Awakening to Self-Realization: Journey Towards Divine Love and Collective Consciousness

New York City (United States)

1999-06-16 Follow Up to VIP Conference, New York City, United States, 74' Chapters: Talk, Q&A, Self-Realization, Bhajans after program
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Public Program, Follow Up to VIP Conference. New York (USA), 16 June 1999.

I bow to all the seekers of truth. There is so much seeking, people are trying to seek the truth. Perhaps they don’t know, what does that mean. It is unknown, that particular aim, but you know that there’s something is missing in life. Why are we in trouble? Why all these problems? After all, our Creator has created us, and why are we faced with all kinds of turmoil , troubles, violence? And there’s no peace. There’s no peace. It’s impossible to understand sometimes as a human being, why are we on this earth? That is what one has to find out. Why are we on this earth and what have we got out of this human life? What have we achieved out of this life, which is much higher than any other creatures? We run helter and skelter, try to find out the solution, or sometimes the answer, but it seems it’s beyond human awareness to know the answer.

The answer is within yourself. You have to know the answer only through self-knowledge. First of all you don’t know who you are, what you are, you have no idea about yourself. So, first one has to know about oneself. As everybody has said, “Know Thyself”. Saying that doesn’t help. How do we know ourselves? How can we go inside, how can we fathom it out? What is the way, what is the method? Nobody has so far been able to answer how you can really take your attention inside. To see what are you, how you are made, what is the subtle system working inside. The only way that is suggested, in all the scriptures, that you have to get your self-knowledge, through self-realization. Now people talk of self-realization also, they have big organizations of self-realization, but talking about it is just talk, talk, talk. Something has to happen, definitely. Definitely you have to have the experience. You have to feel yourself, but that’s not done. Because the seeking is so earnest and genuine, we get lost. I must say many seekers are lost, even in America. More in America I should say. And those who worked it out, I don’t know wherever they may be. The way they have really finished those people who were seekers is I think, is a very cruel thing to do. But, it was their business, and they have done it.

Sahaja Yoga, “Saha”, “Saha” means with, “Ja” means born, born with you is the right. Everybody has this fundamental, very fundamental right to get this yoga, means the union with the Divine. All of you have this fundamental right. You may not be aware of it, you may not be knowing it, but that’s a fact, and you can’t pay for it. That’s one thing we should realize. That it is a living process, say, we have become human beings, what did we pay? What did we do? We just became. To become the higher personality what do we have to do? The problem is, we don’t understand that you cannot pay for your evolution, which is a living process. How much do we give to this Mother Earth for creating such beautiful flowers? Different types of flowers. What do we do, do we stand on our heads or anything? She gives because that is Her nature, to give, She’s made like that. In the same way you are made, as they have told you here, with all these centers. These centers are there and they exist in every human being. Now the greatest point is that this power, which we call as Kundalini, which resides in the triangular bone, of sacrum, is in every human being. It’s something very surprising. I mean every human being has a heart, every human being has eyes, nose, everything. But this power, which is a spiritual power, exists in every person. Whether you are black, white, brown, or also any religion you follow or whatever you may do, it exists. We cannot differentiate human beings. On a spiritual level, we’ll understand that we cannot differentiate. It’s a myth, to differentiate.

But for that people will fight, fighting is not the way. For everything they start fighting. Even for fundamental right they’ll fight. What do you get, only the money that’s all. That’s not the way. You have to know, know what is your being, for that you don’t have to fight. This fighting business starts when some sort of a law comes in, everybody thinks we have a fundamental right and we must fight for it. Actually, the struggle of the people who are seeking the truth is so much [NEEDED? or IN?] these modern times, it was never so. And as a result of that longing I don’t know how people are making business out of it. How they are utilizing and befooling everyone and making a big money for themselves. But, what to say, that we have to use our discretion. We must understand it’s a living process of evolution. For which, you cannot force [EVEN or ANYONE?]. You cannot force. Now you understand a living process, if you have a seed you sprout it as soon you put it in the Mother Earth with a little water. Can you force it to be growing? You cannot. It’s a living process. That means there is some energy that manifests it.

