Mahashivaratri Puja

Pune (India)

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Shivaratri Puja, Pune, India, 5 March 2000.

First, I’ll speak in English language, because we have so many people from foreign countries, and especially from Madras (Chennai) and also from Kerala, Hyderabad and Bangalore. All these people have come here, and I don’t know what other people are here, who have come from South and who do not yet understand Hindi language.

This Shivaratri has a special meaning, I think. Because there is so much – if you read any newspaper in the morning, such horrible news is there about the people who are trying to create all kinds of violence, corruption and immoral behaviour. You are surprised how, these days, it is so full of all these criminalities going round us.

This is the time, as if come, for the “Taandav nrutya” [ताण्डव नृत्य, cosmic dance] of Shri Shiva. Otherwise, one feels things cannot improve. It is His anger, if it starts, throwing wrath on people of this character and this type. I don’t know how anyone can save from His wrath. He’s a God who is full of love, full of tremendous compassion, but also the another extreme of very destroying character. He can destroy the whole world. He can finish all the creatures that have been created if He gets into a temper.

You all must be knowing the story, how He went into ecstasy. There was a devil who had taken a form of a child. And a Mother cannot kill the child, She cannot. And She thought She won’t be able to save the world from the wrath or anger of Shiva if He sees the whole world destroyed by this devil. So She withdrew from Her act of sacrificing the child or killing the child and it was Shiva who took over. And He just stood on the back of the child and killed him. That child was a devil. And so, He saved the world from the destruction of this horrible rakshasa. And then He danced with joy. That’s what they call as a cosmic, cosmic joy.

Many people don’t understand why He’s standing on top of a little child, but the reason was this. So, even people may camouflage today as small children, as very innocent people, as very holy gurus, Shiva can destroy all of them.

This destruction has already started and is going with a full speed, I think, all over, through so many things that are happening: we have got hurricane, storms, earthquakes, many accidents, and so many destructive things are working out which are the outcome of Kalaki [Kalki] incarnation. But, at the same time, there is another work going on, of the same incarnation: is the resurrection of the people. Such people can never be hurt, nothing can happen to them. They’ll be always saved. Everything will be saved for them because they are under the protection of their Mother.

Now the problem is how can we the Sahaja Yogis deal with such people and could see that they go out of the circulation of evolution? Only solution is raising the Kundalini. If you raise the Kundalini of human beings, who are even very bad and gone cases, either they’ll be destroyed or they will be saved and they’ll become good people. They will stop all this horrible things they are thinking and planning in their heads and they’ll become really very, very good people. It may fail in some cases – I wouldn’t say that Sahaja Yoga would be successful in every case. But if Sahaja Yogis meditate and keep themselves in complete peace and also completely surrendered, nothing can happen to them. They are always protected and you all have an experience of that protection. But first you should have faith in yourself and complete surrendering to Sahaja Yoga.

We are so many Sahaja Yogis sitting here, mostly from North, South, East and West of India, and also from other foreign countries. Every country is, today, is under the, we should say under the control of these negative forces. What we have to do is to make people positive through Kundalini awakening. This you all can do. This you can achieve.

For this, you don’t have to do something special. In day-to-day life, you can achieve it and you should do it. This is the only thing that is needed today, is to transform people and you all can do it, all of you can do it in a very sincere and a good manner. Don’t have to get to temper, jump at people, get angry with rude people, but with peaceful attitude, you should achieve it; so that this wrathful temperament of Shiva, as they say, the third eye of Shiva won’t open. That’s something horrible. We all can do it in a very constructive manner, extremely in a constructive manner. So what we should do is to, first of all, establish our own Shiva principle, is the principle of joy, principle of love and principle of truth, I should say.

There are big problems, also, because people have no idea as to Shiva’s global temperament. For example, I have heard people quarrelling and fighting over Shiva principle and Vishnu principle.

Now, Vishnu is there, His power is there for you to rise up to this Shiva Principle. Both are not different, One is supplementary for Another. But if you go on fighting even on that point, I can’t understand. You cannot reach Shiva without Vishnu. And if you cannot stick to Shiva’s Principle, if you have not understood the Vishnu Principle – Kundalini itself rises through the Sushumna Nadi. She is the Principle, she is the “tattwa” [essence] of Shiva. And she rises through the channel that is made by Vishnu out of evolutionary process. So, how can you do away with One of Them? One is the road, another is the destination. So, I hope you understand how important it is that your centers should be corrected, your road should be all right, that your Sushumna should be cleared, because we are “madhya margis” [guides of the central path]: we have to go by the center, by the central path and we have to have the balance – not to go to the left and not to go to the right. This balance we must keep and go on moving till you reach your “talu bhaag” [Brahmarandhra] where sits Sadashiva.

