Press Conference, The Path to Truth: Understanding the Essence of Self and the Power Within

London Television Centre, London (England)

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Press Conference. London (UK), 8 July 1999.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

First of all, it’s important to know what the truth is. You find so many people are seeking the truth, but they don’t know what to find and that’s how they are twisted around, taken to some sort of a false rites. It’s important first of all to know what is the truth that we are seeking. The truth is, if I tell you, it’s very simple: that you are not this body, you are not this mind, you are not this intellect, you are not these emotions, but you are the pure Spirit. That’s what you have to become – the pure Spirit. And another truth is that the power that leads you to the state were you know the truth about yourself, about everything is within you, this power is within you, is your own. Born with you, with every human being. That’s surprising: if all the human beings in the whole world have this power within their triangular bone – how can we differentiate them? They are all just the same, everybody has a power based in their triangular bone known as sacrum, that means the Greeks knew it was a sacred bone. This fact that there is a power in the triangular bone was known thousands of years back, I should say, in India and in various countries. I was surprised – even in Sweden I found, Norway I found, people were talking about. I don’t know how they came to know about. Specially Moscow I found people who knew about it. “How do you know?” I asked them. They said: “Our forefathers told us”, like that. Specially with Indian Americans they are very, very down-to-earth people, very natural people, I think – they also knew about it. And Africans also knew about it. But they didn’t know how to raise it. That was the only problem they had.

And though they knew about the centres, about which just now you have been told, they didn’t know how to enlighten them through this power – can you imagine? This knowledge became – sort of – a knowledge which people would not accept, because we live with science or rationality. This is something beyond that, but Einstein has said so, Einstein has said very clearly – that there is a torsion area beyond the mind. And you have to go to that torsion area where you can get cognitive science – called science, but I would say, cognitive personality. So, how is it going to happen to go beyond the mind? If you try anything it is through your mind only. Whatever you do is through your mind. So to go beyond your mind is not possible. Now this power lies in the triangular bone, which we can see also clearly sometimes in some people who have obstruction, where it cannot rise. You see the pulsation in the triangular bone which is just a bone.

But when it rises it is a so smooth movement of this power.

Now there are some people who have written that this is a very dangerous thing and this happens and that happens, maybe because they can’t explain, maybe because they don’t know anything about it perhaps, maybe they do not want to know human beings to have it.

Now, this power is kept within us because now our last breakthrough of our evolution has to take place. We have to rise to that state which you can call self-realized or there is 1001 names for it. So many people had this power within them – they felt it also but they were not so much capable I think, of raising the Kundalini. Sufis, you have heard about. Saints, many saints – William Blake*, I would say, from England, there were so many people. Shakespeare is another one. They all were realized souls. The way they have expressed themselves shows very well how detached they were and how beautifully they understood the reality.

So when this Kundalini rises as they have been told, She passes through these six centres. And these six centres are responsible for our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being. So, when these centres go into jeopardy, some because of exhaustion, maybe something, then it is needed to be nourished and this Kundalini nourishes them. Not only It nourishes but It also integrates them. So you get your personality in a state where you are completely integrated. But then She pierces through your fontanel bone area. This is the actualisation of baptism, you can say.

Actually She pierces through and gets you connected to the all pervading power of Divine Love. It’s all love, nothing else but love. Truth is love and love is truth. And when She becomes one with that you are a transformed personality. Firstly your centres are enlightened. So your health improves, mentally you get balanced and also emotionally you understand. But the greatest thing that happens to you is that you become a new personality with collective consciousness. Jung has talked about it – “collective consciousness”. That you can feel another person. You can feel your own centres on your fingertips. First you feel the cool breeze in your hand. That is the cool breeze described in the bible as “the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost”. And also in Sanskrit language they call it “Saleelam, Saleelam”. In Koran it is described as “Ruh”. Everywhere it is described with different names, meaning the same. You start feeling this cool breeze in your hands, specially on your fingertips and these fingertips denote your different chakras as shown there. So, if there is something wrong with your centres, then it is indicated on your fingertips; but if it is something wrong with others also it is indicated because you become, – again I say, it’s a question of becoming – you become collectively conscious. But with that you are not disturbed, you are absolutely at peace with yourself and absolutely satisfied.

