Birthday Felicitations

New Delhi (India)

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Evening Program Birthday Puja

All this being said on My birthday, really embarrasses Me, because it’s all being already scheduled, it was all timed out. It had to happen this way. And the time has come now that this whole world has to take to global understanding.

Human beings, I was surprised, are how anxious in those difficult times to get to the truth; because very difficult to carry on with the truth, when there’s untruth all along. And the way people get after you when you talk of truth, is also a very hazardous task to fight them those who are just always going to cruelties, to untruth, to aggressiveness. These are all self destructive elements. Also we have other self destructive elements within us, like drinking, smoking, we can say also other things, like drug taking. But people do it. Just they do it. Not that they don’t know, but they just do it because of the influence of the time. And that is what is the Kali Yuga, where we destroy ourselves and try to destroy others, and have a kind of a funny temptation for this not only that, also we enjoy all these. All this cruelty, all this aggression we enjoy.

,Now when do we say that the Kali Yuga is over, we should know something about Kali Yuga. Kali was one of the deities, who was supposed to bring in Kali Yuga, and all the problems of Kali Yuga. Firstly it creates illusions, “bhranti”. It creates illusions. People will not understand who is a real person, who is an unreal person. So we have many false gurus as you know. We have many false propagandists. We have many people who talk big but there’s nothing in them. This is one type of a “bhranti” that Kali Yuga creates.

Once, it so happened, that Nala and Damayanti too were in love with each other. They were husband and wife. And Damayanti was separated from Nala, by this horrible thing called ‘Kali’,. This Kali fellow has being doing this kind of work, used to create problems in the minds of people, disturbing families, disturbing nations, disturbing all the good wishes and the good feelings among human beings. So once this gentleman, one we call Kali was caught up, by Nala, Nala, the one who hated him. And Nala said that, “Why don’t you allow me to kill you? You should be killed because you are such a horrible person, you create such bhranti, you create such problems for people. He said, “If you want to kill me, you can kill me but first listen to my importance, to my mahatmya. “What is your mahatmaya? What is your importance?” He said, “My importance is, that when I’ll come on this earth, when I’ll rule on this earth, I know there will be bhranti, there will be chaos, there will be problems, but people will be so much fed up with that, that they will seek the truth. And those people today who are going to the hills and dales to find out the truth, will be there as ordinary human beings, as householders. And they will find the truth, definitely they’ll find the truth”. It has been already predicted by Kali himself.

So, as you see, lots of chaos is there, lots of problems are there, and when you see people you can’t understand, how such people who are educated, intelligent, supposed to be at the helm of affairs, can go about with wrong ideas, with wrong things. The problem is this Kali Yuga. This creates this funny situation, in our lives. Firstly, it creates a situation where a person starts thinking, he’s very insecure and he must take to some way, of protecting himself. And then where he goes to, is the place where he will be destroyed, before he knows even that he’ll be destroyed.

The second point is that we have a great sense of jealousy. That sense of jealousy is even more heighten by this Kali Yuga. We feel jealous for everything, which it shows our inferiority complex, or I don’t know what it is? But we start feeling jealous and out of jealousy we start hating people without any rhyme and reason. So many countries have this problem. It’s at the top, politicians, they indulge into this kind of a hatred for other people, without understanding what is the achievement of the other person is, how he has achieved, and “Why should I be jealous?” Then we have, another thing is apart from that is, which is the worst thing as Krishna has said, is the temper. Hot tempered people, you see, cannot see the truth, because at the slightest provocation they become hot-tempered and start hitting others and beating others or saying horrible things which should not be said.

