Athena – the Primordial Mother

Athens, Caravel Hotel (Greece)

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Public Program, Greece, 9 November 1999.

I bow to all the seekers of truth. First of all, we have to know what is the truth we are seeking and how we are going to seek it and what is the proof that you have got the truth. Firstly, we must know that you cannot purchase the truth. It is, you cannot market it, because truth is love and love is compassion.

So now, I am going to tell you about the truth, about how in Greece they knew about the truth. Yours is a very, very ancient country. And in our country also, in our old books, the ancient Puranas, it’s mentioned about your country. They have described Athena very clearly. And gradually this great country became absolutely ignorant of whatever they knew. Now between you and Me, I would like to tell you that there is a power within us in the triangular bone.

Shri Mataji, aside: If you can move out then somebody can show you. OK?


That is the bone which we call as sacrum. This name “sacrum” was given by Greeks in those days meaning sacred. That means they knew there is a sacred bone below the spinal cord. This is the triangular bone that existed and was having this power, which in India we call it Kundalini.

Shri Mataji, aside: So soon? [Laughter]

Sometimes Greek language is very long and sometimes very short.


All right.

Now this bone has this power and if you see Athena on her shield, she has this power and also, in her hand, she has this power she shows.

This power was known to her and we call Athena as the Primordial Mother. The word “atha” in Sanskrit means primordial. But this knowledge was lost later on. Now, from your country went Alexander to India.

And he was Parthenian, Parthenian. [Parthenon was the temple of Athena in Athens] He was Parthenian, and he was following Parthenian religion, Pagan you can say. But when he went to India, he found that purity was the most important part in the Indian culture. And he had married an Indian lady. Also, he had brought a poet, a very well-known poet from India. He described the Persepolis and also, he described Athens, everything in his poetry. But when Alexander came here, he wanted that this Catholic Church should be made into a purer Orthodox style. And I’m sure he must have written some book or he must have said that to maintain purity what we should do. All that code is the same what we follow in India. And the Orthodox Church didn’t believe in conversion. We also didn’t believe in conversion.

This is the connection [which] took place in the existence of your Orthodox Church. And they respect, respected, all the religions. Now, I don’t know what are the changes. But whatever they have been saying and doing, is very met on Indian culture.

I think also they got this “sannyasi” or the renunciation from Buddhism. There’s a very little difference I find. But then the Western culture came in and everything went upside down. Moreover, even in India we had the same problem. The gods they had is the same as we have in India. But the gods, they made them human beings, you see, with lots of weaknesses. But India, in India we don’t think that way. Gods are gods.

So, this is the basis on which you are here. It’s easier for Me to talk to you than to talk to English. Now this power existed in the triangular bone and is called as Kundalini. It is in three and a half coils. And when it rises, it passes through six centers and pierces through the last centre, which we call as Brahmarandra. This is the actualization of your baptism, actualization. It is not just somebody can say, “Now, I bless you.” It’s not like that. You have to have spiritual authority. And now it is happening everywhere. Somehow it is spreading very fast and I think now we have about, they say so, seventy-two nations where we have Sahaja Yoga.

So, when she rises, she nourishes all the centers. She nourishes all the centers and integrates them. When they are integrated you become a personality of integration. But by that your Spirit is enlightened. And you become the Spirit. So, the truth is, we are not this body, this mind, these emotions, your thoughts, ambitions, but you are the pure Spirit. That you have to become. As soon as you become the Spirit, all these problems, human problems, drop out. Physically you get perfect health. Mentally you get absolutely balanced, and emotionally you are absolutely satisfied. You become a saint in the real sense of the word. But what you feel is the, in your hands, you see, you feel the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost.

There’s another thing great that you believe in the Mother, Holy Mother. But in the Bible, she is just described as woman. But on the cross Christ said, “Behold the Mother.” But due to the human feeling and human understanding, you have Madonna. Especially Orthodox Church respects Madonna very much. The only maybe difference is that in Indian philosophy you have to achieve your Self-realization. That part should have been stressed. And you should get the actualization, actualization of your baptism. You have to be born again. But if you just, say, take a sort of a certificate, “I’m born again,” you don’t become it. It has to happen really that you are born again as a Self-realized personality.


