How to evolve into a better personality?

Washington D.C. (United States)

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Public Program. Washington DC (USA), 24 June 1999.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

First of all, we have to know what is the truth. People are seeking, seeking, seeking, seeking all over. But they don’t know what they are seeking and what should they get after their seeking. This seeking can lead you into many diverse directions. Some of them could be very very dangerous and absolutely misleading. And many must have or also felt that. I’m sure there are many who have found it out. But they think there is no way they can return. Seeking is very simple to understand. That you want to know yourself.

All the time we say: I want this, I like this, I this, I that. But who is this I? What is it? Who is this one myself? What am I? Do I know anything about myself? It’s a very superficial knowledge we have about ourselves. Everybody has said, all the religions have said: you should know yourself. There is no difference in this one. Actually in all religions, if you’re going into the essence, there is no difference.

According to time, it was a little bit stressed on one point and sometimes on another point. But the fundamental thing is that you have to know yourself. How do you know yourself is the point. People will say: do this, give up everything, give up your family, give up everything. Wear, this kind of dress cut your hair or shave your head and all that nonsense. It’s so outward. If you put a little bit of your intelligence you’ll see it’s all outward. It’s so skin deep, it has no meaning. So what has to happen? We talk of a last breakthrough of the evolution.

How do you achieve it? When you are evolved up to the stage of human beings. We have to know one thing for definitely. That there’s something missing within us. Otherwise, the world would have been a most beautiful place, the paradise to live in. But something’s wrong with human beings and what is that? Is to understand how we have come up through evolution. And as human beings, there are so many things of the animal stage lingering within us. The way we talk, the way we try to oppress others, the way we talk to sort of dominate others. The way we want to snatch everything, the way we are only worried about our food. This, that.

All this is not really a noble human being’s sides. These are all lingering from that animal instinct. All right. We have to accept it. Because we are human beings so they are to be there. Nothing is so much frightening. But also we have one more thing that we think. And we think and think and think and think no end of ourselves. Sometimes, we think we should protest for this. Sometimes, we feel that we must become very violent. All these things are coming from our human mind.

Animals won’t be violent for something just for violence’s sake. They’ll be violent, alright. But for their own purpose of killing some animal or something. But here we have groups and groups of people who just enjoy violence. This is another development in human awareness, I think, that we enjoy the destruction of others. But also, there is a seeking. This is the sign that people want their evolution, they want to evolve into a better personality. That they want to become something which is complete. Now how do you achieve it? Now I must say that we have not achieved our evolution ourselves up to the human level.

So, to achieve a higher awareness there must be some arrangement between us. And that is the arrangement we are not aware of. And that arrangement is that within you is the power. It’s your own power. To give you this last breakthrough Through the awakening of that power, already you have been told about it. It exists, it’s there. And It is the right of every human being to get his self-knowledge, self-realization. ‘Sahaja’, ‘Saha’ means born with you. With you is born the right. And why should we not ask our fundamental rights society? That we should have our Self-realization which is your own. It is there already placed within you. You don’t have to do anything, of course, you can’t pay for it. How much did you pay for your evolution so far? And how can it be different from different people? Because in every human being this power, which we call as Kundalini exists. Whether he is white, black, yellow, blue any colour. Whether he belongs to north or south, anyplace. Whether he belongs to this country or that country. They all have this power universally placed it their Kundalini.

Even if I say, “Everybody has a heart”. So why should we have differentiation? But this mind, this human mind creates this differentiation. And this problem saying that, “Of course, they are not of our country, they don’t belong to our group”. And like animals again, we start getting into groups, groups of different – I don’t know, denomination – like some people have their fork and spoon put this way. So, they are one group. Some people drink coffee, so they have a group like that, you see. We are very good at forming groups. This is also animal instinct, I think, that we try to form groups of such stupid things.

And then we can have wars. Because we must fight. “We are a group, something great, so we should fight others”. All these instincts, that are within us, are inherited. They have come to us. They say it is in our genes. Still, can we change the genes? Can we transform our personality into something higher? And for that, I tell you, there is a power within us. All of you have that power within you. And what does it give you? It passes through six centres [five], as told you, it nourishes, it integrates it, and ultimately it pierces through the last fontanel bone area.

We can call that actualisation of the baptism. And it’s connected to the All-pervading Power of divine love. Again, I say ‘love’, divine compassion a,nd divine love. So you get connected to that Power which is All-pervading. If you ask a doctor, “Who runs our heart?” He’ll say, “It’s the autonomous nervous system”. But what, who is the auto? Who does all these things? Who does all the living works? Look at these flowers, beautiful. Who has made these flowers? Such a different, different flower. How does this Mother Earth differentiate and how she gives all these flowers? Do we think about it? We take it for granted. All living work we take it for granted, but it is done by this divine Power. Believe me. There is this divine power around us which protects us, which looks after us, which guides us and also above all it loves us. And it cares for us. It wants, that we should all receive the blessings of this All-pervading Power.

