Kundalini ki jagruti se

Mumbai (India)

2000-03-12 Kundalini ki jagruti se, Mumbai, India, 75'
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2000-03-12 Kundalini Ki Jagruti Se Mumbai NITL-RAW, 106'
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2000-0312  Public Program, Kundalini ki Jagruti se, (With Kundalini Awakening), Mumbai

Translation from Hindi:

I bow to all the seekers of truth.  First I will speak in Hindi, and after that in Marathi;  because it is our National language, and I feel that everyone should at least have some knowledge of Hindi.  Of course there is no language like Marathi. This I agree.  But the person who knows Marathi should find it easy to know Hindi.  It is a very easy language.

 I have spoken to you many times about Kundalini, and I have explained that with the awakening of the Kundalini all the unwanted particles and fragments inside us, get removed.  The Six Enemies of the soul (Shadripus) inside us, like Lust, Anger, Greed, Attachments, Jealousy and Vanity – these shadripus are always troubling us.  This happens because whatever our brain sees, it always reacts to it.  Because of this reaction we feel inside our brain, that if we also do these things, we will get some advantage.  But these are our enemies, and if we adopt and encourage them, how can they be beneficial to us.

But the society we are seeing in these times, especially in this country of India, anarchy has spread; such unrighteous people have sprung up, that they have not only destroyed themselves but are trying to destroy the country.  Such kind of people are there, especially in Mumbai, and people say there are a lot of villains and evildoers. 

It is difficult to understand what happened here to cause such people to flourish.  The reason for all this is, that this is the time of Ghor Kaliyug – The Terrible Age of Destruction.  We can recognize the Age of Destruction by the proliferation of such evil elements who are enemies of themselves, enemies of others, and enemies of the country.  They are the ones who will prosper and grow.  But for how long.  For as long as they do not get their transformation.  Their awakening. 

When your Kundalini is awakened, you will be amazed at the change that comes over you.  Your reactions change.  One gentleman was telling Me, “Mother, when I came to Sahaja Yoga my state of mind changed.  Meaning that, whenever we got a transfer of location, my family, my wife, and I used to get distressed.  But it is the wonder of Sahaja Yoga that now we do not get upset.  I am happy.  And I am enjoying, that whatever had to happen has happened”. 

There are so many such examples.  That when you get blessed by your Kundalini awakening, and when you receive these blessings, then you yourself get transformed.  There is no one to give you advice or examples.  This happens spontaneously.  Because this energy is placed within you.  God Almighty put this Shakti (energy) inside you.  But if you do not want to see it, you do not want to know about it, and you are wasting your time in other useless things, then for such people it is better that they do not come into Sahaja Yoga. 

But those who are seeking, who desire to achieve something; who feel that in this lifetime if we can get our self realization, then what a great achievement that will be.  You don’t have to retire into the Himalayas, nor do you have to spend money to get it.  You don’t have to do anything.  So what a wonderful happening this is.  And to achieve it, you did not have to get into difficulties or do exercises.  God Almighty Himself has established this Shakti within you.  And it is important to get this energy awakened.  If you do not realize this now, then nothing can be achieved, and you have failed yourself.

Now you work hard, you experience a lot of difficulties, and you do so many activities, but up till now you have not experienced the pure joy.  In joy there are no two things, like happiness or sadness.  It is only joy.  Pure joy.  Secondly you do not find the truth.  Yes, may be half here and half there.  But the truth, the absolute truth, has not been found.  To experience that you have to get your Kundalini awakening.  That which causes your brain to react to everything, that will stop happening.  And when that stops, you get the connection with the all pervading divine energy which is around you. 

The most amazing thing is, that this great happening is so easy and comfortable.  There are no headaches or severe exercises to be done.  No need to stand on your head.  And, this is available to everyone in this world.  This is for the whole world.  Not just for you.  Not just for a few others.  But for the whole world.

Sahaja Yoga has spread over 86 countries, and those people are immersed in it.  Fully absorbed.  They are happy, and their lives have become meaningful and complete.  And in their lives there is a kind of peace and contentment. 

