and so many miracles have happened what should I tell you? I don’t have to say anything. You come and see you will be surprised how miracles are happening. This is the power of God Almighty, so you will know how it all happens, you will understand this. But first, you come inside, nothing will happen if you don’t come inside and you will not receive the blessings. That’s why today I must tell everyone who came here that one person must tell about Sahaja yoga to at least 100 people. Then only you will receive the blessings, otherwise, I don’t think that Mumbai will progress and have a reformation. There is only illusion here, but through Sahaja yoga, all your problems will be solved that’s what Mr. Yogi said that’s right. Nothing is wrong in that, so many problems are here, some attraction is there in Mumbai, false people, thieves from different parts of the world came here, and they don’t have any fear. They know how to come out of it, keep in mind that first you get protected through Sahaja yoga. No one can touch you. So far in Sahaja Yoga, no one got any kind of problem. Only one boy got the problem that also he used to tell me every time that Mother I want to die. I asked him why? He said my mom is very cruel, I want to die, and I want another mom. I told him, I am your mother. Then only he got killed in the bomb blast by Dawood (International terrorist), other Sahaja yogis did not suffer, that much protection you get. This is the big protection you received by God Almighty. Secondly creation of arts, you are an artist, you have so many arts in Maharashtra, also a very special type of art is there, and you develop an understanding of art, that increases your creativity. Your attention comes on creativity completely and whatever work you do it becomes an artistic, your behavior, your attitude improves, that is your outside thing but from inside you become peaceful. Peaceful means you feel the witness state. That’s what Shri Krishna said that you become Witness, you see everything is witness state. That means you become thoughtless and don’t react to anything. But you see things in a thoughtless state. All drama happens in witness state and from that, you understand the real meaning. You understand where you have done wrong and how to correct that because you get connected with Divine. These things most of the people normally won’t understand, I accept that but there is a reason I did not put any machine, this is only my love of spirit, this love is my help and this love is unconditional, nothing has to say only through this love everything gets organized. This joy of love means amazing joy and that is called Nirananda (endless joy). That joy is a very selective joy that has two sides. Only joy means one experience that experience comes all the time then you become very fearless means you don’t have to take insurance. You don’t require anything. Now he said I got an award, why and what award I did not ask that give me an award or do something. Why I got this, I don’t understand, what awards I received, Mr. Yogi has written about it, you don’t require all this. You only are in that joy and happiness. When you receive this happiness then you will not go to other mundane things. Thirdly you find the way of truth. That truth means to love and love means God. Way of truth means you see what is the truth and what is false.

Discretion means through that you understand the truth and you must go on the path of truth. In ancient times there was no problem of what truth is and what is not the truth, now that has started that what is right and what is wrong. Do this or do that. Then through experiencing your spirit, you understand that very well, that what to do and what not to do, and if you surrender completely then you will not have any problem. Everything gets solved, means you will be surprised to know that, and how you have come out of the big crowd without having any problem. Now come out of all troubles sit on Mountain and feel the joy but (just experience the happiness) out of that save the people who are drowning. First with the thought of drowning in the water you get scared. That cloud of thoughts makes you more scared, and you don’t understand what to do, but if you have sat in the boat then you can see the waves which are coming, if you know the swimming then you will jump and save so many people but that is the work of Sahaja Yoga that has to be done. That is the solution of the young generation for our country’s fortune. If you don’t help, then others can do it, but you will drown that’s why as a mother I am telling you that. Mother wanted to give all her powers to her children, they should get everything. Whatever is there that is for her children, I don’t want anything, that’s the temperament of Mother. That is why I am requesting you go deeper into Sahaja yoga and bring others also in Sahaja yoga. Whatever problems, fights, arguments will be over. You become balanced physically, mentally, emotionally, that is very true, but how it happens, you will cure your people and then you feel so joyful, don’t have to leave anything. You don’t have to hold anything, that situation you receive it. All my blessings to you all. Keep your complete love in Sahaja yoga. Don’t see any faults in others meaning go to a program, meet one person, he was telling this and that, have you gone to see him or gone to see yourself?