You can experience it, you can see for yourself. Whatever I am saying, you know it very well. Only thing is when I am telling you, you can verify. Sahaja Yoga can be verified very easily, and you know that, that you now know the only Truth. The Truth which is absolute.

This is also the principle which starts showing results when these two Powers meet. Is very surprising that, when these two Powers meet, or when you reach Shiva Principle through the Vishnu Principle, then you realize that these two Powers are so complimentary and so much related to each other. There’s no difference, in a way, between these two Powers. And, so, keep your road “madhyamarga” [central channel] clean and let the Kundalini pass through it. When the Kundalini will pass through it, you’ll be amazed that the same Kundalini is going through the Vishnu path and reaching at the lotus feet of Shiva.

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Translation from Hindi:

All of you recognise Shivji, and He is worshiped.  But you do not know the different aspects of His virtues and qualities.  That is why many times you make mistakes.  The most important form of  Shivji is bliss and joy.  And this joy of His is spread everywhere in subtle and subtlest forms.  But until you become spiritually subtle, you will not be able to recognise these various forms, nor will you be able to understand them.  He resides in every particle.  In everything, we can say, He creates a joyful Universe. And when you move around in that environment you find that you have been transformed into something else. 

Other people find happiness in different things. For instance some people find happiness in destroying themselves. By taking to wrong paths, and doing things which are against the Spirit, they think they can find happiness in it. But the Atma [Spirit], Which is verily Shivji, finds joy in a different way.  And only that can touch our heart.

Like there are a lot of people who are immersed in material things.  Some take to alchohol,  some indulge into sinful activities, they keep doing all wrong things and they think that there is a lot of happiness in that.  But it is not so.  Slowly, slowly they get destroyed.  And slowly, slowly they are finished.

But Shivji comforts us,  He gives us peace and He gives us joy.  And when the Shakti [Power] of Shiva and the Shakti [Power] of Vishnu  – like Kundalini and Sushumna Nadi; when they  combine, then you can feel the Truth.  The aboslute Truth.  Such that you cannot refuse to accept the Truth. Because it is the abolute Truth.  Which you can feel on your fingertips, on your hands.  You will have many experiences by which you will understand that in the absolute Truth there is not even an iota of doubt.  You can know it in you; you can understand it.  This is the gift given by the Kundalini.

This means that the Kundalini, which is the Shakti [Power] of Shiva, when She rises through the central channel, She awakens all the chakras, aligns them in its entirety, assembles, and unites.  Who looks after that Shakti [Power]?  We can say that Shri Vishnu is the one who looks after Her, because She moves in the central path, which is the path of Shri Vishnu.  And then She reaches the Brahmarandhra, and manifests.  And on reaching there we can understand that Her journey is now complete.  So we can see so much cooperation and understanding among them.

But we people have contracted a new type of disease – everyone is running after money.  Running after money has become a very strange disease.  And for that we are willing to go to any lengths for it by taking any support.  Even in Sahaja Yoga people do that. The reason for this is that some sort of defect has crept into us.  A lot negativities have accumulated in us.  And the cleansing of these negativities can only be done by Kundalini.  But if you do not fully absorb and assimilate this Kuindalini shakti; through meditation if you do not grow It, then you cannot reach that state where the Power manifested in you which is the truth, joy giving, peace giving – a weakness remains in that.  

When the Kundalini rises, She cleanses everything.  With the Power of Shivji, everything gets cleansed.  But still some people suffer because of their old habits or because of wrong ways.  And those people – with whatever that is wrong, whatever bad habits of theirs, even with the slightest temptation they fall from their ascent.  Even if an atom of negativity is left within us, they can fall and get completely destroyed

Those who come to the Pujas and meditate, those people always make progress.  If there is no peace, even a tree cannot be saved, it cannot grow.  Even germination cannot take place.  That is why, if you do not have this meditative quality, if you do not have high ideals that I will not be swept like a kite, I will not succumb to any bad habits, then you should attend all the pujas – as many as possible and you should be in meditation.  Because now you have the right to do puja.  Everyone doesn’t have the right to do Pujas. Anyone and everyone goes to do puja.  But when there is no connection, then how can you be authorised to do a puja?

But many people go to this temple or that temple; go to this guru or that guru.  Nothing comes out of that.  You are your own guru, and only you can introspect and think,   ’what is the problem in me’? . ’In our heart are we completely accepting Sahaja Yoga or not?’

