Public Program

Los Angeles (United States)

1999-07-01 Public Program Los Angeles USA DP-RAW, 43'
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1999-0701 Public Program Los Angeles USA.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

 When we are seeking the truth we must know what we have to seek, what we have to have. There are all kinds of shops around where they talk of giving you the truth. But first of all, we must know what you have to achieve, what you have to get if you are seeking the truth. Many great Saints, Sufis, Poets have mentioned about it that you have to seek your Spirit you have to become spiritual. But nobody has been able to achieve that maybe the circumstances are not like that. Now when we talk of truth we have to know that the truth is very simple to understand. First, we must know the instrument of truth. That is you are not this body, this mind, these emotions, these feelings, these thoughts but you are the pure Spirit, you are the pure Spirit and that has to happen to you that you become the Spirit.

As our heritage has been very sadly we are carrying out many qualities, instincts of the animal stage. And that’s why we find in people having jealousy and operation, aggression all kinds of horrible things. Also, the worst part is that man can think and in his awareness in his thinking he can also justify through his nationality to whatever he is doing. So it’s a blind end. Once you start justifying to whatever you are doing, it’s a blind end. But there is no way through mental exercise that you can clear out all these things. You must know that your creator has already looked after your Self Realization. He has already made arrangements within you to give you your self-knowledge. So far you don’t know yourself, that’s the main thing they have said: “Know Thyself”. How? How do you know ourselves?  We don’t know what we have we know about others but about ourselves, we don’t know. And whatever we know about others is also very superficial. 

So now within us is placed as I have shown you the power of Kundalini, it is called “Kundal” because it has three and half coils and it’s a feminine, it’s a feminine Power. She is your individual Mother. Everyone has an individual Mother and She has tape-recorded all about you about your mistakes, about what you want, what are your respirations, everything this Mother has recorded within Herself. Now She is just waiting for the second birth. Because it is your own power you have to get it. Sahaja means “Saha” means with and “ja” means born. Born with you is the right is the birthright that you get this yoga means union with the divine Power. Now when I say there is divine Power all around us and It does all the living work. We have to just know that there is a Power and everybody is called It by different names somebody has called it Ruth, somebody has called it Paramachaithanya, and somebody has called it cool breeze of the Holy Ghost. All this has been on but people don’t know where is that Power. It is all over which does all the living work. You see the beautiful flowers around and we never even think how these flowers are created by  Mother Earth, so beautifully so differently, and how She has put such a beautiful show of her kindness of her patience. Apart from that if you ask a doctor who is the one who runs your heart,  he will say it’s the autonomous nervous system. Ask the question who is the auto, he can’t answer. They are honest I must say they are honest. This is what we have to know that all this work living work is done without any one of our efforts, effortlessly, and who does that work. So this all-pervading power of divine love which you can call by any name is around us and It works out everything for us. This Power knows everything about us. Also, It looks after us. It guides us. It thinks. It organizes but above all this Power loves you. It’s nothing but love and compassion. 

People have never known that they are loved by this all-pervading power and when you start doing something against yourself which is not love for yourself then She punishes you in a way to guide you to the proper side. Now this Power is surrounding us all through but when we talk about the ascent of Kundalini it passes through six centres. You have seen there the red one is the lowest one we can call it first or the seven is the Power there it protect our morality, to protect the Mother Kundalini. When this Power rises She passes through six centres and these six centres She enlightens. With that enlightenment, we get so many benefits because these centres are responsible for our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual being. Now imagine this power passes through this thing and this is the last breakthrough of our evolution. You have come to the human awareness I have already told you what is our heritage is, no use condemning people, no use condemning others or ourselves. But it is the heritage you have got and this heritage that you have got troubles you troubles the whole world. So now you have to become a personality which is absolutely spiritual which is superhuman being you can call it. When this Kundalini raises She gives you such a lot of powers. 

First,  [ talking to the Yogi: he must have told them the benefits of the chakras]. Yeah. 

He has already told you that these benefits manifest within us and you see that we become a very special personality. But the best part of it when you are connected to this all-pervading power, you know pure knowledge. Einstein has said about it. Einstein has said that if you go beyond the mind there is an area called torsion area and if you can somehow or other touch that torsion area then you get absolute knowledge. He himself was tired of finding out the theory of relativity. And he was sitting in his garden after all that efforts he had put in his laboratory and suddenly he says I was playing with the soap bubbles and from somewhere unknown this theory of relativity dawned upon him. He calls that unknown place as torsion area. This torsion area we all can touch, by that you get pure knowledge. Whatever you know can be verified by scientific method. Science is just a knowledge from a torsion area that people try to find out and when they find out, we think it is very research. There is no research it all comes from that area which is pure knowledge, absolute knowledge. Our knowledge is not absolute but when you become I should say a Sahaja Yogi you can feel on your fingertips what’s wrong with your centres, what’s wrong with the centres of others. Because you also become collectively conscious. You become collective.