,Now, this is another criteria for every Sahaja Yogi to know, how far he is out of this sense of “krodha”, is the anger. To be angry it shows that you have no peace within and that you get angry for just to attack another person, which is not necessary. Even keeping quiet you can be very much effective. There’s a story about Chinese people that in China there was a fight going on between some people, and they said, “Let’s have the cocks fight for us”. So they had a cock fight. So one fellow took a cock to a Zen fellow and he said that “What, what should I do, if this cock has to fight?” And he said that, “Very simple, you teach the cock to be absolutely quiet.” He said, “I can’t do that.” He said, “All right, give me the cock.” And he taught the cock how to be quiet, whatever is happening, whosoever is attacking him. When he went into the arena, many cocks started attacking him, and he was just standing quietly, watching at everyone. This settled the thing because everybody ran away and they thought he is such a powerful thing, he’s not saying anything. So not attacking not reacting that we achieve anything.

Actually, reaction is a very great enemy of human beings, that we react to everything. We should not react, we should just become silent. And then this power, which I tell you about, is the power of Paramchaitanya, acts. If you want to react, all right. It says, “Go ahead”. But if you leave it and you just become quiet, silent, it acts. It acts so well. It can act sitting down here, it can act somewhere else. It is such a tremendous power. It is such an effective power. It is such an understanding, knowledgeable power, and above all it loves, it loves you. So, when this power comes into existence in a way, I would say it has been always existing, but when effective, in the Krita Yuga it is effective, by that you’ll be amazed how things happen. Everybody tells Me, “Mother this miracle has taken place, that miracle has taken place. ” So, I know it’s not miracle. It is Paramchaitanya, which is doing all the work, all the beautiful things, which is trying to help you and trying to suggest its love.

You see, it is something we can’t see something we cannot conceive with this mind. But it is beyond the mind that it works. I was surprised in Russia specially, I had to face the scientists. Then the scientists were so, so much equipped, so much deep and they understood so well, even in a place, you can call it a place of great learning, one of the oldest universities, St. Petersburg University. There also I don’t know, what made they gave Me the highest reward. For what? I didn’t know. But they said, “You are even higher than science.” So this they called as cognitive science. They gave a name as cognitive science. “So Mother Your whole knowledge is of cognitive science.” Only thing is, if I tell you something then you can verify it. The scientists can verify it. Everybody can find it out if it so or not. But if you put this test to all these false gurus, you will see that they, they don’t have any scientific basis. They have no way of giving you any explanation, as to why this is happening and what is happening? I had to face all of them all over the world. And I was surprised they recognized Me. And they said, “Mother this is cognitive science” and like that, they gave Me, everywhere they gave Me awards and things like that. I never knew what is cognitive science is. But this is the knowledge that you get beyond your mind. With your mind you get is your biased, maybe full of jealousy, maybe full of anger. But beyond the mind even you get this knowledge that is absolute. Nobody can challenge it, absolute knowledge.

For example, I’ll tell you one thing and if you see this model from the right-side to the left-side, there it will look like a ‘swastika’. I made a model for them, to show them. And if you see it from the left side on the right side it will be ‘AUM’ written down. And if you see from down upward, it is a cross, that means, Shri Ganesha, who is on Mooladhara, incarnates as Christ. So, they made a picture, they made a model, the scientists, and they found out that what I said is true and this model really can be shown. I mean one of them is like this, that whatever you know, whatever you say, should be verified by even scientists.

,I do not discard science. Science is amoral, whatever you may say. But once they come to Sahaja Yoga, these scientists, they just get transformed. But scientists, in other countries, I don’t know about our country, in other countries have reached such a state, such a state, that they want to know what is beyond. All of them come to India, why? Why don’t they go to Japan? Why don’t they go to China, why don’t they go to America? To find the truth they come to India. So in India this cognitive science existed long time back, of which we are not aware. Like I must say, Indians suddenly became very westernized, after independence somehow, all Gandhiji’s ideas, and everything was put on the shelves. So, we, we didn’t know what was so great in our country. Such a great “sampada”, such a great power existed in this country and they knew so many things, so many things about, some things that science do not know. Now it is for science to find out, whatever they have said it’s true or not. I have seen this, it’s very simple, if you really know the truth and you tell a scientist he’ll get after it and he’ll work it out. It’s not one example, there can be hundreds I can give you, where I’ve told them something. They said, “All right”. “You verify, you find out, by your scientific methods.” And they found it, they found it. There’s so many ways of finding it out, you have in science.

