Something is missing in us and what is that we have to find out

Vancouver, Canada Place (Canada)

1999-06-26 Something is missing in us and what is that we have to find out, Vancouver, Canada, 87' Chapters: Introduction, Talk, Q&A, Self-Realization, Bhajans after program
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1999-06-26 Public Program in Vancouver

I am delighted to convey my warmest greetings to everyone celebrating the arrival of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi in Canada. I would also like to join with you in welcoming such a distinguished visitor to our country. Canadians take great pride in our individuality and at the same time are unified by our shared ideals and values. The preservation and enhancement of heritage and culture are unique to Canada’s vision of nationhood. This special occasion provides you with an opportunity to honour your faith and promote understanding through the reaffirmation of tradition. Please accept my best wishes for a most enjoyable and memorable experience, Jean Chretien, The Prime Minister of Canada. Shri Mataji I would also like to read a greeting from the Premier of British Columbia, Glen Clark. I am pleased to extend warm greetings to our holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi and everyone attending the 1999 World Peace tour. Welcome to the city of Vancouver. British Columbia is a multicultural society that encourages people from around the world to retain the heritage, customs, and traditions of their native lands. This special visit by Shri Mataji is an excellent way to celebrate the integration of our diverse cultures and religions. I would like to take this opportunity to commend event organizers for the role they play in the promotion of a greater understanding of the traditions of India and the benefits of seeking inner peace. On behalf of the government and the people of British Columbia, please accept my best wishes for a successful evening, Glen Park, Premier. Shri Mataji accepts framed item and says thank you

