Kundalini – The power of the saint is in every human being.

Istanbul (Turkey)

1999-04-26 Public Program, Istanbul, Turkey, 63'
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Public Program. Levent Kırca and Oya Basar Theatre, Maçka-Istanbul. Istanbul (Turkey), 26 April 1999.

I bow to all the seekers  of truth.
We are at the time bond, is very important. At this time there is so much of turmoils, so much of problems, so many wars, all kinds of [interrogation] has taken place in our value system. And we are quite shocked about that, very much shocked. What is the problem? Why this is happening? We should try to find out.

And if there is a solution we should try to achieve it. The problems are there because human beings do not know themselves. Either they think too much of themselves, they have too much of Ego or they are very much conditioned.

There is no condition that we can say  is not troublesome, because they blindly accept all the nonsense. Now we  see the problem, say we are born in particular religion and we just start following everything that is told to us.

I ask people if they have read Quran. Very few have really read it and is completely, sometimes, I find is represented. That brings bad name to Islam, also to Mohamed.

According to us prophet Mohamed was a very, very great soul. We call him as Adi Guru, means one of the primordial masters who got birth on this Earth.

Now such a great soul like him would not say he is divine. I can not believe that, but I think he did not say he is divine. Maybe because if somebody says he is Divine, then people get just after the life of the divine personality. And it is how much he was tortured, how much he was troubled, endless. No one might say why such a Divine person suffered, he did not suffered but he had sufferings even by people who were ignorant, because they were absolutely blind. They did not know what sort of great sort of person he was. All such great saints had suffer. All over the world the saints had suffered because the people do not know what saintliness is.

First of all they should know themselves. Once they know themselves, they will know what Mohamed was. They will also know about Quran-ı Sharif (Sharif -Holy, honorable). It is absolutely clear cut in the Qur’an, but people does not want to listen, you can not help it. Christ also said that know thy self. All those, who were so great, had told to know ourselves.

Those who had not known themselves, have no right to talk about them or to condemn then or to say horrible things. After you have come to know yourself only, you will know how great they were and how Quran Sharif is such an important book. Even those who read such a great book are doing all kinds of nonsensical things . They have no control over their greed. They have no control over their lust, they can be very cruel also. How can that be? If you read such a great book like Quran Sharif, then how can you be like that? Because of all this reading does not go in the heart. He has talked about Rahmet (mercy, clemency), he called it Rahim (compassionate, forgiving) . Where is that Rahmet? If do you see it anywhere?  They are all killing each other in the name of God. So this is the state of the truth, of reality, of divinity.

Now what is needed is first to know thy self. For that, it is placed within you, in the triangle bone, this special power  called as Kundalini, whether you are a Hindu, Muslim, Christian, anything.

As they have a heart, they also have this power. Then how can we say we are different? We are all human begins, no doubt. But the power of the saint is in every human being. So we have to accept that we all can ascent whether we follow this religion, or that religion, or this country, or that country, makes no difference. It certainly [..] also, it is not only my words, it is written everywhere that we all human beings are the same.

If so, if that is the situation, then why  should we all not know ourselves. It is very easy to know yourself in these modern times, because it has been [..] that is in these modern times we should know ourselves.

You have to have the Self knowledge. You have knowledge for everything outside but what about your Self? When you will know your Self you will be amazed that you all are part and parcel of one great personality, Upper.

When we say “Allah hu Akbar (Lord, the Biggest)” what do we say is that we are one, in one personality that is Upper. Just by think “Allah hu Akbar”, you do not realized, you do not become part and parcel of great Upper. You go out shouting for ages, for centuries, you will not become part and parcel of Upper. For that you have to know your Self and that you have to connect with this all pervading Power of Ruh.

You have some Sufis, but nobody believed them because they were realized souls.

Especially in your country, you had such a great people who came to tell you that you should know your Self , but we got lost, in these modern times we got lost, completely.

Where are we? What are we fighting for? How can blind fight when, we do not  know anything, we do not know [our meaning]. How is possible? It is very much possible for you all to get your self realization, self knowledge, to know your Self.

