Sahasrara Puja: Our Awareness has to become Paramchaitanya

Campus, Cabella Ligure (Italy)

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Sahasrara Puja, “Our Awareness has to become Paramchaitanya” Cabella Ligure, (Italy), 9 May 1999.

Today we have gathered here to do the Sahasrara puja.

Sahasrar, the word ‘sahastr’, in Sanskrit language, means ‘one thousand’. And there are one thousand petals in our brain which get enlightened. Of course, the doctors are quarrelling on that point but forget about them.

Now these petals are kept ready for our enlightenment, and these are really the nerves, one thousand nerves, which are there for the enlightenment of the brain. So, when the Kundalini rises, she enlightens those one thousand nerves which become like — as you see here, the shape of these flames — like a petal. And that’s why it is called as ‘Sahasrara’ — is the centre of Sahasrara.

In the human beings it is a very important centre, because this is the only centre by which we think and we try to stop whatever we don’t like. This is the centre which reacts, reacts in such a manner that, without any discretion we start saying, ‘no’ to this, and, ‘no’ to that, on small things also. Like somebody might say, “I don’t like this carpet,” “I don’t like this house,” “I don’t like that.” This language itself shows that — who are you? First find out! 

But you cannot become yourself unless and until this Sahasrara, this brain is opened out and the Kundalini becomes one with the Paramchaitanya. Before that, you are in complete ignorance about what is good and what is bad. Whatever you think [that], for this brain, is good, you do it. But whatever is really good, you do not know, because you do not know the Reality. 

Now we have to understand the consciousness that we have: consciousness of being alive, consciousness of so many things we have, and the so-called knowledge we have about everything. All that consciousness is stored near the liver — for your information — by this diaphragm. But then, this consciousness starts rising, higher and higher. Then you become aware. In the evolutionary process, you become aware, aware of things. Without going through your brain, you just become aware. And how? Not by thinking, not by understanding or seeing, but you become aware because your brain has now started working in a manner that’s very, very sensitive.

So you just become aware of some sort of a fear, or maybe some sort of a goodness or anything.

But it goes even further. The growth of consciousness, which becomes aware, goes further: where you start liking a person, or disliking a person. But, still it’s nothing definite and sure. You dislike a person because he has a particular type of a face, maybe eyes or maybe anything. Or maybe because you have known somebody who has been very nice, so you start transferring that image onto others. With these transferred images, you can hate or love someone. Then you start saying, “I hate this, I hate that,” which has no, actually, substantial meaning. You hate it because, perhaps, maybe such and such person looks like somebody.

Now you go further with it, then you see that, such and such person — now I’m not talking about things, but about persons — such and such person has done this harm to me — something negative. So you start feeling that you should hate that person. Now you start hating that person. With that hatred you develop new faculties [of] how to harm that person. Then you start thinking how to destroy that person, how to make his life miserable. Then you may beat that person, you may shout at that person, you may try to kill that person. You can do anything.

So now the awareness is going towards another direction, which is darkness, which is not light, because in the light you won’t do such a thing. In the light you see everybody, everybody is sitting, you know how far you are, where you are sitting. If you want to go out, you know how to walk out. But when, in the darkness you are there, you just don’t understand and you go on behaving in a manner which cannot be explained otherwise, except that, because you are a human being. Animals don’t do it like that: animals have limitations. The animals, if they find something wrong, something absolutely harmful, then they will attack or run away, but they do not carry a kind of a hatred or anything. But they can carry the impression of fear, could be, of some sort of a harm done to them. But human beings are not like that. Human beings don’t have any particular reason, as such, to hate someone. But why it works out? Because they have involved in their ego. Egoistical person feels that he has a right to do what he wants to do: he can kill anybody, he can bomb anyone, he can do whatever he likes. But a person who is not doing that, is the other way round: he is frightened, he is afraid of someone.

Now the awareness moves on. This is a subtler awareness, because if you are afraid of somebody, you would not like to go to his house, you will avoid him in the street, all things you can do. So all this kind of knowledge about other human beings also accumulates in your mind. 

Then this thing starts working on a collective level, because you think, “This group is very bad. They are good. These are bad. They are excellent!” like that, it works out. In your own mind you think that somebody has a group, and the other group is better or that group is better. And collectively, then, you start working out your whole temperament, your awareness. Like once people decide that say, for example, that black people are to be finished, so all the white people can join together. Or like, at the time of Hitler, he decided that all other human beings but Germans were useless. So he gathered people around his thought and ideas. And this collective awareness just comes to, I don’t know how, but it enters into the minds of many. They never challenge it, they never ask [about] it, whether it is correct or not. So this grows more and more and more, and then it becomes like a — country-wise, you can say — an awareness of this kind of a feeling. But whether it is correct or not is not understood, is not known.