That energy has been described in all the religions, you may call it as “Ruh”, in Sanskrit call it “Paramachaitanya”. Also in the Bible it’s called as the “cool breeze of the Holy Ghost”, which is much more precise I think. Have you felt that cool breeze any time? No? That is what you have to experience first. Please understand. All other experiences, some people say, “I feel I have become a tree”, some people say, “I think I’m flying in the air”, some people say, “I become a bird”. You are not going to go down in your evolution but you’re going to rise. This is a simple thing we should understand. You are going to rise above this human awareness, to a higher awareness. If you realize that, it is a very simple thing to achieve in these modern times. These are the special times, meant for your ascent. Perhaps you are not aware. We get very much upset the way things are going on. It’s all for everybody to be aware that there’s something has to happen, something great has to happen, something special has to happen to human beings, that they rise above into a new awareness, into a new personality of self-realized souls.

Now, this is when I’m telling you this, it’s very easy to understand that within us is this power. In the triangular bone, which is sacrum, that means perhaps the Greeks knew it is a sacred bone, called as sacrum, now from this bone rises the Kundalini. It’s a very simple thing to understand, that if God Almighty has created you, He must have made some arrangements for your future evolution. He cannot just allow you to destroy yourself like this. He cannot. So then we come to the point, what happens? What will happen? The first thing I told you is that you start feeling the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost on your finger tips. This experience you have, first time you feel, first time you feel the All-pervading power of Divine Love. Again I say Love, very important to understand this, and this Divine Love is such a great power, it does all these things. Imagine, to have [PEONIES?] separately, [LARKSPUR ?] separately, growing into the same soil. This whole growth, how does it take place? This power does everything, and this power surrounds you, surrounds you, it’s there. Only thing, you have to feel it for the first time. And that feeling should come to you, that’s an experience by which you will know what is inside you, what centers are out of order, and which one are to be corrected. This is, we can say, part of the self-knowledge. And then you will get the knowledge how you correct yourself, how you become perfect, how you enjoy life, how you become absolutely peaceful personality.

I have said it’s Divine Love, and love is knowledge, and knowledge is love. If you love somebody, you know everything about that person. Even at a human level, but at the spiritual level, you know so many things that you are amazed at yourself and at the knowledge that you have. As I said yesterday, Einstein talked about it, and Einstein told that there is an area called torsion area above our mind, we have to cross this mind. This mind stops, but if you can cross this mind you can get into that area which is torsion area. And in that torsion area, once you establish yourself, you get ideas which are absolute truth, which scientists can approve it, anybody can prove it, there is nothing just absurd or something that is being just bombastic. You’re amazed, how you come to know so many things, these are all potentials within you.

It works out in different ways, for example, health wise you improve, because it is physical, mentally you improve, emotionally you are all right, and especially spiritually. Now how? Because all these centers that you have seen are responsible for our physical and mental being, also our spiritual being within ourselves, in a subtle way. So once they are corrected, when they are nourished, when they are enlightened, you see the effect of that. It’s very beautiful instrument within us. It doesn’t trouble you, because She’s your mother. Kundalini is your individual mother, she knows everything about you. She has recorded everything, I would say, like a tape-recorder you know, she knows your past, she knows your aspirations, she knows your problems, your mistakes, everything she knows. But she’s very anxious to give you your second birth, extremely anxious, and how lovingly she ascends. It’s very remarkable. She doesn’t trouble you, she doesn’t give any pain to you just smoothly the ascent takes place. Very beautifully she rises, nourishes your centers, integrates them, and connects you to this All-pervading power of Divine Love. What a mother I should say, to do such sublime things for her son, to look after her son, to give her [DID SHRI MATAJI MEAN HIM?] this new life, a new dimension in his whole enterprises, for his whole life that is so complicated. But it becomes, you’ll be amazed, it becomes absolutely perfect. Absolutely perfect.