But they don’t know what to find. They are just going on in this one, that one. They are going to the moon, they are going to this thing. That’s not the way. First, you find out what you have to find and then see if it is there or not. I was surprised in the West, though we call them very much sort of advanced and all these things, but as far as spirituality is concerned they are nowhere. Their cognitive science faculty is very poor compared to us. But our also is zero because we have all become westernised now. All our ideas are westernised and we take all the knowledge from outside. And even those who want to do something about Indian culture and all that, they are so small, they are so incapable of telling them what it is. It has nothing to do with a fundamentalist idea, nothing of the kind. But it is a fact, it’s the truth. it’s the reality, which they don’t know themselves. They just want to proclaim, the Bhartiya Sanskriti, Indian culture, but there is nothing like that. Because unless and until you are a Realized soul and you have reached that state, till then you do not know anything about the mysteries of Paramchaitanya. So, for every Indian it is very important to take to Sahaja Yoga. Also, for all the people all over the world.

Everywhere, as she told you about Russia, the condition is very bad, but still I must say the Sahaja Yogis are very much happy there. The way, when I was there once there was this coup was on, and everybody was worried and we saw lots of tankers passing, this thing and all. So ,I asked these Russian Sahaja Yogis, they are more than I think one lakh, much more than one lakh, I don’t know how many they are. So I asked them, “Aren’t you worried, what is happening in your country?” He said, “Mother we are not”. I said, “Why?” “Because we are in the kingdom of God, why should we worry about Russia?” You see, this also is a temperament that changes. and a person doesn’t tell lies, but he really feels that way and that’s how he gets rid of all these nonsensical ideas of religion, cast, nation, this, that. It separates human beings from human beings. But artificially you cannot join them. Many people start talking, “No, no, we should not have all these different things, we should have one.” You can’t, you can’t have. Because temperamentally human beings are not made like that.

You see, we had a little discussion there in Italy, with other religious groups, and they said, “We, we don’t want one religion, one global religion, we don’t want.” I said, “Why? Because you want to fight, that’s why? Why you don’t want one religion? One religion is that you are a human being, and you are a wonderful human being, and that you can be one with the Divine. This is your religion which is promised and has to work out. And, but they wouldn’t accept. But the people are changing. They are transforming themselves so fast that I am surprised in a country like Turkey, we have two thousands Sahaja Yogis. And they are converting so many. So all these funny ideas that, all these priests, mulaahs and all those have created, are going down. And what is coming up? Even we have lots of these people in India, panditas, and shastras and this and that, they don’t know anything I would say, because unless and until they feel the Paramchaitanya, their all talking is baseless.

So, all these problems which are created by fighting, by aggressiveness, showing off or whatever you may call, can be corrected with Sahaja Yoga because your attention goes beyond the mind. You go beyond the mind. This Agnya chakra opens and you go beyond the mind and then you are one with this divine power. Once you are one with the divine power, how it works for you in small, small ways. I mean you all have experience, you are all Sahaja Yogis so I need not tell you, but everyone can tell so many examples, by which he knows that it’s the Paramchaitanya which has worked it. So, first and foremost thing of every seeker of truth who is a real person, is to first get Self-realization. That is the essence of spirituality, all over the world, even if you read Bible, if you read Koran. Nobody has read them that’s the best part of it. And they are trying to say things which are very shameful. which are not there and they are fighting for that. With all these things they have helped us very much to show, that the essence of all these religions is one and out of that will one day people will take to Self-realization. Once they take to Self-realization, then they have to grow. Once they have grown into it, they can see.