So, what is important [is] that you should know Reality, you should know exactly what is right and what is wrong. For that, as I told you, there is this great power of Kundalini within you. She’s the one, She passes through all these centres, enlightens them first of all, so your awareness gets enlightened. And when She pierces through Sahasrara, She joins you to this All-pervading Power which is Knowledge, which is love, which is Truth.

So, after that, you immediately know — some people don’t know immediately, but some people do — that what we have been thinking, so far, of separating ourselves from others by thinking they are not all right, they are wrong, they are whatever it is — this disappears. This disappears completely, and then you realise that your awareness itself, awareness itself is dominated by so many other circumstances. For example, where you were born, what your parents taught you, what experiences you have had. And then you realise that it was all wrong, because it’s not Reality. 

Whatever feelings you have, whatever ideas you have about another person or about another nation, all of them are not correct. Because now your Sahasrara is awakened, it is connected now to the All-pervading Power. So this starts flowing into you. This enlightened awareness, it starts flowing down into your being, in your brain, and then on your nerves you can feel that awareness.

Now once you want to know about something, whether it is right or wrong — absolute right and wrong. It’s not [a] question of relative — you just have to put your hands towards that person, or towards that thing or whatever it is: immediately on these vibrations you will know.

So what are these vibrations? Is this Paramachaitanya, we call it ‘Brahmachaitanya’, which starts flowing through your finger tips. Now you start feeling what chakras are catching, whether they are right or wrong, and your discretion improves immensely. The brain, which was putting you in delusions and wrong type of life, immediately corrects itself. For example, I am walking in a place with my eyes closed, and there is a big ditch. I can’t see it, I am just walking. And suddenly I open my eyes and see the ditch: immediately I know it’s wrong and I give up and come away. In the same way it happens to you when your Sahasrara is enlightened. Whatever you had gathered, knowledge, whatever you think was right, whatever was your dream and your aims of life, all these aspirations, they melt away. And then you take to reality and you start seeing the reality of everything. 

Unless and until you see that reality, you will be going with [the] other crowd: “These people are saying so, so let’s do that.” “They are saying so, so let’s do that.” But you cannot see whether it is correct or not, it’s good for you or not, or whether it is going to help you. This kind of thing is so common in the whole world and that’s why there is so much problem. Because they don’t know the reality. Once you know the reality, most of the problems can be finished, because this brain itself is creating problems. First of all, it commits all kinds of atrocities, violence, everything; then it also justifies itself, and then it does even worse things. All this, they used to call it as sin, but now in Sahaja Yoga, that’s finished now. Whatever your brain was contaminated with is now cleansed. It has got the knowledge and through the knowledge you can make out what is right and what is wrong.

Up to this point is all right. But then you must have full understanding that, whatever [is] right, is right, and whatever [is] wrong is wrong, and we should not do anything that is wrong, always do the right. You have to decide on that point: “Now we have to do the right only, never the wrong.” This, when it comes to your mind, then what starts is your determination: what we call as devotion, dedication, surrendering. With that, you give up all your false ideas and all your false pride, all other things that you have been doing so far, and immediately you become a different person, a beautiful person.

Now the third thing that happens to you, which never happened to you before, [is] that you feel that: unless and until I give the same state to other people, it won’t be all right, it won’t be all right for me to talk to them. So you start talking to your brothers and sisters. Then you start talking to other people. Then start talking to…[the] whole nation about Sahaja Yoga, that, “I have gained so much, I have got these things, so now, why not you take it?” But to expect that by talking, by discussion, by arguments, by sermoning…they will never take. Because their brain, as I told you, is just the same — still full of ignorance. So what you have to do is to raise their Kundalini. Once you raise their Kundalini and their brain opens, then they are on the same line as yourself. They don’t have to worry about what is good and what is bad, they know [it] themselves.

Now that is what is very important. To correct this world is very important: that you all should know what is right and what is wrong. And you have a vehicle of Paramachaitanya to know what is wrong and what is right. 

Now this strength starts moving and, as you see, there are so many people, today, with their open Sahasrara. So opening Sahasrara was the most important part of the evolutionary process. All other evolutionary process brought human beings to what level? We had wars, we had all kinds of silly programmes by which we really ruined so many countries, so many people.

Now when you are one with that All-pervading Power: It’s a pure power. It’s a nirmal power. Absolutely pure power. That gives you complete sense and complete understanding as to how you should move, how you should live, and what you should have. This is what is Self-realisation, they say. But I would say that Self-realisation is much further than that. Even if your brain is enriched by the Knowledge, the Real Knowledge, still there are other things which you should have. And the most important thing is that you have to be completely aware — again I say the word ‘aware’ — of where you stand in this big plan of world global transformation. What is your position? What are you supposed to do for this global transformation? What is your position? Where do you stand? What is the work for you to be done?

