Evening Program and Talk

Delphi, Camping Apollon (Greece)

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Talk during Evening Program Day, Delphi, Greece 2, 06/11/1999

[Talk starts at 1:30:43 on video]

So first of all, I wish you all a very happy Diwali and a prosperous whole year, after this New year day.
The whole program, I must say, was overwhelmingly joyous and happy and such beautiful words have been said about enlightenment. You don’t know how happy I feel to see you all develop your enlightenment into such a joyful establishment of a, absolutely, a new generation of people.

Tomorrow of course, I’ll tell you about Greece and about Adi Shakti. But today’s program, one after another, started expressing your higher awareness in everything. Of course, to begin with, we had very good groups from Benin and – who I have seen there?
Sahaja Yogini: Ivory Coast.
Shri Mataji: Hum?
Sahaja Yogini: Ivory Coast.
Shri Mataji: Ah!
I always, I don’t know why, I forget this name “Ivory Coast”. I’ve been there, once, I’ve been there. And somehow, Ivory Coast, I don’t know why, it makes me feel that it is a place where people are like Ivory and their hearts are shining and glimmering with the hope for Me and for the whole world at large. I’m so overwhelmed that I don’t know what to say about everything.

Then, the dramas that you had, the first one was so touching and so much realistic and the feelings that you have for India also made Me really crying with joy.
I never expected that the sacrifices of these great men of India would be one day recognized and resounded in such a beautiful manner. Every Indian will be so enamored when they will see these renderings of different people and of this great, very, very great people.

And also, I love to hear about Abraham Lincoln. I know about him very much because I’ve read a lot. I never had a chance to meet him. I think, much before my birth he was not there. This is alright but in thoughts and in his work, a greatness of a great soul is shown. And such people are never lost to the world.
There have been so many great people in this world, so many great, so many enlightened people. And their lives, if you want to depict, you won’t know how they have become so great. Unfortunately, they had no Mother to guide them, to save them, to protect them: that’s what they thought, but it’s not so. Because all these great people are always protected, always given encouragement. Because this is what is very much needed for their life.

The Greek Collective has done this program in such a short time and shows there, very, very old traditional authority in organizing things and working out things with a minimum of minimum.

Also their music was very enchanting. I wish we had some more of that, because it is the mixture of the Western and Eastern music. And so many Greeks who went with, I should say, a great warrior Alexander, stayed back in India. And they still sing songs like this. And their styles are the same and they make terracotta. And I am selling that terracotta all over the world because they’re in a very miserable state. Perhaps, they have not much clothes to wear and they live on the trees.
But now it’s better, much better.
These people came to India and they wouldn’t return with Alexander and they settled down.

And when they were asked: “Why do you want to live with this miserable condition?” They said: “There is peace in this country.” There is peace. There is light in this country. We want to live there. What do I, [unsure] we need all the materialistic things? We are very peaceful. We are very happy people and we are making very simple things.

I was surprised how these Greeks have become so much detached from all the worldly pleasures that they could have here, and that they never felt that they were sacrificing anything or getting detached. So much sahaj they were it’s remarkable. I met them long, long time back, but I was surprised that there were such sahaj people. And they liked India very much.
This country has been also blessed, as I told you, by the greatest advent of Adi Shakti. But it, somehow or other, was later on finished off.

I personally think all great saints and all great reformers, you can say, or also incarnations who came on this earth faded [unsure] out. The reason is, the one on whom they work was human beings and human beings had limited lights I think, and they got finished. But now all the human beings can be enlightened in a full way and that this light cannot fail. So the light of Sahaja Yoga will never fail.

It’s very, very much to be appreciated and understood that these people who speak different languages, come from different places, are so integrated together and working out such a beautiful entertainment. I didn’t want to leave the place at all! I felt: “What an entertainment it is! After all, I also need entertainment sometimes!”

Now as it is, they have seen, in the drama also, that how the politics can be brought to the level of spirituality. This would be the best thing that can happen that one day spirituality governs in the politics. If you ask Me to be a politician, I cannot be. But, to handle this politician in a spiritual way is the only solution I feel to solve the problems of the world.

First of all, I’m going to try it in India. Let us [see] how far I can go with this politician. But, if you give them Realization, if you mature them, they could change the world. I mean they will stand no nonsense and they will all the time trying to help them.
So after seeing Lal Bahadur Shastri, Mahatma Gandhi, and all these great men and also Abraham Lincoln, l feel that these people were not so much supported as you are. Because you are all collective, you are helping each other, and you have understood everything and your Mother is there. Despite that, they worked hard and tried to do something. But because they were not collective the whole thing fizzled out in a way because there was only Abraham Lincoln, there was Mahatma Gandhi, this, that, doesn’t matter. But their work has stopped.

Now in this drama, you can see that it has been shown that we still remember them. But if you are so many like Mahatma Gandhi like Abraham Lincoln like Shastriji, then I think, I mean this world will change. We have to change the world. That’s important.

Tomorrow, of course on Diwali, I will speak to you what is the significance of Diwali. But today’s program shows your enthusiasm, your cooperation. I mean your spiritual qualities were very, very evident and clearly that I enjoyed so much! You know, like a gardener who plants all the trees and beautiful flowers and this and that.
And then, you see the blossom coming through.
They would tell: “What is the joy of that gardener! It’s tremendous!” That is what I felt. Really, I thought I wouldn’t be able to speak to you at all tonight because I’m so overwhelmed.

May God bless you all, all the people, all the hosting people. The way you have done such justice to us is really remarkable.

I am very much, very much thankful to you for imbibing these great qualities. Even the orchestra, you had everything. It was so collective, so beautiful, so classical. Absolutely top class. You can say that it- nobody can produce such beautiful things.
So congratulations to you all and enjoy the Diwali.
May God bless you.