I have seen a lot of people come into Sahaja Yoga and after reaching a certain height, they fall. The higher they rise, the lower they fall.  The reason is that the hidden tendencies in you have somehow become active without you being aware of it.  That is why you must pay attention  – ’hope I am not falling into wrong things’, or ’hope I am not doing anything wrong which is aSahaja [against Sahaja Yoga]’, or ’have some bad motives arisen in me that I have come to Sahaja with the idea of making money?’. Or ,’I have come into Sahaja Yoga to do something bad?’  Our attention should be towards these things.

The best thing to follow Sahaja methods, whatever are the activities of Sahaja – like meditation etc., you should do all that and establish yourself individually . In you there is a special type of – one is individuality and other is totality.  Once you are established individually then you can become a collective person. Those who do not attend collectivity, they cannot also grow individually.  This I have seen.  Those attend collectivity, only they can grow.

For some time maybe you’ll get some benefits, like you get some money, or fame or something.  Especially in Sahja Yoga some people have this ambitions –‚’how many people can I control’.  Even that also happens.  But your personality does not improve.  There is no depth in you and you are not a Sahaja Yogi of high quality.   Till the time you are not of high quality, all your talks are of no use. Because, don’t know when you will fall from the brink and when you will be destroyed completely.

That is why we should be cautious and try to achieve high spiritual personality.  There is one more thing you should do. If you have got your Realization today, then ’tomorrow’ you give Realization to thousands of people.  Then your Powers will increase.  If not, whatever little you have achieved, will also be finished.  This is a very unusual rule.  It cannot be compared with anything else.  Like if one lamp is enlightened and from that another is enlightened; even then you cannot say that the light of the first lamp increases – it is not so.  

But in Sahaja Yoga I have seen, that if anyone opens his heart and sincerely does Sahaja Yoga and not only that but gives Realization to others, he shines.  Because you have been made a Sahaja Yogi so that you tranform the entire world.   That you create a great wave of transformation in the world and make it a beautiful place.  The world should become a  new and special world this should be your pure desire.

Once you have this pure desire, your Kundalini becomes activated.  I have noticed that even a very simple, normal people, when they narrate their experiences, I am surprised – how did such a thing happen to them? How did they give such a suggestion?

In Sahaja Yoga also there are some people, who come for power.  Some come for money.  With all these things, the personality of a person is not developed.  There is no glow in their personality.  Because the light that you have received; till the time you do not  share it with others; within yourself also if you will not be enlightened, till then no efforts will have any success.  Which is to say that our only work is to change the world; to transform the world.  We have to build a special world and you are special people.  When you begin to understand how important you are, then with that understanding, you will make your life beautiful.

[Talk continues in Marathi]

Translation from Marathi:

Have spoken in English, Hindi and now shall speak in Marathi. There are so many Maharashtrian’s here that it is apt that I should speak in Marathi. It is My wish that all the Sahaja Yogis who live in Maharashtra should learn the Hindi language as it is our National language. We should love and be ready to sacrifice anything for our Nation. This was the speciality of Maharashtra.

Now the Maharashtra state, which I see, I don’t know where those people have gone. They took to the Gods and started doing their puja. After this was done and didn’t work out, then used another way; they have started going to this guru, that guru, then going to temples and all. We should see what these people have achieved by doing this and what you have achieved by doing Sahaja Yoga. So now just leave and forget everything and sincerely think about ourselves and keep your Kundalini in such a way that you can help and contribute to the great work of Sahaja Yoga.

I am Maharashtrian by birth, was amazed to see how Sahaja Yoga has spread in North of India. Have hardly made any effort to spread Sahaja Yoga, but it has spread like fire in north India, which is very surprising. It is very sad and has failed to understand as to why it has not worked out in Maharashtra, as it should have been.

Sahaja Yoga has spread in all big and small villages of Maharashtra. One day a man had come to work at My Place. He touched My feet so I asked him, “What happened?” He told Me that Mataji Your photo is in every big and small village of our district, Your disciples are in every village. All of them say that we are Sahaja Yogis, don’t tell us anything about stupid practices. I was wondering how this has happened, because of whose blessings as I was thinking nothing would work in this country as too many people are ill-affected.

People are sitting in Maharashtra who are so deep-rooted, the knowledge they have about everything is so deep-rooted, but I don’t know where it has gone. Have always said that all Sahaja Yogis should always be together, be in collective and should give Realization to thousands of people. Every morning you should only think, ‘how many people did we give Realization to, how many people’s Kundalini, is awakened by us!’