Now you’ve got this compulsion on you, that, “I have to do something.” When this compulsion starts working on you, which is not dreadful, which is not annoying, but very peaceful and joyful, which says that, “I have to see that others also know themselves!”

So to know themselves is, first of all, you must know your own chakras. Yes, many people get their Realisation, I know, very quickly. But they do not settle down with their chakras. They have to see to their chakras: why you have problems on your chakras. They will know they have problems, but they still go on without paying attention or without looking at it. To them it is a kind of a by the way [style], you can say: that, “These problems are with me doesn’t matter. What does it matter as long as I am working out Sahaja Yoga?” It is not only for others, but for yourself also! It’s important that you should get your chakras corrected. That’s the most important thing for you, and then you will have Self-knowledge, in the sense [that] you will know what is the defect, where is the defect, “What am I doing wrong? What should I do?” And then when you correct it, when you correct those centres, then your awareness will be really, fully enlightened about all the world.

Now, it’s a tremendous thing — it’s very tremendous. Because if you have to transform this mad world into something very sane, and if we have to give them all Self-realisation, imagine the task, how great it is, how many people we need to do it. But if your will power is strong about it and you feel compelled to do it. But normally we are compelled because we have to run our houses, we have to earn money, we have to do this, we have to do that. That you can do. But the main object of your life is to transform people and to work it out, this transformation, for the global peace.

I don’t know [if] it has been predicted or not, that a complete transformation will take place, but they have talked about transformation. I don’t know that part, and I just don’t bother my head as to how many people are getting transformed. But after transformation you must settle down. First of all you should see if you are a peaceful person, if there’s peace in your heart. If you have no peace in your heart then you are not a Sahaja Yogi. If you get excited and if you start shouting at people and all that, it means you are not Sahaj Yogis. You have to have a very, very peaceful temperament, that is very important. Now with that peace what should be there, [is] pure compassion. What you are doing is not for your benefit as such, but because you are compelled by this Force to do good for others, to transform them.

This is the greatest good you can do to others, that their brains are put right, they get rid of their diseases, they get rid of their problems. It’s all there. But, the first thing and the most important thing that happens [is] that they get the power to transform others. When you have that power to transform others you should not waste it, you should not use it for yourself. That means the growth is not complete. You must talk about it, you must tell about it, and you must work it out. Wherever it is possible you have to work it out. This is the way we can spread people on a global level, who can get complete transformation.

All our problems, whether in India or anywhere, is because of human beings, because they have not been enlightened. If you are enlightened you’ll have no problem of any quarrelling or any fighting and all that. If you are enlightened, then you will think about others as if they are your own; you bother your heads about them. You will not think about yourself anymore. 

If you are enlightened then [there’s] no question of any violence in your head. Nowadays in the name of religion, in the name of everything, there is so much of violence. This violence can be easily corrected if they all become Sahaj Yogis. Think, if all the people become Sahaj Yogis, how will they quarrel, for what? So religion is there, but above all these religions is the religion of Sahaj Yoga, where you become one. And there all these quarrels of religions will disappear. 

This is not the only problem we have as human beings, we have some other problems also, very serious. That is, we have a hankering. We are very greedy. We cannot adjust ourselves to any other circumstances. We want to live in complete comfort and this and that. But after this you can sleep anywhere, you can eat anywhere, you need not eat. You become a person who is above all these needs, all these demands, absolutely. Then you don’t worry, you don’t worry. There’s worry for what? Supposing I get lost somewhere and the car is going in a wrong way: all right, I have to go that way, that’s why I am going like that. What is there to feel upset about it? So many things, small, big, happen in your life for which you get upset. But now, with this blessing of Sahasrara, you will be amazed, there is help from Paramchaitanya. And that means a tremendous help because it acts globally, it acts individually, it acts on communities, it acts on nations, because there is a Divine — what we call ‘Divine’ — there is a Divine play going on. And this Divine play plays tremendous beautiful things, by which people start correcting themselves.

So, you should never be nervous, you should never be upset, because you have the Divine Power within you, and it will correct. It can correct anyone. I mean, recently we had a case of one boy who was hit by a truck and they said his lungs were smashed. Now, with the lungs smashed, nobody has heard that they become normal. Not only they became normal, but he started breathing normally. And now he is all right. This work is done by Paramchaitanya. You don’t have to do anything. Any problem that comes before you, before it really touches you, it’s solved by the Paramchaitanya. But you must have full faith in yourself and in Paramachaitanya and believe that you are a realised-soul. Nobody can harm you. If they try to harm you, for the time being, all right, you may suffer, but also you don’t feel the sufferings and you get out of it. 

