Shri Hanumana Puja

Pune (India)

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Shri Hanuman puja. Pune [India], 31 March 1999.

Today we are celebrating Jayanti [birth anniversary] of Hanumanji. What should we say about Hanumanji? He was so powerful and wise. He was equally devoted and dedicated. Generally such a powerful person becomes right-sided. He considers himself so dignified that he doesn’t give any importance to anyone in his comparison. But Hanumanji is a special deity. A special deity full of qualities that, as much strong He was, as much powerful He was, as much was His devotion. An embodiment of balanced strength, He had as much power as He had devotion. How did He maintain this balance? And was steady in it is worth understanding in Sahaja Yoga. When we are enlightened and in Sahaja Yoga, we get many powers simultaneously: we get balance, we love others. With love and with the help of the power of love, we get busy in our work and go on doing our work. In this way, Shri Hanumanji was very powerful. He had Divine powers; He had Navadha [special] powers, which are called Garima Laghuma. He could become as big as He wanted to be or as minute as He wanted to be and as small as an atom. All these powers He got through His devotion. It means that devotion and power are both the same. He who has power and doesn’t have devotion, becomes a rakshasa. [demon] And he who has devotion but doesn’t have power, becomes mad. Between both these, he who is in the central path attains this state, which you may call power, or devotion. Each part of His body is made of that. Because of His, this special feature, today we worship Bajrangbali in our motherland, as well as in foreign countries. I am so surprised that the young boys, children of foreign countries, when they draw any picture, first of all they draw Hanumanji’s picture. Next, His special quality was that He was half man and half monkey. Means, it was a perfect combination of animal and human being. 

So within us, whatever we have lost in our evolution in that, the element of love and attachment that was what He took with Him. For example, you see that guru’s enamoured path is believed in which, of guru’s, which creatures are considered as attendants. That is why they consider dogs. A dog has that quality that like a guru’s disciple is fully dedicated and has no other master except his guru and has no other thought. Every time, he sacrifices his life for his master. In the same way, it should be understood that a creature who has been brought up in evolution, when he comes in contact with a human being, what he learns is full devotion. It means devotion is innately born within us. The seed of devotion is beforehand completely sown within us. When we were not in this state, not in the human state, the emergence of devotion was more at that time. Devotion set its roots deeply in us. Take an example of any animal. You get a little love from him, give him a little love, a little fondness for him, he gets so close to you, gives his regard to you and in this way, loves you. You must have heard about a horse too that, when a horse’s rider falls down or is about to die, he remains loyal to him. In the same way it is said about elephants. The elephant’s determination too is terrific. They never put their master to any trouble and if a lion or any other animal attacks their master, the elephant will better die while going on fighting, but he will not allow his master to be touched. This relation of a master and superior and high-quality animals, this relation is established within us beforehand. And along with this relationship, we get that power as well. For example, I told you that the elephant will die while going on fighting in the battlefield. The elephant gets this power of fighting too because of his love and devotion. 

We say that Sahaj Yoga is the work of love and divine love is true. But while doing this work, that power is also inherent in it. We may or may not know it, we may or may not have any knowledge of that, but that also is inherent in it, and that is divine power. Man’s bowing down before anyone, to respect anyone, to consider anyone great, all these are the indications of that. But when he respects his master, then within him there is importance to his master, but along with that is his power as well. So, devotion and power are not two different things. They are just one and the same. We will say that if there is power in the right hand there is devotion in the left hand. 

This fusion of power and devotion has been described beautifully in Shri Hanumanji. On the one hand He went to burn Ravana’s Lanka and there only, He prostrated before Sitaji. And when Sitaji said, ‘No, you are My son I will not come at the behest of My son. My husband will have to come and will have to destroy this man. When He will destroy him [Ravana], then I will go with Him.’ Hanumanji said, ‘That is okay.’ He could have picked Her up like that only. He had such powers. But He said, ‘If Mother is saying so, it is okay.’ And after that, such a great war broke out. There was a need for that. 