Shri Mataji: I bow to all the seekers of truth. I was surprised in the West there is so much of seeking. People have gone very far seeking the truth. But one must know what is the truth is, what are we seeking after all because so many are lost and I feel so sorry that it has gone beyond any redemption. When they are seeking what they are seeking is the inner peace as they said but it is not only inner peace that you achieve, what you get is the self-knowledge, to begin with. Self-knowledge is the one by which we know ourselves. Now, do we know ourselves? We do not, that’s why all of them have said that know thyself. In the seeking we read books, we go to different places and what we find is that there is no proper guidance and no proper help for people to seek the truth. It is very unfortunate I feel that such good souls are lost because of wrong ideas. So the first thing that you have to do is to establish peace within yourself. You must know that our creator who has created us and who has brought us to this level of human awareness, himself, is anxious to give you the self-knowledge, the last breakthrough of your evolution. But as it is if you see in this in our evolution though we have become human beings we are still having some lingering effects of our past and that’s how you find people are so aggressive, so cruel sometimes, so much of that animal instinct within us working and we don’t understand why, why is it and then we realize that there is something missing in us and what is that we have to find out. We go to religions also but you have seen that religion is no more the real religion in the sense it has become power-oriented or money-oriented. These are all superficial things and of human awareness. There should be no power orientation and no money orientation because God doesn’t understand this kind of power and also the money part. Because of this, religions have lost their basics and those basics are lost in such a manner that we don’t realize that these people are up to something really violent and sometimes very mean as far as God is concerned. How could there be a quarrel between different religions when they worship the same God. This power about what people have told you about, the Kundalini, which exists in our triangular bone. This power exists in every human being, every human being has got this power, whether you are black white yellow green blue or anything, whether you belong to America or to Canada or to India anywhere, they all have got this power within you to give you your self-realization. Unless and until you get the self-realization what happens with you is that you cannot get to the real point of yoga means union with the divine. You see all these flowers here, such beautiful flowers you have, you don’t even think how they are created, how they are differentiated so beautifully, we are not bothered, we take all living process as granted but if you think about it you will be surprised that it is done so beautifully, so well organized, so who does this, who does this work and if I say it is done by the all-pervading power of divine love, you need not believe me, you have to feel it for the first time, this all-pervading power that is surrounding us is all over and does all our living work, for example, if you ask a doctor who runs our heart, he will say it is autonomous nervous system. But who is the auto behind it? We have to know that there is a power that works all these things, does all these things which are natural, but so far we have never been able to find out what is that power in it which of course I am sure tonight you are all going to feel it. You must have the experience, no use talking about big big things or without any experience of this power which surrounds us. It is in all scriptures it is described. The Christian religion it is described as the cool breeze of the holy ghost, in the Hindu religion it is called ‘saeelum, saeelum’ by Adi Shankarya, it is also talked about in the Islamic religion as ‘rhue’, so in all religions, they are talking about the same power which surrounds us and does all living work. It is very amazing how they have overlooked the point which is so common in all of them. Of course, because of these incarnations and these prophets coming at different times, it is little bit, apparently, it looks different but it is not, it is actually absolutely basically the same, the roots are the same, the tree is the same only when we see all these trees you start thinking may be different, it is not. So the whole basis is one and there is no need to fight, there is no need to condemn anyone but just to see the oneness, oneness of the whole world and you will be amazed that it is such a big thing that we have within us that we become a global personality. Who is the other after all, who is the other? When you become the global personality they call it the new awareness called as the collective consciousness. So you become collective. When this Kundalini rises through these six centres these six centres are responsible for your physical, mental, and emotional being. They look after all these things, apart from that it is for our spiritual being also. So when this Kundalini rises she passes through these centres and she nourishes them, she nourishes them, she integrates them and we become really enlightened. Because our spirit which is in our heart, also starts emitting light in our attention. Our attention becomes enlightened. Through our attention we can make out, we can find out, what is wrong with our centres. We have first of all no ideas of having any centres within us Now all of them have talked about it, its nothing new I am telling you, only thing is that now this happening is taking place en mass, for all the people it is working out because it had to. If we have to get rid of all the nonsense that surrounds us, all the artificiality that kills us and all the wrong things that are shown everywhere, then we have to become higher personalities. These human weaknesses which are coming from our heritage of being animals still there. The difference is that human beings can think, they can think, they can react, while the animals don’t think and this thinking gets us into lots of nonsense. So thinking, thinking, thinking we go mad and reach nowhere. This instrument of thinking is not such a reliable thing. It has no credibility. So far it has shown no results but still, we depend on our thinking. So what happens when the Kundalini rises, she passes through these chakras, what we call the centres, and pieces through the fontanelle bone area which is the soft bone of your childhood and connects you to this all-pervading power of divine love. Then you become one, one with the divine love and this love starts moving through you. All this power that you get is of love and compassion. It is not the power that agresses, that shows your animal behaviour but a special superior personality, and once that happens you are amazed how much you can do, you can feel your own centres on your fingertips, then you can feel also the centres of others on your fingertips. Mohammed Sahib has said that at the time of resurrection your hands will speak, that’s what they speak and they give witness against you as they said that means they tell you what’s wrong with you actually, and you accept it because you know in the light of the spirit that this is all destructive, this is wrong and once you accept it if you know how to cure it, you just cure it and you want to be completely cured. Whether you go to China or to Japan or you go anywhere else in every religion, say, Islam, Sikhism, Hinduism, Christianity anywhere, they have talked about self-knowledge. All of them have talked about self-knowledge and you cant pay for it, it’s a living process of your growth, you cant pay for it, once you know you can’t pay for it then you will understand that money is needed by human beings, God does not understand. It’s a living process and for any living process you can’t pay, for example, you cant pay for running your heart, you cant pay for___?