All the saints have said that, I’m the only Person Who’s saying it’s not that, but if there was one saint, all the people got after that saint. If there was one Christ, they got after Him, they crucified Him. Anybody who talked of truth had suffered. Socrates was given poison. So you have seen the history only, all such things were happening. Because they were singled out, they were single people. But now, thousands can get their self-realization, thousands can become saints, it’s such a collective power. It’s such a great association which is so subtle and so much one. This is the love which is collective. This collective love we have never felt. We have never known this collective love. At the slightest pretext a brother will fight another brother, the father will fight the mother, all kinds of things we go on. But, once you get collectively connected, you become like drops in the ocean, but actually become the ocean. It’s really not the poetry I’m telling you, it’s reality I’m talking to you.

You then know the reality, so far we do not know the reality. By reading books you wouldn’t know, by paying money to people and going to various organizations and… you would not know. You have to know yourself which is within you, this power which awakens you and connects you to this All-pervading power. Now, this All-pervading power thinks, organizes, balances, looks after you, looks after your family, it looks after kith and kin, looks after the whole atmosphere. Above all, it loves. It is the power of love I’m talking about. That’s the way, once you become empowered by that power of love and compassion I’m sure one day you’ll realize your potentiality, how great you are, you’re no less than any great saint or any Sufi. You are just the great knower of the true knowledge, not of absurd knowledges, whatever knowledge we have from the books. Sometimes how are you sure that it is truth? Unless and until you have the power, this Divine power, which you use and practice and find out for yourself truthfully, you cannot believe in something which is just told to you, why should you? I would say you shouldn’t believe in Me also, why should you believe Me? This belief is very dangerous sometime, when we start taking to something that is sensational or we are, by paying money, we feel we have paid. Now we have paid money to go to heaven. All kinds of funny ideas we have within us I don’t know how. And we try to pacify ourselves and think oh no, no, “I’ve got everything”.

The other day I met one lady, [SHE…del] she is American, and she was dressed up like an Indian and the way we dress up and the way [SHE…del] we live, she said, “I admire Indian culture.” I said, “That’s all right, but what do you admire?” “Because it’s very peace giving, it is very family oriented.” But I think is that the end of life? Is that what you are here? There are thousands of Indians, are they all satisfied people? Then it came to her head that what she has been doing, like she said, “I’ve given up this, I’ve given up that, [I’VE…del]”. I said, “That’s not the way.” What actually is to happen is that you achieve that self mastery. And in that mastery you get all the knowledge that you want to have. Apart from that, it’s not an education, it’s not like making you into PhDs, MAs, MADs[DOES SHRI MATAJI MEAN MDs?], nothing. But spontaneously, because it’s all within you, all this knowledge is within you. So, it all becomes visible, absolutely is flowing in you, you can see clearly that what knowledge, what knowledge is coming, from where it is coming, and what love and compassion I have, for everyone.

How you can solve the problem of love that is on the worldly level. You cannot. It has its limitations, its problems. But Divine love solves your problems, problems of your friends, your family and the whole world. Today as it is, you can see that humanity is in a doldrum, it has no direction. But after getting realization you will be amazed that you a become part and parcel of such a powerful power. That power of love, which is so engrossing, so joy-giving, so beautiful, and you get rid of all your greed and lust and all such enemies that we have. You just get rid of it. How? How do you get rid of it? Because you rise at a level where these things cannot touch you. These things that make you miserable do not touch you. But I don’t say that you give up your family, you give up your friends, you give up your relationships. No, you are there, but even being there you are aloof and you know. You see the whole thing as a drama, as a drama. Like, you are going through the traffic, now you are worried. Supposing somehow you go onto the heights and from there you see the traffic, you are not worried. You are looking at it as a drama, as a witness. This exactly happens to you. And then you see the problems which you can solve.

You become so capable about it, but not with harshness, not with cruelty, but complete compassion and love. Which acts beautifully, beautifully it acts. You become such a source of love and affection. But that love and affection you cannot understand unless and until there is the flow of this Divine power within. Once it starts flowing you’ll be amazed at yourself and at others who will see that power and say, “oh my God. What is this, I never knew I was this.” But you are, you are that. That is what you are seeking, and that is what you have to have. It’s your right as I say, a fundamental right which you should have. As it is, I’ve given so many lectures, one after another, and there are so many books they have published, there are many people who have gained so much. But lecturing doesn’t help, you have to have your self-realization.
So today, we are going to try that. Before that, if you have any questions you can ask Me.

