Shri Hanumana Puja

Pune (India)

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Shri Hanumana puja. Pune (India), 31 March 1999.

Today we are celebrating Hanumana’s Jayanti (Hanumana’s birthday).
What to say about Hanumana? The more powerful and wise, he was equally devoted and dedicated. Generally such a powerful person becomes rightsided and considers himself so high that he would not listen to anyone else. But Hanumana is a special deity, a typical deity full of qualities. There was a perfect balance between his devotion and power. How could he achieve this balance is a thing to be understood. In Sahaja Yoga, when we are enlightened, we get many powers. Then we have to keep balance. We love others and with the power of the love, we keep on doing our duties.

Shri Hanumana was very powerful. He had many divine powers in him Navdha, that is Garima, Laghuma etc. He could be as big as he wanted to be and as small as an atom. He had achieved all these powers. Without attaining balance and coming to the central path. Such a powerful person, generally goes crazy.
Each cell of Shri Hanumana’s body was filled with power and devotion. Because of this speciality today we worship Shri Hanumana all over the world. Small, small foreign children, when they start painting, I am surprised, first of all paint the picture of Shri Hanumana.

The Second quality of Shri Hanumana is that he is half human and half monkey, a perfect combination of animal and human being. In the process of our evolution, love and emotions that we had left behind, Shri Hanumana had taken up.
A guru has many disciples who are supposed to be his slaves. Dogs also have that loyalty. A dog is loyal to his master and for him it could sacrify its life. Similarly a seeker has to be dedicated to his Guru. The way – in evolutionary process – a creature, in the company of the human being, learns complete devotion and loyalty, shows that devotion (Bhakti) is innate in us. The seed of Bhakti is already sown in us.
In the beginning we were not in human state. With the awakening of Bhakti we came to this level.
Let us take the example of an animal. You give it a little of your love and affection, it will come very close to you and will be very loyal. Take the example of a horse. How it sacrifies its life for the sake of its master! The loyalty of the elephant is well known. It will never let the master suffer. If a tiger or any other animal attacks the master, the elephant protects him even at the cost of its life. This relation of master and evolved animal is established in us. We have to awaken it. The elephant has the power to fight and die for the master because it is devoted to him and loves him.
We say that Sahaja Yoga is the work of Divine Love. Its right, whether we know it or not, its power is innate. It is divine power. When a human being bows before someone and regards him higher, it is the expression of that divine power. But when a person is respectful to his Guru then he gets blessed with the grace and power of the Guru.

So the devotion and the power (Bhakti and Shakti) are not different things. It is one. We shall say that the right side is the source of power and the left of Bhakti. Shri Hanumana had in Him this harmony of Bhakti and Shakti.
In Lanka when he went to Shri Sitaji and requested her to accompany him back, Shri Sitaji said, “You are my son, I will not come with you. My husband has to come and kill this Rakshasa. Only then I will go with him”. Shri Hanumana bowed before Shri Sitaji. He was powerful enough to bring Sitaji back to Shri Rama. But he thought that when Mother is saying like that then it’s all right. After that a big war was fought because it was needed.

Shri Rama has many special qualities. He was very powerful and a perfect archer. You might have heard about what he did in Sita Swayamvara. The same Shri Rama killed the Ravana when he came to it. Tulsidas has described his bow very very beautifully. Shri Rama was aiming at Ravana’s head with his arrow. Out of ten head’s of Ravana one will fall down, but again it will assume its place. Lakshamana suggested Shri Rama to shoot an arrow in the heart of Ravana, without which he will not die. Hit him in the heart. Shri Rama was a very humble person. Though he was very powerful yet he said to Lakshmana that Ravana has placed my Sita in his heart, therefore, I cannot hit him in the heart. Again and again when I chop off his heads, his attention will be diverted from the heart. Only then shall I shoot him in the heart. What an example of the love of a husband for his wife! Ocean of power, how he was full of love!