__, nothing you can do, I mean they don’t understand money is madness, so you have to get your realization is the main point and everybody has said the same thing, there is nothing new I am telling you. Only thing I am trying to show is oneness of the whole so that it’s a global innate religion within us which tells us what we have to have. What should we achieve and that achievement is very important. If you want to have a mind that wants to quarrel, fight and all that, that mind becomes absolutely silent and peaceful. How it happens is very surprising, that when we are thinking, there are waves of thoughts, and when we are standing in the waves of an ocean we are afraid, we don’t know what will happen, first we decide to do this way or that way, but supposing you are in a boat, then you look at those waves and enjoy them, not only that but afterwards if you become a good swimmer you can go dive down and save many people. This exactly what happens, that you become master of your own and you know what is this power is, and how to use it to emancipate human beings. I wouldn’t say that man, human beings have to be transformed because that will challenge them, but I would say you have to blossom, you have to evolve and your fragrance has to spread, all over the world. This is not at all difficult, Sahaj also means spontaneous, also it means born with you, saha means with ja born, born with you is the spirit. You have a birthright to get your self-realization. Its absolutely a thing granted to us by our creator, the __?___. Even scientists like Einstein have talked about it, that you have to go into an area which he called at tortion area. In that tortion area according to him, you get ideas which are genuine, truthful, and one can work on them so beautifully that they all turn out to be truthful, like when he was searching his theory of relativity, he was working his lab for hours together, days together, then he got fed up, and then he says he was sitting in his garden playing with the bubbles, soap bubbles, like a child, and from somewhere, from somewhere unknown, he says the theory of relativity dawned upon him. What is that unknown place he called it a tortion area, but tortion area is what we call is the area of the all-pervading power of divine love. Now this theory of divine love, whatever they have talked about divine love has to be actualized. Actually, if it doesn’t happen we still roam about, float about with something artificial, words are words, these words have to become reality and how do they become reality is, by becoming a self knowledgeable, a self-realized soul. This is a very very important point we are missing and that’s why the world is topsy turvy, that’s why we have problems in this world. We have problems in our personal lives, we have problems in the cities and we have in the countries and above all in the whole world. All these problems can be easily solved, when we all get our self-realization. I have now been working for so many years and what I find is that people are just ready to get it. Maybe in the olden days, they were not so much ready and also there was a tradition that realization should be given at most to the one person. Maybe because of that it didn’t work ou,t but today people are born to get realization. They have been searching all these things may be in last lives, many years and today is the time for them to get it. And for that, you don’t have to give up anything. This idea of giving up is absolutely wrong and false. What do we get is give up wife, give up your husband, give up your children, give up all your property, to whom? To whom do you give this? What is there to give up? If inside yourself there is complete renunciation, if a temperament of renunciation is within you whether you are a king or anything else you are full of joy, you are a joy-giving personality and you live in joy and you enjoy everyone, that is the situation which you have to achieve and which is very easy for you all of you to achieve it. there is no end to it, I can go on talking for years together and I have but what I am saying the best thing to go beyond words and to get your self-realization. We have to go in between to see the subtle side of all the sayings of the great prophets and saints, unless and until we see that, we are absolutely on a gross level and this gross level has to go otherwise our world cannot change. Luckily Sahaja Yoga is so working in 72 countries, very surprising. Out of that Russia is the best, of course, India is there because in India traditionally they know we must get our nirvana, we must get our self-realization so it is different. But Russia is the place where there was no freedom of any kind, they never knew about God, never knew about spirituality, but because of the operation on them, of the Kundalini they dove deep into themselves that I am amazed how Russians have taken to Sahaja Yoga, thousands and thousands and millions and millions of Sahaja yogis are in Russia and they are in the most enjoyable position. They had a coup when I was there so I asked them aren’t you worried about the coup that you are having, said mother why should we worry we are in the kingdom of God, why should we worry, so that’s what has to happen to you all, you all deserve it. so one thing is there not to feel guilty about anything, not to worry about all these things, but to get your self-realization. That’s something so great once it happens you will be amazed how many things can work out. I have seen people getting very creative in Sahaja yoga. Ordinary people have risen to such heights of creativity of beauty of simple and very magnanimous behaviour towards art, music. They are also extremely moral. I don’t have to tell them don’t do this don’t do that, I never tell them because if I tell them half of them will walk off but you better take your realization, automatically you become so beautiful and so much enjoying yourself and others, that you don’t want you do not want any more of those conflicts that are existing, so it is very simple as I told you, the yoga is union with the divine, and we talk of divine but we don’t know what is divine is, what is unity, for that you have to rise up to that level of super human beings I should say, by which you will know what is divinity and all kinds of greed and grabbing and domination not only that,,also the depressions and aggressed temperament, all that drops out and you become the most I should say joyous personality, very joyous full of joy and your age also doesn’t tell about you, you must be knowing my age, I am over 77 years of age and it doesn’t work on me, just time is passing like this and it never works on me, so in the same way you don’t have to worry about your age and about your illnesses, because it cures yours, these centers are responsible, all of them are responsible for looking after your physical being. Once they are enlightened, you get absolutely surprisingly cured by your own power, you don’t have to go to the hospital, you don’t have to pay money or anything, you just get cured, and that is what happens, unbelievable, we have a hospital also in India, never Bombay, where I was surprised at the results how Sahaja yoga has worked wonders, in 2, 3 days patients are out of the hospital and enjoying themselves, same with the drug addictions which is one of your biggest problems, overnight people give up drugs, overnight all such things which are destructive just happens, I don’t do anything, it is your own Kundalini which is your mother, she is your individual mother, just like a tape recorder she knows everything about you, she knows what’s wrong you have done, what are your problems and what are your aspirations, she knows everything and once she becomes one with the divine power, she works it out. Moreover, also there are many books written about Kundalini saying that if there is Kundalini awakening, you get these symptoms that symptoms, all these years of my work I haven’t seen anyone suffering from any one of these symptoms because must be something wrong they do. Kundalini is your own mother and she wants you to become a realized soul, one with this all-pervading power, and once that happens you yourself realize how kindly, how softly, how sweetly it has risen, you never felt anything, any kind of trouble __??__. So I am here to tell you about your potential. What potential you have is free, you don’t have to spend money for it you don’t have to do anything stand on your head, give up this give up that all that nonsense is out. Its something inside that happens, and you become a personality which is absolutely surprisingly in the super __?__ all this is within you, I don’t have to do anything much about it, it all works and I am sure, I am sure tonight you are all going to become one with it, in any case, I would like to have some questions from you because the mind is going on of some people, so I would like to have some questions.