How it happens that our mind is always thinking about the future, about the past. And our mind is dancing over the cusp of these thoughts, which are like this. But when this Kundalini rises She elongates them and there is a space in between created and that space is, what we can say, is the present. We can be in the future, we can be in the past, but we cannot be in the present, and when you are in the present you are absolutely thoughtless. You just become a witness. A witness state comes into you and you start watching everything, not reacting. And absorbing everything, very easy. It’s a very wonderful thing that happens to you. So this mechanism is placed within you to give you that special personality, to give you that new awareness of collective consciousness, and the last breakthrough of your evolution. Till human awareness you are alright, till that I must say they still are there somehow. But we are afraid of the future of human beings, because such a turmoil, so many problems, so many kinds of ideas people have, which is surprising that in these modern times what people are thinking: they are something absolutely primitive, I should say, criminal. Violence and things, all this has to disappear.

And I was happy to hear that you all want transformation, the resurrection. You want transformation, and transformation on a collective scale. This is quite possible, absolutely possible. Once you are transformed, you become a person of tremendous love and patience. You love everything. You understand everything through love. It’s not love of – some sort of a – expectations, it’s a love of giving. You just enjoy giving, giving everything is so enjoyable that time, that state and you become so peaceful. Then, as you know, the economics is like that, people will work very hard to have, say, a carpet like this and then this is all done, then they will have some motorcar, then they want to have a house, I mean, goes on from one to another, they are never satisfied. The thing for which you have worked so hard is finished. Then again starts a new urge to have something new. Goes on like that, the whole economics work like that.

But here, once I see this carpet, for example here, I just go into thoughtless awareness. And what do I see? I see the joy, I feel the joy of the person, of the artist, who makes and enjoy this. Otherwise thinking, I would think how much it must have cost, where can I buy this, or if it is mine I would be worried, Oh God, how I’ve not insured this, which has no meaning. But I cannot enjoy unless and until I become thoughtlessly aware.

Also in our Patanjali Yoga it is written down as Nirvichara Samadhi. But he has made four stages of the whole thing is that first is this “Sarvichar”. Sarvichar means “with thoughts” and then without thoughts, but in Sahaja Yoga it is not so. It is so quick that you become thoughtlessly aware first, and then you become doubtlessly aware.

That is there are no doubts about yourself. You know there is a power flowing and you know by experiment that this power, this power can cure people, can help others. And the attention, which is very high. Like I found people say “I like this, I want this” – that disappears.

Attention goes to others. You want to see what others would like, others would feel, and the whole personality gets completely enshrined with the feeling of oneness with others. It’s something has to happen to all of you. I’m happy I lived in England at least for 20 or 22 years and couldn’t meet you people. But now, thank God, you people have thought of it.

Now we live with science and rationality. This is something beyond that, as I told you. It is beyond science and rationality which is accepted as cognitive science, people say. And also as I’ve told you Einstein has talked about the torsion area. But how to achieve it, I don’t think he has written anything about it. So this is your own power within yourself for which I don’t have to do anything – they might have said it, alright. I accept it.

But once it rises in you, it’s like one candle can enlighten many candles. And that’s how you can spread Sahaja Yoga very far. We have, say, they say so, we are now in 72 countries, possibly. Because one person gets it, he goes to his country, starts working. And India, of course, Indians know this very well, they know they have to achieve only this. Like some people told me that we are like Indian culture. So, we have taken to Indian style of life and we are very satisfied. I said “Is that the end?” We have so many Indians who are following that culture. Are they satisfied people? Is that the end? What have you to do according to Indian scriptures also – that you have to know yourself. You don’t know yourself. You don’t know what’s wrong with you, unless and until you can feel your centres on your fingertips. You will not know what’s wrong with you – till you end up with something horrible. But as soon as you get your Realisation, immediately you can feel it on your fingertips – your problems.

Now, supposing you know how to cure it, you can cure anybody’s and you don’t have to pay for it.
See, again and again I’ve said that “it is your own, it’s your power. You can’t pay for it.” I don’t know how people believe that for spirituality you can pay, it cannot be sold. In America it was very difficult. They all came to me and told me: “You have to sell it”. I said: “How?” They said: “Do something, otherwise nobody will come to you.” I said: “But I cannot do something that is not done.” So they said: “Alright, you do one thing: take money from them and tell them that when you come for follow-up you will get back your money.”

So much we are bound by money that if you have paid the money you think you are bound. You have to do it. And absurd things like that human beings think.

