How to be connected to the Torsion area?

Toronto (Canada)

1999-05-26 How to be connected to the Torsion area? Toronto, Canada, 74' Chapters: Preparations, Introduction with bhajans, Talk, Q&A, Self-Realization, Bhajans after program, Departure
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Public Program, Toronto canada

I bow to all the seekers of the truth. It is very important for us to know what is the truth .instead that we get lost because we are all seekers.we are seeking because we are not satisfied with our life , with life of others ,with the life around ,some or other reasons .I donot know what is the matter. Now some have become the ardent seekers very ardent seekers and they are trying to find out what should they do ?how should they find out the truth .There are also so many people in this world who come down from all over the world to tell you about the truth ,to talk about the truth,Some are not real Most of them are not real atleast [unclear] they are into some sort of business even the religion has become the business if you see every religion is nothing but a business. they all go to make money out of you………….
They all go to make money out of you by saying that they [unclear ]a particular religion but [unclear] find that after following all these religion all your life what did you make what did you get what is the ultimate result of it. Did you get the piece of your mind, did you get what is promised ,you couldn’t get it because religions also get deviated the real path of reality now getting into business and making business out of you is not the way you can find the truth you cannot pay for the truth because it exist.It is there .Will be there [unclear] you can try to pay for something else but not for truth. Truth cannot be purchased this is the one thing that I want to tell you at very [unclear] Now what is the truth truth is not this body, this mind, these emotions,these ego, but what are you? You are pure spirit unless and until you become the spirit you cannot realise what you are .What is the reality about yourself .?The whole quality of life whether it is in Eastern or the Western world is all irrelevant they don’t know what’s happening what are we using all the [unclear] over the value system the reason is we are not in the area of the truth some scientist like Einstein has said that if you go beyond the mind then there is an area called Torsion area and if you can go into that Torsion area then what you get is the cognitive science. So this cognitive science is a science of the beyond of something which you can’t conceive through your mind. Not that mind is useless but through mind you cannot achieve it for that you have to go beyond the mind. Now how do we do that how to go beyond the mind that Einstein has not said because he himself was born realise personality so did not know how to explain that area but he told that even this theory of relativity came to him through thisTorsion area. The scientist unclear to say that there is a Torsion area which we should enter into. All of us has that it is not that some people have it some people don’t have it. but only thing that how many have reached there unless and until you reach there you can’t know the reality. whatever you know is the only book knowledge it doesn’t give you any Joy it doesn’t give you any piece it doesn’t give you any personality it does not give you even any quality of life so one must know that the creator who has created us cannot leave as like that , without worried about its Revolution and he has bought up to this stage of human awareness so we are human beings we have human awareness but what do we have to do after this .After the human awareness we have to reach the state of higher level and of the spirit so what I told you that as Einstein has said that you have to know beyond your mind beyond your human awareness and for that our creator has created within us a possibility. there is a power within us to which I have already told and this power exist in all of you. Whether you are a Canadian, Indian, American ,English anyone whether you are black brown whatever you are you maybe..That means how can you differentiate between human beings they are also the same .By calling you as something you don’t become because everyone has got this power in their triangular bone and this power existed and people knew about it even in Greece because they called this bone as a sacred bone. Now the sacred bone triangular bone is within all of us and in certain position that it is facing upwards.
Now this Power is there within us whether you are child or you are young or a middle aged or anyone you all have this power .Now the question is what do we do with this power now the question is what do we do with this power this power is just like that now I am talking to you on this mike that you are to be connected ,you are to be connected to the Torsion area and how do you connect through this power which is within you passes through six centres open the sixth sense which is actualization of the baptism those who are Christians has to know that there should be actualization and then you become one with the all pervading power of divine love.
So when this happens you start feeling the cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost ,cool Breeze of the Param Chaitanya ,on your fingertips as in the Quran also Mohd Sahib has said that when your resurrection will take place your hands will speak they will tell you what Chakras are there .What was wrong with you and how to feel your own chakras .Means self-knowledge .You know your self- knowledge in your fingertips it is a fact that it has happened to thousands and thousands of people.It is happening to so many of you and I don’t know why like in Russia we have such a horrible thing called as Communism. People were so much oppressed , so much tortured and they resurrected back into themselves. There we have thousands and thousands of them I can’t have a small program in the hall like that. I have to have a hall there, Stadium or something like that in every place that torture and that suffocation has taken them to the real seeking of the truth, and once they find it there, they are just there,and they grow so fast ,I am amazed that about Russian. Indian i can understand, in India this is the well known fact that every human being has the aim of life to get the self realisation it is absolutely written clearly in all the scriptures. Same about the Christ. He said “know thyself “again and again he said “know thyself” how and that is what happens to you when you become a realize soul this personality which is not expressing itself it’s just the superficial personality that you know but inside it is very beautiful personality and that is to be enlightened and this is what happens in Sahaja yoga.Saha means ‘with’ and ja means born with in you . Born with you is a right ,it’s the birth right ,that you get your self realisation if you are human being you all should have your self-realization now is the time you get it don’t avoid and[unclear] because it is a last judgement if you want to go to False people pay the money and do all kinds of nonsense go ahead. It’s your judgement but the real judgement is that you should know yourself you must have the experience of that knowledge if you don’t get the experience just because it’s customary to do something that you are doing something and if you are not just doing because it’s the fact or maybe it’s a fashion or maybe you are born to do a particular type of Madness you [unclear] but why waste the time it’s within you .It is your own it is there you don’t have to do anything.It just works . with this what will we get you may ask the mother because I told you what did you get the first thing you get is the tremendous creativity I have seen somebody playing this difficult thing called Sarod in India people practice for 7-8 years and here somebody practiced three months and get it. how. There are many people that they have seen who have never known an Indian music that is such a difficult thing and takes some difficult Ragas in three to four months time how do they do it ?how are they managing? from where is [unclear] there are many artists from India who have a big name they have achieved a great success after coming to Sahaja yoga so what happens the first thing is your creativity becomes tremendous you start understanding you watch it and see it but the beauty is you start appreciating them. it starts like you become bigr artist yourself and enjoy the other artists.
There is no jealousy there is no competition you just enjoy you enjoy each other because it becomes the other dimension in your awareness you become collectively conscious you know what others doing. You know what they want. You feel one with so many thousands of them all over the world weather you go to Russia weather you go to India or you go to China anywhere If there are sahaja yogies they will just go and come and treat them as its own kith and kins It is not possible even our own brother and sister don’t behave like that but if you see how the sahajayogie behave and how collective there are how beautiful they are it’s very surprising I don’t know if this democracy has done any harm to us or has done some problematic thing but in democratic country I find it’s very difficult to talk to them of reality like in America you would be amazed I went there first time and I get such a shock . I said look at those people they are going out of a war. [unclear] how could you run after such people who themselves are not there in their own senses they can purchase you they can loot you can you do that with a person who is spiritual but if you become stupid about it if you don’t want to see the point then nothing works out you have to have minimum of understanding that this is not the main thing .Main thing is to get to the reality did you know the reality did we know the reality did you know about yourself .Of course it’s true that in sahaja yoga so many incurable diseases have been cured .They say it is a miracle, to me it’s not .Because all these chakras all these centres are responsible for their physical mental emotional and spiritual [unclear ] .Cancer can be cured of course it can be cured we have cured cancer no doubt but we are not doctors we are not busy with that .What we want that you all could get realisation so you don’t get cancer if somebody gets that we can help them because you become collectively conscious. You become so collective -something happens to somebody somewhere the whole world is worried about and they all want to meet them and do something about it. It’s not something superficial it’s very deep and dear.It is a thing for people who are really genuine and trying to find out the truth.Those who are not genuine for them there are many other shops one can do it but this is not a shop this is a blessing from the divine that you get your self realisation I don’t know I was speaking speaking you know my throat will show you get speaking with thosands and thousands of people but speaking is not the way you can get it.Actually it is the Kundalini awakening which is very important now.Because word Kundalini is there that is why people think that it is Indian It’s not. I told you that everyone has got this .Why this is called as Kundalini because Kundalini means coil that’s why in Sanskrit that is called Kundalini you can call it anything you can call it a coil energy or[ unclear ]but all of you have this energy whatever you may speak , whatever country you may belong to.All of you .When you have not got your realisation what sort of society is needed to raise how are young children are taking to what sort of life what is the quality of your life you are finished in drugs this or that. Elders are finished in diseases and other things .Others are so busy so hard working they have no time for them their family their children so there is so mess in the society .All this mess can be corrected if just you get your self realisation then you will know the position where you stand many people has mentioned in the poetry and poem but what they have said it’s the time for there completion. The time has come to fulfill all those promises that were given. None of them [unclear] But whatever they have said the time has come for you to achieve to receive those beautiful promises that were given to you I don’t know how long it will go talking to you but today somehow I feel you to ask me some questions because you are all intelligent people have lots of questions there in your mind.If they are sensible you can ask me it would be very nice.

