Evening Program

New Delhi (India)

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Evening Program, India, 1999-03-20


Shri Mataji: You have seen this last part of the dance which was a – when [UNCLEAR Urdu] went to, he went to see the women of [UNCLEAR] gopis who were all completely engrossed about Shri Krishna. So he said that you should take to yoga, you should take to [UNCLEAR gana] to knowledge and which is a very dry idea, I think, very dry idea. And they said ‘No we don’t have to do your…we are already one with Him. We are in His body and His in our body. We are absolutely one so there is no need for us to take, take to yoga’. Now our Sahaja yog[a] is tied that we are all in love with each other, we just love each other and this is what is in this last in which she showed – said very well. I must say it is a very subtle point she brought it out and that is what we have to know that Sahaja yog[a] is nothing but is love. Love amongst ourselves, absolutely pure love. As they say in Sanskrit [UNCLEAR Nirwaj], you don’t expect anything you just love and this love is the one which is real yoga.

May God bless you.