Address to IAS Officers, Stress and Tension Management

Y.B.Chavan Auditorium, Mumbai (India)

2000-03-11 Address to IAS Officers, Stress and Tension Management, Mumbai, India, 77'
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Address to IAS Officers, Mumbai (India), 11 March 2000.

I bow to all the seekers of truth. That’s a very interesting subject that has been given to Me to talk to you people because I have been always worried about the IAS, IPS, and other Government servants, very much worried because I have known the kind of life My husband was leading. And I used to think: if these new people, who have come to the services, to the Government service, we have to tell them the dangers that are ahead of them. Because we don’t know what is the subtle system within us, which works.

And in the subtle system, when we lead this kind of a very speedy, intensive life, it has a defect. It has a defect you can see in the chart. They have shown the, they have shown the subtle system which works it out. So, we have a center here on the crossing of the optic chiasma. These, this center is very important because we react with this. We react to everything. By this reaction we create a problem within ourselves. And this reaction comes to us because we do not know how to go beyond the mind. Every time we are looking at something, we react. We look at someone, we react. But we cannot just watch. We cannot be just the witness. If we could be the witness, it will not have any effect on us. But we cannot be. That’s the trouble when this center is very active. We call it as Agnya chakra, where the two optic nerves meet. At the crossing point, this center is placed.

Even Jung has said that, “You have to go beyond your thoughts and that you have to become thoughtlessly aware.” Even in our Shastras is it written that, “You have to have Nirvichar Samadhi,” is without thought and the another is Nirvikalpa Samadhi. Now even Einstein has said that, “You have to go beyond the mind to reach the torsion area,” he calls. When he was searching for his Theory of Relativity, he found it was difficult. He couldn’t find it. He got very tired. He went into his garden and was playing with soap bubbles like a child. Then he says, “Suddenly from somewhere else it dawned upon me this Theory of Relativity.” He calls it openly as a torsion area and this torsion area we have to touch instead of ourselves thinking all the time and reacting. Because as a result of that what happens we should see.

What happens is that our movement on the autonomous nervous system goes to the right side. The right side, it’s very good otherwise: A person looks very impressive. He can oppress other. He can be aggressive. He can be very systematic. All these things can be there but it has a reaction. The reaction is horrible because this right side affects our liver to begin with. Now the liver is called ‘liver’ because live, we live because of liver only. That’s why it’s called ‘liver’. This liver gets affected and there is no actually treatment we should say in the medical science for liver. They can replace it with a pig’s liver or some liver like that. But otherwise, there is no way out. But we are the ones we are spoiling this liver ourselves by creating tremendous heat in the liver. This special liver has got a capacity to absorb heat and release heat into the blood stream and then, you see, it gets relieved of it. But when it is too much, when the liver is too much full of heat then it cannot give up that heat. Then heat, this heat, heat starts traveling upward. It can go to the right lung. It can go to the heart.

Now imagine, right lung means asthma. Simple thing is asthma. Then it goes to the heart. There’s a young boy, say of twenty-one years or so, up to that age. He starts playing cricket, tennis, and drinks a lot. Then he gets a massive heart attack. It’s fatal. He cannot live. Then it affects as I told you other organs also. This heat goes to the pancreas causing diabetes of a very serious nature, not of a mild nature but a very serious nature. Then this heat passes down to the spleen. In the spleen, it gives you blood cancer. This is all possible for all right sided people, I am telling you. That’s why I was worried that people who are, according to Me, are the spine of our country. They are the spine of our country. They should not get out of life because of too much of strain and stress on their mind. Now then it goes to the kidneys. It coagulates the kidneys and you get kidney trouble. You cannot pass urine and you have all the troubles there. Apart from that, it goes to the lower intestines and you get terrible constipation and all the problems of the constipation. Then also to the heart at a later age it comes. It goes on affecting. Ultimately your heart fails very early in age. I know of, recently, two people died of heart trouble who were at a very good position. This is very much worrying Me that how to bring them to close to themselves, to know themselves what’s the problem is and how to solve that problem. With this we understand that we react, by reaction we create such a heat within us.
Apart from this, the other psychosomatic diseases, this is the, I am telling you about somatic, but the psycho disease which comes from your psychological problems come from the left side. Of course, I’ll not deal with that now. But somehow, if you can move from right to the left, you are sure to get some psychosomatic trouble which cannot be cured by medical science, like cancer, aches, all kinds of this. So, you are just preparing your body for that.