Question: People have said that it’s very interesting to know and can manifest the purpose for your soul. Are you saying there are individual purposes, a separate special way to move towards the divine purpose for us?


Shri Mataji: Collective is the purpose of your soul. You have to become collective, but it’s not the collective, artificial one, but like your hands are collective with the whole body. If there’s a pain here the whole body will feel it. But who is the other? You can feel everyone within yourself. And that is what happens to you. So the purpose is that you become the whole, and completely engulf into the whole. All right?

Q: Excuse me, what is the connection if any of Sahaja Yoga and Reiki or are they parallel with one another?

Shri Mataji: I don’t want to criticize anything, only thing you should see, all these things, what have you gained, bas. First question, what have you gained by doing anything? Have you got self-realization? Have you got the knowledge of the Divine? Have you felt the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost? Just like that. As a Mother I would say what did you get out of it? There are so many in the market, so many. I would ask you this question. Child, what did you get? There’s no end to such things.

Q: Once you become self-realized how do you maintain it?

Shri Mataji: I used to think that once you get self-realization you are self realized you see. But it’s not so, I must face the facts as it is. Once you get your realization, of course you do feel all the time the cool breeze and all that. But there are problems on your centers, on your chakras, which you can feel on your fingertips. You can see yourself, I said self-knowledge, so you can see yourself what problems you have, you can feel the problems on yourself. Immediately you say “All right, this is the problem.” And that problem you want to correct yourself because you see yourself. I’m surprised sometimes people come and tell Me, “Mother, my Agnya is very bad, please, please correct it.” That means “Mother, I’ve very egoistical.” Normally nobody would say I’m egoistical will they? Nobody. But once they get self-realization they see the problem, they love themselves, they see themselves in that love, they say that why not I get myself corrected. Then of course it has to be worked out a little bit, like even if the seed sprouts, it has to grow. It doesn’t take much time. Within one month’s time most of the people become masters. They can give realization, they can tell them, anybody. You need not be very well educated, nothing, I’ve seen in the villages, people work it out so fast. So I can’t say [EXAC…del] how much time it will take but I’ve seen people becoming masters within one month’s time. And you don’t have to pay throughout. It’s very important to understand.

Q: Someone once said to spread the word of God using our thoughts and our actions. I just want to know what is thought about that statement.


Shri Mataji: First you should get connected to God. If you are not connected to God, whatever you are doing in the name of God may not be. First point is we should be connected. Supposing this instrument is here, and if it is not connected it has no meaning. In the same way our God’s work has no meaning because we are not yet connected. First get connected to His power.

Q: Once you get self-realization you know yourself, but who is going to correct the injustice in the world? Who is going to become the leader? Who will change the world where there is injustice, where there is discrimination, where there is hatred? If you are saying forget about the hatred, who is going to come forward? If I become self-realized and then forget the hatred then who’s going to come forward and change the world where there’s injustice, where there’s a crime, where there’s a harassment?

Shri Mataji: Ah, correct, that’s the worry I have. This hatred and all this comes through ignorance. We have ignorance, and once you start getting into this great ocean of love, it starts just disappearing from you. To begin with, and from others also who have got realization. Now they say that Sahaja Yoga is working in seventy-two countries and we have seminars in India sometimes and sometimes in Italy where the people from all these countries come, I have never seen them criticizing each other. Of course they have great fun, they enjoy, but never seen, complaining, or doing anything wrong to each other. Because now they have become all one. It’s the last judgment, this is the time of last judgment. If you want to remain as you are, you’ll remain, nobody can force you. But, if you want to rise to that level, you’ll be amazed, you’ll have friends all over the world. Not ordinary friends, but real, real friends. So, just to get rid of this hatred and all nonsense what do we have to do? Think this hatred comes from where? It comes from human beings. So, we have to transform them. If they are transformed, things will be all right.

Q: Is there a healing energy that will come of the meditation tonight?