Now there were special qualities of Shri Ram. Extremely powerful, and His aim would never go astray. You must have heard what He did in Sita Swayamvar. But the same Shri Ram, when it was the case of Ravana, He didn’t give up. He killed him. Tulsidasji has given a beautiful description of this scene. Then Shri Ram was repeatedly hitting the arrows at Ravana’s ten heads. The heads would fall down one by one but get back again, fall down and get back again. Then Lakshman said, ‘What are You doing? Shoot one arrow in his heart. The moment You will hit an arrow in his heart, instantly he will die. Otherwise, how can he die? He cannot die. The arrow should hit his heart.’ There is a beautiful description of Shri Ram there. He was a shy person, very shy. Shri Ram, even though He was so powerful, so intense, even though He was such a noble person, He said, ‘You see, the problem is that in Ravana’s heart resides My Sita. So, I won’t hit him in his heart. But when his head will cut off repeatedly, his attention will surely shift towards his head. At that time I will kill him with an arrow.’ Otherwise for Him, it would be said that he would kill a person just with one arrow. But now you see how delicate the matter is. Simply, it is a husband’s love towards his wife. Even though being an ocean of power, what an amount of love He had. 

There are many instances of Hanumanji in which Hanumanji proved that He is ocean of love and at the same time, he who is evil-minded, he who bothers others, he who destroys others, he doesn’t hesitate in any way to kill him. As all this fact is about Hanuman’s devotion, the same is worth noticing about His power of strength. He knew that Ravana was afraid only of fire. So, He went to Lanka and set it on fire. This was His power that He put Lanka on fire. And in that fire, He didn’t kill anyone, He did not burn anyone. Ravana also did not get burnt; nobody got burnt but he got scared. People got scared, as to what crime Ravana is doing. People had given full consent about the type of deeds Ravana was doing. They would say, ‘He is Ravana. It is his will. Whatever he wants to do, let him do. Who are we to question him? Ravana is after all Ravana.’ But it is worth noticing that when Lanka was on fire, when Lanka was completely combusted, people understood that it was a dangerous situation because Lanka was put on fire and we too could be burnt. The quality of fire is that it goes upwards, doesn’t come downwards. Everybody was watching upwards, that it was burning. Whole of Lanka was combusted but nobody got burnt. He did so to frighten them, to make them understand that Ravana is committing a great sin. 

How much understanding and how much balanced was Bajrangbali should be noted. The same we come across in history. All those who were very powerful had immense love. If you observe an example – there is an example of Shivaji Maharaj. He was as powerful as He was well behaved: very disciplined and very well balanced. When you get this balance, then you are a Sahaja Yogi. If you get the power, it doesn’t mean that you in your love and your dealings you somehow give up. But you are powerful and its beauty is that those who are Schedule caste, poor and unhappy, those who are victims, those who are facing disaster, are secured. And those who are troubling them, those who are destroying, those who are bothering, have created problems for people. To such people there is no need to do anything. You can set them right only with the help of bandhans. The powers that you have received inside your being it should be used for this very purpose so that the evil will be destroyed. But in your power there is no sword or mace in your hand like Hanumanji. Mace is not outwardly but it is inside. You watch your experiences that he who bothers or disturbs, he is attacked by a mace; you may or may not pick a mace in your hand. In this way you yourself are safe, by default your safety is guaranteed but along with that, your other Sahaja Yogis too are safe. 

Now in this, Shri Bajrangbali has a great role to play. You don’t know that He is standing in front of you as well as at your back. His nature is just like children: too pure and too simple. But such wisdom and all types of virtues He knows. It means that along with His power, He has a lot of absolute discretion: very wise. The wisdom of the present time is useless but the wisdom that will scrutinise and understand everything with love, a special form of that wisdom was Shri Ganesha and is Shri Hanumana. The speciality of both of them is that Hanumanji is very strong, very quick deity and Shri Ganesha is very cool. But both are great destructors in times of need. For Sahaja Yogis there is no need of destruction. There is no need to destroy anyone. You just think that both of them are with you at every moment. Whenever anyone bothers you in reality, your protectors are standing with you. Many times, you must be noticing that ministers or anyone visits a place, security escorts them. Sahaja Yogis’ security always escorts them. The other security with them is that of Ganas. Now their work is too diversified: miscellaneous and little job work also. And these only give a message about you to Shri Ganesha, who is Ganapati, about what is going on? What wrong is going on and where? From where you are being attacked and from where you are troubled? You may not even be knowing. Somebody may like to attack you in an unknown form, even then both these deities are standing with you, and when Ganapati tells this, Shri Hanuman gets ready. Sahaja Yogis need not be afraid of anything. No need to be afraid of anything.