Now the time has come for it and it is working out in so many countries. Why not in Greece? All this is very simple. We call it “sahaja”, meaning spontaneous, like one candle, one candle, which is enlightened, can enlighten many candles. But, by itself the candle cannot get enlightened. If you are enlightened then you can enlighten others. You can also then start feeling the others on your fingertips because your attention and your personality becomes collective. Who is the other? But this has to happen, this has to work out. Everyone is endowed with a Kundalini and everyone can get Self-realization. But Kundalini is the pure desire and if you have the pure desire to become the Spirit, you will get it. All desires are impure. Today, you want to have a car and you are not satisfied. And you want to have a house; you are not satisfied. It goes on like this, you see, it’s economics. So, there is no satisfaction. But after you get your Realization then the satisfaction settles in, because you become thoughtlessly aware, because you become a witness. You just watch, you don’t react.

For example, see, there’s a beautiful carpet here. As a normal human being, I’ll think, “Oh, my God, this’ a nice carpet. Where will I find it? How much will I pay?” And if it is mine, I’ll be more worried that, “This should not get spoilt. I’ll get insured or something”. But if I am a Self-realized person, then I’ll just watch it and don’t react. The beauty that the artist has put in it gives such joy! So, you become full of joy.

Your attention becomes enlightened, attention. Wherever you pay attention, it works out. All your problems are solved. Very surprisingly how they are solved so easily! And you get rid of your worries, all your problems.


Also, other bad enemies we have, like anger, jealousy and all that, six of them, they all drop out. You start laughing at yourself and nothing but compassion and love flows from your heart. This is what exactly happens to you. And when that happens you really enjoy yourself and you enjoy others. You are so much filled with joy that you become enthralled with it. You become enthralled. I mean, we have now people from all over the world, also sitting here. Some have come even from Australia. But they are so much one with each other as if a drop has become the sea, ocean. It has to happen.


We talk of peace; we talk of this and that. By talking is not going to work out. Only when we cross the limits of our human personality and become one with each other, automatically the peace comes in. This is what one has to achieve. No arguments, no payments, nothing needed. Only this Kundalini has to rise. It is the living process of your evolution. From this human awareness you have to rise to a collective awareness.

I must say, this subject is very much deep and very expansive. I must have given thousands of lectures in my life time. But in short one has to know why are we here. What do we have to achieve?


And once you know what you have achieved all your problems, all your questions have vanished [unsure?]

So, we have to have our Self-realization. Everyone has said that you are to be born again but you cannot just certify yourself, “I’m born again”. Because there are powers that are bestowed upon you by Kundalini that you start feeling the All-pervading Power of divine love. It’s not falsehood; it’s truth. And that surprises you that how you have suddenly transformed yourself. We don’t believe in conversion but in resurrection and the time has come for you to get it. So, it will take hardly ten minutes for you to get this. There’s nothing that can be harmful in this.


All kinds of diseases have been cured, all kinds of mentally affected people are cured and also emotionally people are now so much detached. You don’t have to wear these saffron clothes, nothing. It automatically happens inside and you lead a very, very normal life. Now I’ve got great grandchildren. Great grandchildren I have got. And now I am seventy-seven and I’m travelling everywhere, going everywhere. So, you lead a normal life but inside you are peaceful and joyous and you give joy to others. That is the need of the day. Because this is the Last Judgement. Whether you take to falsehood or to truth, it’s your choice. But if you take to truth then you are in the heaven of joy. And at every moment you’ll feel you are blessed. Unless and until you are connected to the Divine, how can you get the blessings? You can go on praying, doing everything; you are not connected.