You have a job to save the whole world, as the Kundalini of the world is sitting in Maharashtra i.e. we have ‘Ashta Vinayak’ (eight Ganeshas) in Maharashtra, and three and a half Goddesses sitting in Maharashtra. All the arrangements are done but, surprisingly, people do not understand it. People are so much pretentious and waste time doing false things. Instead of doing this, try to achieve the truth. Watch and follow the truth. It will be your wealth, if you change from, within. This wealth should grow and mature so much that its fragrance should spread in the whole world.

We get involved in petty things and fight among ourselves. We should stop fighting amongst ourselves, for petty things. I am watching Yuva Shakti and their activities. It looks like due to them the whole of Maharashtra is changing. People who are sitting in high positions are very arrogant, have failed to understand the reason for their arrogance. Due to this very attitude, we were not able to do something special in Sahaja Yoga in Maharashtra. So it should be your motto, to spread Sahaja Yoga.

Today is a very special day – Shivratri. We should all take a pledge and pray to Shiva and get His blessings, by getting which, you would feel, the flow of happiness and love in your heart. First of all, you have to be deep-rooted in Sahaja Yoga. The light which we have in our hearts, if we don’t spread it then we will be in darkness, along with others. So we should decide and give Realization to a minimum of 100 people, till next year. We need to understand that, if we go and speak to people about Sahaja Yoga, many over smart people may not agree to the teachings of Sahaja Yoga. If you explain to people the benefits and your experiences of practising Sahaja Yoga, especially what you have achieved, then people may start believing you and mend their wrong ways.

This is our main responsibility, for this, you have to come forward and spread Sahaja Yoga in Maharashtra. If this change does not happen then I am not sure in what condition this state will be in? While taking a lot of pain, Shivaji Maharaj has done a lot for this state. There have been many saints in Maharashtra, the numbers not seen in any state or any country, who have shed their blood for this place, such a blessed place! It is rightly called Maharashtra (Maha means great & Rashtra means State) and see the dilemma that you fight for petty things, in this blessed place. Kindly note that you people are Realized, souls. Earlier there were no Realized souls, but there were Malva’s (foot soldiers) of Shivaji Maharaj. Fail to understand, where these people have gone, the people from the royal community, who never used to touch drinks or had any vices, these same people are now drinking and behaving senselessly and by doing this you are going away from Shiva.

That is why old people have said that God has taken lots of efforts, but if you are facing in the wrong direction then how it will work out? You should explain it to people from all your heart, and this is what I have been telling you, in this Shiva puja. If Shiva gets angry then Maharashtra state will be the 1st one to get destroyed, as this is a special place for Shiva. You know how much you believe in Shiva and Shri Ganesh is the main Deity to all of us and if He gets angry then I am not sure what will happen.

Don’t know when all this started happening in Maharashtra, am seeing what people are doing with Shri Ganesh’s idol. If you people disrespect Lord Ganesha then, who is going to save you from His wrath. So you need to tell the whole world that they should join Sahaja Yoga, to get their Kundalini awakened.

Everybody is aware of Kundalini right from Marchrindra Nath to Gorakh Nath, as all these people have worked on Kundalini, there are books on Kundalini, but the knowledge has remained within the books, it has not spread out to other people. You should tell people about Sahaja Yoga and the rising of the Kundalini.

On this auspicious occasion of Shivratri, we should all decide that we will spread Sahaja Yoga in Maharashtra and work hard on it. This is the only job we should do and then see how your other jobs are done, unbelievably! We should meditate if we don’t meditate what is the use of coming to Sahaja Yoga. There is no meaning if you just come here dance and sing and don’t meditate. The main thing is you should feel this change within you, this change in your personality will make you will feel so happy and proud of yourself. This work of Sahaja Yoga should be done by you. On this occasion on Shivaratri, if you want to make Shiva happy, give Realization to a lot of people, spread Sahaja Yoga. Kundalini is His Shakti.

Instead of wasting time on unimportant things, give Realization to people, awaken their Kundalini. By doing this, you will change the whole of Maharashtra. There are few people who are creating problems, but they will perish. First of all, you should awaken the Kundalini of others, giving them Realization, is your duty. On this Shivratri when we are doing Shiva puja, think of Shiva in your heart, so that there will never be heart-related problems.

You have to keep, Shiva in your heart so that when you are getting Realization and your Kundalini is getting awakened, the changes that are happening internally, is happening because of the light you are getting from Shiva, the Spirit – Atma. He is the Spirit – Atma and He is reflected within us, in our heart. So watch yourself in that reflection. Why are you lying and making a fool of yourself? Have tried explaining this to people, they just don’t understand. Only attending lectures won’t help. If you want to help yourself, you should follow and spread Sahaja Yoga with full dedication. This is My request to all Sahaja Yogis, a request with all My love to spread and follow Sahaja Yoga.

May God bless you.