Right now I am going to tell you a story. It is so amazing. You must have heard that America exploded a lot of bombs everywhere, thinking that terrorists have made some arrangements. The story I am going to tell you is about a place in Africa. Here were some Sahaja Yogis and a bomb exploded there. Because of that bomb explosion, all the people died and Sahaja Yogis remained unhurt. They were so surprised. Even the dust did not touch them. They had never come to Cabella. They had never thought that they would ever come to Cabella. But when it took place, they came to Cabella. And after coming said, ‘Mother, we don’t know who saved us, who protected us, but all Sahaja Yogis were saved and the rest of the people died.’ Now it is an incident, it is true. And its reason is this, that you have now recognised God. You have enlightened your soul in Sahaja Marga. With this new transformation, you have become a great devotee and a powerful human being. Now it is not at all possible for anyone to touch you. I can give you hundreds of such examples that when you get your realisation in Sahaja, nobody can touch you. 

Previously also there were saints. All of them were tortured, victimised: everything happened. But in spite of being victimised or tortured, they didn’t give up and not only this, they were always protected. And they would talk about such things which would make people very angry. They would think: what are they talking against kings, against emperors and against everybody. They would talk about such things which would scare people but because of Hanumanji’s powers, nobody could touch them. Nobody hit them. There is a nice story about Khwaja Nizzamudin Saheb. That his king told him to bow down before him… [unclear] He didn’t bow down. He said, ‘No, I am not going to bow down before you. Who are you?’ He was very angry. He said that, ‘If within three days you do not come and bow down before me, I will get your neck cut off.’ He said, ‘Okay, get it cut off. I won’t because you are not a great saint that I will bow down before you.’ Then he came and raised a great commotion that after three days, this man’s neck is to be cut off. The day his neck was going to be cut off, that night only, this king’s neck got cut off, nobody knows how. If this would not have been in history, those who were great saints, those who were great followers of dharma, would have been no more. Because rakshasas’ ways are so powerful and violent and are so comprehensive that they would have surely put an end to them. But behind them is God. And on one side of God is Hanuman and on another side Ganesha. He has made of these two powers together. He is a protector, He takes care. 

There is a story of Rana Pratap of Mewar that, when he went to fight a war, his soldiers thought that he was going to be defeated. So, they told him ‘You return back because we want that your life should be saved for the sake of Mewar.’ He didn’t listen. He said, ‘All of you better go back. I will stay put like this because the Ganas are standing with me.’ He too was a Sahaja Yogi. ‘If you want to go, you go. I will stay here like this, only because the Ganas are with me.’ Just understand that you have every type of protection in your front and back. But just on getting this protection, what should a man have? What should a Sahaja Yogi have? A very serious and determined person and not afraid of anyone. He doesn’t run away from anyone. He sticks at that place and those who are evil persons in front of him, he doesn’t need to do anything. That period is over. Now you just stand at a place and the other person will run away. He won’t come to know what happened. Sahaja Yogis write and send about many such experiences that happened like this and that. Otherwise, in the presence of these foreigners it is not so easy to spread Sahaja Yoga. And since Sahaja Yoga has started spreading among Muslims too, you can understand that, that this divine Power – which is the power of love – how much strength it has within it and how many tasks can be done with the help of it. 

But it doesn’t mean that you make any harassment in the name of Hanumanji. It doesn’t at all mean that. For example nowadays, there are such [organisations] which take the name of Hanumanji, take the name of Ganeshji or of Mahadevji and make such organisations. There is no need of making any organisation. You yourself are an organisation. Neither anybody can touch you, nor anyone can destroy you. First, it is a matter of understanding one’s own self, which has been said in all scriptures that Atmasakhshatkar means to know oneself. What does it mean to know oneself? To know means to know who is in front of you and who is behind you. Who is your protector? And the love and affection you have for people and those who always think how to please others. For example [unclear] that, I will make the whole world happy. I will fill everyone’s heart with joy. This thought that comes in your mind you should understand that there is nobody who can harm you. Have courage! Nobody will destroy you. And for that you don’t have to do anything. For that you don’t need to keep any sword, no need to have a mace. They are already there. They have already come well-prepared and they are settled in you. You don’t need to make yourself strong. You are already so. 