If you have any questions please ask. Well, that is something that if there is something lingering in your head then __?__. You can raise your hand if you want to have a question

Question unclear

Shri Mataji: the question is alright, that once you become realized soul, then why do you come down. The problem is in your chakras, still, there are problems, supposing somebody has a liver, the Kundalini is your mother, she is very kind and affectionate so she tries to go back there, again to treat the liver, from whatever problems you have in your chakras she treats, it takes time, about within a months time you can become a master, no doubt, but why it happens because still, you have not been meditating, you are not working it out, it is for you to work it out and permanently it will be there. There are so many, even in your Vancouver who are there now settled nicely. So everybody can do it. it can be any kind of ignorance you had, you start thinking, finding out whether it is true or not or something doubting yourself. Then you also sometimes feel guilty for nothing at all. I mean in the west I find people are always guilty for any small nonsensical thing. Supposing some coffee spills, they feel guilty for all their lives. See all these things ___?__ our society who have funny norms, go on worrying about it and that’s how we lose our that state. but it is there, always there, but the effect of it is reduced so best is to pay attention to yourself and meditate and you are always there, there’s no hurt?

Question: unclear

Shri Mataji: to become divine, simple, that’s the question, to be frank within us what is the purpose of human life is to become divine, part and parcel of __?__. Now supposing you are a father, what do you want your son to become? Happy enjoyable, and also a responsible person. You always want that for your children, then your great father what does he want from you, he wants you to be happy, joyous people. Out of ignorance, you are not that, so he wants to remove that ignorance, this is the purpose of our life

Question: unclear

Shri Mataji: absolutely its absolutely curable. It comes out of your imbalance and with that, it can get completely cured. Except for, I have seen it works for everything except for this AIDS business because these patients of AIDS are extremely aggressive and they don’t want to take anything, and they are so angry because they think they have a right to kill others who torture others who get angry with others for what, we tried our hand on this AIDS, but these people are funny you know, they don’t know they are going to die tomorrow, they should be little humble

Question: unclear

Shri Mataji speaks in Hindi (translation: Hindustani asks the most questions, they ask lots of questions). it is based on all the religions, whatever the religion it is, you take any one of them they have said seek within yourself, who has not said if it is not a lecture?