But why don’t they think that we have to change this world? They have to have emancipation of human being. Why now? Instead of doing all kinds of other things, the best thing is to change yourself, transform yourself and enjoy. And enjoyment is complete. Because enjoyment is singular. It is not happiness, unhappiness, it’s just enjoyment. You enjoy everything. Even the smallest thing can give you enjoyment. And then you don’t start feeling depressed or doing that kind of a tantrums that you do to trouble others, but you are so much enjoying and everybody enjoys you also, because you are so enjoyable. That’s the thing that should happen to human beings and when it happens it’s something really very, very great and that should happen to all of you.

And I’ll be very happy, I was told you are all very great dignitaries here and you can do a lot and this is how we have a chance of first of all getting your Self Realisation. Knowing your Self. And then helping people. With a genuine love and affection.

I don’t know how much I should talk because we’ve had so many lectures after lectures and there’s no end to it. But lecturing doesn’t help – it is something else to work out within yourself. That is the most important thing.

Now, I would like also to have some questions from you.

If you have gone thoughtless I can’t help it.

Question: Have you overcome all the fears of life? You are not afraid of death also?

Shri Mataji: I don’t know that part, but definitely I knew that I have to find out a way and method by which I could give en-masse realisation. Because people used to give realisation, no doubt, but one person used to give to one person. One of the reasons maybe because anybody who was saintly, people used to torture them, trouble them. They wouldn’t like a person like that because that person was something – out of the blue, you can call it. So that was an attitude towards a person who was a realised soul. Everybody suffered, whether they were Sufis or they were – otherwise even William Blake, I mean, everyone whosoever said something different, people didn’t like. So maybe that’s the reason they used to give it to one person. That was the tradition. Realisation was such that out of thousands they used to select one person, work on him, cleanse him, do this, do that and then give realisation. One person.

But I felt that the time has come that you must give en-masse realisation. Unless and until people get en-masse realisation, we cannot change this world. And I worked, I should say, for days together.
Luckily my father was a very social personality, even my husband was. So I had a good chance to meet people. In my own subtle ways I used to find out what is the permutation and combination of problems inside the human beings and then how to work it out. That’s the only thing I did more, I think, otherwise so many people used to give Self Realisation at different times. But what I found out a method by which thousands of people can get realisation.

Question: How did you come upon this method?

Shri Mataji: Just, you see, I discovered it. You see, it’s a thing I worked it out.

Have all gone thoughtless, or what?

Yes, madam?

Question: When you depart from this body, as this lady was asking, where does the spirit, where do the energy stay?

Shri Mataji: Spirit – it’s a very long answer, but I would say, Spirit goes according to its desire, alright. Now, supposing there is a drunkard, who dies, now he wants to drink still, even if he’s dead. He will hang in somewhere in the limbo, I think, he will get hold of somebody who drinks a lot. This side of psychology, people don’t understand in the west. Because it’s nothing in the medicine about this. The other day I read a very nice article about it, was published in America. That Japanese believe that you get possessed by a spirit. Even in the bible it is so that you get possessed by the spirit. But they have said that 50 to 60% people get possessed. Schizophrenia, all kinds of psychological problems come from that. Now, in India also we believe in it. And if you can remove the possession of a person the person completely changes, no doubt. But this is still in the realm of science, you cannot get it. I mean, I would say that, psychology is still a childish science and in that realm they don’t understand what is this possession.

Is a fact that so far they have not gone into it, but we know in Sahaja Yoga very clearly, because we get catches on the left hand side, say here on this thumb, that means a person is possessed. Yes, it’s like that, it’s so simple. And then you can cure that person. So many persons have been cured. So many. Who have given up as lunatics, or schizophrenic or all kinds have been cured, no doubt. But it is to be seen and to be worked out, then you can believe it. Because people don’t believe that there is such a thing. But there is. There is some sort of a negative force which overpowers human beings, it is true. I must tell you the truth.

We have had so many cases, even in England, where people were possessed. So many cases.

On the contrary I would say that cancer and all psychosomatic troubles come to people when they shift to the left side. Means to the past. Maybe some viruses which are dead long time back are in our being – that everything is past is in our being. So they can attack. And I’ve told them long time back somehow through this cognitive knowledge that they will call by 53 proteins and 63 progenides [ ? UNCLEAR] I told them. And now they know it is so. So cancer is curable in Sahaja Yoga, we have cured cancers, of many people. Absolutely curable. We have an hospital in India, already established near Bombay. There’s a nice hospital where people are cured. And we don’t charge them for any treatment, only for the stay.

