Talk: Paane ke baad dena chaahiye swagat samaroh

New Delhi (India)

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1999-12-05 Talk in Delhi: After receiveing you have to give


Sir CP: Dear Sahaja Yogis, returning  back home is a very big thing, I get very emotional when I see your overwhelming love for your Shri Mataji. Then I feel the world is going in the right path. You see, another year is coming to an end, and another century and another millennium is going to start. I just want to say that in this century or in the previous ones, some people came, who started new religion – Mahatma Gautama Buddha came , Lord Jesus came, Christ , prophet Mohammed came , Guru Nanak came . All these people came and started religions because human beings needed all these religions.


The mind of the human beings is very wandering from the beginning,  and to take care of this mind, religion is needed. But whatever religion came, though they handled the human beings, but from inside, from inside the human beings, whatever they were they remained the same. From outside a little impact came. They went to temples or churches or to the mosques, but from inside, it is very important for the human beings to change, because to go to Almighty Father, Paramatma and to get connected, the inside change is very important. And this work somebody had to do, and God has sent Shri Mataji to you for this work, for the rise of the human beings above everything else, and after rising to bring them together.


You see, whichever religion came, they were doing things differently. Some say they will do conversion. Whom will you convert? All Gods are the same. What will you convert to and whom will you convert? Can somebody convert anybody else? If you want to convert someone, it has to be from inside. And so it is very important and the time has come that all the human beings, whatever caste and religion and language may be, we should rise above these standards and bring a change from inside and become one.

This is a very big work. There are one billion people in our country. Around the world there are 5 to 6 billion people. To change them it is a very big work. For this work Shri Mataji has come here. She is doing Her work. You all are sitting here. I travel around the world and I see how people are changing, in Africa, in Asia, in Latin America, in Europe. You see how they are singing in Hindi, in Sanskrit, the art of India, the music of India. They sing and they understand that what She is doing for them, for the whole world, for the human beings, for the whole universe, is a very important thing . So this is the work that She has started in this century, and in the next century She will be there near you all, She will be happy and complete Her work, these are my prayers.

My only request to you all, is to please spread Sahaja Yoga more. You are thousands here. Let it be thousands more all over India. This is the only thing which is good for us. I thank you all. I was not able to welcome you all. I just stayed with Her. And what is my status, what is more important for me than to stay with Her? Then also I thank you all for welcoming me. I did not know about all these you are doing for me otherwise I would have said “No”, but you all have taken care of me. I am very, very thankful to you all. I did not know all this is going to happen. Thank you all very much.


Shri Mataji: To all the Sahaja Yogis who have found the truth, Namaskar to you all. You all are gathered here in such large number. Seeing this I am really overwhelmed and think that in my lifetime itself so many people, so many from far off places have received the truth. Without truth, the life of a human being is useless, is like searching in the darkness. In the same way, without truth the human being is always wandering.  In that I don’t agree it’s the human being’s fault. The fault is of that darkness which has surrounded him.

Like I said, you all and everyone of you should spread Sahaja Yoga. This is also My desire that you all can spread Sahaja Yoga. Everybody should think that, “I have received this and I should also give it to others and spread it”. With this Sahaja Yoga will spread and also a peaceful and beautiful feeling will come in this world. This is now in your hands, that you all should do this work completely. And in India this work is happening in full swing. The reason is, India is a yoga bhoomi (land of yoga), it’s a punya bhoomi (land of good karmas), and in this punya bhoomi, this kind of work it is to happen. It is already written, destined to. Then also, with a great force, this will spread and this family will be bond together and this is happening and is going to happen. This joy you all are receiving, you should also give it to others.


This is Hindustan (India) and the whole country, and to come here the joyful feeling that comes, one cannot express it. But when I see you in the airport, then I feel in how many hearts this joy is manifesting, and how many people are drenched in this joy. With this, our children are also saved and our yuvas will also be saved. Not only this, in our country, protection and real meaning of swaraj – swa means atma and kingdom of atma is called swaraj and swatantra means the technique of atma – these two have to come. And it has come. You all have accepted it. Your life is enriched and now others also have to enrich and ascend.  This is the time and we should do that.


Now, I have seen in many places and I was surprised, that the effect of the millennium is in full force. Like many Sahaja Yogis have come from foreign countries also and went to Odessa. There they gave Self-Realization and they opened nine centers and thousands of people came in Odessa. And there is a reason because a lot of wrong things happen there. But not even one Sahaja Yogi had any doubts to tell about it and to assert they are Sahaja Yogis. In the same way, in Turkey, they were Muslims but now they became real Muslims. When they all came to Sahaja Yoga, around 2000 of them, there were two severe earthquakes, but not even one  Sahaja Yogi or their relatives, had any trouble in that earthquake. They were all saved.

Same thing happened in Italy also. But everywhere I see Sahaja Yogis are fully protected and in this protection they all are flourishing. That means that the Last Judgement has started and is happening in full force. You all are meditating but after receiving all this, you all should desire to give to others. Desire is there but due to some reason this desire is not accomplished. This you all have to do with full motivation. When it’s raining you are still working, homely things you are still talking, but to rise from all these and to give Realization to people and to care for them and help them ascend is your prime duty.

And this responsibility lies with you, you all can only do this and many of you are doing it, but you have to do it in thoughtless awareness (nirvichar). And more than that, the joy that you have got, others should also get it. With this thought you all should direct your vision, and then many things can happen. And I think that this work will happen. There is no fight, no obstacles, no noise, no alcohol, in this. You only have to rise the Kundalini of people and this power you all have within you. And you have to use it. What is the purpose to have these powers within you if you do not use them. You all should use these powers and decide that each person, each Sahaja Yogi, minimum of minimum give realization to 100 people. Talk to everyone, there is nothing to feel shy about it, nothing to worry, because we are standing on the truth.  Now and then this guru shopping is going on. For all this, the only remedy is to talk to everyone openly. Talk to everyone and tell them to stay away from these traps, otherwise they will also be finished. This is our duty. Like in the rain the boat sinks and you all are the saviors. We have to keep trying to give realization how many people we can. This joy should not be only in our heart. If it was so then why should we leave our place and jump mountains to give Realization? This is such a state that only in the company of others we can enjoy, and if you are in such a state, you should make use of this state and become like that. Hope that when I come to India next time, there will be many more people in Sahaja Yoga.

You all have welcomed Me with so much respect. What can I say? This is not needed, but since you all insist, I agree. But I already saw, the day you all came to the airport to greet Me with so much love, this is the greatness of love. So to give love and spread it, it’s a big thing. And in this birth if it happens I don’t how many generations will be benefit out of it.


My infinite blessings to you all.