Shri Mataji: Yes. First of all one must know, what is this energy is. You must understand, and it heals people, no doubt, it does heal. First it will heal you and then it will heal others also. No doubt about it. It does. But first you must know it. You must know how to do it. It would be like any doctor who has not even done his MBBS or anything and trying to do some job, it would be like that. So first I would say, you should establish. Those who are established Sahaja Yogis first of all get very good health but they can help others, they can heal others. Definitely, that is nothing, that is just a wee part of this energy.

Q: Most saints spoke of self-realization coming with the lifetime of practicing the education and commitment. Why is it that Sahaja Yoga, with Sahaja Yoga you can come to it so fast?

Shri Mataji: Why, because the need is so much. It’s the need of the Divine. Divine now is fed up with human beings and, it wants to have a very short thing. You see, formerly, to go to even to New York was very difficult. I don’t know how many years Colombus took to come to America. But today, you can just come in. So I would say it’s a jet age and the Kundalini has also become like that.

Q: Does the Kundalini Yoga that you teach has anything to do with Tantra Yoga?

Shri Mataji: You see, the name is Kundalini Yoga but it has nothing to do with Kundalini I must tell you. So, Sahaja Yoga and Kundalini Yoga is the same if you see the meaning of it. But in actual I’ve seen this Kundalini Yoga business is terrible. Because people have suffered so much. So it’s something very different, I don’t know what they do in the name of Kundalini Yoga.

Q: With all the traveling do you miss your family?

Shri Mataji: No. [SHRI MATAJI LAUGS] My family is very sensible. And I travel, they also travel with Me, My family all of them are here now, in America. But My family is very sensible and they realize, they have realized that this is such a great work I’m doing. So they support Me, they help Me in every way. They are very supportive. And they like it and they enjoy it, enjoy all the people who have got realization. There’s a family, has the same ideas, or we can say the same feeling, for the world and they are very happy about it.

Q: Have any of your grandchildren or children had the same insight or born with the same insight as you?

Shri Mataji: Yes, you see, I have also great-grandchildren. And I’m surprised that they are all born realized. They are born realized, that’s very surprising. And the family is so united, so helpful and My great-grandchildren also have the vibrations, they understand. I mean its remarkable how the Divine has been kind to Me, to give such a family. I have never neglected My family, never, but they understand that My work is very important and they also enjoy My work very much. They also feel the vibrations, they also have got realization.

Q: I’m not able to hear how to lose body consciousness.


Shri Mataji: Now all these words have absolutely has no meaning. Body consciousness this thing, that thing. You see it is said that you should not be conscious of your body. You should be conscious of your body as a human being, there’s nothing wrong. But once you get your realization, you become conscious of your subtle body, which is within you, so you can easily get it. But you don’t lose the consciousness of your body, that’s not so. These are all funny things they are doing. I was telling you that you fly in the air and all that, it’s not. It’s absolutely simple that you become consciously aware within yourself of your own powers. And which you use, not for cruelties or for making money, but for love. I mean it is something [CLAPPING] it is something that happens to you, like I would say a flower, see it’s just a bud, maybe it’s not even a bud, but then it becomes a flower. And you see your fragrance and you are amazed at yourself. So all these things that you have to give up your body consciousness, this consciousness, is not necessary at all. [YOU HAD…del] You don’t have to give up anything. Wherever you are, whatever you are, in that only you get the light, the enlightenment as they call it.

Q: [SAHAJA YOGI TRANSLATES QUESTION: She’s saying that in Native American tradition in the evolutionary system the human beings are higher compare to animal consciousness, you know and other forms of…?]

Shri Mataji: You see Americans read too much, that’s all. (LAUGHTER). All their beliefs come from some reading, I don’t know from where they get all these ideas. And to neutralize them is very difficult on a mental level. But if you get your realization you suddenly discover that this was all nonsense. You said it’s correct that Americans have this idea, those ideas, but these ideas are not reality. Have you felt the reality? First get to the reality, then you will see. In these words I don’t know what people read. I mean this is nothing, I came long time back before here,, I ran away. I said, “Impossible.” Their brains are already filled with so many books I don’t know how to talk to them. And after nine years I appeared on your soil, now they are changing. Because they are realizing this is all kind of a money-making going on with the books. Thank God, it’s coming up now. It’s better.