But if you are not connected, how can you? For example, this instrument is not connected to the mains, it is useless. It won’t work, so we all have to be connected with that All-pervading Power.

This is one thing if we understand. You can also know, but you are quite capable of getting to it. There’s no outer thing you have to do. Like giving up this, giving that or praying, or nothing of the kind it is there, this process. The living process works, and you get your self-realization. Only thing is that if you have to enlighten, then you have to be enlightened. Like a candle which is not enlightened cannot enlighten any other candle, but one candle, which is enlightened, can enlighten so many candles, in the same way, you get the power to enlighten so many people all over the world and not only that, but you get so many powers. But the greatest power is that of compassion and love. By which you care, by which you help people. Luckily now in your country itself, they on the medical institutions have accepted Sahaja yoga, that it works because it attacks or, we should say, it nourishes the centres, basic centres in our body.

Now these centres are responsible for our physical, mental, emotional and also the spiritual being and it enlightens it and with that enlightenment, you get definitely cured. It’s a fact with Sahaja yoga, many people have been cured. We also have a hospital in India and we are going to have another hospital there, maybe in America also we might have the hospital, where you don’t have to pay for it. Because it is your own power, you may pay for your food or something, but for treatment. What can you pay when it’s your own? And this is what is going to tell people how powerful you are. Otherwise, some are extremely aggressive and some are actually extremely depressive. There’s nothing in between.

But with this power, you become so much full of compassion. Then your attention goes from you to others. What you can do for others? How can you give them Realization? And suddenly, you discover that around you are so many destructive forces, so many disturbing forces, so many problems. Suddenly, you find they disappear. If you can transform human being, but it’s no question of transformation. I would say, it is the question of evolutionary process. And when this takes place, you find you are transformed completely. And thousands have to be transformed, thousands and thousands and millions and millions. But somehow, America has a different type of approach to spirituality. They think, if I don’t take money, then something’s wrong with me. I must accept money. They have told me so many things, some experts came and told me, explained to me all the economics and all that, which I don’t understand. And they think that it should be ‘saleable’. I can’t understand this kind of a thing. How much will you pay for Christ? How much will you pay for any saintly personality? Because It is – this value cannot be judged. It’s invaluable. Something that’s the most invaluable for you, is to know yourself. If you have not known yourself, you’re still going round and round and round in the mad rush of thinking.

Even Einstein, you’ll be surprised, has talked about it, that he was trying to find the theory of relativity and just he couldn’t find it. So, he went into his garden and was playing with soap bubbles. And suddenly, from somewhere unknown, that’s what he says, the theory of relativity dawned upon him. And he called that ‘unknown area’. He calls them by a name and that name is rather, to me, not so precise. But he says, “There is an area which you can exploit, by which you can understand, for the future generation, for the future scientist, where you get the ideas from there. And he said, “For that, you must have a kind of a personality that can perceive that torsion area, from where the ideas are coming. If you can enter into that area, you can get the full idea as to what is reality”. He calls it cognitive. He says this is a cognitive science. And such a person can tell you so many things which, when you put it to the scientific test, you’ll find it’s absolutely correct. And this is what happened to him because himself was a Realized soul.

And many people like Newton himself was a Realized soul. Abraham Lincoln was a Realized soul, but they could not tell about it to others, because nobody would believe and anybody trying to tell anything, they just used to torture them. Every saint, a real saint I mean, has been tortured. Every Sufi has been tortured. In our country, especially, many saints have been very badly treated. Also in other countries. Why? Because they are only one and maybe people were jealousthat, “How could they know so much? How could they talk about so many things?” Now with all this, now only thing, if have done anything, it’s very simple that I thought, “No use giving this Realization to one or two person”, which was the tradition to give to only one to one. But now I felt it won’t work out.

We have to have it for the masses. And I just – what I did was to find out a method by which I can give a-mass Realization, that’s all, which is a simple thing. And that is working and it worked very well. As I said, in America, they just think of – this is another achievement of human beings – that they know about money. So, money, money, money, everything money. So, they can’t understand even spirituality without money. But in a place like, we can say, Russia. Russia people – Russian people had no freedom as you have. And they had oppression from all sides, in there. As you know, the whole thing was a communistic country. And in that communism, they were completely oppressed. So, as a result, they went inside themselves and tried to find out solutions inside. So when they saw me, just seeing me, I don’t know how, thousands of them came. Now we have thousands and thousands and thousands of people in Russia alone.