In these modern times, the life is so full of struggle, speed. Now we were coming and there was a jam. Now you can’t help it. I was very silently watching, “Now this, the jam, I have to reach late, doesn’t matter.” My husband normally would’ve been really in great trouble. He would’ve looked at the watch all the time. Would have been “Where are we? What are we doing?” this and that. But he was so silently watching the whole thing, I was amazed because normally he would be jittering that we are getting so late for a function like. Now, you see, once you get rid of this problem, is the easiest thing to live.

The other day I met one gentleman who was transferred. He said “Always whenever!” He is an IAS officer, “Whenever I am transferred, Mother, I used to be so jittery. Such tension, such stress on my mind, ‘baba’, what will happen? Where will the children go? What will happen to the house? This, that, all problems would come to me. But what has happened to me and my wife, we don’t feel anything now. We don’t feel. We are not worried. We sleep very well.” I said, “That’s what has to happen. All these things should not affect you.” That’s only possible when you can go beyond this mind, which we think. Mind is a, not such a good word, I should say because it’s not mental. It is, if it is only mind means the one which thinks and for them mental hospital is also mad people. I don’t know how English language moves, it’s difficult you know. English language is very difficult to explain Sahaja Yoga because in the English language you’ll be amazed that they call ‘spirit’. ‘Spirit’ is the Atma, right, ‘spirit’ is the dead body moving about according to them and thirdly it means also alcohol. Now which one is closer to which one, I don’t know, but this is why I am saying that English language is a difficult thing.

Marathi is the best because lot of work has been done among Maharashtrians on Kundalini. Nath Panthis were there. They have done lot of work. But the tradition was that one person would give Realization to only one person. If I have done anything you think worth mentioning, it is that I tried to find out a way of giving collective Realization, collective happening. That’s what was My humble contribution and by which I find thousands of people have got their Realization. Now what is the Realization? It is that if you see at the base of the spinal cord is a triangular bone called as ‘Sacrum’. It is called ‘Sacrum’ because it is a sacred bone and the Greeks knew about it, that it’s a sacred bone. And according to our Shastras and also many other prophecies, there resides a power within us, our own power, your own power called as Kundalini. Is called ‘Kundalini’ because it is in three and a half coils. Coils are called ‘kundal’, that’s why it is the Kundalini. Now this, this power is your own. It’s in every human being and if it is awakened, it passes through six centres piercing through the top of the head, which we call as the Brahmarandhra in the Sanskrit language and the fontanel area in the English language. It passes through that soft bone which was there in the childhood and you just start feeling the cool breeze coming out of your head and the cool breeze coming on to your fingertips. It happens. It’s an experience and for which you cannot pay. You cannot. I may go on telling you lots of stories this, that, that won’t work out. It has to happen. The Kundalini has to rise and has to pierce through fontanel area otherwise, otherwise, it’s no use. It’s just words, some sermon or something like that. So, this happening is very easy in this Kali Yuga. Is really remarkable because maybe because of Kali Yuga people are fed up of the things going on and all kinds of things working out.

Now what does it do? It passes through six center. Six centres, these are meant for our physical, mental, and emotional being and also for our spiritual being. So, when it passes through these six centres, it nourishes those centres, it integrates all these centres, and ultimately it passes through this and enters into the All-pervading power of Divine love, is called as ‘Paramchaitanya’. You may call it as ‘All-pervading power of Divine love’ or anything but names make no difference.