Such a security, such a proper guidance is there. Also you are saved from all kinds of attacks and all kinds of mistakes that you commit. It’s all such a big Computer of Knowledge. He knows,

It knows, what you are doing and what you should not do, where you are going and what should not be your way. He knows, It knows, everything, knows everything about you. So then you have to become aware of It. 

Now this is the stage where I would say that you have to be aware that you are realised-souls, you are different, very unique. You are realised-souls, you are not ordinary people. And that you are protected by this Paramchaitanya. Nothing can change you, nothing can trouble you, nothing can overpower you. Because you are not aware, also, of this Paramchaitanya, that’s why you, a little bit, get worried. And people write to me sometimes, “Mother, something wrong with my daughter,  something this thing.” Everything can be corrected by Paramchaitanya, if you know how to leave it to That, if you understand how you are one with that Paramchaitanya, you’re a part and parcel of that. And that Paramchaitanya is looking after you. You don’t have [a] very conscious effort, there’s no need to have very conscious effort. Accept life as it is. As it is, whatever life is there, accept. Don’t retaliate, don’t get angry, don’t get upset. Just accept. And you will enjoy the same life which was irritating you! You will see the enjoying part of that, and it will be so beautiful the way you will see that you will get over all your problems, you will get over all your enemies. And a kind of a very fresh, beautiful existence you will have. So now, as you are all Sahaja Yogis, it’s a very great position. With that, if you humble down, humble down, then you’ll be amazed to see that, you are absolutely in contact with this Paramchaitanya; not only that, but you have become Paramchaitanya. 

With this Paramchaitanya you can do anything. I need not tell you what you can do, because some of you may not believe me. But that’s [what] my own experience is, that, if you are the Paramchaitanya, if you know you are the Paramchaitanya, then it keeps your dignity, it keeps your position, it keeps your world and looks after you. And whatever is just said or desired, you just get it. Your desires also change. Your desires are not for stupid things, but for something that is very noble. Like, you want to transform people, you want to do Sahaj Yoga work. 

All these desires are fulfilled fully, when you want to do it, you like it and you think of it. It is something, even seeing something: if you see something and you are stunned by that! Immediately Paramchaitanya will take over and you will have no problems, no problems. Because the way we react to all these difficulties and to so-called odds in life becomes a play, just a play. You are amazed! You looked at it and finished! Look at that, and finished! That is how it is the light which goes into the darkness and finishes the darkness. The darkness is finished, and our problems are finished also.

So this is what our awareness has to become. Awareness has to become Paramchaitanya. Then you get all the ideas, everything that are Divine. But not only that, but also the help of the Divine, all the solutions of the Divine. It’s something amazing! And everything quietens down, everything settles down, and you are amazed, watching all this, that you are the centre of doing all these things. You are not aware that you are doing, and you are this, that ego thought is missing in you, but you see it’s all happening around you, and then you are amazed how it is happening. 

The whole lifestyle changes, the whole understanding changes, and you become a great source of happiness, joy and knowledge to others. You don’t have to study anything, you don’t have to know much, but you will know about everything, what is right and what is wrong. And then only you can tell the things with complete authority that, “This is not right!” Like today, we had a discussion on this point about the economic position and the economics of modern times. I said, “It’s all wrong, because it is self-destructive.” It destroys the nations, if not your nation, other nations. Then it also destroys your family life. It destroys your value system. It completely destroys you. So what sort of an economics is this? It’s just a show, just like a balloon: it can burst any moment. I have seen people who are very rich, very this thing, think no end of themselves [then] become bankrupt. And very bankrupt become rich. So it’s [a] kind of a turmoil in which they are jumping, from one shore to another shore. But you are not. You watch that drama. You see all that drama, and with your peace you can see everything, very calmly.

It’s not difficult for you to create more people like this. It’s not difficult to transform this world. The time has come, just ripe time. Like when the proper time comes, the blossom time comes, so many flowers become fruits. So, like that, you all have become.

Now it is for you to create seeds to spread Sahaja Yoga. 

You are at that level of awareness now where Paramchaitanya is with you, absolutely part and parcel of you, absolutely with you to give you all necessary help, all necessary prestige, and also the personality.

May God bless you all.

(Puja starts)

Yogi: All the children from five to ten years. Tutti i bambini da cinque a dieci anni.

Ganesh Sthuti, Sanskrit page 11.

Yogi: Hindi 63. Seven ladies from the hosting countries to come to the puja, please.

(Jago Savera)

Yogi: Marathi 36. Tujhya Pujani.

Yogi: Hindi 67. Vishwa Vandita.

(Aarti and Mahamantras)

Yogi: Bolo Shri Sahasrara Swamini Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi ki!

Yogis: Jai!

Shri Mataji: May God bless you. May God bless you. May God bless you.