Also in other some countries, I mean, I mean I see here, I’m just thinking in Russia we have to take – they cannot put it in a hall. We have to have a big tent or Olympics where they had some sort of a thing like that. So, the trouble is we should give up this idea that, “I can find it for myself”. This is very, very common, you cannot. This is the only evolution in which you have to get it from an enlightened person. You have to humble on this point that, “I can’t get it on my own”. “I can find my own, way!” You cannot. You’ll be lost. You have to have somebody, who is already enlightened.

Now how to get an enlightened person also. How to? Because after Realization, you know the absolute truth on your fingertips. You can feel the centres of another person. If something is fishy, you can feel it. If somebody is cheating, you can feel it, everything, your fingers speak. This is what Muhammad Sahib has said, “At the time of resurrection your hands will speak”. Clearly, how can hand speak? This is how. Because all these five fingers are the centres, sixth and seventh centre.

One on the physical side another on the physical and also mental side was the right side and emotional side on the left side. These are two different systems within us, which people are not understanding, that there are two channels within us. What we call as the autonomous nervous system has got the parasympathetic nervous system in the centre, but there are two left and right sympathetic nervous systems.

And these are the system two systems that are enlightened on your fingertips by which you know exactly what is wrong with you. What centres were catching, that is self-knowledge. People will go mad, but they will not know they’re getting mad. They will have cancer, they will not know they are having cancer. This indicator tells you exactly what’s wrong with you. Now, if you know, how to correct your centres, you can correct the centres of others also. Then also this another achievement is that you become collectively conscious. Means you can feel others on your fingertips. You can feel others on your fingertips. Who is the other?

That’s what we think. But nobody is the other. We are part and parcel of one spiritual personality. And once somebody has a problem, we immediately know there’s a problem. Because on the fingertips you can feel it. This is true knowledge, is not some sort of reading a book or some sort of a thing, but is a true knowledge within yourself. Which you know yourself, which we call as cognitive science, which works within yourself. You don’t have to go out to read anything to understand anything. Your own being itself is a complete computer, I should say, which tells you what’s what. Who is what?

We have no idea as to what we are. We have not been given any idea as to what potential we have. As tremendous it is. It is tremendous, and if it works it will work for you, for your family, for your children, for your city, for your nation and for the whole world. So this has to become a collective understanding within yourself, not mentally. Mental understanding is just temporary and passes over, but it’s an actualization again and again I say, it’s the actualization of the knowledge within yourself, then they talk only of that. They talk in the words of chakras, of the centres. That person is there, that person has got these, I have got these (unclear) on your fingertips. Which gives you a perfect answer for everything. Then it looks after you, it protects you, it guides you, as I told you, and guides you in the right way in the right manner, and how it achieves things is wonderful.

So we have to first and foremost understand, that we have to have that special personality of a self-realized personality, which will really help and care for others. It’s not just talking, it’s not just reading, it’s not just following some false guru, but it is following yourself, which is to show that you are your own master. You become your master, and you know everything about everything. This is the potential in all of you as I said it is not only for a few people. It’s not for only black, white people, but it’s also meant for people, who are uneducated, who are living in the villages, who are very simple people it works for all of them and when it works you’ll be amazed, how it transforms you and transforms others, and you become so confident about it. You don’t doubt yourself, because there’s an absolute knowledge on your fingertips. It is something that is within you, which you should achieve. Of course for this, you should know, that so far you have not known so you have to. As long as you have this attitude it will work. I can not force, Sahaja yoga cannot force on anyone self-realization, cannot be forced.

It has to be asked for. Unless and until you knock the door. It won’t work out. It works out for people only, who really want it and who want to become self-realized. As a result, you don’t have any responsibilities. It’s only the responsibility of the all-pervading power, that does everything for you. That looks after you, that guides you and takes you to the right places, to the right situations and guides you in such a manner, that you are amazed. How is it? How is it working? How is it working out? There will be no meaning left to any miracles.

But these miracles are not like taking out a diamond anything like that, but it’s a miracle how the circumstances will change, how people will change, how you’ll become such a joyous lovable personality. On this subject, I don’t know how many lectures I have given and there’s no end to it. But I would say that you should take your realization and go into our programs, whatever they have, and grow into it, because you take some time to grow, like seed sprouts, but it takes time to become a tree. But hardly one month at the most and don’t have to pay there also. Again I’ll tell you nothing has to be paid, you just give some time to yourself and it will work out. When you have mastered it, you’ll be amazed, what you can do. A month at the most. Some people just get it and they don’t have to do anything just they know. But most of the people have to do it. It improves everything: your thinking capacity, in the sense your brains get enlightened.

You become a very large-hearted personality and other things that we think of prosperity and all that all comes through. This I’m just letting you like your mother would like to give an (unclear) with little chocolate on top. But the main thing is you must know yourself. How great you are, that is what every mother wants her child to know. That’s my only desire is in America, if it spreads in that manner, it will all be a great thing, a great move for the whole world. May God bless you. Thank you.