There is a very subtle power around us, which looks after us, which guides us, which helps us, which is the torsion area. Now, while doing that what happens that you become knowledgeable of the absolute truth, absolute! Whatever you know is absolute, is nothing to doubt, nothing can be challenged. For example, it starts flowing through your fingertips. Starts flowing through your fingertips and you can feel it on your fingertips, your centres. Now these are five, six, and seven centres, five, six and seven centres. I am not going to tell you all the details now. But when you start feeling these whole sensation, Adi Shankaracharya has called it as ‘spand’, then you feel the truth, the real truth.

For example, supposing in your office you get somebody who is a cheat, very well dressed, speaks English very well, you know, very well behaved. How will you make him out? Just have to put your hands under your table and see for yourself. Immediately you will get some sort of a burning sensation or you might feel some sort of a, what do you call, needle and pins like that. That kind of a feeling you might get. Then you will also know what centres he’s catching on your fingertips. This is the absolute knowledge about everything. Is not question of only knowing he is a bad or a good person, but also of diseases. Supposing you have some disease, you will feel it on your fingertips. On your fingertips you’ll feel it. You’ll know this is your disease and if you know how to cure them, you can cure others also because you become one with the whole. It’s a very collective personality you develop. Who is the other, after all? We are all one. But only trouble is we are separated because of this ignorance. Once this works out, so many things drop out from us. This is the right side I am telling you about but also the conditionings are very much working out in us.

In our reaction, there are two things that work out. One is the right side, another the left side. And the left side is all the conditioning as you see there. These conditionings come to us through our childhood, through our family, through our country, through our reading, this, that all kinds of things, they come up. But also, family upbringing is very important because according to our Shastras [treatise], there are six enemies. We have got six. Now these six enemies are what? So, kama, krodha, mada, matsara, lobha, moha [lust, anger, vainness, jealousy, greed, attachment].

“Kama” is what you can call sexual urge. “Krodh” is anger. Krishna has denounced anger. But all right sided people are hot tempered. They don’t want to be, but they are. And when they lose their temper then they feel bad also. Not that they want to lose it but they just lose it. Now this one drops out. The temper goes out completely because you develop that witness state: sakshi swarupa. With that witness state you just see everything. You don’t lose temper. You just see it. That is one thing drops out very well.

“Mada” is false pride. That we have. I know IAS officers and their wives. They have that false pride. Not everyone, but some of them do, they have. I have very funny experiences of that. Like, once we went to Delhi to Hatriji and they had given us a house in Mina Bagh and I met another friend of Mine from Lucknow who had married an IAS officer. Oh, very proud girl and she asked Me, “Where are you living? How are you?” I said, “My husband is a government servant and so he’s transferred here.” “But where are you living?” I said “Mina Bagh.” “Oh my God! Mina Bagh! What is your husband doing? Is he a clerk? What is he doing?” I said, “He’s doing something” and I was just looking at her the way she was on Me. “My husband might be your husband’s boss” this and that. I said, “Maybe I don’t know anything about these things. I am sorry, I don’t know your list of people, anything. I am not interested.” And then My husband came. So, she said, “See that tall man. You know he’s very important. He’s with the Prime Minister. You go and talk to him and get Your husband promoted.” I said ([Laughing] What is she up to?), I said, “Sudhali, he is My husband.” “Heh! He’s your husband? Haan yaar! Oh my God! I am sorry I am.” I said, “It’s all right.” Common experience. The women also become IAS, you see, not actually but as wives and I’ve been such a lost person with them. I could never understand what is there to be IAS and to be his wife. It was beyond Me. But one thing, what really helped Me in all this turmoil of life, because you know our pay is less, this, that all problems are there, was the patriotism Rashtra Bhakti [love of the country].