Question with Shrimataji -how did you discover ?
Ans :
Why are you worried about me I don’t understand are you a newspaper gentleman I know it I had it from my childhood all right now don’t try to know about me know about yourself how did you discovered that you’re human being

Question with Shrimataji:What is the difference between Rajyoga and sahajayoga Now see big difference between so called Rajyoga and sahajayoga when the Kundalini rises in the real sense these chakras and streaks opens to keep the Kundalini Rise and not to fall back that is the RajYoga within yourself .It happens automatically in Sahaja yoga but today’s modern Raj Yoga is that you artificially do it.Now suppose you artificially move the wheel of your car will it move that’s how for money making it has. Raj Yoga is within you it just happens nothing you can achieve from this rajyoga you might get headache or maybe you can go to lunatic asylum
Question with Shrimataji:What is enlightenment ?
once you will get your realisation you will yourself explain what is the enlightenment Enlightenment is not about only spiritual experience but [unclear] it means that what sort of centres you are getting what sort of problems you have and know how to correct it and it’s a complete knowledge it’s not enlightenment you are moving towards enlightenment but it is not enlightenment it is what you can call lightning within you .
Question with Shrimataji:Do we need Guru to get self-realization ?The candle which is not enlightend cannot enlighten other lights .So you need some enlightened soul initially you call it Guru enlightened soul …..your wish ……its question of love .
It is so powerful that you can change the world you are your own Guru you master yourself because a light of the spirit you know what is wrong and what is correct nobody has to tell you and that’s what you follow.