Even if you are fanatics, listen to me. Because if we save you, save your children, save everyone, save every doggy and save the whole world.

You have to raise  about this limited ideas, that you get from others. You have to have a feeling, the experience of the this Ruh. Without that , you can not know anything about prophet Muhammed or Islam. Islam is to surrender, it [..] aggression. Surrender to who? To God, to his power, that is the power of love. God loved us, so he created us. If He had not got that power of love, if you had not use  his power of love , no use of any of the namaz (daily Muslim worshiping) you do. The namaz you do is nothing, but for your Kundalini awakening. You will realize that after your Self Knowledge, even if you do namaz it has a great meaning. Once you start feeling this cool breeze after Holy Ghost (as they call it), or we can say this Ruh, when you do namaz it goes on increasing, you go on becoming higher and higher. Otherwise, any number of namaz can you do, cruise you do, you can not do it.

And a seed has to be sprout, otherwise it cannot grow. In the same way your Kundalini has to be awaken like a primula (brightly coloured flowers in the spring) of a seed. Without this sprouting, how can you grow, artificially?

So please understand that first let this sprout takes place and then you do namaz, and you will be amazed that the chaitanya, what they call it the vibrations that are flowing increase tremendously.

Also then you read Qur’an and these vibrations will increase tremendously! You will grow very fast. All the things that you do in the name of God, you will have it, [..] that are all true, there is truth in it.

But you have to allow the seed to be sprout. Without that you are just like any other [..]. Something artificial living in the false world, doing all kinds of wrong things without bothering about God Almighty.  Not only that you will know your Self, but you will know all the powers that get out of that knowledge.

The first power you get is of tremendously creativity. As it is Turkish are known for their  creativity, they will create  such a beautiful art that it will be appealing to the whole world on  Global level. Now you become extremely moral by nature. You do not have to be very rigid about this, you just become you become very moral. Whatever is said  “don’t do this, don’t do that!”, nothing is to be told; because your Spirit is now enlightened and with the light of that spirit you know what is good for you, what is distracting for you.

Now Muhammed said not to drink alcohol, we do not say do not drink , because if I say that half of the people will just go away. But after you get this knowledge which is constructive for yourself ,you yourself do not drink, you do not take any alcohol, you do not take any drug, you do not smoke, you do not take anything that can destroy your body.

You do not have to tell your children “do this, do that” , it works out automatically. It is very surprising how powerful you become, that you do not have to do anything to stop yourself of doing something wrong. Then you become very sensitive as to what is right and what is wrong and you just do not accept what is wrong. This discrimination  is just within you, which is enlightened. Then for everything: for food, for taking out money, this -that, all this greed business just get controlled. Above all you become a very very loving person.
You have faith in your own love and you see that your love [succeeds] and you are amazed how it works.

Now the time has come what you call as a last judgment. Now if you get to the right religion, if you get to the right understanding of yourself, so  you should know  you have decided for the highest asset.
This you will experience yourself that you have become extremely loving, kind, forgiving person. But by doing that you do not become weak, you become very strong. You can see  [..] position how your Sufis have [..] steady on their path of truth. But now you are not alone, you are not aloe You have thousands of them all over the world. They are your brothers and sisters all over. You will be amazed how they look after you. How they are bothered about you, when you become one with the all pervading [..], then who is the other?

For example, anything happens to this finger the whole body reacts. In the same way all the Sahaja yogis, all the people all over the world, who know themselves, will react together and their good wishes will act through the Divine Power. Gradually all this destructive nature and also the falsehood of people drops out.

Also you develop another dimension in your awareness which is called as collective consciousness.  So what you do, you can  feel another person on your fingertips. You can feel yourself also on your fingertips. That is what Mohamed had said, that at the time of Resurrection [..]  your hands will speak and give shahid (witness) against you. They will tell you what is wrong with you, your fingers will tell you what is wrong with you, with your body, with you mind, everything you can know on your fingertips.

Now if you know how to correct those defects in you, you can correct anybody’s problems, because you can also feel what is wrong with them on your fingertips.