Supposing this instrument is not connected to the mains, it is useless. In the same way if you are not connected to the Divine you don’t know anything. So, you have to decide, “Would you like to have your Self-realization or not?” If you don’t want to have, nobody can force you. You cannot pay for it, nothing of the kind. So those who don’t want should leave the hall. Then we’ll have the session for ten minutes. Of course, in the beginning you’ll do feel the cool breeze and everything, no doubt, but sometimes people take little time to mature. Also, the bad habits of destruction all fall off. I’ve seen young people giving up drugs overnight, overnight. That’s it. So, this is for our complete emancipation. Again, I would say, those who don’t want to have Self-realization can leave and nothing can happen to you, nothing that is disturbing or in any way physically harming. Nothing can happen but only thing you’ll get your Self-realization.

[Realization part]

Now the first thing I have to request that you have to take out your shoes. It’s nice. We are in the basements; so we are very close to the Mother Earth. Because She is, She helps us a lot. I’m surprised, if you ask them to take out their shoes they don’t like it. Worse was in England that half of them left when I asked them to take out the shoes. They are so much attached to their shoes, I think. All right. So just be comfortable. Be very comfortable. Now put both your feet apart from each other. I know it will work out very fast because you are sincere seekers of truth. Now please put both your hands towards Me like this, little higher, little higher. And now you put your left hand on top of your head and bend your head and see if on your fontanel bone area, which was a soft bone in your childhood, you get the vibrations or, you can call it, the cool breeze or could be the hot breeze coming out of your own head. Now, close your eyes or don’t close your eyes, makes no difference. Put the left hand towards Me and put down your head and see for yourself if there is a cool or a hot breeze coming out of your head. Now, hot breeze is coming because you have to forgive everyone. So please forgive everyone. Some say, “Mother it is difficult to forgive”. But whether you forgive or don’t forgive, what do you do? But if you don’t forgive then you play into wrong hands. Now, try to feel it now if it is cool or hot breeze coming out of your fontanel bone area. Again you put the right hand towards Me and see if there is a cool or a hot breeze coming out of your fontanel bone area which was a soft bone in your childhood. [Missing sound for few seconds]. Again now you feel if there is a hot or cold breeze coming out of your fontanel bone area with the left hand on your head and right towards Me.

Now put your left hand towards Me again and see with the right hand. Bend your head, please. Bend your head. And see if there is a cool or a hot breeze coming through your fontanel bone area. If it is hot that means you have not forgiven.

Now, raise both your hands like this towards the sky and put your head upward like that. Now you have to ask one of these three questions, one question, three times. First question is, “Mother ,is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost?” (Louder, louder, louder, they are not [UNCLEAR] here). Ask this question three times. Or you can ask, “Mother, is this the All Pervading Power of Divine Love?” Ask this question three times. Or you can ask, “Mother is this Ruh or Paramachaitanya?” Ask this question three times, one of them. Now put down your hands and see for yourself in your hands if there is a cool breeze coming in or a hot breeze coming in. Now, those who have felt cool or hot breeze on their fingertips or on the palms or out of the fontanel bone area please raise both your hands. Oh, My God. May God bless you. Thank you. All of you have got it, nearly all of you except for very, very few. Probably they have some troubles (physical, mental, emotional) or maybe they must have been to some false gurus. Possible. But whatever they did it can be corrected.

The song they sang when I came was written in the twelfth century in India, [COMPOSE] this song. And it was written by a poet and what he says that, “Mother, I will ask you for my yoga,” means this is the yoga, is the union with the Divine. And he says, “I’ll cleanse myself. I’ll do this, I’ll do that, but you give me the yoga, the union.” And they have been singing for so many years in the villages of India. Of course, now it is working. So may God bless you all. [VERY NICE].
(Can you sing a small song now? A small one.)

[Mahamaya song is sung.]

(After the song is finished): Shri Mataji: Enjoy yourself, enjoy. And [GO TO THEIR PROGRAM] and grow and [HELP US].
May God bless you all. May God Bless you