Q: Do you believe that the Kundalini is the same life-force energy that the Chinese called Chi, that this energy is part of us, part of the world that we can access in this way and also through things like Chi-Gong and Tai-Chi, is it the same force?

[SAHAJA YOGI TRANSLATES: Is kundalini the same force that exists all around us as the Chinese call Chi?]

Shri Mataji: Ya, ya. It’s true. But you see, it is, it has something to do with that, and that is what is our ego and super-ego. The Chinese what they have written, it’s correct. But Chinese also don’t know who is Lao-Tse, can you imagine? Lao-Tse is the man who talked about this thing, He’s the one who told them about Kundalini and they don’t know who is Lao-Tse. Especially in America, I don’t know what sort of Chinese live here. It’s such a great source of knowledge, and what they have said is a perfect thing. But everything gets integrated in Sahaja Yoga. All the knowledge, all the scriptures, everything gets [INTE…]. Absolutely integrated because out of light you see the truth in all of them. There is truth in everything, there is truth in every religion. But religion now has become money-oriented, or also power-oriented, so it’s gone off. But actually if you go to the roots of it, it is all the same. For example take the case of Kosovo. Now there these Muslims wanted to have a separate state. It’s not necessary, why do they want to have a separate state? You see everywhere where they were trying separate state, even in our country, they all are suffering. It seems even in the same state they could have done it. All right, they said it. But one thing one should understand, that in democracy, how can you have a state based on religion? You cannot, despite that they wanted to have. Now what did they get? Did they get their separate state? They became refugees, poor things starving, for two years they cannot go back to their houses and homes. Because there was no discretion. If you want to help them, best thing is to give realization to everyone. Then all Muslims, all Christians, all Hindus, all of them become Sahaja Yogis. They respect each other. They have to become Sahaja Yogis. No use becoming Christian, Hindus, Muslims, because that means fighting and in Italy we had a little discussion and they said that, “We don’t want to have one global religion.” We have a global religion because innately we are religious. If you know what that innate religion is then you will become global. But they don’t want, because they want to fight. If there is one religion global, we all are there, respecting all the religions and all the incarnations and all the principles of religion, supposing, then how would you fight? On what basis will you fight? This is the problem, we have to go beyond these limitations which are created. We can say created by human beings only.

Human beings are good at spoiling everything I feel that way. You see, if you go in a forest it’s so clean, so nice, all the birds are there, all the animals are there, the lions are there, tigers are there. You may not find anything stinking, but you send one man there the whole place will be stinking (LAUGHTER). That is what we have done to religion also. don’t know how many bifurcations we have of religions, how can you have? There’s one God, how can there be so many religions? And just fighting in the name of religion is stupidity, because they don’t know. If there’s innate religion within you, the innate, which is so much encompassing the whole world. Now see Sufis are Muslims, what they write? They right nothing but Sahaja Yoga. What Christ wrote was Sahaja Yoga, what Mohammed Sahib wrote was Sahaja Yoga. They didn’t write all these nonsensical things that people are doing. But they don’t read even Koran, you’d be surprised. They don’t even read Bible in proper way, or some people just go on reading words, words, words, words. How can you get into it? You must read within the lines. Yet they don’t do, and then they start fighting. It’s so absurd, the whole thing is, that next generation will not believe in any one of these organizations based on religion, I can tell you. But they might take to something also very bad. So the best thing is to get to the roots of it and find out. So many things are said to explain, according to times also, but how many people really know the roots of religion? They are all one, coming from the same tree, there’s nothing to fight. Have you ever seen one branch of the tree fighting with another? It’s as absurd as that, to Me I can’t understand. It’s not possible. For us to fight with each other, for what are we fighting? We are part and parcel of one whole. How can we fight, it’s very unnatural, which is very dangerous also. As I said, a tree, on a tree there are so many leaves and they are all different. You won’t find another leaf repeating itself. But they never fight with each other do they? Why should we, the human beings fight, in the name of God? They make money in the name of God. They fight in the name of God. They do all kinds of things in the name of God, now what do you say what sort of a God it is? How much we have brought glory to the name of God? All right?