In every place, we must understand, where great religions have spread,   in every dharma it has been said that a day will come in which your transformation will take place.  In which you will attain a wonderful state.  And in the Koran it is written clearly that when Qayamat  (The Day of Resurrection) will come, your hands will speak.  It is there today!  But if your hands are not speaking, then what is the use.  To achieve this, is the main purpose or objective of your life.  If you do not desire to do so, it is your wish.  If you do not wish to receive it, it is your wish.  But this thing can happen, and is happening.  In many countries it has happened.  And it should also happen in our country. 

So the turmoil and conflicts of this place, and seeing the unrest of every day, we should recognize and understand that we should attain this state, in which there is absolute peace, and absolute joy.  To achieve this you do not have to do anything.  I have already told you.  You don’t have to leave your homes or families.  Nothing to be done.  And, you have to receive this.

The problem with us, especially in Maharashtra, is that people have too much knowledge.  They have collected a big bundle of gods and goddesses in the house, and spend their time from morning till night, doing pujas, and this and that.  They have gone in that direction.  Or, they will do some other kind of activity.  This is the situation with Hindus, and also with the Muslims, and also the state of Christians. 

When, inspite of all these entanglements, nothing has been achieved, they should also look on the other side, that what is the thing I have to achieve.  By which I will be able to know myself.  And then that truth will dawn on us, in which there is only truth, and no falsehood.  We will come to know that.

The great scientist Einstein, in his papers, has talked about this.  And he has called it the “torsion area”.  And he has said that this realization of truth will come from the torsion area,  and it is necessary for you to get your connection with that truth. 

Until and unless you get this connection, whose praises are you singing in worship.  No one even knows you, and you are chanting their names.  Whatever you should be actualizing by this chanting, you will not achieve.  The real thing will only happen when you come into the reality.  And all the possible divine energy will pour into it. 

It is not a difficult task.  I have told you that if you practice Sahaja Yoga for a full month, then you will become your own guru.  And you yourself will be able to cure the diseases of others.  It is not necessary for you to go to any other place, or take help from others. 

This truth, no matter how many times it has been told, does not enter the attention of people.  This is very unfortunate. 

Because a time like this, just had to come.  How can it be possible, that the God who has made this creation, can watch the people that He has created, get beaten, tortured and suffer, and have all kinds of problems.  Never!  Definitely He has made some kind of arrangement within ourselves, to overcome all these difficulties.  All the saints and holy men have talked about it. 

Kabir has spoken very openly, but people could not have understood him.  Maybe because he used poetic language and people failed to interpret it correctly.  But Kabir has said very clearly.  Whatever he has said, it is all about Sahaja Yoga.  He has said it very clearly in his (Dohas) couplets.  Where he has talked about Ida, Pingala and Sukhumana Nadis.  Now someone might say, what is this Ida, Pingala and Sukhumana Nadi.  You come into Sahaja, and everything will become clear.  Soonya Shikhar par Anahat Vaadi Dein (In the silent pinnacle or summit, there is the unstruck sound when the spirit merges with the absolute).  Now who knows what is Soonya Shikhar, and what is Anahat Vaadi. 

In Hindi language a lot of poetry has been written about this.  Guru Nanak especially, has given it a lot of predominance.  All saints and sages have written in the same sequence and essence.  When Namdev, who was a great poet and a great saint of Maharashtra, arrived in Punjab, Guru Nanak welcomed him with great recognition.  And he told him, “Son, you study Punjabi language, and then write in Punjabi”.  He has written such a big book in Punjabi, and in that he has fully described Kundalini, Adi, etc., and everything very clearly, and in very beautiful language. 

