Guru Nanak Birthday Puja

Noida House, Noida (India)

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[English translation from Hindi]

Anniversary of Guru Nanak Birthday, Noida House (India), November 1999.

Today is the birthday of Guru Nanaka. It is being celebrated through-out the world with so much of zeal that I have not seen in India. For the first time it has been advertised in so many papers and by different means.
Guru Nanaka always talked of Sahaja Yoga. Everything else, He said, is just showing off. About religion He said that observing fasts, going on pilgrimage, etc., are just meant to show off. Now you have to discover the power that is within you and establish it. Guru Nanaka kept on repeating the same thing again and again. He never talked of rituals: But when Guru Teg- Bahadur came, tomorrow is his martyrs day, He was also of the same opinion. But when there was the last Guru, war was being fought. So, he prescribed Kada (iron bangle), long hair (not to cut hair) etc. All this was prescribed by him. But Guru Nanaka always talked of the spirit. Everything else is of no value, He explained it very clearly, but no one heeded what He wrote. They will just put a finger on the couplet and read it out. Could we understand him this way? If we go through His writings properly and absorb it, then the whole Shabad-Jalam (confusion), in which most of the people are caught, will come to an end. See the condition of Sikhs!

They are not looking within themselves, which they should. Without looking within oneself, how could one follow Sikh religion? Only this is the teaching of Guru Nanaka, this is what is called `Sikhi’ (learning). This you have got in written, read it. All the saints of that age, before that age and after that, you have the discretion to know who is a saint and who is not. All the Gurus incorporated their poems and experiences in Guru Grantha and that is why Guru Grantha is revered so much. All the people, who were renowned as great Gurus at that time, had done great work and were spiritual, all their work was consolidated and put into Guru Granth Sahib. That is what we do in Sahaja Yoga. We do not follow any particular saint or incarnation; we respect all of them. . This is what He did at that time. But whatever was said, was lost in words. People did not go deeper in them. That is why Kabira has written `even the scholars went on reading and reading like fools, without absorbing anything That is how a race of fools was created. Now there is no war being fought but they are so conditioned that they will wear Turbans, keep swords and combs etc. But they have no objection in consuming Alcohol. All the Gurus warned the disciples about the evil effects of alcohol. Any one talking of consciousness could never support wine. On the one side they will consume alcohol, on the other they wear turbans, keep swords and combs, and they are very conditioned about that! They wish to create a clan and be part of that clan. If they are busy doing all these things, when is the inner transformation going to take place, that He has talked about? They have taken to this kind of ritualism and as a result have come outside. Their attention is outside, they understand everything that is outside. To direct these people towards Sahaja yoga, should not be difficult because we (Sahaja Yogis) are doing what the He preached. He did not accomplish it; this is the difference that we have been doing it and He didn´t.   They talked of achieving `Sahaja Samadhi’. How? It will happen thanks to Kundalini, even this fact was made clear. But who would raise the Kundalini? This He didn´t mention. Who will perform this task? Guru Nanaka gave realization to only two of his disciples. If one Guru gives realization to only two of his disciples, how effective can it be? So, people took His external form and started their work. Huge Gurudwaras were built. But there is no use. Very few evolved beings were made, the remaining is just a race of Sardars. How could truth be told to them? But now Sikhs have started coming to Sahaja Yoga, I have seen. At least 8 – 10 sikhs come regularly with turbans on. May be some of them are coming without turbans. 

There are also Namdhari Sikhs. Namdhari Sikhs believe in Me. There are many Namdhari Sikhs in Bankok. As many as fifty-sixty of them come to the Programme. They wear white turbans. I do not know what is their speciality, but they follow what Guru Nanak has said. That is how diversions are created and people start fighting amongst themselves. What for? Guru Nanaka said that I am prophet of Mohammedans and Guru of Hindus. Until one is realized one cannot understand this. But it was necessary to prepare us for this day. Now it is our duty to work-out what they said. Things, however, went in opposite direction and many seekers were lost, no-one knows where!