So we have to know that innate religion within us, which is in everyone. All of us have that innate religion, we may call it by any name. It’s a pure, global religion we can call it. Which is within all of us, it’s a fact, I’m telling you a fact. Otherwise you start fighting for this, fighting for that, then what will happen? That’s what I said this is the last judgment, and this last judgment is really going to make the difference between the people who have got self-realization and who haven’t got it. Last judgment we are not going to put on the balance to find out who is thinner and who is fatter, no. It is what have you got within yourself. What light you have got within yourself and you must have proper understanding that your value of your human life is very great. It is not something frivolous, cheapish, it’s very great and you can help the whole world to emancipate. All right?(CLAPPING)

Q: [??]

Shri Mataji: You will get your self-realization don’t worry, for you it will happen. Look at all the things that are there because you haven’t got your self-realization. All right? Please make yourself comfortable. I never say you become vegetarians, I never say that. I never say you [DON’T…del] give up your smoking, drinking, nothing. If I say that, half of the people will go away. I just say, “All right you come and sit down, you get your self-realization then tell Me.”

Shri Mataji: What’s there?

Q: [??] [SAHAJA YOGI TRANSLATES: She is welcoming you. She’s saying that when in collective, the kundalini moves but when she is alone…Sorry can you complete that?…it doesn’t…]

Shri Mataji: You should know you are never alone when alone. Absolutely, it’s just, you just enjoy the loneliness also. Sometimes I’m left alone then I’m quite happy also you know. No questions, nothing, no problem. Sometimes I enjoy Myself you see. When you know what you are you really enjoy. I have seen people who have never written a word of poetry, after getting self-realization they become great poets. Some musicians, they were no good have become great musicians. Some people who never spoke a word, they have become great orators, so all this happens to you. And when you are alone, you get the ideas from the torsion area. Very important to be alone, so don’t feel bad that you are alone. Here you are in connection with God, you’re never alone. And you get all your ideas from the torsion area, if you note it down you’ll be amazed at yourself. All right?
May God Bless you.


Shri Mataji: So could we have self-realization?


As I’ve told you that it cannot be forced. You have to ask for it. It cannot be forced on you. You have to desire it because kundalini is the source of pure desire. So it cannot be forced. If you want it only then it will work out. But first of all, you must know that you are a human being and you must respect yourself. You must have love for yourself, it’s not selfishness but respect that you are a human being and here you have come to get your self-realization. That’s something very special. There are so many people in New York but you are special that have come for your self-realization. If you have only this feeling within yourself, without any force it will work out, I’m sure. Now, you don’t have to do anything, but if you could take out your shoes it will be better because this Mother Earth helps us. I hope you don’t mind taking out shoes. That will definitely help, because your connection with the Mother Earth is very important. You will then realize how important is this Mother Earth, how she helps us in our spiritual life. So far we have never known it’s important.

So, those who do not want self-realization have to leave the hall, they should not disturb other people. If they want to have they are welcome, very much and they can get it. It will hardly take ten minutes. Self-realization will take hardly ten minutes, not more then that. Because you people seem to be very aware, it’s not the same as I’d seen, say, about twenty years back. You are very aware and I’m sure all of you will get it in no time. Now, only thing you have to do is to put both your hands towards Myself and both the feet apart from each other. Why and how, that you may know later on. Why. These two hands represent your two sympathetic nervous systems. Just put little higher, little higher.

Now one thing is very important. That this center [POINTS TO AGNYA] is very constricted and to open this center you have to forgive everyone. Now you might say that it’s very difficult to forgive, but the argument is whether you forgive or you don’t forgive, you don’t do anything. You just don’t do. But if you don’t forgive then you torture yourself, not the other fellow. So please just try to forgive. Forgive everyone, just say that. In My presence you say, “Mother, I forgive everyone in the world.”