It’s a fact, you see, because people never talk about it, they never told you.

So you think it’s a, some sort of a mythological thing, it’s not. It is there, it exists.

So many diseases are not cured because we don’t know about them. You see, I was myself in a medical school, so I know that they know very limited things. Beyond that, they don’t know. But in Japan, I was surprised that they believe in it and they treat people. Even in India, I mean, they know.

Question: What do you give, provide the definition of enlightenment?

Shri Mataji: Enlightened means a personality, enlightened personality, I can tell you, is a person who is beyond his mind. And he is in contact completely with this all-pervading power of divine love. As a result everything in that person is guided, helped by that divine love. That power is so great that it looks after you, it organizes everything, it thinks, it understands, it is wisdom of all the things. You become a person who is so collectively conscious.

Today we need people like that. Otherwise you always think about yourself. About others you can only think when you are collectively conscious. But these days there are so many people marketing their spirituality, you see. That’s also there. And just people jump to it, I don’t know why. Why don’t they find out what is the gain, what did you gain out of it? Nobody wants to know.

Question: How did you find America?

Shri Mataji: They are antipodes. I don’t know what to say, they are very money-oriented, extremely money-oriented. And they can’t understand me because I’m not asking for money, you see, they can’t understand. It’s very difficult. And how to penetrate that veil of theirs?

So, this time it has been much better, I should say, I’ve been there. I went first, long time back, 1973 I went there, and I saw the people how mad they were. After one boy was a 16 years old guru, you see. They just giving money to him. So, I asked him “Why they are giving money?” What is the need to give money like this? To this guru? They said: “Because he is giving us spirit.” Where is he giving you spirit?

And then this fellow, he was wiser than others I should say, because he settled down as a young one, he married some American lady and used his money, but all the rest of them, so many of them, went there to befool them. It’s endless. Still going on.

But unless and until you accept the truth, you cannot change. Accept us in the sense you have to ask for it. You should have pure desire. This Kundalini is the power of pure desire within you. When She rises She gives you your pure desire. Not like this, changing from one to another. And if you have pure desire only then it works out. If you don’t have, it won’t work out – no. I cannot force it. Cannot be forced, you see.

Question: How are children, young children?

Shri Mataji: Oh, some of them are great. These days so many realised souls have been born, these state [or these days? UNCLEAR] . We don’t understand them. But there are so many, even in England there are born so many of them. Born realized – they are special ones.

I mean, this fact, it happens, so many good things happen to the society, like drug addiction, over night people in this England gave up drugs, over night.

I’ve got one land far away from madding crowd, I should say, in upstate New York, and I wanted to start a curative centre for drug addicts, because that is one of the big problems here. But they said the public won’t allow. I said: “Why?” They said: “They go amok.” This place is so far fetched, you cannot give a walk all the way – and if, I mean, they allow me I could help a lot. But somehow, even in Italy, is difficult.

And the biggest problem today, even in America, is drug addiction. Another you can call AIDS. We tried AIDS also, but AIDS-people are something wrong with them, they are extremely arrogant.

Quarrelsome, arrogant, they think they are martyrs – something like that. We’ve tried, we’ve helped one or two – no doubt. But it’s very difficult. But these drug addicts can’t be helped very easily. But there is no proper way, if you all can arrange something – I would like to.

In your, this London city only, I should say, at least 10 or 11 people like that. First time I talked they’ve got cured. They were all doing very well, were very well educated.

All these problems can be solved. But the government should help, in a way. Because you know they, so much time even to take permission for something. Sometimes like 10 years, 20 years, you go on applying. I am already very old and I don’t know what will happen, if I go on like this. For 20 years for a permission. Very difficult. But you people can organize something like that. And I can work it out.

You can see the results. You can see the results, you can save these children.

Alcoholism, alcoholism also can be corrected.

Yes, please?

Question: Shri Mataji, would you say a few words about the golden age? The forthcoming golden age?

Shri Mataji: You see, Aquarius, as they say, Aquarius according to our astrology is the Kundalini. The Kundalini is Aquarius according to Indian, I should say, Indian science of (HINDI word – Sir C.P. explains:) Astrology.

And, you see, they, what they say that this age of Aquarius is very important, because this will change the lives of people. And that is what they have already described about this, that now there was Kali Yuga, means the worst possible times. The whole Kali Yuga means the absolutely the worst and worst possible time for our destruction. That was over. Then comes Kruta Yuga, I mean, overlapping. Now, in Kruta Yuga, this all-pervading power, they call it Paramchaitanya, becomes active. It starts helping people to come along.

That also has been going on some days.

After this, is Satya Yuga. It’s the age of truth. But it’s a last judgement. If you take to truth, alright, well and good. But if you don’t take to truth you are judged. It’s like this.

Now how many people take to truth, very surprising. Like a place like Russia, you’ll be amazed – Russia. Country like Russia. I went there and I first time went to Saint Petersburg, that’s Leningrad that time. And when I went to the hall I saw about 2000 people sitting outside. Because there you have to pay for a hall, I mean, the hall people. So, 2000 seats were all occupied inside. So these people outside, people said: “Maa, are you not going to give us realisation?” I said: “How do they know all this?” Somebody must have told them. When I went in I said: “Alright, wait, I’ll come back then I’ll give you Realisation.” So, I went inside. Inside there were 2000 people nicely sitting down, listening to me and then they got their realisation. All of them. I was amazed. What’s the matter? How is it they’re working so fast? And then I came out and I saw there were again these 2000 still sitting there. 45 minutes they were still. I said: “Alright, you all come tomorrow morning, we’ll sit outside.” Now, in Moscow they have huge big places, huge big compounds and buildings. I said: “I’ll sit on the steps and I’ll try to give you realisation.”

You won’t believe – 2000 from inside, 2000 from outside and one thousand extra, I mean, 5000 people gathered there next morning and they all got their realisation. In Moscow, you won’t believe how many people, if somebody asks me, I cannot say, have got realisation.

Now, the reason, I reasoned it out what must be the reason. I asked them: “How is it? Had you advertised that much?” “No”, they said, “we saw your photograph. We knew. We came.” So sensitive, I say. And thousands and thousands have got realisation.

These people are so deep, so deep, so humble. I couldn’t understand why, why are they so much spiritually endowed, how did they get all this. And what I found is that communism has given them no freedom of any kind. And as a result, I think, they got completely oppressed and the whole thing growth was inside. And also if you have read those great novelist, even Tolstoi, or anyone – they always show introspection, even by the hero or by the villain, anybody, they all introspect. And this is the one, I thought, is the very deep personalities they develop. And immediately they got it.
A far fetched place called Togliatti where they make motorcars, thousands and thousands – we could not get to any hall, because formerly, I mean, normally what was the thing we were taken, we would have to take a stadium – 18 to 20.000 in Moscow or Leningrad or a big city. But in Togliatti we didn’t know what to do. So we just had it in the open. Thousands and thousands. But not in England – no.

Much worse is America. I don’t know why. Even Indians in England are no good. I just don’t know what happens to them. They are neither English nor Indian, I think, something is, but we have very few Indians even, I must tell you this, very frankly.

But in India we have so many, so thousands and thousands who have got realisation. Though Indians know they have to have self realisation, even here. But somehow they are fed up, I don’t know of what. Even if you read Shakespeare you feel like understanding that he was a great realised soul. What he showed was the futility of human endeavour in every line, it’s clearly shown. That’s what he was. I can’t understand, see, because I’ve read so much Indian novels and English novels and English writers. I find all of them are so enlightened. Can’t understand what’s happening in England now. Why? Now, 20 years I’ve been in England, first time I’m meeting people like you. Why? I would ask you, people.

Really, I can’t understand.

Even Austria, you have thousands. Italy, where Roman Catholics you know, are so many. Italians, wonderful. Thousands. But I didn’t live so long there as I’ve lived in England. Moreover, you see, language-wise, I know this language, though I never studied English, but I know English language, how to speak. But there in their language, it’s Italian or, I don’t know how.

I’m very happy today that you all have come and I hope now from you it will start going into other people. Because it’s very important: we have to change this world.

And, I would say, they also said, some newspaper people have come, but I said: “I’m sorry, I don’t know what they will think of me.” Because they have never been very supportive. But I think they don’t realise their responsibility. Really! Sometimes I see newspapers, I think they don’t realise how much they are harming people by wrong directions. By sensational things. What they have to do is to see what will be the effect of these things that we are writing. Is it going to help them to rise above all these things like jealousies and violence and all these things that are really completely corroding our humanity.

So, I think, all those lines, I don’t find them and by head, I would say, I’ve met some of them, they were just after me. “How is it you are in England?” I said: “Because my husband has a job here, that’s how I’ve come.” Then all kinds of funny, funny questions they were asking. You know, I was surprised, they are not interested in spirituality at all. So, then, whenever they said “Mother, somebody is coming from there” I said: “Now – please.”

All kinds of things they would say. “Your country is so poor, what are you doing here?” Then I had to tell them why we are poor. I said: “300 years if you have a guest in your house without a visa what will happen to you?”

Then another question: “Why you have got so many, such a big population, so many children born?” I said: “In that also, I would say, that what I have read about England is this, that so many children are killed every week, by the parents even.” I said: “So, the children must be deciding to be born in a poor country than in a country where they can be killed.” I mean, simple thing like that. Because children want love, they don’t understand anything else.

So like that they asked me funny, funny questions. I said: “I am here for spirituality, talking to about spirituality, and why should I worry about what I am, what is this and what is that?”

Say, we have to change our attitude. Very important. Of course I know some people who are very broad, broad minded attitude towards people, very much. I’ve known some in India also, but there are so few. If this thing has to be done it has to be mass-scale.

Now, we have Sahaja Yogis, many Sahaja Yogis, I should say, but still I’m not satisfied. I think we need many more.

Hindustani… HINDI…

I don’t know why.

Such a big tradition you have in our country. Instead of bringing that here to this country, I don’t know what’s happening. And they are also very, very spiritual people. There too, you read their books you see, you’ll be amazed. Very spiritual.

But suddenly the whole thing has turned round, I think so that spirituality has lost its power. And maybe some, you imported some of the horrible gurus from there also might be. That might be another reason, I think so. But now, I think, they are very much reduced in number, there are few still going round, making money, doesn’t matter. But now you people are very sensible, very highly placed, you should do something about it, my request is.

I’m available and never used to say, whatever you say.

It’s a new mission where you have to do something. You are the ones who are going to completely revolutionize the whole world. You can do it. Absolutely everybody is capable of doing that.

Question: Another question: What’s your opinion of Avataras?

Shri Mataji: Alright, what’s the use of my opinion about it? There are Avataras, no doubt. Alright? But you don’t believe me when I say that. Unless and until you experience you shouldn’t believe even me. Alright, this is something and because you asked me I’m saying so. But I don’t say you believe in some Avataras, first of all you experience them. Everything that is now – you will know gradually into different things and on every centre there is somebody sitting there.

Who are they and what work they do? All this is to be consumed and to be seen and to be experimented. Now, I say, supposing this centre is catching …. [UNCLEAR] it is the centre very important because it is in the optic chiasma like this, you see, it’s constricted. Now, how to open this? Very difficult. Now, I say, you forgive everybody. You forgive everybody – it opens.

Why? Because Christ, Christ is on that centre. And his message is to forgive.

Is, I mean, you should know who is on which centre and what works out. That’s only to be known. Once you get your Self Realisation, only you have to know this much, who is the one responsible for which chakras. That’s all. And you, you have to do according to – like it’s a mantra now, to say that “I forgive everyone”. Now, some people would say it’s very difficult to forgive. But logically: if you forgive or don’t forgive – what are you doing? You don’t do anything. But if you don’t forgive then you torture yourself. That’s why you forgive everyone. And this opens. Most constricted – it opens like this.

Question: So, which God is for the Kundalini? Christ is over here. Which God is in the Kundalini? In the triangle?

Sahaja Yogi: What is the God or the deity in the triangular bone, the Kundalini?

Shri Mataji: Kundalini itself. The Kundalini is your own mother. Your individual mother. And She has tape-recorded all your past and your aspirations, everything. And She rises because She wants to give you your second birth, but She is your individual mother. You don’t share Her with anybody else. Yours is a different, somebody else’s is different. Because the tape-recording is different. And She knows everything about you. So, when She rises She does, goes very slowly, without harming you, without troubling you and pierces through.

We say She is the reflection of the Adi Shakti who is called as Holy Ghost in the bible. But She rises without any difficulty. Hardly any time it takes.

Would they like to have their Self Realisation?

Sahaja Yogi: Shri Mataji asks if you would like to experience this and have your Self Realisation? Very quick, very easy.

Shri Mataji: Hardly any time.

Now, you forget the past. Another thing you have to do is to forgive yourself. And not to feel guilty about anything. Very important, because if you feel guilty then this centre catches here on the left. When it catches here on the left you can get spondylitis, you can also get angina. So why, why to feel guilty? Whatever has happened has happened, forget everything. Not to feel guilty – very important. I know here people feel more guilty, not in India. They never feel guilty. But in the west they do. But there’s no need, no need to condemn yourself, you have to have great honour and love for yourself, because you are special people and that you are going to help the whole world. So respect yourself! As I respect you and love you. You, please, respect and love yourself.

Alright. Now, what you have to do is to put both the hands towards me, like this, just like this, because I told you these are the endings of the sympathetic nervous system. It’s like this – little open, like this. You don’t have to doubt yourself, by any chance. Please, don’t doubt.

Now, you put your left hand like this towards me and right hand on top of your head here. On top, means away, not touching the head. You can bend your head and see for yourself. Now see, if there is a cool or a hot breeze coming out of your fontanel bone area which was a soft bone in your childhood. Just see for yourself, if there’s a hot or a cool breeze-like vibrations coming out of your fontanel bone area which was the soft bone in your childhood. Now, you can move your hand and see for yourself. You can move it, sometimes you can feel it higher, sometimes lower or on the sides. See for yourself. If it is hot that means, of course, you have got your Realisation, but if it is hot that means you have not forgiven yourself. Or you have not forgiven others. So, please forgive others, also forgive yourself fully. Please forgive.

Now, please put your right hand towards me, bend your head. And see for yourself if you have cool or hot breeze-like vibrations coming out of your fontanel bone area which was the soft bone in your childhood. Please try. Please bend your head and see for yourself.

Now, please take down your hands, both hands and put them towards me, like this. And don’t think. Just don’t think.

Because I already told you, you have a right, it’s your birthright to have this Yoga, union with the divine, it’s your birthright.

Now, you have to put both your hands towards the sky like this and push back your head and ask me – I’ll tell you about three, three things, three questions you can say. You have to say one question three times, only one of them. For example you can ask, you can call me Mother, Mother – or Shri Mataji, whatever you like. Mother is, is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost? Ask in your heart this question “Mother is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost?” Ask three times. Or, you can ask “Mother, is this the all-pervading power of divine love?” Or you can ask third question “Mother, is this the Paramachaitanya or Ruh?” Ask anyone of these questions, anyone of them, three times.
Now – let’s have it.

Alright, please put down your hands again and put them towards me.

Please, don’t doubt, please don’t doubt. That’s something very important. If you start feeling a cool or a hot breeze on your fingertips or on your palm, same or out of your fontanel bone area, out of your head, anyone of them, then raise your both the hands, raise your both the hands – those who have felt it that way. Those who have felt the cool breeze in their hands.

Thank you very much!

Most of you have got it. Unbelievable…

You got it? No – not yet? Alright.

Who didn’t get it now?

She also.

You didn’t get it, madam?

You got it?

They can help you, let us see.

You got it? You felt the cool breeze? Now – you felt it.

Keep it like that. Let it flow as much as possible, is very good.

You all can do this, it’s very simple.

She has it now?

Sahaja Yogi: It’s warm, Mother, it’s warm.

Shri Mataji: It’s warm? Alright, put her left to the right. Raise her left.

What’s she catching on?

Sahaja Yogi: It’s left Vishuddhi, Shri Mataji.

Shri Mataji: Left…. Are you Bengali?

Seeker: I am from the Caribbean.

Shri Mataji: Now you just don’t think. That’s what you should practice a little bit. Put your hands towards me, all of you and don’t think.

What is it?

Did you feel the Kundalini?

Are you feeling it on the head?

Warm, so that’s it – put her left to the right. Raise her left and put down the right.
It has nothing to do with the air-condition. You feel it on your fingers – alright?
Now better?

Now alright? May God bless you!

Just keep go on like that.

Alright? Are you feeling? Cool or hot? Cool now?

Now she’s got it.

So, thank you very much! Thank you, all of you!

May God bless you! (quietly)

You have to practice now.

Can you not tell them to come to some follow-up or some program like that?

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