There are many stories about Shri Hanumana which prove that he was also the ocean of love and compassion. But he had no hesitation in killing an evil person who harassed and killed others. Shri Hanumana knew that Ravana is afraid of fire. So he went to Lanka and burnt it with his power. He burnt Lanka but didn’t kill anyone. Ravana was not burnt. But he was terrified. Every one in Lanka was afraid that Ravana has committed sins. Before that the people of Lanka accepted whatever Ravana did and bowed before his desire. Nobody dared stop him. But when Lanka was burnt, the people were terrified. We could have been burnt down! But none was burnt. To make them conscious about Ravana’s heinous sins, Shri Hanumana burnt Lanka. How wise and balanced was Bajarangbali? In history we find that the most of the powerful people were full of love. Shivaji is an example. The more power he had, the more wise, systematic and balanced he was. When you could achieve this balance, only then you are Sahaja Yogis. Achieving power does not mean that you should say good bye to love and start misbehaving.

The dignity of your power lies in becoming the guardians of poor and down trodden. You have no need to fight with those who harass them and put them to trouble. Only bandhan will do the whole work for you. The power that you have achieved should be used to finish the negativity. But like Hanumana you do not have to take Sword and Gada in your hands. Your power is within you. By your experiences you could see that anyone harassing you is automatically finished, whether you take up weapons or not.
Thus you are protected and with you other Sahaja Yogis will also be protected. In it Shri Hanumana has an important role. You do not know that he is with you. His nature is as pure and innocent as that of a child. But he is very discreet and full of all the qualities. He was blessed with divine-discretion with which he could judge and understand everything with love.
Shri Ganesha and Shri Hanumana are the incarnations of this Divine Wisdom. Shri Hanumana was very powerful and fast and Shri Ganesha is cool-natured. But when required, both are very big hitters. They remain with you every moment. Whenever anyone troubles you, your protectors are there.
Often you see that security moves with the ministers and VIPs. The security of Sahaja Yogis also moves with them; that is, the security of Ganas. Ganas have many things to do. Ganapati – Shri Ganesha keeps them informed about you as to where is the problem, from where you are getting attacked and troubled. You do not know that if anybody wants to attack you secretly, even then these god’s ganas stand by you. When Shri Ganapati informs about it, Shri Hanumana sets them right. So Sahaja Yogis have no need to be frightened. No need at all to be frightened.

I tell you a story which is very surprising. America bombarded certain areas of Africa where they thought terrorists had hideouts. I am telling you the story of a place where some Sahaja Yogis used to live. One of the bombs exploded there and most of the people died. But there was absolutely no damage done to Sahaja Yogis. They were flabbergasted. Even the dust particles did not fall on them. They had never come to Cabella, not even thought of it. But after this incident they came to Cabella and told, “Shri Mataji we do not know who protected us? But we all Sahaja Yogis were saved. All other people have died.”
Now this is one incident. You are protected because you have accepted the God Almighty and Sahaja Yoga made yourself spiritually conscious. By this transformation you have become such devoted and powerful persons. Now no one dare touch you. I can give you thousands of such examples that once you get your self-realization in Sahaja Yoga then no one could harm you.

In olden times also there used to be saints and Sadhus. All were troubled and cheated. But despite all these troubles and difficulties they stuck firmly to their faith. They were also protected. They said such things that angered the rulers. They didn’t hesitate to speak against the rulers and evil doers but because of the power of Shri Hanumana no one could touch them, no one could kill them.
There is a beautiful story about Khawaza Nizamuddin Sahib. The emperor ordered him to come and bow before him. Hazarat Nizamuddin flatly refused to do that. The king was furious and warned him that within three days if he doesn’t come and bow down before him then his neck will be chopped off. Hazarat Nizamuddin said, “Do whatever you like, I will not bow down before you. You are no saint”. Lot of hue and cry was made. On the day the king was to cut the neck of Hazarat Nizamuddin, someone chopped off the neck of the king. No one knew how it was done! If this protection was not there, then all the saints and religious people would have been finished. The rulers of the nations were so violent that they would have finished these people. But God is there with these saints and God is made of the power of Shri Ganesha and Shri Hanumana. They look to this protection.