Then second thing is that you have to forgive yourself also. Because if you feel guilty, no use feeling guilty you know, because it gives you pain here[ POINTS TO LEFT VISHUDDHI] and this center catches very badly. And you might get spondylitis with that or you might get also angina. So why feel guilty? I mean, whatever has happened has happened ,finished now, today, at this present moment. Because we have to be in the present. So forgive yourself. And people get, you know, entangled into this guilt from such, such small, small thing that I’m surprised at it. There’s nothing to feel guilty. As I said you must have respect. After all, we are human beings, if you have made mistakes, it’s all right. Now don’t go on playing on that, just forgive yourself and forgive others, that’s all you will need. Just say that.

Now, put your hands up like this, towards Me. Now, put your right hand towards Me and bend your head and see if there’s a cool or hot breeze coming out of your fontanel bone area. You can put your hand little away, little away from your head, not on top. And see, you can move your hand and see for yourself if there’s a cool or a hot breeze coming out of your fontanel bone area. This is the actualization of baptism. Just see for yourself. This is your own power. Now, please put your left hand toward Me. Put down your head and see with your right hand if there’s a cool or a hot breeze like vibrations coming out of your fontanel bone area, which was the soft bone when you were a child.

Now, this is hot, because you’ve not forgiven, either to yourself or to others, that’s why it is hot, just see for yourself. You can raise your hand up and down , on the sides, and see for yourself. Now put both the hands towards Me and just try not to think. Don’t think. That’s the state, is the first state we have to achieve. Now just try to feel, if you feel any cool breeze on your finger tips or on your palm or [ON…del] from the fontanel bone area on top of your head. Just try to feel if you are feeling it, it’s an experience as I told you. It is not that I have to certify, it is you have to certify. Please forgive, forgive everyone, forgive yourself, that’s very important.

Now, now raise your hands towards the sky and push back your head. Now you can ask any one of these three questions, any one of these questions, three times. For example you can say, “Mother,” you can call Me Mother or Shri Mataji, “is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost?” Or, “Mother, is this the Paramachaitanya?” Or, “Mother, is this the All-Pervading Power of Divine love?” Ask anyone of these questions, three times. You can push back your head little bit.

Now, take down your hands please. Those who have felt cool or hot breeze in their fingertips, on their palm or out of the fontanel bone area, please raise your hands.
May God Bless you all. That is New York! May God bless you.

I could feel the cool breeze coming from you to Me. Can you imagine this New York, it’s a wonderful place now. But now, you have to grow. I must tell you, you have to grow. You’ll feel very nice, on top of the world now, I know that you’ll feel, but you have to grow. For that, we have programs, follow-up programs. So please try to come to those follow-up programs, because then you will grow and then you will realize. If you do not take to it little seriously, it won’t work out and you’ll be lost again. Like [SOME…del] Christ has said, that some seeds were sprouted and were thrown on the roadside. It’s like that. So, you have to respect yourself, respect your self-realization and please try to come to our follow-up programs. I don’t know where they have it, they will tell you just now where they will, please be seated for one minute only. One minute and write it down, it’s important that you must know everything about it and you should become masters. Every one of you can give self-realization to at least thousand people.



Shri Mataji: Ah, this is a song. I must tell you this poem was written in the 16th century by a very great poet called Namadeva. But people didn’t understand what it was about and it says that “Oh Mother, give me the Yoga, “Jogawa”” and he says, “I’m prepared now, I’ve given up this, I’ve given up that” means “I’ve given up anger, I’ve given up lust, I’ve given up greed, all this I’ve given up and now You raise my Kundalini” that is “Ambe”, that You raise it and he shows with his hands like this [SHRI MATAJI BRINGS HER HANDS UP] that “You should [AH…del], Oh Mother give me this self-realization.

It was said 16th century all our villages used to sing but they didn’t know. When these people went [SHRI MATAJI POINTS TO THE SAHAJA YOGIS BHAJAN GROUP] to Kolhapur, there they met people who were singing this song, they got it from there, the whole notation and they have learnt it. See how clever they have become otherwise very difficult this Indian music is but how they have mastered it, I can’t believe it.

Now here we have people from all over the world especially from America and also from European countries, mostly, I don’t think there’s any Indian, ah there is some.



Shri Mataji: Thank you very much.