Evening Program at Navaratri Weekend

Campus, Cabella Ligure (Italy)


1999-10-15 Evening Program, Navaratri, Cabella

Shri Mataji: It was really a very unique day and wonderful program [unclear].Actually I did not know what sort of program they were going to have.Because Dr David told me in a great hurry. This is what we are going to have and it will take 3 +1/2 hours but it turns out to be such a unique experience that We have so many artists of very high calibre. And that they are to be realised properly.I don’t know what to say about our people from Ukraine.The first time I came to Ukraine, I remember they were all suffering from [unclear] problem.And they were all thinking that they are going to die or I don’t know what was the feeling they had But I don’t know-how by the grace of divine, Param Chaitanya, most of them got cured and they were all right but I could not understand that these people will one day become such great talented artist and to see them today in this way I am really amazed how they have developed themselves so well.The first troop, Which here came also partly from Nagpur was very surprised because they used all Indian ‘Talas’…& Indian Music & they were absolutely superlative you should say! Superlative! I can’t imagine that in such a short time have these people who are absolutely foreign to Indian Music can pick up so well & so dedicatedly do all these things.Then also we saw some very old ancient instruments which I had not seen.In my lifetime I had never seen. Today for the first time I have saw them. I am enamored the way the gentlemen played it…And after such a long time you could see such beautiful instruments we have in this country especially in Ukraine.In Ukraine, I found out perhaps it was VachinderNath & GorakhNath who visited that country. Because they had their lot of paintings about all the chakras …And how could they do it unless and until there was somebody Who knew about it? I am told that they both travelled a lot, they went to Burma also but that they went to Ukraine I don’t know but I could see that -It is such a knowledge they have but they said that after Christianity came in they stopped all this.They said this is all nonsense, should not be [unclear/related ] It’s all absurd.And that’s how It all went to the museum, but you can see that there is something in the genes that these people have that beautiful rendering of Indian Music Which is very difficult! I can not sing like that even, I am [unclear/onto]. You have to practice for days together to sing like that! It’s very remarkable. Then came the lady in the same group was a piano singer.She is another remarkable person I must say …She has such a sense of ‘Swara’ (whatever comes out of notes is Swara).Such a sense of that Which is …I mean she never went out of tune …& she sang so well. And then came another lady also, she was another remarkable person & I was wondering how these geniuses, are coming up from these countries where I least 

expected. Very Very outstandingly talented people I must say …And if it goes on one day Ukraine can be a very great nation. The sign of people developing into spirituality in a very deeper way, and they will be all blessed! They shouldn’t worry about day-to-day problems now.But a  day will come When they will be very much respected and will be really blessed for there achievements…Then, of course, we have this Polish gentleman, who was, of course, I know him very well…I have always admired him very much. And today also he played very well…And Baba Mama was absolutely drawn to him and he called him to his academy but he is a genius. Yes, he is a genius.I mean …He plays not according to any notations or any creation by some person.He plays on his own. And it’s so beautifully done …It is so balanced …& he has such a sense of rhythm. I was wondering that how this creativity is working so beautifully. This was from Poland and then we had these English, I would say so-called English because one was from Vietnam I had seen him as a small boy Suddenly to see him grown up and singing so well, with full throat …I mean I don’t know what’s happening to them Rich Sahaja yoga that has made them like that …or so suddenly you can find somebody brings up in such a manner is very remarkable …Then was the 2 Romanian girls.Romania always I said is a ‘GandharvaNagri’ means the celestial musicians live there…And the way they played also together on the piano …Because England is the place really for piano …I have seen people so piano minded, but the way they played together synchronizing each other so well that was also very very remarkable …And I would say that their suppleness one must learn how they managed to play like that …Then we had lastly, this gentleman who has sung his beautiful poetry in a very beautiful manner. His voice is very good and I am really surprised! How he could manage so well to sing…Because We had one or two singers only in England When I was there.Not much singing No! Mostly politicians use to be there on the Television but today to see him I was so very happy …And he should also take some training in Indian Music because Indian Music makes you more intelligible to everyone.You see… And the poetry was beautifully made So we are having now poet, We are having Musicians, and all kinds of artists …It’s really amazing that how this area in Sahaja yoga is so very well developed…I hope they all meditate and grow more in their art and understanding …This, I can’t name all of them, but all of them have been tremendously doing well. All the Music everything was very well done! And we all enjoyed it, very much.Tomorrow again, they have a very good program here And I hope you all enjoy that program also. But this one was remarkable! Because they are …just what you can call them …amateurs.They are the ones who are not professionals but the way they sang I mean …They can beat any professional. I’m very much thankful to you all for attending this program.And also to the artist for keeping us in [unclear/wrapped] attention.

Thank You very much …May God bless you …

Good Night! 

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