When Maharana Pratap, the ruler of Mewar, went to fight with the Mughals, his soldiers requested him to go back because it was difficult to defeat the formidable enemy. Maharana Pratap asked the soldiers to go back. He said that I will not budge and keep fighting because Ganas are with me. He was also a Sahaja Yogi. He told his soldiers to go away if they wished to do so but, “I will fight with the enemy because Ganas are with me.”
So understand that you are protected from all sides. What should happen to a Sahaja Yogi when he gets this protection? He should become very patient, discreet and a fearless person. He will not be afraid of enemy, stick to his place and face the evil people. He need not do anything. Now that age has gone. You just stand boldly and the negative people will run away.
Many Sahaja Yogis write to me their experiences. Otherwise it was not an easy job to spread Sahaja Yoga in Western countries. Now Muslims are also accepting Sahaja Yoga. So you can understand how powerful this Divine Power – the Power of Love is and how much it could perform!
But that doesn’t mean that in the name of Shri Hanumana, you should create some big institution. Not at all. The way people are doing nowadays, they will take the name of Shri Hanumana, or of Shri Ganesha or of Lord Shiva. You need not create such organizations. You yourself are an organization. No one could touch you, no one could destroy you. Only you have to know Thy Self.

It’s mentioned in all the scriptures that Self Realization means Knowing Oneself. What do you mean by ‘Knowing ourselves’? It means that we should be aware of the fact as to who stand around us, who are our protectors, and how will you give your love and affection to the people?
As someone said yesterday that “I will comfort everyone and fill the whole world with joy”, when this feeling comes to you then you think that there is no one to harm you. No one dares do that. For this you have to do nothing at all. You need not take a sword or any other weapon. All these things are already with you. They are innate in you. You have no need to strengthen your body. You are already strong.
There is very interesting Chinese story. Chinese people like cock-fighting. Once a Chinese King thought that it would be better if his cock could be trained by some saint. A Saint fights with none yet none touches him. People are afraid of him and bow before him. What is their speciality that they live comfortably in this evil world? He took his cock to the saint who asked him to leave the cock there. After one month the king took away his cock and on the day of cock fighting, he put the cock in the arena. All the cocks were fighting with each other but this one was standing by itself. One after one all these cocks ran away. It was the only one standing in the arena. All the cocks got frightened of it because it stood undaunted.

Today we are worshipping Shri Hanumana. So we should think that He resides within us. He controls our right side – the Pingla channel – and gives us zeal. As a result heat is generated. But his path is such that the heat (power) and devotion should go side by side. So the heat, the energy acts on right side but without the balance of Shri Hanumana this heat gives birth to many diseases in us, such as liver problem, bronchial asthma and heart attacks. When this heat goes downward, Shri Hanumana tries to control it, but when the heat goes out of his control then many incurable diseases emanate from it. It could cause blood cancer, intestine problem etc. Hot Liver is the cause of many diseases and liver problem comes because we do not follow Shri Hanumana. Sometimes we get angry. There is no need of getting angry. But in the fit of anger we create lot of problems, beat others and so on.

Anger is not the power of Shri Hanumana.
There is absolutely no need to get angry with others. If you respect Shri Hanumana, you have no need to get angry. Shri Hanumana never gets angry with anyone. But we human beings are infuriated over silly things. Ego plagues us. Shri Hanumana had no ego at all. Generally right sided people are ego oriented. Human beings have so much of ego that I cannot understand! When I try to see through them, there appears to be no cause for this ego.
Even an ordinary person is full of ego, whereas many kings have no ego at all. Ego affects all those who do not follow Shri Hanumana. As you respect Shri Hanumana, similarly you regard Shri Rama. Now tell me whether a right-sided person should get the disease of asthma or not because Shri Rama is the ruling deity of the right heart. Because you do not respect Shri Hanumana, do not behave like him, you are not balanced like him, therefore you fall victim to this disease of asthma. Lord Rama resides in your heart. The one who doesn’t respect him could get heart attack, or many other diseases even after coming to Sahaja Yoga. You should understand that Shri Hanumana is the ideal before you. Lord Ganesha is also there. He was innocence incarnate. He is as innocent as a small child. But he is very wise and discreet. Shri Hanumana is balanced and full of love and joy. At the same time he is power incarnate.