Now can you imagine if you know all that we are part and parcel of one great personality, how can we fight? With him to fight, who is the other? This finger doesn’t fight with another finger, does it? Because it is aware that they are part and parcel of one body. That’s what happens to you, you become collective. And once you are collective your knowledge of collective is also great. First of all you know about your centres and you know about the centres of others. If you can correct your centres you can correct the centres of others also. This is something such a power you have thus you can get rid of your diseases easily, you can get rid of your imbalances, you can get rid of your schizophrenia and all those things. So many things you can get rid of and we have definitely found out that it works.

It does work. You can know yourself what’s wrong with yourself and what’s wrong with others. Then you don’t condemn yourself but you correct yourself and once you correct yourself you become a master. You become a master and you can correct others also.

Now the time has come for us to rise above human awareness. Now how do we become peaceful? When you cross this centre [ Mother showing at Agnya Chakra] what happen, that like thoughts they come to us through this centre from the past and the future. The ways like thoughts one another, one another like that. Now these thoughts we are jumping on the cusp of these thoughts. But when Kundalini rises She elongates those thoughts and what happens to you that you come in the present. No more on the future or the past. And there you become completely silent. You do not react but you see everything just see, so you develop a witness state. That is the most peaceful state by which you can easily achieve the greatest joy. For example, now see there is a beautiful carpet here now if I look at it in a normal way I would think is a very beautiful carpet how much it will cost, where should I go to buy this and all those things. If it’s mine I will be more worried is it insured or not, what’s happening to the carpet. But after Realization what happens when you look at it, the joy of the creation by the artist starts bubbling in you and you jump in the ocean, jump in the ocean of joy. Joy is not a double thing like happiness and unhappiness it’s a singular. And once you are in that joy you enjoy all those subtleties of all the creations. Nature you enjoy. Mother Earth you enjoy.  You enjoy other persons and such love flows within you that all kinds of quarrels and stupid things that we do finishes of. Now we should  know this Kundalini exists in all the people whether black, white, yellow, blue any type of people skin you may have. Also, it exists universally in every person to whatever religion, to whatever community, to whatever nation you may belong to. It’s such a universal thing that exists within you. When it exists within you, then you should that know we are all just the same in front of the Divine, we are not different people we are just the same and when we talk of religion also as you know there are people who hate religion nowadays. Now nothing wrong with religions either but the trouble is human beings who have ruined them, have completely finished them. That’s the specialty of the human beings. If you go in a forest where there has been no visitation of a human being it’s very clean and doesn’t smell you find it is so well-organized. But in case one human being goes there immediately you know there must have been a human being because of it’s existence you find lots of problems in that forest. So they have done the same thing to our religions. They have ruined them because they have made it money-oriented or power-oriented. If you become money-oriented what happens that you know very well. We have to be Spirit-oriented. Because religions are not Spirit-oriented all these problems have come they are fighting in the name of one god, all of them are fighting. It’s a stupid thing but it is happening. 

So one has to know that there is no way we can live together unless and until we have our Self Realization. Spirit is the reflection of God Almighty in our hearts. When it is there when it shines then what happens is our attention becomes enlightened. Wherever our attention goes it works the spiritual powers work. This attention has been so far rovering [UNCLEAR text] here and there, then it is from inside the light shows that the person whom you are looking, the building you are looking at,  all the things you are looking at with a different sense of joy. And this attention which is enlightened makes you an evolved personality. We talk of now -a-days there is no value system, the value system has fallen down all kinds of things we talk. How are we going to correct them? By what, by throwing bombs are you going to correct which is the way, the way is this that we should evolve. Evolve. And this is what is very important that we all should evolve into that higher realm about which everybody has told that you have to know yourself.

So the first you get self-knowledge because you can feel your centres on your fingertips you know what is wrong with you and then after that, you also know about others what’s wrong with them. This is a very, very important thing nowadays and the time has come for thousands to get Realization.

You should know that I have been working for thirty years now like this and first time I came to America I was so disappointed because they were running after all kinds of false gurus. Because maybe they could buy their gurus and when I came they told Me very frankly that unless and until You take money no American is going to believe you. I said this is your own power how can I take money from you. How can I take money from you it’s not possible. It’s your own power you gain it because of your own power and everything divine has to be free. What do we pay to this Mother Earth which sprouts the seeds? We don’t, it’s a living process. It’s a living process of evolution and we don’t pay anything for it. But this was really surprising that they told me I mean they sent some economics to teach Me, that I must take some money. You see it’s absurd and absurd things can’t be done. So we have to know that everything is not for sale, specially the spiritual life is not. Anybody who takes money in the name of God, in the name of religion, I must tell you, you be careful.