Christ has said “Know thyself” do Christian try to do know thyself, they don’t. They try to change religion.

What they will achieve by changing religion. Mother is giving an example like donkey becomes fox and fox becomes a donkey. It’s all the same. Changing religion will not help, go beyond that. Christ has said that I will send someone. Prophet Mohammad also said I will send someone. If they are the last ones, then why did they say like this? With this intellectual, you will make everyone quiet. But your wisdom must be there. If there is no wisdom and if they should get light of their spirit. With that light of spirit, you will understand that it was missing so far. My blessings are with you all. At last, we will sing Vande Mataram and everyone must stand up, because my father was a big patriot, and he was a lawyer in High court. He took the Flag in his hand and climb on top of the High court, at that time Police who were English they started shooting. He got shot in his head, with his head bleeding he went up to hoist the flag. And when he was done with hoisting, he came down. He told us you all only sing Vande Mataram, then nothing will happen to me. And today we will sing Vande Mataram, and we all will stand up. This Vande Mataram is like worshipping our Motherland. And people who are not going to sing they are foolish people and they live here; they eat here and say no to Mother when they denied singing Vande Mataram.

Organizers are telling that Shri Mataji gives Self Realization to everyone. But I need one promise. After taking self-realization in Sahaja yoga most of them are sitting means not working to spread to others. I know that there will be no benefits to that. The next step is to grow into it. That is in the collective, today Sahaja yoga is collective.

It’s not difficult to give self-realization. I am hoping that you will spread the light of your spirit in your life. That is difficult but since they asked me then I will give it to you. Self-Realization is your thing, it’s your power it’s all yours. One enlightened candle enlightens other candles. That way this work is happening. But promise me by heart that we will increase the light of our spirit, and will awaken in the collective consciousness, that is very important. Because of collective consciousness, there will be no collective fights or quarreling, nothing will be there. Now in 70 countries, someone says in 80 Countries Sahaja yoga is going on. People are coming. In Delhi Program I have not seen people fighting or attacking each other. I have seen them making fun. That kind of situation comes. If today Cabinet of ministers become like that. All fight gets over here and in the center as well. But it’s difficult for them as they are ministers, God saves them. But if they get self-realization then all fights will be over. It’s very easy. You have sat on Motherland of India you will get your Realization very soon in no time.

Shri Mataji is giving Realization and saying.

Now keep your both hands in front of me. Close your eyes. If you have shoes in your feet, remove them. She is pointing on the limbic area and says keep your right hand on top of the head. You will feel some warm there. No problem. We call it in Sanskrit Talu and medical terminology call as Fontanel bone. First, you keep your left hand in front of me and right hand keep above the head

In your childhood part of the soft bone over there don’t touch your head but little above the head keep rotating hand and see whether from your head some cool or hot breeze is coming. Now keep the right hand in front of me and check with the left hand that cool or hot breeze is coming or not. Now the hot breeze is coming if you have not forgiven yourself and others.

Mother is saying in Marathi. That you get hot breeze because you have not forgiven yourself and say I forgive everyone. Then you will get a cool breeze.

Now Mother is saying in Hindi. Keeping left hand towards her and bend down head and check with the right hand, from fontanel bone cool or hot breeze is coming or not. Still, if you feel hot breeze say in your heart that I forgive everyone. Now keep both hands in front of me. This is the work of collective consciousness and it’s for sure that this started with Sahaja yoga. Keep both hands in front of me. Whoever felt cool or hot breeze they should raise their both hands (Mother is saying put on the light then we can see) very good all got their realization. Intellectuals also got their realization that’s amazing! Now respect it and move forward in this and bring others also in this. Make them progress then your joy will increase. Many Blessing to all. This is the gift of the motherland of India. When I have to give realization in England my hands were paining a lot. You see how easy it was its all big favor or land of India, we have to return that favor. Endless Blessings!