My father was a great patriot. My mother was. They sacrificed everything for the independence of this country. I cannot travel by any foreign airlines, whatever maybe. Maybe Air India is not good, doesn’t matter. It’s my, my country’s. So, the feeling that this is my country kept Me going. You see, you become like a Kargil soldier [see note*]. You are fighting for your country. You are working for your country. My husband got into Indian Foreign Service. I told him, “Nothing doing. We don’t drink, both of us and I can’t leave my country in the lurch at the time when we have got the freedom. So, if you want you can go, I will not come. I don’t want to go to Foreign Service.” They cut his pay. That time, you know, 300 was a big amount. I said, “Doesn’t matter. Whatever it is, I’ll stay in My country. I’ll work in My country and you work here. I’ll support you every way. I don’t want anything. Nothing I want and you don’t take a bribe at all otherwise that day I’ll leave this.” Otherwise also I said that, “Then another thing is our country has to develop.” Who will develop? I always felt that you are the spinal cord of our country. You have to develop this country. What is this money? Comes and goes. You’ve seen the people who have got money, where their children have gone? What has happened to them? What have they achieved? So, I told very frankly that I will not go to the Foreign Service of any kind because what is in the Foreign Service? I want to do everything in this country of Mine for which I have also fought. I have fought a lot and this is what now sometimes, you know, is disappointing to see what things are happening.

But a day will come, this country will rise. How? Because when this happens, when this Kundalini rising take place, when people become Realized souls, they just transform. They become extremely patriotic, extremely patriotic and they understand what is needed today for our country.

They can sacrifice anything. They can live anywhere and they are not bothered about some sort of a, you can call it a financial help or other material thing. They are above materialism. There are thousands and thousands like that even in our country, thousands and also abroad. Now Sahaja Yoga is working 86 countries. They are all full of joy because with this happening you get joy of a quality which has no double thing. It’s not happiness / unhappiness. It’s just joy. And you have another thing also with it, is the peace of mind. Just you are so peaceful, absolutely peaceful. You don’t have to worry about things. You don’t have to become jittery because see the diseases you develop.

Apart from that, all kinds of paralysis come from this. We had a doctor in our hospital there who was working very hard. I told him that, “Doctor, see now your age has come. You should take it easy. Daytime you must rest. There’s no need. You are not in a office, just rest, take rest do something else. Read or you can go and play. Do something.” He wouldn’t listen to Me and then he got paraplegia, means that failure of the hand and the leg, completely. He couldn’t even walk. He couldn’t lift his leg. Now he’s all right, cured. But then I told him that you take treatment for your right side. That’s very important. It’s very simple treatment and which can be done very easily. For example, you can have an ice bag on the liver. You can have ice bag here because this is the portion. This moves like this so the portion this one gets heated up. So, you put ice here, you put ice. This icing business will really help you a lot. But also, there are some other very simple homely treatments which you can take. But I would request all of you to come to our center somewhere in Bhaaratiya.

Mother talks aside: [Bhaaratiya? Wahan hai na? Bharatiya, usmein hai ki nahi?] Where is she gone?

Somebody says, “Bhaaratiya Vidya Peeth.”

Shri Mataji: So, you all can come there if you live in this area. In every area, we have got centres. So, you all can come into that center humbly.

There is, you see, in Sahaja Yoga there is nothing like any position or anything. We have to humble down. This false pride is of no use. We humble down. When we humble down, it’s very easy to achieve it and to get this into yourself. After all, otherwise, what is it? What is life for? There’s no enjoyment. There’s no experiencing of what you are doing. So much work you put in, I know, I know that. I know how you people have to work hard. But to get over, to get over all the strain and stress, you must do meditation for five minutes which they will tell you how to do it. Five minutes in the evening will help you. So, just like as you take bath in the morning, you take- bathe yourself with the showers of this Kundalini. She’s your mother. She has been your mother from ages and she has recorded everything about you within itself. This is the subtle side of you and when you want to have your Realization, she’s very anxious to be awakened. She’s extremely anxious and it works wonders.

I am surprised that how people get Realization in no time. The only trouble with them is, it’s like a primule or you can call it the ‘ankura’ [sprout], which grows but it doesn’t become a tree. So, little bit you have to meditate. You have to be collective and works out. In collective, you forget everything, your position everything. I have known IAS officers who have been dancing with the villagers, singing with the villagers, so much they enjoy. They said, “We knew this but we never wanted to express it, you see.” So, all this drops out. All these outward bondages drop out and you become one with the collective. You know their problems. You know how to solve them and it’s very good. I think this is what is only one has to achieve, nothing else. If you achieve this, you’ve achieved the last and the best. With this then you can help others. You can give Realizations to others. You can save their lives. I mean, it’s all your power that is going to work out. In these days of horrible struggle and all kinds of things happening, violence, very much needed is this Sahaja Yoga. And you’ll be amazed, it is something a grace that people get it.