All of you know, you are all Sahaja Yogis sitting here, you know how much you have gained and how much you have achieved. So, to give Me the credit, I don’t know, it’s not really true, because, we had great saints in some countries, great saints in this country, in every country, you know we had sufis in so many countries. They all have tried to say, that take your Self-realization. “Know thy Self.” They all have said the same thing, “Know thy Self”. But nobody is doing that, that’s a different point. But actually all those who were Realized souls, whether they were from a Muslim religion or a Hindu religion or a Christian religion, any religion in any country if they were Realized souls, they said the same. Because truth is the same. They said the same thing, “First know thy Self” and then you will know the truth. So, this is the essence of our life that we have to know ourselves. Once we know ourselves, you are beyond everything, because what happens that you become like an ocean becomes in this, like a drop becomes in the ocean. How it disappears… In the same thing it will happen. And once it happens, you’ll be surprised, that you are really one with everyone. Who is the other? You are one with everyone, that’s how we find in Sahaja Yoga. It’s a, many people say, it’s a big charisma it’s big this thing. Nothing of the kind. You have your own Kundalini, you have own possibility, of becoming Self-realized.

Now, that is the blessing of Kali Yuga. In the Kali Yuga, this was going to happen and that’s what it is happening. That’s why thousands of you are getting Realization. Before, only one would get from one person, and those gurus were also very strict, you know, they would not give it to some ordinary person. They used to take them to task and judge them first. And then they would give Realization. But in Sahaja Yoga we don’t do anything. You just have to get into Sahaja Yoga, that’s all. Now, as it is, I’m surprised that how intellectuals and this and that try to find faults, without knowing that they don’t know anything. They have to become Self-Realized people. Then, whatever they will do, that will be, definitely very constructive, very helpful, and peace giving, and harmony giving to the whole society.

But first of all it has to be within you. If it is not within you, how can you give it to others. I’ve been watching how Sahaja Yoga has grown from one person to all these, so many of them. And we have so many others, in other countries also. This all has shown that the time has come for the whole world to change. And this transformation is the most important thing, what we should aim at. Forget about everything. Forget about politics, economics, this, that, but get transformation. Once you are transformed, you know how to do the right thing, how to do the things that will help you and the society. All these you already have seen in your life, and whatever is happened, is none of My only effort but there have been so many who have been doing this. Only if you can say anything is Me, is that I found out a way by which en masse Realization can be given. Many people can get it. Because any discovery, supposing there’s electricity and if it cannot be used en masse, it is useless. So that’s the only thing I’ve been able to achieve in My life, that en masse Realization can be given. And that has happen, as you know very well. It’s very simple. And once one person gets Realization, he can go and give Realization to others.

Now first, they were telling Me, “Mother, we are in seventy countries working”. Now they are telling Me, “We are in eighty countries”. How? Somebody went there and he did in that country, he went there, he did in other country. So, just imagine how simple it has become. How simple it is for Me. At this age I can’t go to seventy, eighty countries, but it has passed there, it has gone there. It has given the blessings of the Divine. So, while you are here, you should know here only we had Nizzamuddin Aulia. Now Nizzamuddin was here and here we had Damdam Sahib. All these were great saints. And they talked of love, they talked of understanding, but talk becomes talk for them because the others who are listening, have no understanding about. So we are recipients of their blessings, their beauties and their greatness, is only when we are Sahaja Yogis, or we are Realized souls.

So, I bless you all with whole My heart and with whole My soul and I have been trying to work out in a way, that I was surprised, in America, it is spreading so fast, otherwise all the false gurus have been to America. But now it is something great that is happening, suddenly, so, I told them I’ll come and stay in America, for about two two months at least, for their satisfaction. Now, staying anywhere is not so important. What is important is that people should understand, they should humble down and they should know, “No, we still we have to know the truth”. If once this humility comes in, it will work out. It will work out in any person, anyone, whatever may be the cast, religion, race, makes no difference.

So, may God bless you again and again, and I bless you from My heart.

Thank you very much for this felicitation.

Thank you.