Sitting down here you can feel for anybody in Ankara or maybe London or anywhere and if you know how to correct sitting down here, you can correct that person.

So, in short, in scientific language we will  say that you enter into the subtler side, the subtle of subtlest of Ether. As your chakras get enlightened, you enter into the subtler side of all the five elements. Ultimately the sixth center, as they call it Agnya, is once it is  enlightened, then you become extremely forgiving. You do not react, you watch everything like a witness. Certainly now I see this carpet is very well made, so normally I should  react. How much is cost that, form where did you buy that, who has made it, all these questions will come. But after the Self Realization you just watch and enjoy the creativity of the artist who has made this.

Your quarreling nature also subsides, because you do not react. But the last of all this limbic  area where Kundalini arise by which you get your peace and joy. Now Joy is a singular thing, it is not happiness and unhappiness. It is just  joy that means you rise above your thoughts, above your mind and you are in complete peace.


For example if you are steady  in the water and [aware] from freedom,but in case you, you get into the water, then you can watch the waves and enjoy them. But supposing you know swimming ,you can jump and save many others.So now Sahaja yoga is    in eighty countries  all world. And in a very big way some people who got their selfrealisation mention and use it [.].

For that you do not have to pay, Is so nature process, living process,how much you would pay for that?So it was without any payment,that is how the false guru can be exposed because you pay for all kinds of false guru.Now you can say who has pay for this all of this?I must  say  Sahaja yogis payed. Formally I used to pay,because I have money from my  family and also from my husband.Now they want to pay. The things  for the selfrealising ,you are thinking this all,Mother why we should pay?

They can pay for all,but not for  self realisation.When the last center is broken,the seventh One by which we get connected with this Divine power [.]the presence of this power.What happens  with realization you feel it,this cool brezze.At the beginning it is very hot,but for that you will have to forgive everyone,not to have anger for everyone.

I know that here there are people who want to ask me questions also.Just now make your questioning mind quite.First get your self realisation and then you can ask.

You have to feel this cool breeze on your fingertips.So have faith in yourself.And all you can feel this root.I assure you ,you can.So if you stay hardly five to ten minutes ,I will worked out ,I will request who want to go away ,can go away,do not distrb others.

I can not force anyone.You have answers.If you want to have it,then you can get it.You must have the desire to have it , because is pure desire that works.There is no competition,no trouble ,nothing at all.Only you have to take out your shoes. Because this ,Mother Earth is very pure and she is very helpful.

[….]I am not going to tell you to do anything, i will not even say do not think but automatically you go beyond your mind and I see this doshanadia.

Now we have to do like this,like we do for namaz.Be comfortable.Take off your shoes and put both of  feet away to  each other.

Now  put your right hand on your heart and ask for forgivness from God all mighty if we have done anything wrong ,just ask your heart.

But do not feel guilty. Mistake can be done  so now you can ask for forgivness,so do not feel guilty at all.If you feel guilty then this center of the left hand is gotten.And it is just like [.]Now please put your right hand  dorse me and your left  on  the head and check if anything is coming out any cool breeze out  of your head.

Now If  it is hot ,you have to forgive,forgive everyone.Now please put your left hand down and check with your right ,is there any hot or cold breeze coming out of your fontanel bone area.Now please put your both hands dorse  me.Please ,see now if there is feeling of cool breeze on your fingertips or on your palm or out of your fontanel area.Just see it.This is the root.You can ask a question in your heart ,is this the root of the Divine power?By asking this ,you will get warm  coming in  so you can say  also yes this is the root,we have never tried this before ,this is the root so you can feel it warm.

Although who have felt this cool breeze on their  fingertips,or on their palm or out fontanel  bone area, please raise their hands.That is what this people are  wonderfull.

May God Bless you.

You are so specially people I have to say,it is so easily to give realisation.There is something speciall.With Europeans we have to break manners,not with you people.

You are very kind and sensible,so may God bless you all.

They want to sing a song for you and you just clap,all right?So and you will be amazed ,will increase.

Those who have felt anythinng can come here and we can  have a word from there.

Performance of  Mahamaya Mahakali.