In Turkey, we have about two thousand people who are Realized souls. Nobody lost their life, not a single thing, not their houses were even, they just little bit, I would say, shook but never fell down. The whole Orissa, it happened the same. It has happened in several places that people have been just saved with those who have been in the grace of the Divine. We have to become that. We can’t live without it. It’s rather subtle. It is subtle, I know but sometimes must understand we have to be subtle. Now as it is, so much of illness, sickness I find, mostly I find with all the people who are working very hard is the right sided problem. Some sort of a right side. And it can be absolutely cured, absolutely be under your control, and you can cure others also. This is such a blessing we have in this horrible Kaliyuga. The worst times, they say, the worst and worst that is the time is now and you see the effects of that. But in that only, the lotus of Sahaja Yoga has come up.

You don’t have to pay for it. That’s one thing you should know. Anybody asks money from you, he’s not Divine. Don’t have to pay for it, at all. When you grow and when you achieve, when you give Realizations to others, then you will be surprised you rise into a new realm of understanding which is a doubtless awareness which is called as ‘Nirvikalpa Samadhi’ according to Patanjali.

Now as we have learnt English, I don’t think we read much of the, our Indian scriptures and thing. But that also, those who read will go on praying to one monde of statues, this, that, I mean just they are fanatically religious people, wasting their life like that. Then another side are the buddhivaadis what you call are the intellectuals, you see. They are the much worst because they think they have read everything. They know everything. Now what to tell them? It’s a very simple thing, they don’t want to accept. You can’t tell them, “Take it straight.” You have to have it in the other way. So, also to understand it, we should know we have not known ourselves. We have to know ourselves and for knowing ourselves, Kundalini awakening is the only way, as far as I know. And I hope you all will think about it and come to our centres where Realization can be given. There are many centres we have got. You don’t have to pay any money, nothing, but you come and relax. Relaxation is only possible after Self-realization, not before that. You’ll be surprised your aging will stop. I have no aging problem. My husband also has no aging problem. We don’t think of it. It’s over. Now, whenever one has to die, one will die. But till then we are not bothered. Anything that you do will have a special light of the Divine.

I bless you from My heart that you develop these subtle things within yourself and you try to understand that so far you have not known yourself. You have to know yourself. You don’t have to introspect and sit down criticizing yourself, feeling guilty. No, not at all. Whatever has happened has happened because you’ll be amazed at yourself that all your destructive habits also will drop out by themselves.

Overnight in London, there were twelve boys with the addiction of drugs. They stopped over-night, over-night. I don’t, never told them. I never tell people, “Don’t, don’t.” I never say that. But that Kundalini rises and the light of the, your heart, light of the Spirit, that guides you. That tells you what is destructive for you. And you have power not to accept anything that is destructive. I know there are difficulties. I know there are problems but you’ll never see them. If you are sitting in a boat, you are not be bothered as to how deep the sea is. It’s like that. You rise above all these things and you watch and you help others. Apart from that, it helps you in your work, very much in your work. You understand your work very well because of torsion area again. My husband says, “How do You get this idea?” I say, “I got it. All right this is the idea, I’ve got it.” Now he’s amazed sometimes how I manage things. How I am doing? I have no secretariat. I have no secretary. I have no P.A., nothing. And we are working in 86 countries. So, it just works out because it is this Divine power which is so helpful or which is so kind.

So, again and again, I wish you best of luck. Please come to our centres. I hope they’ll give you the addresses and all that and you can come on Saturdays or Sundays, whenever you want to and get your Realization.

May God bless you!

Sahaja Yogi: “Shri Mataji, they are requesting, if you can give them Self-realization here?”

