GMTV Interview

London (England)

1999-07-07 Shri Mataji, TV interview - GM TV, 4'
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GMTV Interview. London (UK).

[..]   strange society that we live in today, it really, really is [..]  and sometimes you just want to take a break and take five minutes to yourself. The one woman who has found the secrets I think of inner calm is Shri Mataji. She joins me now.

It’s great to see You. It really is. Tell me about this technique, what’s it called and how does it work.

Shri Mataji: Sahaja Yoga. Right.

Journalist: How does that work?

Shri Mataji: Sahaja,  Saha means with, Ja means born. Born with you is this opportunity, or eh, a kind of a blessing that you can become one with the Divine.

Journalist: Right.

Shri Mataji: You are born with it.

Journalist: We’re seeing examples here, and it’s all ages – anybody can do this?

Shri Mataji:  Of  course.

Journalist: Yeah, Anyone at all. Of course.

Shri Mataji: Everybody has it, all over the world. Everyone has that.

Journalist: Little tiny ones, (3 of them –unclear) and she’s doing it (unclear).

Shri Mataji: They are raising the power within you which is dormant in the triangular bone and by raising it they passing through six centres and when they pass through six centres, you see,  the connection is established then with the All–Pervading Power of Love.

So that’s what it’s about, that’s what it’s about. And do you think people, I mean people don’t just take the time out do they, just to sit down for 5 minutes and actually do this.  I mean how often would you have to do this?

Shri Mataji:  I mean – I’d say  it’s eh– whenever- whenever you felt the need – yeah whenever –I mean you’ll have to do 5 minutes meditation after getting it- that’s all.  But it’s an en masse happening, it’s happening in so many countries. And people have been so much by that …you get your physical, mental, emotional and also spiritual being alright because all these centres are looking after that side of our life. So you get all the blessings, you get your sickness cured, your emotional imbalances are brought round. And also spiritually you are equipped because you are connected with this all Pervading Power.

J: Now the thing about you is, you’re doing a big, such a gathering tomorrow at The Albert Hall, but it’s free. Anybody can come along.

Shri Mataji: Of  course.

J: You would not charge people at all?

Shri Mataji: No no no , because it’s your own. How can I charge you for your own?  Ha ha ha.

J:  (Shri Mataji…unclear ) Do You honestly think absolutely anybody can do this? Pardon.

J: Anyone can do this you say?

Shri Mataji: Of course, of course. Once you get your realization, you have to know it. First of all, you get your realization, in a sense it should break through from here. Is an actualization of baptism. And once you get that then you can yourself understand everything about it. Within a month’s time, you’re a master.

J: Really?  Now seems we’ve got as You say, some people over here who are actually doing that. Maybe we could see an example of that, an example of what You actually do. I mean if that what you do – you just sit down.   Or do we do anything else?

Shri Mataji: Even young children know.  Yeah, yeah,  yeah…  children know how to do it.   Children because they are born realized children and they know how to do it, they know what centres are there, what is wrong with them.

J: Ok, it is fascinating, it is quite fascinating, it really is. And then you would just do it like for 5 minutes everyday. It is easy to learn though?  How difficult is it to learn?

Shri Mataji: Yes.  It is very easy, it is Sahaj. Sahaj means also spontaneous.  Em.   It is very simple, extremely simple. You don’t have to do anything, like give up that, anything of that kind… outside you don’t have to do anything, it’s inside.  It’s just all inside of you.

J: Thank you very much indeed for sharing what You do with us and good luck tomorrow at The Albert Hall where you can go along free if you want to find out more about it. You can go there. It is lovely to see You.  Thank you.  Likewise.  Thank you.  Right. We are going to take another quick break now [..] Stay with us and we’ll find out what are style team has found out about Natalie [..]