Now there is a state in which you have to rise and in that state the joy you feel, the understanding you get your value system changes entirely. I have seen people giving up drugs overnight. I have told some people that in America I can start one organization where we could remove this drug addiction. So wherever I tried they said that the public will be against it.  But why, because these people go amack and they do all kinds of things. I said now I take very far fetch place where they cannot come to public. But let me do this work it’s very simple. Overnight I have seen people give up all things that are destructive to them because in the light of the Spirit you see whatever is constructive. And you have the Power, you have the Power to adhere to that. It’s something so special should happen to all of you. 

I wish tonight you all get Sef Realization. But after getting the Self Realization little bit you have to work it out because Kundalini goes back to your centres to cure you. And sometimes it does happen but it’s not never lost, never lost, but if you little bit come to our centre where you don’t have to pay anything, again I say again and again then you can master this. Within one month’s time anybody can be a master and you can give Realizations to other and do such a lot of good work for yourself and for others. 

Yes, I would like you people to ask Me some questions because I can see some people have something in their heads and they can’t get rid of it. So if you have any sensible questions ask Me.

Yogi: Anyone would like to ask a question to Shri Mataji? Yes!

Seeker: How long does it take to conquer these different stages to be in thoughtless?

Shri Mataji: There is no time limit for that. Just now instantaneously you will get your Self Realization. Instantaneously. But to grow I told you at the most one month you will take. So there is no time limit. This is beyond time.

Seeker: If you get your experience of self-realization tonight, is it going to be permanent?

Shri Mataji: Of course, it is permanent. No doubt. But as I told you there are problems on your centres which are to be corrected and then you absolutely get dissolved in the ocean of love. The drop becomes the ocean.

Seeker: If we all are part of one Spirit, then why do we perceive ourselves to be individuals?

Shri Mataji: In ignorance. We do it in ignorance. You see if our eyes are closed and their darkness we can’t see anything. When we start walking back we jump onto this person, we jump onto that person but when there is light, light of knowledge then we don’t see separately. That’s the difference, that’s the different state. I have seen, I have seen we have so many of them and they come to India from all countries, from all nations and I have never seen them quarreling, fighting but enjoying each other. They all are, some of them are very highly placed in their lives, some of them ordinary, some are villagers they all combined together so well that all these differences go away. So we have to have the light first then you see in the light what is the truth. All right!

Seeker: If everything is pure Spirit then why does ignorance exist?

Shri Mataji: It existed because of your evolutionary process. We have to pass through all that, you were not born with that. It is there in the heart. But still, the light has not come into your attention. First, your attention has to grow up to human level, and then only you can get it.

Seeker: In the scriptures, it is described that there are several levels of samadhi, so is this Self Realization true?

Shri Mataji: Yes. Of course, it is true. But we cross, cross all of them so fast perhaps it is a jet age for Kundalini also.

Seeker: Can you be self-realized and not realize that you are self-realized?

Shri Mataji: Not possible normally, but you can feel on your fingertips this all-pervading power. You can also feel out of your fontanelle bone area a cool breeze coming out of it. So it’s not possible that way to feel that you are self-realized and you get all the powers by which you can raise the Kundalini of others, you can cure people, you can help people I mean so many things you can do. You become a very dynamic personality.

Seeker: In many spiritual paths that I have, coming to self-realization so spoken [ UNCLEAR]of in the lifetime ever achieved[UNCLEAR]. Can you speak a little about what is different about this?

Yogi:  In all the different spiritual paths that she has gone to, they all talk about self-realization, so how is it different? It’s always difficult and long.

Shri Mataji: Yes, this one is the real one. What can I say now?

Seeker: How can you reconcile your ambitions and day-to-day pursuit of life?

Shri Mataji: You see in the light of the Spirit you see what is constructive for you. So also your ambitions all are mental things. You don’t achieve it. You are just bothered about it, that’s the trouble of the modern times also. That we want to achieve something say we want to buy a car we work very hard save money, do this buy a car. But we are not satisfied with that either. Then we want to build a house again do the same and we never satisfied and this is the basic principle of modern economics. That you are never satisfied you are running from one to another. But after this happening you become satisfied person you start understanding and not only by that if I say so you are showered with the blessing of the Divine.

Seeker: What is the enjoyment of life?

Shri Mataji: That you have to get it and then you will know. All right. You have to just wait. 

What else is there somebody?

Seeker: Keep on talking… [ UNCLEAR].

Shri Mataji: Dear sir, if you have to give such a big lecture you better hire another hall. Thank you very much. It’s all absurd things you are talking about have you meant God? Then why do you say all these things? First, of all become, become a self-realized soul then you tell Me. Without that how can you talk, is all ignorance. All right, what else?

Seeker: Do you get vibrations whenever you do Yoga?