There is a Chinese story, very interesting. In their country, cock fights are organised. When the cock fight was on, it so happened that somehow a king felt that he should go to a saint. Let the cocks learn from the saint, how to fight with the world, because this saint does not fight with anyone nor anyone touches him. People run away from him and salute him, so what is so special about him that he is living in this wicked world like this? The saint told him, ‘Okay, leave the cock here.’ So, he went back, leaving one cock with him. He took back that cock after one month and put him where the cock fight was going on. There were a lot of cocks. He put him in such a courtyard. But this great cock kept standing. Now all the cocks were fighting among themselves. One after the other they left. Only this one cock kept standing. Everybody started getting scared of him and he is not reacting at all. Is he somewhat special? And at the end that one cock was saved who kept standing gracefully. So when we are doing the Puja of Hanumanji here today we must think that Hanumanji has settled in reality within us. He is on our right side. That means He is working on our Pingala Nadi. He works on our Pingala Nadi and creates enthusiasm in us and that creates warmth in our body. But His path is such that along with warmth, you feel devotion within you. So, the warmth that comes, the enthusiasm it creates, that works inside us on our right side and when we do not absorb the balanced power of Hanumanji, we get a lot of diseases. 

For example the liver problem, asthma and when its heat goes downwards, Hanumanji controls this heat. But when the heat doesn’t get controlled, such diseases attack which are incurable. It can cause blood cancer and there can be intestinal trouble which means all the troubles all over the world are caused just by the breakdown of the liver, and the liver gets spoiled because we do not follow Hanumanji. There is no need to get angry. But getting angry and start hitting, beating this and that person to create panic, this is not Hanumanji’s power. There is no question of getting angry. There is no question of getting angry about anyone. There is no need at all, if you respect Hanumanji. He is not angry with anyone but a human being gets angry over everything. He gets ego. Hanumanji didn’t have ego at all. A right-sided person is very egoistic. A human being has so much ego! I become restless when I see what they were egotistical. That ego doesn’t have any meaning. What does ‘I’ mean? Even an ordinary human being becomes egoistical. And many kings and emperors also are not egoistical. Its reason is that inside their being there is such a conditioning that they do not recognise Hanumanji. As soon as you recognise Hanumanji, you recognise Shri Ram. Now tell Me, if you are right-sided, you should not get asthma because Shri Ram is settled, according to Sahaja Yoga, in our right heart. Because you do not recognise Hanumanji, your behaviour and your balance is not like His; that is why you get asthma as well. 

Shivji’s place is in your heart, there also is the same fuss and you can get a heart attack or you can have some other diseases. After coming to Sahaja Yoga you should understand that Hanumanji is an ideal in front of you. Ganeshji is already there. He is the incarnation of innocence; just like small children, very innocent but very wise. And a perfect balance of Hanumanji’s happiness full of love and along with that, experience divine Power. Keeping this in mind, a Sahaja Yogi’s character or life should be such that he should be balanced. Even when you are angry, just observe silence. I feel I never get angry. Or maybe I get angry, but I am not aware of it and the problem gets solved without getting angry. Yes, I may say, ‘What are you doing?’ Not much beyond this. People abuse and use all bad words, but when it crosses its limits and when this habit of getting angry crosses its limits and man [unclear], he is sitting angrily, sitting there in a very angry mood. He is showing his anger. 

When people are like that, a serious problem arises; they get a serious disease called Alzheimer. Alzheimer is caused by anger. That anger which we get unnecessarily. Now try to understand; your son has been slapped by somebody and you get angry. Nothing is gained by getting angry. On the contrary, you should think if it is the mistake of our son, or we are spoiling that boy unnecessarily under the cover of our love? He will never have a balance in this way. Alzheimer is a very serious disease. A person gets mad, doesn’t even die, nor allows anyone to die, abuses, goes on shouting. He gets so much caught up in his left side, in his brain, that his personality becomes very strange. Its treatment is in Sahaja Yoga but it is very difficult, because they go on abusing. If they will abuse the person who will go to set them right, who will accept it? If anyone is a doctor, if he is abused, he will say: let him go to hell. What have I to do with him? This is what happens with them, they don’t want to. ‘Mother, we won’t set them right: let them go. Whichever way they want to live, let them live.’

