Music will bring glory to Sahaja Yoga, Evening Program

Campus, Cabella Ligure (Italy)

1999-05-08 Entertainment Program, Sahasrara Puja Weekend, Cabella, Italy, DP-RAW, 179' Download subtitles: EN,ITView subtitles: Add subtitles:
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1999-05-08 Music Will Bring Glory To Sahaja Yoga, Cabella, Italy, DP-RAW, 14' Download subtitles: EN,ITView subtitles: Add subtitles:
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Music will bring glory to Sahaja Yoga, Eve of Sahasrara puja, 08/05/1999,
Evening Program

[At the end of the music program and of the Magic Flute]

Sometimes the words fail to express the feelings of great gratitude for all of you – for putting up this collective effort and such a beautiful concentrated work as a real piece of art.

I had seen “Magic Flute” long time back, when I was in Berlin, and that time – of course I didn’t understand German language, but I absolutely got lost by the rhythm, the music, the tuning and everything. So, actually the way you have brought in that very, very beautiful piece of art to life – I feel so much grateful to you that you are all Sahaja Yogis, and to Sahaja Yogis to perform this kind of magnificent, tremendous art piece, I don’t know whom to thank, really.

Because now I can see our future, we’ll be going all over the world, taking this music.
And may not be this one, may be another one, but you are all such a great group that you can really surpass everybody else who are having all these operas everywhere.
Actually I would say in London it’s very easy to get that hall which is mostly used for operas, the Royal Albert Hall. So we can reserve for you that, and we’ll have the whole thing done.
I mean, I could never imagine that you were such master. I shouldn’t say professionals, but really masters. And the way you all concentrated. This is the main point of collective playing is that there should be complete concentration.

I just wanted to test you, so I said “Sing also Binati Suniye”. But despite that you came back to your normal and you were doing everything so well, even after that; I don’t know how to congratulate you and all of you who have taken to it, worked together, in such unison and with such clarity.

I must say, I would say it was even better than the one I had seen, much better. You see, because I couldn’t even understand the language, apart from that, it was little they, I felt, they were little confused comparatively, while you people were straight, absolutely could see what you were doing, and what you were performing, and what you were giving.

Now I see your future, the future of Sahaja Yoga. Through you people, the glory of Sahaja Yoga will spread. But when we have the program we’ll have all formal dresses and all formalities, and I’m sure – I bless you from My heart – that we’ll have the complete of this particular play by Mozart.
Complete. And we’ll do it so well, I know, and people will know that what Sahaja Yoga can do to your collectivity by which you can achieve it – because this collectivity you can’t have in any other form of performance.
This has to be all of you, the players, singers, then the dialogues and everything has to be in unison.
In Maharashtra, in Marathi, we have dramas of this kind, which can be called as operas, but apart from that, there is lot of – what you can say – dialogues which are not in the tune or in the music form. So also they speak and tell you something in between. But they are also very enjoyable and they are thinking of having opera in Maharashtra.
But now let – when they’ll see you then I think they’ll give up the idea, they can’t do that well, I’m sure. [Shri Mataji is laughing. Laughter].

In any case Austria is a place, is the – I think is the origin, is the distribution, is the complete sky of Western classical music, no doubt about it. And you all are all really based into it.
The way you have played and the way you have sung is very remarkable, it has touched My heart. I wish you had the complete seventy-five minutes program, but the problem is that supposing you have one day for this, then it’s all right. No, as it is, we have only two days in that this cannot be fully expressed.

But we’ll arrange a program, we’ll definitely arrange a program in, say, Albert Hall I think, it’s easy to get. We get it every time, again we’ll get this time. And I’m sure they will be very impressed.
Because they don’t know what music you have in your country and how much people know and how much they can sing so well.
It’s something very rare, you don’t understand, I feel it because I must say I’m not so much used to operas, and whatever operas I have seen, this is thousand times better than that.
So I’m really amazed at your achievement. I don’t know if it is Sahaj Yog that has helped you, but this collective, collective singing, is the biggest thing. Collective, in tune with all other musicians, it’s really very, very great and this unison, this oneness, if it is through Sahaj Yog, I’m very happy about it.
We are all overly satisfied and I can see your future – it will be a great future for all of you. We shouldn’t take so much of botheration about how we’ll do it and how will it work out – it will, it will work out. Your desire is much stronger than the desire of any other artist.
So just desire, it will all work out and we’ll show to them how Sahaja Yoga can create such beautiful music.
So thank you very much, and I thank from all others the way you have entertained us with this beautiful music and such great hopes of a future expressions of your art.

May God bless you.

Then Slovakia people are also another very great geniuses, yesterday we saw their drama and today again we saw – I’m amazed absolutely.
Is it Sahaja Yoga that has made them so good in art? The creativity was so great and their play, drama was so beautiful.
So beautifully rendered; yesterday also, today also. I mean, they are such dramatist I didn’t know, I mean, how could they be that confident of their acting and everything, is really remarkable.
When I was young I used to act also in dramas, and I used to get first prize mostly. Maybe I (She laughs) quite disguised Myself as something else, but the, you see, the art, art of acting was so great even with them, I was surprised how they could freely act so well.
Again I would say if it is Sahaj Yog, carry on, carry on with Sahaja Yoga.
And I’m sure this creativity, the blessings of Sarasvati will be upon you; and we’ll have even bigger dramas and bigger – we should say – expositions somewhere, maybe later on we can have it in India, or have it in America, anywhere.
So I see all that before Me, and you’ll be very well-known artists, all of you; even the Slovakia people have great talent I must say. Such a great talent! This talent is a special gift of God, no doubt. But to combine it, to express it, to work it out in such a collective manner, is something very different and very beautiful, and it really made Me feel very confident about you people, that one day through you Sahaja Yoga will spread all over the world, and people will start knowing this Sahaj orchestra and Sahaj artists. It’s really great, very great, and I bless you from My heart for that.

Then we had some other programs of this, like Kathak dance, and also I’m amazed that a German girl can dance so well that Kathak. It’s not easy, it’s very difficult. And rhythmic sense, and all the expression and everything – she was so delicately doing it, I was surprised.
I never thought that German girls could be that delicate, but really, they are so delicate and so beautifully expressing the, all the delicacies of a lady in her dancing, is…

All – I don’t want to take your time describing all of them, but one after another every program has been great. And the way you are now depicting those great musicians is something very creditable. Because world has forgotten them. They want pop music, cheap music, easy music – but once you start establishing it, the vibrations will flow and people will realise how great this music was and was lost. So this trend that is in the whole world is to become cheapish and to become something very, very superficial, will be curbed by your own dedication and your own expressions, which will definitely make the vibrations flow to the audience, and they will enjoy it very much. Because you are now divine people, so your rendering is very different from others, at least I felt that way. I felt – it gave Me such great joy, such great joy that I didn’t get from all other operas I have seen, and somehow I couldn’t understand the way they were quite confused I felt, not so well organized as you people are.

So, My blessings again and again for all of you, and the way this program has been arranged by these countries that I’m thankful to them, to their leaders, and to all of them that they have done a very great job.
So many people have come from other countries also here, and they should also take a lesson, and try to develop this style of combining music and expressing their great, very great artists, that they have their own compound. I’m trying to get one of our Indian if you say an opera-style thing here, but it’s very difficult to get so many people [Shri Mataji is laughing].
But you would enjoy that, really. So let us see if I could manage sometime a group of people who will come and give you a kind of an opera as you have.
Thank you very much.