Shri Mataji: You see, there is one thing that one feels very guilty for-I don’t know, that’ our temperament, I think. You feel guilty: “Oh, I’ve done this, I’ve been doing this, how will I get Realization?” So, first of all, you don’t have to feel guilty at all. Forgive yourself. And then, forgive others.  Just these two things, can you manage? Just to say, “I forgive everyone.”

Now they say that: “It’s very difficult, Mother, to forgive.” So, the argument is like this: “Whether you forgive or don’t forgive, what do you do?”
But when you don’t forgive then you torture yourself for the person who has harmed you. So, I request you just to say, “I forgive everything. Mother, I forgive everyone. “And forgive yourself! Not to feel guilty, whatever has happened is finished, that’s past. We are not talking of past we are talking of present. You have to be in the present, not in the past. Of course, not in the future as most of you are sitting [unsure] there. That’s the thing that gives you right side. So, we have to be in the center, we have to be in the balance and we have to be in the present.
Well, I cannot go on giving you a lecture, you see, I’ve done so many lectures after lectures after lectures. But you can also get my tapes, but first, get your Self completely blossoming, make your own vibrations with your own spine.

So, for doing this, it’s simple. I have to request you to take out your shoes if you don’t mind. In England, I said: “Take off your shoes” so, half of them walked out. Very difficult people. Also, tomorrow, you are having a very bog program on Shivaji Park. So, I will request you all to come there and I hope they’ll make proper arrangements for your sitting. It will be nice, with all of them, you’ll feel even better.
So, just thing, what you have to do is to put hands like this [palm upwards] Muhammad Sahib has said that when the Qiyamah [surat 75] will come, your hands will speak. What does that mean? Just like this. Little higher. “Baba”, right side is too much.
[Shri Mataji is laughing]

I think you put your left hand on your livers, because it’s very much right-sided. Right hand towards Me and left hand towards the liver.

Now, put both the hands towards Me. Right hand towards Me and just put your left hand on the fontanel bone area. Here, higher, little higher.
[Shri Mataji speaks in Marathi]
Right hand towards Me.
Now, the left hand towards Me and the right hand on top of the head.
Hum, again right hand towards Me. And with the left hand – there’s air conditioning but don’t doubt if there is hot or cool breeze coming out of your head, here, from the “talu” from the fontanel bone area. Please, move your hand, raise it and see if there’s a cool or a hot. Hot will be there because of the liver but doesn’t matter, it will subside. So, see for yourself if there’s a cool or a hot air coming out of your head. Now, please put both the hands towards Me.
Now see for yourself if you have cool or hot breeze on your fingertips. Don’t doubt, please don’t doubt. If it is there it is a little bit. You get Realization very fast in India because my country is a Yoga Bhoomi. It’s a very great country, don’t misunderstand it by its superficial expressions. It’s a very great country.
Hum, now, all those who have felt cool or hot breeze on the fingertips or on their palms or on their fontanel bone area through that, raise both your hands.

Oh! [Shri Mataji is laughing]
Most of you have got.
May God bless you. I’m so very happy! Some didn’t get doesn’t matter. So, you should go all of you should, please, I request you again and again, attend our centres for which you are not committed. Anybody tries to come to you saying: “I’m Shri Mataji’s disciple, do this for me”. Please, don’t do it. I never do that! That’s not my style. So, please, don’t listen to anyone, never.
Anybody who comes like that, sends Me their name. Never, never, never. Because in Sahaja Yoga we have all kinds of people. We have some very highly developed; we have mediocre also and we have some very low, very, very few, but they are there. And they might take-try to take your advantage of your position. So, anybody who tries to contact you, please tell them I have nothing to do with them. All right? Thank you very much.
May God bless, thank you.

[Shri Mataji speaks in Hindi: do you have question?]
You want to ask Me questions?

Sahaja Yogi: Is there any questions you’d like to ask?
Shri Mataji: It is experience “anubhuti”. Anubhuti is the way you should know. No question?
Sahaja Yogi: No.
Shri Mataji: Yes, please.