Now the next greatest enemies of Hanumanji are drunkards. Those who drink are put to flames like Lanka. Say, you see those who drink, nobody will talk to them nor do anything else. He will collect ten more drunkards and drink. And now when all of them are drinking they don’t have anything to eat nor to drink at their homes. They are drinking just like mad people. Those who respect Hanumanji can’t drink; can’t drink because on the one hand, you respect Him and on the other hand do the opposite; that is not possible. Nowadays I find that drinking is on the rise. And I am so surprised. There was a senior officer, once we went to his house, because both of them were friends of My husband, and both husband and wife would drink. It was very cold. They told Me, ‘Stay here for the night.’ I said, ’Okay, we will stay.’ In the whole house, there was just one blanket. I said, ‘Oh My God, just one blanket in the home of such a senior officer.’ I said, ‘It doesn’t matter to Me, I will sleep.’ Now they were worried, how to manage for My husband in one blanket. I said, ‘Don’t worry. I will set it right.’ They had such a great problem about themselves and their daughter but they were not willing to agree that their daughter had any problem. As soon as they drink, they will start saying: Our daughter is best of all, don’t say anything. That girl was in complete devastation, because they were under the influence of intoxication. When intoxicated they were not… are not in senses. That girl was completely devastated. At last she came to Me just now, crying. She has been totally devastated. So it is like this, that intoxication on account of drinking increases intoxication all the more and in that, the most intoxicating thing is that a man is devoid of love. He doesn’t love anyone. That is why everyone, in every religion, prohibited drinking. 

But for example, as is the case with the Christian religion, everybody manages somehow. They say it is so in Hindu dharam, in Christians and in Mohammedans too. So they said that when Christ had gone to attend a marriage, in that marriage liquor was made. Absolutely false! That is why we drink. I was surprised in England that if anyone dies, they drink; if anyone dies, even then they drink. If anyone is born, even then they drink. What does it mean, I can’t understand. The habit that they have got used to and drink has become like culture. They have to write books about drinks: which should be drunk, when, not this, that and which type of glass should be used. Now the condition of these drunkards that I have seen, I think they are half human beings and half absolutely mad. They are mad! But it is getting sanctified there. It is topmost in France. It became the culture of France. We don’t have to learn anything from them. Now what they talk about drinks;  Christ, when He went there that time, that place, I have read this in Hebrew that the people used to drink the juice of draksha, means they used to take grape juice. So He put His hand in water and made juice of grapes out of water. Does that juice ever become a drink without rotting and softening? Can a drink ever be made in two minutes in Sahaj? Till you do not rot the drink a lot and the more it is rotten, the more it is costlier. If it has been rotten for the past fifty years, it is all the more better. And if it is a hundred years old, it is rare. These notions about drinks were created by drunkards: the drunkard writers and the drunkard tellers. With the lectures of the drunkards, I don’t know how many people become fools. But I have not seen any effigy erected of any drunkard in any country. 

So all these people are not only against Shri Hanuman, but they attack Him. Then He also shows His power, causing such heat in his stomach. It then causes cancer and all the diseases. Drink more and more! This drinking and serving drinks to others is the custom of drinking that has started. I am scared of this. [Manage] Hanumanji. I don’t know what He will do. What disaster He may cause is unpredictable. I am afraid that one day, He may put all the drunkards in the sea, because He has mercy, devotion and everything, but those who are against Him, He is not for them. For example Shri Ganesha, if anyone has a bad character, if anyone acts badly, is attacked on his Mooladhara Chakra. But His case is different. When He sees that he is playing with his own consciousness by drinking – consciousness is lost – then He chases him. There will be conflict, quarrels and fights in homes and you see there will be fights on roads if you [unclear] two drunkards will be hitting each other and then it spreads all the more. So Sahaja Yogis should not visit any drunkard’s house: that is an unholy place, nor should keep any association with any drunkard. This is also fatal for Sahaja Yogis, because on one hand you respect Hanumanji and on the other hand join drunkards. Especially in Poona/ Pune, I don’t know how many types of Hanumanjis have come here; people living in Poona/ Pune should be very alert. Once a Hanumanji group had come and requested Me to deliver a lecture. I said, ‘I won’t come,’ They asked, ‘Why Mother?’ I told them that, ‘After having a drink, you sing silly movie songs. Do you know who is this Maruti? When He will strangle throats of all of you, then only you will come to know.’ I have heard about Ganapati programs that they don’t allow anyone to drink. They drive away those who drink. Just think, see their courage. In front of Hanumanji, they do all this business in front of Hanumanji. What a courage. And this, by doing everything, people think that they get money. Those who deal in it and those who drink are its customers. Everybody somehow absolutely useless, bankrupt , don’t have a single penny. We will say, what is there so much in drinking because it is Shri Hanumanji’s case. What is the reason you are going against Hanumanji? His power flows through your right side. Use that in balance, instead of upsetting your liver, spoil this and spoil that. He will definitely get upset. That means it is Hanumanji’s job in subtle. 