Sahaja Yogis should understand all these things and his life and character should be well balanced.
When angry, you should watch silently. I think I never get angry. Without getting angry every thing works out. But people could not control their anger. In the fit of anger they start abusing.
Excessive anger is a serious thing, resulting in a serious disease called Alzheimer. Anger is the cause of Alzheimer – anger which has no cause at all.
Suppose someone slaps your son. It’s enough to make you angry. What is in it to get angry? What is in it to get angry? Actually you should think that your child might have made some mistake or you are spoiling him by your love. If this type of balance is not achieved then this disease of Alzheimer is there, which makes madcap of a man. Such a person neither dies himself nor lets anyone else die. He always keeps abusing and shouting. Such a person could be cured in Sahaja Yoga, but the treatment is very difficult because such mad caps will abuse those who try to cure them. So who will go to such a person? If a patient abuses the Doctor, the doctor will say “Go to Hell, what have I to do?”. Same thing happens to such people; no Sahaja yogi likes to go near them.

Drunkards are the worst enemies of Shri Hanumana.
He burns up the Lanka of those drunkards. No one likes to mix up with such people. They gather ten alcohol addicts and drink. There is nothing in the house for the children to eat, but the stupid people spend everything on wine! Those who follow Shri Hanumana cannot take alcohol, because drinking is disrespect to this deity. He would not allow it.
But these days drinking is rampant. I am surprised. Once I went to the house of a friend of my husband who was a big officer. Both, husband and wife were used to drinking. It was winter and they asked me to stay there for the night. I agreed. “Oh God!” there was only one blanket in the house. I said, does not matter, I will manage. But they were very ashamed and upset. They had only one daughter. She was misled but they won’t accept and kept boasting of her. So the girl was ruined of drinking. Of late, she came to me weeping.

The element of love disappears in a drunkard. He is unable to love. That is the reason drinking is prohibited in all religions. But these Christians find excuses to drink. Hindus and Muslims are also no exception. Christians say that Jesus Christ made wine to be served in a wedding feast. It’s false. But people take it as an excuse for drinking.
In England – I was surprised – if some one dies people will drink; if a child is born, they will drink! Drinking has become an addiction. Alcohol has become their culture. They have written books on alcohol: when to take which alcohol; on what Occasion a particular type of glasses are to be used for drinking.
When I see these drunkards, I think them to be half human. Half of them are absolutely mad. But drinking has become their culture. France is the worst in it. You have nothing to learn from them. When they talk of Jesus Christ they are absolutely wrong. In Hebrew, I have read wine that they drink is the juice of grapes (Draksha). Jesus Christ put his finger in the water and it was converted to juice of grapes. Without fermentation how could one make wine?
The more fermented it is, the more costly. Fifty year old wine is valuable and hundred year old is a rarity. These ideas have been formed by the drunkards. Drunkards are the writers and they are the narrators. Many people are being befooled by their lectures. But you might have never seen the statue of some heavy drunkard being put in any country!
All such people are not only against Shri Hanumana, but also they attack him and then Shri Hanumana generates such heat in them that they fall victims to abdominal cancer and many other diseases. Yet people go on drinking. This system of drinking, which is rampant, I am afraid of it. No one knows what Shri Hanumana may do! I control him, otherwise who knows, he may throw all the drunkards in the ocean one day! I am really afraid of Him. He is full of compassion and devotion. But he does not spare those who stand against him.