Question: I have read in different descriptions about people have raised ___?__ and they talked about how dangerous it was and how careful one has to be. I am interested in how differences in the way that you teach it

Shri Mataji: I have already told you that many people have written that Kundalini is something a bad thing, you know anything ___?__ whichever is written, now that’s the trouble of your ignorance, it is not, it is not, its absolutely wrong, absolutely wrong, it is only just to make money, you see people do all kinds. I would say like guru Nanaka, he has written Granth Sahib and clearly, clearly he has said, it is written that once you __?__ Sahasrara, absolutely written down in everything, but problem is that people are doing a diverse ideas, maybe money making, I don’t know why they do it when they have no idea, they have no authority

Question: Mataji human beings should use vegetarian food

Shri Mataji: nothing of that kind, whatever suits your body you should take, we don’t have all these nonsensical ideas that you eat this, why eating only, but whatever suits you, if you need proteins, you take proteins, if you need vegetables you eat that, it’s the body whatever it requires you should take. All this you don’t eat this you don’t eat that I cant understand

Question: unclear

Shri Mataji: pituitary gland? Calcified, oh can be, one should try, if it is calcified it takes time but can be helped

Question: Mother with the risk of sounding personal, not trying to, what happened personally for you that made you realize that this is __?__ way to go

Shri Mataji: I will answer this question very simple, how do you know, when did you know you were a human being, in the same way, I was born and I knew I had all these things in me, but I didn’t do it anything till 47 years of age I didn’t start my work, I stayed quiet, I was trying to find out how to give en masse realization. Supposing I give realization to one person he will be tortured, they will all get after my life, they may crucify me, they do anything because people don’t like anyone like that, so I said if you have a mass realization it will work out, so I was working all the years in a subtle way on the Kundalini of people, what is the problem, what are the permutations and combinations that will work out and once it worked out I started my work

Question: unclear

Shri Mataji: that’s what I am going to work it out for you. That’s a power within you in the triangular bone called as sacrum, that means the Greeks knew it was a sacred bone and there’s a power, exact power which is coiled up into three and a half coils, Kundalini means coils, and then she starts rising above, not the whole of it, like threads and nourishing your centres, passes through parasympathetic nervous system and opens your fontanelle bone area. But later on, you will know a lot about it once you have your self-realization

Question: unclear

Shri Mataji: laughing- it is just the question because you see it is better to know about yourself than about me but doesn’t matter that’s the human nature, I would say how did you become a human being. I was born like that

Question: unclear

Shri Mataji: I think, but they have not become still collective that’s why. Once you become collective all this goes away, finishes off. ___??__ our heritage is from the animal kingdom? and we inherit lots of things from them and we have to get rid of it and how do we do it in rising in our evolution becoming higher personalities

Question: how does ego come in us and how does ego goes out of us

Shri Mataji: that’s a very nice question that little boy has asked me, that how does it go. If there’s darkness, how does your darkness goes, through the light. In the same way, when you get the light of your spirit the darkness goes away, all right 

Question: do you use parayana?

Answer: no no no there is no need to do all that. alright. Parayana, standing on your head, not necessary. Afterwards, when you have got your realization to say, for example, and you have some problems on your chakras, then you may have to do some particular _____ but first, know what’s wrong with you, and then maybe some of it, but so far no Sahaja Yogi’s were asked to do parayana, little bit of it is alright, whatever is necessary for your lungs maybe, but everybody doing parayana, you know what happens to them 

Question: I struggle every day with dealings of my past and future and all that other stuff and I _____ meditation and when I take a look at myself I find I am uneasy with myself and  I feel lost and I don’t know what to do I continue to do meditation but I just don’t want to look too deep inside myself I don’t know what I’m trying to say here but I got these demons that you guys have spoken of and problems of other sorts but I deal with that every day and I feel lost and confused

Shri Mataji:   you are very honest I must say, that’s the correct thing that’s what happens, that if you do it that way it doesn’t work out, now think of a candle which is not enlightened, by itself it cannot get enlightened, some other light has to enlighten it, In the same way, once you get your enlightenment you can enlighten many people also but without that enlightenment you try all these tricks nothing works out, so I am quite convinced that you will get it just now alright may God bless you