People don’t understand this in reality. In reality it is such that if you say something against drinking, people will run to kill you. If you don’t drink, they will say you are a fool that you don’t drink. Oh, behind him is standing such great Hanumanji. If you attack him even once you will be no more, you will lose your life. I think that if people start striking beforehand….. How do people talk such nonsense? They will repeat the same thing again and again. They are almost absolutely mad; they are all together, have a party and they are all mad. It may be marriage or marriage procession, everywhere it is prevalent. Now the person who works one, who thinks of the future, one who is thoughtful but is devoid of love towards everyone has no feeling of love, he is also in trouble. Because the devotee of Rama there is no whereabouts of Hanumanji. If you are a great worker, you are a well-to-do person, a nice person, but you don’t have love for anyone, it won’t work. You have to love everyone and that is why Christ has said, ‘Forgive everyone.’ Who are you not to forgive? You yourself are not Hanumanji. Yes, Hanumanji is with you and He is an ideal for you that, He on the basis of His devotion has attained this high position. Wherever there is heat, people’s brains get upset and the bond of love gets disrupted. Everybody should salute such Hanuman devotee, Shri Bajrangbali, and should understand that whatever powers we have got from Sahaja Yoga we should keep in balance. 

Love is such a thing that you can win over great personalities with the bond of love. I go on doing the same because I have to face strange people. Now handle them with such a trick of love that they will be okay. Once I went somewhere. There was a famous but very short-tempered saint; all of them are very short-tempered. Then I climbed up and went there. He was shaking his neck in anger, because he was egoistical that he could control rain. And as I climbed up and reached, I was drenched completely wet in rain. Now, he was sitting in great anger. I sat in his cave. He came and sat. He was very angry. I asked, ‘What happened, even if I got wet?’ He said, ‘You did not stop the rain to take away my ego. Because I can stop it, I had this ego.’ ‘There is nothing like that,’ I said, ‘you are a saint and you have purchased a sari for Me. I cannot take anything from a saint, and you cannot give Me anything. Then I thought it is better to get wet and I will have to accept it.’ Because of that, tears came out of his eyes and he fell down at My feet. I said, ‘What should I have done? I had to just get wet. Otherwise I too would not have accepted it.’ I said that, ‘It is better to get a little wet then I will have to accept it.’ Then he said, ‘Is it so?’ I said, ‘You have purchased a peach-coloured sari for Me and nauvar, [nine yards] this you have done a good thing because My petticoat too has got wet, so I can wear this nauvar.’ He was very happy. 

So, love is such a thing that it brings down to earth even great people fuming with anger. There are so many earlier examples of it. When they say, ‘Basu’ [sit down], the whole night will pass like that. And even now everyday it happens so. Talk with love. How does it matter? If you love others, their good qualities will transmit to you and if you hate someone, their bad qualities will transmit to you. It is all give and take. This person is like this, that person is like that: whosoever you see is not right. It is a custom with so many people. It is their culture that, if someone comes to his home, stays, has his meals and fun and everything is over. As soon as he leaves, comments follow that he is such a bad man. Next came and sat down – especially among women it is too much prevalent. He comes and sits. ‘You are very nice, very nice and now you can go: ‘Yes he is like that! Oh!’ This outward love won’t work. If you shower artificial love, does he not understand? You have got the power to love by heart as you are a Sahaja Yogi. And when you will imbibe this, when the tree of love will bloom by itself, you will give joy to others and you too will enjoy its fragrance. Except the ocean of love, you will not like anything. 

So, what you have to learn from Bajrangbali is His devotion and that power which He has given to you that, nobody can touch you if your devotion is pure. Nobody can touch you. There are thousands of such examples in Sahaja Yoga. People call these miracles but I say that it is Shri Hanumanji’s blessing. So, now I give My blessings and love to all of you. First love yourself and then others. It doesn’t mean: ‘My son, my this…’ no, no, no. It means selfless love. Love that expects no return, which has no relation, is limitless. Such a power of love has come to you, use it. Lots of blessings. Anant Aashirvad. [limitless blessings]

May God bless you.