Seeker: Mataji you said [Inaudible]
Shri Mataji: That’s what I said. When this Kundalini rises, she gets rid of all these things, “kama (lust), krodha (anger), mada (pride), matsarya (jealousy), lobha (greed), moha (attachement), six things. She just gets rid of it and you go into balance. You go into balance, all perversities go away, just disappear. You can’t get angry, very difficult. This is what I am saying. Right sided became the central path. This is a “jnana-marga” [path of knowledge] you see? Knowledge “marga”. And you just get the knowledge and you get into the centre. You are no more right-sided. You become so peaceful you don’t know. Because you also become “sakshi”, you become a witness. You see all, if somebody’s getting angry, you just start watching.

Like once I was giving a lecture in Switzerland and one lady came to hit Me with the Bible. The scene was very ridiculous, you see, and I started laughing. And she couldn’t understand why I was laughing, she went back.

Lady seeker: [Inaudible]
Sahaja Yogi: Once the Kundalini rises then it’s awakened do you need to keep practicing or it stays awake?
Shri Mataji: It stays mostly but can also come down. Supposing you have some disease, then it comes back to look after that organ. It does that but you know how to raise it again and again. You know how to fix it. In the beginning, I should say it mostly stays with people but depends on, you can’t say. I’ve seen it drops out also. But you must give it the nourishment of love, you see, if you love people you start loving them, caring for them, then she rises even faster. And if she’s falling also you will know how to raise it. There’s no problem on that. It doesn’t take too much time. Within one month you can be a master.

Seeker: Inaudible.
Shri Mataji: Da kare? [Unsure]
Sahaja Yogi: He says because of the air conditioning he could not make the difference.
Shri Mataji: All right. Now, you go home and close your doors, all the doors and see for yourself if you get the cool breeze or not. If you get it, you have got it. If you don’t get it, then you come again and see for yourself I would say.
[Shri Mataji is laughing]
But, actually, it is always with the thing, is a different kind of a feeling. It’s not what you get from the air conditioning on the fingertips. See for yourself, it’s not that way. But go home and see for yourself. It is there. Your eyes will be shining also.

Seeker lady: [Inaudible]. [Hindi: What exactly are we supposed to say when we are meditating?]
Sahaja Yogi: When you open your hands, what are you supposed to say in your mind?
Shri Mataji: Nothing! You don’t tell your mind anything, don’t fight with anything, just she works and shoots you off, all right? You don’t have to say anything, better. Nothing. These are words and words don’t help. Adi Shankaracharya has said, “Oh, Mother, take me out of the “Shabda jalam” [Marathi; unsure], the web of words “. You read, read, read so much sometimes that Kabira has written, “Padhi-padhi pandit moorakh bhaye” [People went mad studying all the (spiritual) books in the world yet remained stupid] and I’ve met many of them.
You read now people who are Sufis like Kabir, all right? Everybody, Tukaram, Dnyaneshwara, all of them. Dnyaneshwara was very great but nobody understands him, that’s the trouble. He wrote it for “Buddhi vadis” also this “Amrutanubhava” [the experience of elixir] but it doesn’t go to their heads. After Realization, you’ll enjoy him very much, you’ll enjoy all of them, Eknat, everyone.

And this country is full of them. For example, Namadeva who was just a tailor and he was such a great poet! And he went to meet with another one, Gora Kumbhar. And the Gora Kumbhar was a potter. So, he was needing the mud for the pots that he wanted to make. So, when Namadeva went and stood before him, what he says, “‘Nirguna chebheti aalo saguna shi’. I came to see your vibrations, ‘nirguna’ but you are completely that”. Such words, only a Realized soul can say for another, such words. Because, otherwise we are jealous, we are this. Not the Sahaja Yogis, not. They are so, so much together. You have now given such a big society of friends. You go to any country, they’ll all run for you, jump for you, do what you like. It’s such oneness, such friendship, such one family.