I was talking about Gyan Deva, how great He was. He belongs to Nath cult. He wrote about Kundalini. His disciples call themselves varkaris. They make a show. They take two big heavy cymbals in their hands, weighing one kg together, beating these cymbals all the way long they go to Pandhari Nath, Pandhar Pur. The clothes they wear are called lattar, they are made up of jute and are torn. They consider themselves to be very sacrificing and It takes them one month to reach there, beating the cymbals. All the way they chew tobacco. These Varkari people have created this cult. The speciality of this cult is that they take procession of Gyan Deva on a palanquin. Gyan Deva never afforded shoes when he was alive, but people place his slipper, in the palanquin and take the procession from one village to another. When they reach a village, as the palanquin arrived the villagers offer them food and refreshment. Then they go to another village, again villagers offer them food as the palanquin had arrived. It is a new method of beggary. 

Thirdly, He was born in Alandi, near Pune. Later he went to Niwase, there He …. Women there take earthen pots with Tulsi in them and filled with soil, at least 3 – 4 kg, lift it on their heads and walk-in procession to Anandi. This I have seen myself. I do not understand, why they do so. People have made lot of money in the name of Gyna Deva. But I do not how people can believe in them. All His purpose has forfeited. One fellow gives big big lecture on Gyan Deva and earns a lot of money, speaks whatever he feels like and there are people listen to him. People are full of blind faith!

Same is the case with Guru Nanaka. No one knows what He actually said and what he didn´t. People have made Chandigarh, Guru Nanaka talked of Chandi. He talked of My incarnation on the earth. He explained everything. But no one reads or listen to that. All of the prophets and Gurus have been treated like that. Now you have got the self-realisation. ou people have experienced the truth. So, you cannot accept the falsehood. If some falsehood emerges out of Sahaja, it will be destroyed. So many people have got their self-realization in the world, now falsehood cannot be spread. Whatever I have told in Sahaja Yoga is taped and recorded. No one could change it. This is why I didn´t write book. People should listen to tapes, but they go on reading books without understanding. It is better to have fewer books and there should be more to listen. Listening to the tapes will definitely have impact on their minds. People take book reading as a means of entertainment. What is the use of it? 

Now we will see what happens to Sahaja Yoga. I do not know. But now Sahaja Yogis have reached a level from where they cannot go astray, I believe. Do not take to wrongdoings. We have to learn from the life of Guru Nanaka, from what He said, He wrote a bunch of books, if we read Gurbani, it says `know thyself´. But what people are doing! However, in Sahaja Yoga such things will not happen since I have made them all mature. They cannot change now. No harm could be done now, even if someone wants to; what has happened has happened. 

He was disrespected, He had hard times, a lot was created by Him, but there is a point I would mention that He did not give self-realisation, He didn´t make people experience. And now, you may blame anyone, but it can happen only by awakening not by making changes in some scripture.  This is what we should learn from Him that we will not go astray or we will notdraw any other meaning of it (Sahaja yoga), this is important. We are Sahaj yogis and we understand Sahaja Yoga so deeply that now there is no need to draw any other meaning of it. Still there are people, one or two, who start dictating – “Do this way or that way”. It is all useless. All falsehood, without any truth in it. They dictate – “Do this way or that way”. I have never said so, yet people are doing what I have never said. So now when they will listen and learn. By reading it cannot be conceived that much, as much can be conceived by listening. They will understand Mother has not said that therefore they will not do that. But because of old Sanskara (conditioning) we keep on observing certain rituals. Secondly, they want to practise, what they have been practising since their birth. So long as we do not get rid of our conditionings, we shall not understand real Sahaja Yoga. I have made you very special people. You are special people. You know the real meaning of religion. You know everything, you know about yourself and about others. You could give realisation to people. So now you have become perfect. So, what is there to go astray now? You cannot fall.

So today I thought of the pains of Guru Nanaka. How much he tolerated! His wife was not cooperative at all. He had problems, even then He did so much. What people have made of his achievements? These people are misusing Lord Christ, Mohammad Sahib and, above all, Guru Nanaka because he was the last incarnation. He worked a lot. Shirdi Sainath incarnated after him. He said there is no need, there is no use doing anything, He said clearly, whatever is started, people spoil it after some time, because they are not awakened. After awakening, things change of course. People become one, they become wise. Without realization it is difficult. So, Sai Nath did not anything, He did not organise people, He did not unite people, nothing. He had disciples, that is all.  

I have also not organised. We have no organization. People automatically get organized after awakening, the way different organs of the body are organized. So, without any organization everything is going on immaculately in Sahaja Yoga.

My eternal blessings to you all. 

You have to keep in mind that we have not to pervert what we have achieved. It is most sacrilegious. Do not pervert it, for any reason. Perversion should not be allowed.

My eternal blessings to you all.