 Question: in your lecture, you have spoken of man evolving from the animal kingdom, That is what Darwin also said In his theory of evolution,  if you agree with Darwin that man evolved from the animal, then at what stage does spirituality came to man, and what was the source, what is the originator of that spirituality infused into man 

Shri Mataji: there are two forces, one is we human beings coming out of the gross side and the another is spirituality which comes from great prophets and incarnations who have talked about it But somehow or the other human beings have also used them also for their own purpose, it is not their business and that’s why there is a conflict, but once you become that, become that, then you know what is the reality, the point is we do not know the reality and that’s why there is a quarrel, all right

Question: I like what you said about taking the emphasis off money. I have this curiosity about how you can then do what you do and have this wonderful Center  for this evening

Shri Mataji:   now the thing is like this, that Is for your self-realization you don’t pay but for this, you have to pay, no doubt, but actually what has happened that so many have got realization now, that they collect money and take the hall on rent or something like that, but in the beginning, I used to pay for all that, I worked it out that way because we did not have so many Sahaja yogis, but now we have Sahaja Yogi’s who contributed to getting this Hall and all these things, but most of the things they do it, which is not spiritual but is for you people to become spiritual 

Question:  you are an enlightened person and you probably have some divine power, perhaps, and we are new to this spiritual divine power or the consciousness and was wondering whether you could help us like I hear about these chakras and centres, which I have not attained, how does one, do you have the power to help teach us or to help us to get enlightenment and receive this

Shri Mataji:  it is very kind of you to say that, it will happen just now right now after, your questioning is over, you’ll get it, all right

those who question are the people who use their mind too much and unless and until they settle down they cant get their realization 

Question: not clear and answer not clear. She is always alright, you don’t have to do anything about it. but there is a centre which is below it, and which is guiding it, what Christ has said you have to become like children, you have to be innocent like children, so this innocence is within us, that looks after us, people have become so immoral and so much in defiance with love, that this chakra also sometimes doesn’t act, but also with a little bit of understanding, you can convince the deity on this chakra, that you want to be a good person. if you have done any mistakes, if you have done any wrong, it is all forgiven at this stage, you don’t have to worry because it is love, it’s compassion, it wants to save the whole world, so it doesn’t matter

Question:  a gentleman earlier talked about internal struggles, I will get a little bit more personal, sexuality does it impede the ability for self-realization

Shri Mataji:   no no whatever is natural,  you should give in a natural way, this is all unnatural nonsense that is going on in the name of sexuality, natural thing is to be married to some ladies or some man and lead a perfect married life, perfect family life, that we have achieved in Sahaja yoga, we have achieved it, that joy we have achieved it, alright

Question   re be I commend you on your Nobel Peace Prize, I was wondering what your personal thoughts were on what is going on in India right now with their nuclear program and Pakistan

Shri Mataji: Don’t pull me into politics (everyone cheering). That’s not important. All these things will work out for the better. Politics also works in such a manner it has nothing to do with spirituality, but when spiritual politics will start, things will work out very well I have already told you that I work in 72 nations, there are no quarrels no fights, we have seminars, we had recently a seminar in Canajoharie which is ___?__very close to Canada and I was so surprised they were all so happy so much enjoying each other, there were no quarrels no fights but just an enjoyment of love, so this question doesn’t arise after realization

Question: I was just wondering if someone is in a stressful situation and they don’t have the opportunity to go and meditate or them don’t have a chance to ________ what is the best on the spot way to raise their vibration so they can see it from Gods point of view as to point of view of society and in order to properly deal with problems

Shri Mataji: as I have told you already it is your fundamental right, and if circumstances do not let you, the whole thing works out, automatically it works out, take all the opportunities I have seen many people who had these problems, but they work out, so believe in this power of love, how beautifully it works, alright, may God bless you

Question: I just want to make a little comment, there was somebody who came up and made a comment about feeling lost and through my own life being down I felt the same and I have also learnt through this journey that whatever you have inside there is nothing to be afraid of because it is pure love, so I hope that you will bring somebody out there hope as it did for me

Shri Mataji: you try Sahaja Yoga, that will solve your problem, alright

Question: unclear

Shri Mataji: (looks at the backdrop) oh I don’t see this one is decoration you know. this is not chakras, this is just decoration made by people which I had not even seen, now I will see that. You see everything you see, but why don’t you see the point (cheering)

Question: once you reach that point what do you do then?