[U.P.?] we have lots of IAS Officers, IPS Officers, even the Chief Secretary is very good. So, I mean, it’s nothing to do with IAS or IPS, I think, but it has something to do because I’m worried about India [unsure] that’s all, very much worried.
[Cut in the video]

Could be, but the main thing you should get the cool breeze in your hands, the “spanda”. Otherwise, though he’s nice, kind, helpful, he’s a good man, he’ll get it very fast and I can do it better. You just watch it. I tell you what; now, if you are coming by the road, and you find accidents, this, that, you’re getting worried, isn’t it? But supposing you are standing on a hill top, then you are seeing but you are not bothered. At least, in the beginning you do get dietary [unsure], but later on you get used to it. Or else, you are on a boat. Supposing you are in the water, you are always worried. But you are on a boat, you can see those people who are getting drowned but you are no worried. But supposing you know swimming, you can jump back and come [inaudible]. This is what Sahaja yoga is.

Seeker: The ‘naam-smaran’, will it not help the rising of the Kundalini?
Shri Mataji: No, no, no, no. [Marathi continued]

Seeker: [Inaudible; Marathi]
Sahaja Yogi: He is saying, which guru mantra to say?
Shri Mataji: No. [Marathi. Shri Mataji clarifies there is no need for such a thing. ‘Nahi guru mantra ne’. Shri Mataji speaks about Dnyaneshwara.]

Seeker: [Inaudible; Marathi]
Sahaja Yogi: Does Ashtanga Yoga, does it help in the rising of the Kundalini?
Shri Mataji: No. [Marathi continued. Shri Mataji speaks about the Dnyaneswhari, the Kundalini and its awakening (jagrut) about Swami Ramdas].

Seeker: [Inaudible; Marathi]
Sahaja Yogi: Shri Mataji he asks, “Why we are not doing this work in the villages?”
Shri Mataji: He?
Sahaja Yogi: Why we are not doing this work in the villages?
Shri Mataji: I have done in the villages for years together. [Marathi continued.]

[Cut in the video?]
[Shri Mataji speaks in front of mikes and TV reporters. Marathi continued.]

[Translation from Hindi:
TV Reporter: Sahaja Yoga is gaining a lot of popularity in today’s times. What is the reason?
Shri Mataji: Yes, that’s right. Reason being, spirituality is undeniable. Spirituality stands on the foundation of reality, on the solid grounds of absoluteness. However, we people (Indians) are discarding (our values, spirituality) and running towards them (West). The Indian civilization has been in existence for thousands of years and its existence is not dependent on the observations/verdict of any one book or any one religion. On the contrary, this is the very civilization that integrates all the religions, one must understand this. And I am here to tell you this, with Me many people are coming along and if all of us Indians take to this (SY), it would be very good.]

Shri Mataji: How it will help the AIS Offices of our country? It’s a very interesting question because I’ve been always concerned about it. I think the AIS, IPS and all such Government agencies, all of them, and also the Government servants, in every fields, are the backbone, are the backbone and they must be substantiated by the knowledge of this country.
That is, they work very hard. They are very futuristic they always plan for the future. And then, what happens to them, they develop a symptom of the right-sided man, it’s a – what you call the- in the autonomic nervous system, we have sympathetic nervous systems and right-side sympathetic get frozen. With this development, what happens that they suffer from many diseases: heart attack, paralysis, all kinds of things. So, they are to be saved. At a very young age it happens. It’s possible only if their Kundalini is risen and they go beyond their mind, by which they develop that thoughtless awareness.

Sahaja Yogi (on the mike): Now, ladies and gentleman,
[Shri Mataji is still talking.]
Sahaja Yogi (on the mike): I think people are very anxious to meet Mataji also-
[Shri Mataji is still talking.]
Shri Mataji: Oh, how do you do, Sir? ]
Sahaja Yogi (on the mike): But before that I would like to perform my duty because I would not dare-
[Shri Mataji is still talking and greeting people. Yogi Mahajan introduces the British [?] Minister.
Shri Mataji: Oh, how do you do, Sir?]
Sahaja Yogi (on the mike): To thank Shri Mataji for what She has done today by coming here and blessing all of us.
[End of talk]

[*NOTE: Shri Mataji refers to the Kargil conflict, an armed conflict between India and Pakistan, from May to July 1999, that took place in the Kargil district of Kashmir and elsewhere along the Line of Control (LOC).]