Evening Program, Eve of Shri Hanumana Puja

Pune (India)


Evening Program, Eve of Shri Hanumana Puja – Pune (India), Tuesday, March 30th 1999

This is a great desire of My father being fulfilled, that he wanted to start a music academy for all the foreigners especially. Because it seems that our knowledge of classical music is very deep and is of a global nature and so we got lots of students from all over the world who are studying music. Most surprising was the way they picked up our classical music. For example, somebody starts singing Malkauns Raag within three months who doesn’t know even the Sa Re Ga Ma of Indian music…[Shri Mataji laughs] It’s such a remarkable thing.

Then there’s another one who plays sarod …I’m really surprised in three months how could they do so much and I have been trying to analyse what sort of personalities they have that they grow so fast – even in tabla, harmonium – in every way, how they have become so competent in such a short time. Is really remarkable.

[sentence in Hindi]

[0:1:15 – 1:09:23 – Performance of several Raags and Bhajans by students of The Late PK Salve Academy of Fine Arts & Music, Nagpur]

[1:09:24 – 1:16:17 Hindi apart from one line in English at 1:15:54 – ‘I thank you all on their behalf’]

Talk end of Vocal Concert – Meena Patharpekar – Pune, India

[From 55:11- 56:41]

I think you give her a standing ovation. [audience applauds]

[Shri Mataji speaks a few sentences in Hindi to the singer]

She is… I don’t know how to praise her, but she’s one of the greatest musicians of our country. You have heard Abdul Karim Khan’s records and all that, and they are of the same Gharana., called as Kirana Gharana. And not only that, but she has excelled everyone. I have heard her Jog [name of Raag], I cannot forget that. She’s a great, great singer and I wish her a great life and long life and all the blessings that are possible.