Shri Mataji: now just now you be prepared for it, alright. You should accept it when it happens to you, alright. We keep it that way. Now there are still some questions

Question: on the path to self-realization and inner peace, is it normal to feel very alone and helpless (rest unclear) at a low point before they reach a higher point. Is there a way to overcome pain (unclear)

Shri Mataji: here now it will be like a sprouting of a seed, and it has to grow, like a tree but we have here very nice Sahaja yogis who will help you, so it’s a very simple meditation that helps you, and people have become masters in one months time as I have told you, maximum

Question unclear

Shri Mataji: I’ll be coming, I’ll be definitely coming (cheering) thank you very much for the invite. You see temples, gurudwaras, churches, all these are meant for introducing spirituality, and that’s not the end of it. what is the end? end of it is to know it was love, to become spiritually endowed, that’s why the whole thing is, but it didn’t work out that way because people become mental. Everything becomes mental. I am saying you have to go beyond your mental personality. For that you have to have Kundalini awakening, alright

Question: how do I achieve ascension in this lifetime

Shri Mataji: of course, yes, I am here for that only, alright, just now you will feel better. I am going to give you the experience, actually, it is your own Kundalini which is going to rise and you all are going to become that, alright, thank you for saying that

Question unclear

Shri Mataji: alright, I have understood, now this is what I am trying to tell you, whatever you have done so far, just ask the question what have I achieved, have I got the true knowledge, have I got the reality before me, no, that’s the fact, let us face it for you good and for understanding that, so far I haven’t got it. whatever you have done I am not going to condemn ______ but sometimes if you have done the wrong type of things it might hinder your realization but still, it works out because Kundalini is your pure desire. That is the reflection of the pure desire of God Almighty within you, and that is your pure desire, all other desires are false. Supposing you want to buy a car, you go and buy the car, you are not satisfied, then you want to build a house, then you are not satisfied, then you want to buy an aeroplane, I don’t know it goes on and on, you are never satisfied in life, that is the principle of economics in modern ____ you never get satisfied you never enjoy for which you have worked so hard ________ but a pure desire within you is to become the spirit, when it happens _____ your desires are fulfilled. It is very surprising how it works within you with your own _____ But firstly you must have love for others, it is not selfishness I am teaching you, but have respect because you have such potential, you don’t know what you have, please just respect yourself and find out how far you can go, and help others.

Now I think we stop questioning because half of the people are already gone. We should now have the self-realization session, alright, agreed? (cheering)

Please be seated all of you. Please be seated, wherever you are it is alright, not necessary that you should be close to me or away from me, its all over, its all-pervading power, so please be seated, that’s all you should do. So first of all as I told you, you should not feel guilty for anything, whatever wrong that has been done and one should know that you should not ponder over is any longer because you are just making yourself miserable for nothing at all, but on a subtle way you catch on the centre on the left-hand side which can give you spondylitis, can give you angina, very serious thing to feel guilty after all if you were guilty you would be in jail why are you here, so please have a very pleasant attitude towards yourself, not to feel guilty that’s very important, and secondly, you have to forgive all those people who you don’t want to forgive or find it difficult, just say that I forgive, because logically if you don’t forgive anyone what do you do, nothing. You carry on with the malice and you go on suffering, and the person who has tortured you is quite happy, but you are the one who is suffering because you hate him or maybe all this kind of feelings you have, so forgive everyone, just forgive very important, just forgive. As it is when you feel guilty, you are not forgiving yourself, so you forgive everyone else and forgive also yourself. just forgive it is a very beautiful thing to do is to forgive, and with forgiveness what happens is this centre which is very constricted, opens out easily and you get your realisation no doubt so just forgive, what is there to carry on with this. In love I don’t want to see you people suffer because of something mythical, Let us forget it, let us forget.