Shri Mataji: All the time you get it. All the time.

Seeker: I don’t have a question but I want to thank you for sharing.

Shri Mataji: Very kind of you to say that, very kind. Thank you very much.

Seeker: As we all are normal householders is there a relationship between our yoga life, our sexual life, and the food we eat?

Shri Mataji: Now just be seated I will tell you. The thing that happens to you is within yourself. All right. And then you see for yourself what is good for you constructive for you. In that married life is a normal thing those who say don’t marry wear those robes and go about, is all nonsense. Because it is all outside. Inside what happens to you is the point. You need not give up your family, give up everybody, and become a sort of a saint walking about. Not at all you have to be in the family you have to be in the society, you have to be there. Only thing is you can help all of them. So these problems do not come. You know how far to go with everything. All right. Thank you.

Seeker: Asking question about vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.

Shri Mataji: All right, this is another fad[ UNCLEAR] that whether to eat non-veg and all that. We shouldn’t eat any animal which is bigger than us. That’s a fact. But it is only whatever you need you must eat. Supposing you need proteins have proteins, if you need more carbohydrates have carbohydrates. But not so much attention on it because your Kundalini looks after your health. Now I’m seventy-seven years old Myself so you can imagine.

So you are all ready for Realization now?

Seekers: Yes! 

Shri Mataji: Thank you. Very kind. Very happy to see so many people in Los Angeles wanting their Self Realization. Really, but one thing I have to request is humbly that I can’t force it on you. You have to ask for it. Because Kundalini is your pure desire and if you do not have the desire, I cannot force on you. I would request you in that case you can leave the hall but if it is pure desire you can get it, no problem.

Now what we have to do if I request you to take out your shoes I hope you don’t mind. You all sensible people I tell you, first time I told English that you have to take out your shoes half of them walked out. Because this Mother Earth helps us. That’s why we have to take out our shoes.

Now be comfortable. Comfort is very important. Comfortable, absolutely be comfortable. Now you can put your both the legs a little away from each other or you can put both the feet away from each other. As simple as that. Now please put both your hands like this. Now to make one request to you that is very important that you have to forgive everyone. Whether you forgive or don’t forgive you don’t do anything normally. But if you don’t forgive you torture yourself, so best thing is to forgive. Also, people say it is difficult but it is not difficult at all. It’s just mental. You just say I forgive everyone, Mother I forgive everyone. 

Secondly, we have to forgive ourselves also. We feel guilty for very very small small things. Our norms are so funny that if you put the spoon from here to there you feel guilty all your life. That’s sort of a thing is not needed. You are not guilty, no have done nothing wrong. So you must have love and respect for yourselves. Really respect for yourselves. You are now entering into the new realm of Realization and you must respect yourselves for that.

 Please put both the hands towards Me. Please forgive, please forgive yourselves and forgive others. That’s the only condition you have to do.

Now put your left hand towards me more and the right hand on top of your head. Here on the fontanelle bone area, it was the soft bone in your childhood. Bend your head, would be better to help you. Bend your head. See for yourself if there is a cool or hot breeze-like vibrations are coming out. Now put your right hand towards me and with a left hand please see on top of your head, not touching the head but above the head, you see if there is a cool or hot breeze-like vibrations are coming in. They are hot because you are not forgiving yourselves or perhaps you have not forgiven others. So please forgive yourself and forgive others also, that’s important at this time. This heat has to go away.

Now please put both your hands like this and watch Me without thinking. Just watch Me without thinking. Some of you will get it down below so push it back like that on top, if they are coming on the lower side of your palms so push it back like that on your palm. Now again put them and Now please raise both the hands towards the sky and ask one of these questions three times. One question three times. 

The first one is Mother is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost? Or else you can ask second question Mother is this the all-pervading power of divine Love? Or you can ask, push back your head, and ask Mother is this the Paramachaitanaya?

Ask any one of these questions and you would be amazed you will feel, you feel for the first time this all pervading power around us. 

Now take down your hands and put your hands towards me and don’t think.

All those who have felt cool or hot breeze on the fingertips or in the palm center of the palm or out of the fontanelle bone area please raise both your hands. All those who have felt. My goodness, the whole of Los Angeles.

May God bless you.

 May God bless you. 

Look at that how it has worked out spontaneously. What beautiful people you are and I’m very happy to meet you here really. May God bless you. Now you keep your vibrations all right. Please come to the follow-up programs again we are having tomorrow. Tomorrow here. Make it a point to come because in that you will see for yourself what’s is needed to establish it fully. It’s very important, you must understand your own importance in today’s turmoil. How important you are  what you are capable of. So please I request you all of you to come tomorrow again for the follow-up and you can know much more about yourself and about Sahaj Yoga. Please just do this much for tomorrow and then you will know what is it to dissolve in the ocean of joy. 

May God bless you.