Now, Namdev was a devotee of Shri Rama, and he believed in Sagun roop (where the deity is personified, having qualities and attributes).  Nanak Sahib said to him, “See, it is not wrong to believe in sagun form, because you are a realized soul.  It is alright for you.  And you know the difference,  as to which sagun is real and which is not;  which material form is swayambhu  (self existent), and which is not.  But the rest of the people do not know this.  So for them you must talk only about Nirgun (formless, attributeless)”.  And Kabir has said, “I will nirbhay (fearlessly) sing about nirgun, (the formless).  I will become Nirbhay (fearless) and sing about Nirgun (the unqualified, absolute being)”.  He said, “I am not afraid of anyone, and I will only talk about Nirgun”.  And this is what it is. 

Adi Shankaracharya also wrote, and called it Spandh.  Spandh means the experiencing or feeling of Chaitanya (vibrations), which is within you.  The feeling of Chaitanya, which we call as Vibrations. That is Spandh.  Everyone speaking the same thing.  Even in foreign countries people have talked about this. 

But let the talk of books remain in the books.  And nowadays we don’t know what strange ideas affect the brain, and people do not want to understand what it is.  Why am I going on the wrong road; why am I troubling everyone;  why have I supported this wrong course of action….they don’t think about these things.  And what is the result of all this. Is that mankind has gone astray.  He has wandered into wrong paths. 

But by that he destroys himself, not others.  No harm to others.  Only harm to himself.  There are many roads to destruction.  You also know this, and you also have seen others going into their destruction.  Just by telling them, nothing can be achieved.  I have seen this.  If I tell them don’t do this, or don’t do that, half of the people will get up and go from here. 

But when your kundalini is awakened, you yourself will understand and become aware that this is wrong, it is harmful for us.  This is because, the light of your spirit rises from your heart and comes into your attention.  And every human being will understand, the one who is a realized soul, he will realize what is wrong and what is harmful, and why it is so urgent and necessary.  This is the speciality of your Self Realisation.  Where you can clearly understand what is good for you, and what is bad. 

And in addition to this, besides this, all the help of the Paramatma (God Almighty) is with you.  Because the energy of Divine Love is spread on all four sides.  Prem (love) this is a very important, strong and competent power with you.  A very big capacity.  Such a great power exists within you.  This love is called Nirvaaj Prem, (unconditional love), where you do not expect anything, but just go deep down into the ocean of love. 

The language of love is something different.  The methods and practices of love are different.  The style and manners are grand.   Especially Sahaja Yogis have experienced this.  We think that such people are very rare.  Not at all.  There are lots of people who are gracious in love.  What a great thing is love. 

But speaking nicely to people seems to be difficult nowadays.  If you go further, then stealing each other’s things seems to be the order of the day.  And if you go another step further, then in the country all kinds of transgressions and tortures are being committed.  Those who cause destruction, disorder, depression and remorse, and things like that, are proliferating. 

Human beings were not born for this.  Human beings were born to know the Shakti, the power of that Paramatma, Almighty God; and experience and enjoy that power, and forever live in peace.  The best thing for spreading peace is, that there should be a reformation of man.  Until and unless man does not change; until and unless this light shines within him, till then he will keep going astray.  He will continue to do this kind of misdeeds.  He will keep getting involved in these kind of things, in which he will not even know whether he is on the right path or not. 

That is why we should light the lamp within ourself.  When this lamp becomes enlightened, you will be able to understand everything easily, that what Shakti lies within us.  And how we can benefit from this Shakti.  This is the Shakti of Love.  It is very superior, this Shakti of Love.  Not a shallow, superficial love, but very deep and profound; and flowing through, like the  ocean.  And with the help of that love, you will live in complete peace.  And you will give this joy to others as well.  This Great Shakti is within you, and I will only make this request, that you accept and respect this love.

24:51 to 44:45 [Marathi talk – translation missing]

Translation from Hindi: 

You people must be understanding a little Marathi at least.  Having lived her for so long, you must have learnt the language.  If you do not learn, then how can these people learn Hindi.

I was just telling everyone that those who do not want their self realization, can please leave and go outside if you wish.  I agree that Marathi is a difficult language, but it is very eloquent and fine.  And as far as Yoga is concerned, there is no better language to express it than Marathi. 

What about Hindi language.  What is so difficult about learning two languages.  Not difficult.  There is no harm if you learn a little Hindi.