Now there’s another thing I have to request you to take out your shoes if possible because mother earth helps us a lot. Please just take out your shoes. then those who do not want to have self-realization should leave the hall because those who are going to get it you should not watch them and put your attention to them but it is a question of your attention, your attention-getting enlightened, so please if you don’t want you can leave the hall, thank you.

Now what you have to do is put both the hands like this (palms up) little higher (by chest). Now, please put your right hand towards Me and bend your head and see for yourself if there is a cool or hot breeze coming out of your fontanelle bone area. (using left hand) A little away from your head, move your hand, is there is a cool or hot breeze coming out of your head. It is hot because, either you have not forgiven yourself or you have not forgiven others.

Now please put your left hand towards me again, bend your head and see with your right hand, is there a cool or hot breeze coming out of your head, out of your fontanelle bone area which was a soft bone in your childhood. Move your hand and see for yourself, don’t doubt yourself, don’t doubt, please don’t doubt, have faith in yourself, see for yourself it will work out.

Now please put both hands towards me like this again and don’t think, just don’t think, any thoughts that come, say not this, not this, just don’t think. I hope you have put both the feet apart from each other. Now just don’t think, just don’t think.

Now put both the hands towards the sky like this (Shri Mataji raises her hands towards the sky palms facing the room in front) and ask the question. One of these 3 questions you ask only once thrice? Firstly ask the question- is this the cool breeze of the holy ghost, ask a question, ask this question 3 times or you can ask, Mother, is this the all-pervading power of divine love, ask this question 3 times, now, ask the question 3 times again or Mother is this the paramchaitanya or is this the rhu, ask this question 3 times.

Now please put down your hands. Please put your hands like this (in front towards her) and see if there is a cool or hot breeze coming on your fingertips or on your thumb or out of your fontanelle bone area, just see for yourself, just like this (hands in front of her). anywhere, anywhere either on your fingertips or on your palm or on your fontanelle bone area, wherever, just put your hands like this (in front). Don’t doubt yourself, that’s the main point, don’t doubt yourself, you all can get it, you all can get it, please don’t doubt yourself, have respect for yourself, have love for yourself, understand, you are human beings made to be higher human beings that’s what you have to be, just put your hands like this (in front).

All those who have felt the cool or hot breeze on their fingertips or on the palm or on top of their fontanelle bone area, this is the actualization of baptism you can call it, and if so please raise both your hands. May God bless you, Oh my God, May God bless you.

Despite all the questions you’ll have got it now, you can feel it around you, this is what it is, the first time you are feeling it, but now don’t doubt it, please. But it is there, it is there. Now how to grow, how to become one great soul, you have to little bit practice as these people will tell you if there are any problems in your chakras, please do it, they won’t tell you which chakras, your hands will speak, they will tell you, that you are catching on this or you are catching on that, that’s all needs to be cleared out and it will all work out very well I am sure, with all my love, with all my compassion, I want to bless you all with the return of joy. May God bless you.

I think they will sing a song, so you should clap your hands so these vibrations, cool vibrations we can call them the divine power will very much be more sensitive on your hands, so let them sing one song. This is the song which they want to sing, was composed by Namadeva, so many years back, and its sung all over Maharashtra, but they don’t know what is the meaning of this, he says, that oh Mother give me the yoga, they say they that want to know that I have give up all non-sensical things, I have given up all these six enemies, as the six enemies we have, and now you give me your realization, so he says by raising my Kundalini in the centre, by raising my Kundalini you have given me the realization. The Great poet Namadeva has sung this but people did not understand the meaning so much in our religion now, of course, we have so many of them who have got their self-realization so asking for yoga. This is written in Marathi language but when he went to Punjab, Guru Nanak asked him to write it in the Punjabi language, and such a big book he has written such a big book. Guru Nanaka was very very intelligent, he got all the great poems and things from all the realized souls and put them together, that’s his Granth Sahib. (Jogwa being sung)

May God Bless you, may God bless you all. I hope that you will go to the followup and whatever correction is needed you will do it and you will be established Sahaja yoga. Next year I hope to come back again and I meet you again as realized souls. May God Bless You.

Followup program details are given