Shri Ganesha also punishes the immoral people.
Immorality affects the Mooladhara centre of a person. Alcohol damages the consciousness. When Shri Hanumana sees someone drinking, he is displeased. There is disharmony in the family of such person. There will be no peace and equanimity in the house. Husband and wife will quarrel, quarrel with each other.
Drunkards generally fight with each other and thus get bad name in the society. So Sahaja Yogis should not go to the houses of the drunkards, nor keep any relation with them. Such relations are very harmful for Sahaja Yogis. On the one side you follow Shri Hanumana and on the other you maintain relations with the drunkards!
In Pune, particularly, there are many types of Hanumanas-Maruti, Dulya Maruti and many others. So Pune people should be beware of them. These followers of Hanumana once came to me and requested me to deliver a lecture. But I refused. They asked the reason for the refusal. I said you get drunk and sing dirty songs before Shri Hanumana. Do you know what this Maruti is? He will strangle such people. Now they have told me that they do not allow drunkards there. See how bold they are! Before Hanumana they will do all that and such people think that they can have more money by drinking!
Actually most of such drinking people are bankrupt. People ask the reason for it. Its the concern of Shri Hanumana, what reason could be assigned? You are going against Shri Hanumana. His power flows in you, in the right side: use it in a balanced manner. On the contrary you take to drinking and damage your liver and the whole system. Naturally He will be annoyed. In a subtle way it’s the work of Shri Hanumana. He does not care for the external reasons. If one opposes drinking then people will be after his life. Those who do not drink are called stupid and outdated. Shri Hanumana is there to protect those who are against drinking. Once he hits, you are finished. But Shri Hanumana generally doesn’t harm, otherwise people would not have talked like mads. All the time they talk of drinking, parties, this and that. In wedding parties they drink wine like mads. Human beings are very thoughtful and think of the future. But there is no love left in them. The feelings of love for all are absent in human beings. Shri Hanumana is anguished by such an approach: You can not say about the Hanurnana who is devotee of Shri Rama. You may be a great worker, a fine person, everything. But if there is no love for all in your heart, then it will not work out.

One should have love for all.
Jesus Christ has said, “Forgive everyone.” Who are you not to forgive? Over small-small things people get crazy and the joy of love vanishes.
Everyone should salute and bow before Shri Hanumana, the devotee of Shri Rama. We should understand that powers of Sahaja Yoga, we are blessed with, we should keep them in balance. With love you can handle the most difficult people. I have to face very strange people, but I handle them with love. With love bring them round.
Once I went to meet a saint. He was known for his anger. I climbed the mountain to reach his cave. When I reached there, I found him twisting his neck in anger. He had the powers to control rain. But that day it rained heavily and I got drenched. He was in the fit of anger. In his cave he was brought before me. He asked, “Mother, why did not you allow me to stop the rain? Did you want to purge me of my ego?” He was very proud of his powers to stop the rain. I said, “What happened if I am wet?” He said, “to humble down my ego you did not allow me to stop the rain?” I said, “There is nothing such as that. Actually you are a Sanyasi and you have bought a Sari for me. How could I accept something from a Sanyasi? I thought of getting drenched, so that I could accept sari that you brought for me”. Tears started rolling down his eyes and he fell on my feet. I said, what had I to do? To get wet a little! Otherwise How I could accept that sari? So I thought it better to get drenched and have an excuse to accept it. I told him that he has brought an orange colored Nauwar Sari for me. It’s good because my petticoat is also wet and this Nauwar could be worn without it. He was very much pleased. Love is a boon which melts the angriest of the angry persons.
Whole night is not enough if I start telling such examples. It’s happening every day. Talking with love costs nothing. By loving others you will imbibe the good qualities of others, but by hating them, you will absorb their evil qualities.
It is a practice with people that if someone comes to their house, they will entertain him and keep praising on the face; the moment he goes they will start criticizing him. It is very common with ladies. On the face they praise and on the back criticize. This show of love will not do. The recipient also understands that you are just showing off. You are a Sahaja Yogi and you have the power to love by heart. When you imbibe this quality, then the tree of love blossoms, then you will give joy to others and be joyful with its fragrance. Nothing else will attract you but that ocean of love.

What we have to learn from Shri Hanumana is this devotion (Bhakti) and the power that he has given to you. If your devotion is real, then no one dares touch you. No one could touch. There are thousands of examples in Sahaja Yoga. People call them miracles.

But I say that it is no miracle, it is the blessing of Shri Hanumana. So my blessings and love to you all. Love yourself, also love others. Do not confine your love to “my son, my this, my that”. No! love means selfless love – Nirvajya Prem – love that expects no return, love that is not confined to relations only. You have been blessed with such unfathomable power of love. Use it.

May God Bless You.

H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi