Who am I? Ask that question to yourself

Royal Albert Hall, London (England)

1999-07-10 Who am I? Ask that question to yourself, London, England, DP-RAW, 79' Chapters: Music, Yogi introduction, Talk and Self-Realisation
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Public Program. Royal Albert Hall, London (UK), 10 July 1999.

At the very outset one has to know what is the Truth, what are we seeking. It’s quite clear that we do not know that. That’s why we run after things which are false, which are more attractive, but basically they are very dangerous, very dangerous. And that has been happening – I’m sorry to say – in every country that people are just trying to mislead all the seekers who are truthful, who are honest, who are innocent.
So what is the Truth that you have to find? Is said in all the books in all the scriptures that you have to know yourself. We always talk like this: I like this, I like that, I want this, I… But, we don’t know who are we. Who am I? Ask that question to yourself: who am I? Am I this body? Am I this mind? What am I?
And then you reach really honestly a point where you realise that you don’t know yourself. You even don’t know your body, you even don’t know your mind. With this kind of a confusion we are living and that’s why all kinds of problems come up.
First thing is that you have to know yourself. It’s possible, now the time has come for you to know yourself. It’s been promised that these are the times when you will know yourself. For that I have to say that already our creator has done a good job in the sense he has put this Kundalini in the triangular bone. This bone is called as Sacrum, meaning sacred. Means the Greeks knew it was a sacred bone. And this Kundalini, the one which is within you, is actually your individual mother, your mother.
So, this power is placed within you, it’s your own power, and your individual mother. You have a mother which is not shared by anybody. And she’s the one who is going to give you your second birth by which you will know what you are. It is absolutely yours. Somebody asked me: “How much do we have to pay?” I said: “It’s your own, how can you pay?”
And you have to believe that it is with everyone of us, all over the world. Whatever maybe your creed, whatever may be your religion, whatever may be your colour, it is with everyone, it is placed there. Just as every human being has a heart. This is such a global Truth that all of us have this Kundalini within us.
To raise the Kundalini might have been a problem, once upon a time. And it was the tradition that only one person among thousands was given realization or was awakened this Kundalini – was very rare.
But these are the times when it has to be en-masse. It has to be worked out. And there are so many seekers now also. They were never so many before.
But the problem with us is this – in modern times – that we want to know everything through our rationality or through science. Both these methods are not sufficient. If they were, there would have been no problems for us. We have to go beyond it. Like Einstein has said that there’s an area beyond our human mind which is called as Torsion Area. And all the truths, absolute truths are known when you enter into that Torsion Area. This Torsion Area has different names. For example in Sanskrit it’s called as Paramchaitanya. In the Koran it’s called as Ruh. In every religion it has been described. But as you know religion also what it has taken in many different shapes in the hands of human beings. Human beings have a speciality of spoiling everything. In a forest if you go, you’ll find (it?) [UNCLEAR] so beautiful, clean, absolutely fragrant, but if there is one man who enters or stays in a forest you will know: there would be a horrible smell, a horrible everything – mis-organised.
So, even the religions in the hands of human beings are completely, completely ruined. And that is how we are today facing problems. People who believe in one God are fighting among themselves. How can that be? So much of perversion that has come through religion.
The other day I was in Los Angeles and I was to speak to people from Iran. Iran was the first country I visited and they told me: “Don’t use the word religion, they hate religions.” I said “Really?” “Yes, they hate the word religion.” I said: “To that extent they have gone?” Because they felt that religion has ruined their lives. So we have to be alert: No religion is wrong, no religion has done anything wrong, nor does it teach anything wrong. But it’s the human beings, when they take into their hands they have really spoiled it, completely. When we fight in the name of religion we are stupid. How can that be? Religion is there to give you peace, joy, happiness. It came at different times with different incarnations, prophets. But they are basically the same. There is no difference whatsoever, but to get to that you must get your Self Realization. When you don’t know yourself how will you know anything about religion? So it is important that first of all, you should know yourself. And that is so simple. It is just within you and it all works. They have already told you about this Kundalini power? That it rises and passes through six centres and the seventh one is below the Kundalini. The seventh one is for morality, and all the rest are there for different aspects of your life. And they look after your physical, mental, emotional, also spiritual being. So when the Kundalini passes through them She enlightens them. By that enlightenment, we get so many problems solved of our centres which are looking after so many aspects of our life. It’s so fulfilling. Then it pierces through the last centre and connects you to this all-pervading power of divine love. This is the Torsion Area, you can say, where it enters. Einstein himself was a realised soul and he tried to say things in little scientific ways, because he knew people cannot go beyond science. There were many scientists who were realized souls, but they could not say that you have to know yourself, because human beings have such a bad ego. That it would tell like that, they would all discard these people as something wrong.
But in their lives if you see they are very humble – extremely humble. And that is the way he said that you have to humble down a little bit. If you are not humble then you don’t realise anybody telling you that you have to know yourself. You may think I know myself very well, what is there to know more about myself? So it is important first of all to know that you don’t know yourself and how you will know is very simple: this Kundalini has to rise and has to connect you to the Divine.
Now, there are 1001 problems we see in our country, in every country. I’ve seen people with drug addiction, who came – over night they gave up drugs, alcohol, AIDS, all kinds of bad habits there. Over night they gave up. How? What happened?
When you get your Self-realisation, then in the light of your Spirit you see the Truth. And the truth you see what is good for you and what is harmful. You can see very clearly and you also have power to take to things which are good for you. You are no more a weak person and immediately you give up whatever is wrong and whatever is destructive. This has, absolutely has happened to so many people in Sahaja Yoga. Not only that but all other things, all other problems, addictions and things like that, identifications have dropped. Because that’s not the Truth. The Truth is you are a part and parcel of the great being. You are one of the cells of the great being you can call it.
And once a drop falls into a ocean, it becomes an ocean. And once you become the ocean you see the whole world in a different way, and understand the whole world as a beautiful place of enjoyment.
Another thing that can happen to you very easily is – what we call as “collective consciousness”, which Jung has described. Collective consciousness is our consciousness is myself, “I”, “I”: I want this, I like this.
In collective consciousness we can’t feel any otherwise, but first you become collectively conscious, you can feel the centres of others also. In the collective consciousness, if you know how to correct your centres you can correct the centres of others also.
Thus, you are concerned about others. You think of others. I’ve seen many people talking like this: “I feel uncomfortable”, “I don’t like”, then you don’t think like that. You think what does the other fellow think? What is his feelings? What are the needs of the world? Your personality spreads and you start thinking what can you do for these people who need so much of love and so much of attention. And when your personality becomes so much full of that beautiful thing called as compassion, you really become so very engrossed and so much dissolved in the joy of giving.
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….. will happen to us. But people will think that they lose everything, but you don’t lose anything. There’s a wrong idea that you give up your wife, you give up this thing, you give up your families. It’s all wrong, you don’t have to give up. But your identification different, it becomes different, you are no more identified only with your family, but you are identified with the whole world. And as a result you find that your whole personality has expanded. And you are covering the whole universe with it. You are all capable of it, the main power it is, that nobody is there who has no Kundalini. Everyone must have the capacity to be connected. And this capacity once starts expressing itself you can’t understand how far you can go with yourself. Because all the time this divine energy is flowing in. You never feel tired, you never feel exhausted, you never get angry. You don’t have any irritations but you just, you are feeling completely, unless and until you are connected. For example, this instrument is not connected to the mains, it has no meaning. In the same way you have no meaning unless and until you are connected with the Divine. Then you know yourself, on the fingertips you know, what’s your problem is. You can say, what is your disease, where is the problem in your mind, what is happening to you. And if you know how to correct yourself you can live very happy.
But this theory, I should say, is not to be accepted. You have to have experience. Before that you should not accept this. Because it is just a theory. And many people, who are scientists who are very intelligent may not accept this. They should not. But once they have the experience then they should be honest, very honest about it. And in their honesty they should see what they are. So we are not miserable creatures, we are not unhappy creatures, we are not neglected by the Divine. It’s all the time waiting for us to receive us and that is what has to happen to all of us. Apart from this all other problems also get solved because of these centres being enlightened. And once you are seeing those, sometimes you feel they are miracles. These are no miracles. It’s happening because of Paramchaitanya. The all pervading divine power is looking after you, and is giving you all this help, all the time protecting you, advising you, guiding you. And of all the things it loves you. We see all these beautiful flowers. We never even think how such beautiful flowers, different flowers of different fragrance and colour are produced by this Mother Earth. For us, we take it for granted. All living processes we take for granted. Our heart which is running we take it for granted. But actually there is a very big organization of love and compassion which we call as Paramchaitanya which does all these living things. And you have to just be connected with that – that’s all that has to happen.
Now also, there’s another state in which one has to go where they say you are thoughtlessly aware – you just become a witness. See, I see here beautiful carpets spread out. I look at them and – as a normal person – I start thinking “What a beautiful carpet. Where will I get it? What shop I should go to?” And all kinds of things that started. Secondly, it’s possible that I see something very beautiful like this and it belongs to me. So I’ll be worried I’ve insured it or not, and it’s kept properly or not. So all kinds of thoughts will come into your mind. But when Kundalini rises what She does, that the thoughts, which are rising from the future and the past are elongated. And there’s a space in between and that is the space of silence. Where you don’t think, but you see and what do I see here? The joy of the artist who has created [them ? UNCLEAR]. Just see the joy, the joy and creativity he has created those carpets. That joyous state is beyond any control, it’s so beautiful. Moreover this joy is singular. It is neither unhappiness or happiness or anything – it’s just joy. And you enjoy everything, every person, every moment of your life is filled with joy and you give joy to others. This is what has to happen to you, this is the greatest thing that has to happen to you. And you’ll be amazed how you are in a contact with this all-pervading power and how you are helped. How every moment it looks after you and it gives you whatever you want.
I wanted you to ask me some questions, but they have told me that it’s such a big hall and fully filled up. But in any case, if you have any questions you can write to me. You can write to me and I’ll try to answer you.
So that will be better. But just now, please keep your thoughts away and just understand that you have to go beyond this. For that we need about 10, 15 minutes and you all will get your Self-realization. All those who want it only can get it. I cannot force it on anybody, it cannot be forced. Moreover this power is of pure desire and if you have a pure desire only then it will work. I cannot force it on you. Those who don’t want to have it or get their Self-realization I would request, that you can go out of the hall. Will be better for others also. And it will hardly take about 10 minutes and if you have some patience then you can be seated and try to see that you get your Self-realization.
Is a very simple request is that you have to take out your shoes, because this Mother Earth helps us a lot. So take out your shoes, it would be very helpful. Just take out your shoes, you don’t need to take out the socks.
Now, please put both your hands towards me like this, little higher.
You don’t have to do anything, no rituals are needed [UNCLEAR] it’s within you, and it’s spontaneous, Sahaj. “Saha” means with, “ja” is born. Born with you is the right to get your Self-realization. Yoga is union with the Divine. So it is your right, it’s your fundamental right.
Now, already it’s cooling down.
Now, please, put your left hand on top of your fontanel bone area, which was a soft bone in your childhood, just like this. Above, more above. And put your right hand like this.
Can you bend your head, would be better. Please, bend your head, bend your head.
Now, at this time I have to tell you one thing: that you have to forgive everyone. Because the heat is coming out. Forgive everyone. Now, you might say that it’s difficult to forgive, but logically you don’t do anything when you forgive. So, please forgive everyone. Also you have to forgive yourself. Many people feel guilty all the time. They have to forgive themselves that’s very important. That’s the only thing you have to do. I have to make a very humble request that you forgive everyone and also forgive yourself.
Now, again you put the hand, left hand on top of your head, now bend your head please, bend your head, and see now if there’s a cool or a hot breeze-like vibrations coming out of your fontanel bone area. You can move your hand if you want.
Just see there, if it is hot that means you have not forgiven. Either you have not forgiven yourself or you have not forgiven the others. So please, bend your head and see yourself.
Now…. another thing is that you should have respect for yourself. Don’t condemn yourself at all, you have to have love for yourself. It’s not selfishness, but is divinity.
So, now put your left hand towards me and now, bend your head and see for yourself, if there’s a hot or a cold breeze coming out of your fontanel bone area.
Now again, put down your head and see for yourself with the left hand if there’s a cool or a hot breeze coming and put your right hand towards me.
Do not doubt, do not doubt that there’s air-conditioning, this, that. It’s coming out of your head, not out of air-conditioning. So, please don’t doubt your feelings.
Now, please put both your hands towards the sky like this and push back your head, close your eyes, if you want.
Here you have to ask anyone of these three questions, three times. Anyone of these three questions. One of them you may ask.
First one is, you can ask me: Mother, you can call or you can call me Shri Mataji.
Mother, is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost? This is the first question you can ask me. Or you can ask: Mother, is this the all-pervading power of divine love? Ask this question three times. Or you can ask: Mother, is this the Paramchaitanya, is this the Ruh? Ask anyone of these questions three times.
Now, take down your hands, please. Take down your hands. And put both the hands again like this, and try not to think. Try not to think. Try not to think.
Try not to think!
Now, try and see if there’s a cool breeze coming on your hands, on your fingers, on your palm. It could be also hot. Both the hands or out of your fontanel bone area.
All those who have felt the cool or hot breeze on their fingertips or on their palm or out of the fontanel bone area, please raise both your hands please.
May God bless you!
Everyone of you has got it, everyone of you.
So many of people who are realized souls in England, you can do so much.
But you have to know that you have to give to others, you have to give vibrations. It’s not sufficient that you receive Realisation. You feel very fine, you feel absolutely on top of the world, but you have to think of others. And you have to know how to do it. The seed that has sprouted, it has to grow, for which you should come to our follow-up-programs. Of course you don’t have to pay, again and again I must tell you, you don’t have to pay anything for it. And you’ll be amazed if so many people, if so many people, if you have got your Realization how much good you can do to others. It’s such a great thing! I am very happy!
Thank you very much, thank you!
There’s one thing, they will sing one song by which you have to clap. Even now after clapping you will see that vibrations have improved and then you’ll be amazed how your vibrations have improved through clapping to the rhythm of the song.